Momusu spreads their wings in new PV

Recently the full PV for Morning Musume’s newest single Pyoko Pyoko Ultra was released.

So, I watched the PV and I gotta say I love it. I mean I really love it, 100% love it. And why do I love it so much? Because it’s absolutely perfect! And that is an extremely unpopular opinion because everyone seems to hate it. But I will defend this PV until the end of time because it is better than I could have imagined.
The PV is everything I’ve been hoping for since becoming a fan. The PV is energetic, it’s childish, it’s happy, it’s carefree, it’s just got such a youthful flare. It’s just beautiful. And because the PV is so childish it’s overflowing with cute scenes and close-ups of the members. Now, I don’t know about you personally dear reader, but I prefer my idols to be overly cute and dorky. I want my idols to bring a smile to my face because they are acting so stupid and dorky. I want their music to be so fun and happy that for 3-4 minutes everything else disappears and I’m just in this happy idol induced mood. Now, maybe everyone doesn’t like music like that, but then why are you really an idol fan? Every single idol group, including Johnny’s, releases music like this. It’s pretty much the idol sound. If you’re looking for a more mature look or sound perhaps you should try a group that isn’t made up of teenagers. Stick to Koda Kumi or Kpop I guess. But even those artists still release happy songs and videos occasionally.
But for me, this PV works on ever single level. Let’s start with the outfits. Oh, the outfits. By now they are Morning Musme’s infamous chicken costumes. Most fans dislike the outfits because they feel that only the younger members pull them off. And I do admit I was the same way at first. But after watching the PV ever single member pulls them off, every single one. The 9th and 10th gen obviously pull them off because most of them are so young. And Sayumi was born to be overly cute. But everyone else is working them too. Aika has been acting cutesy lately so her performance in the PV is seamless. Risa is just being her normal self and she’s pulling it off. I’m actually most surprised by Reina. I didn’t think she would be able to do it. But she is just so cute and lively in the PV. Everyone just looks so adorable and charming. But most of all they look natural. Not one member falters or looks embarrassed. And when everyone is working the outfits and looking absolutely adorable, you begin to look at the outfits in a whole new light.
The dance: Now since this is the 10th gens debut, this dance had to be at a pretty low level. Especially since only Ayumi and Haruka are at a high level of dancing. But honestly the simplicity of the dance works because of the childish nature of the song. And just watching the dance you can tell it’s meant for children. And their are a lot of moves that I can tell children will be excited about and want to emulate. I mean most of the moves are spinning around, jumping, flapping your wings, and doing jumping jacks. You can’t really get anymore kid friendly then that.
The set/theme: As I said in my post about the PV preview the set and overall theme for the PV is absolutely perfect. It is seriosuly like a children’s book coming to life. And there are also scenes that look like a children’s puppet show. And it’s just perfect. Now, some of the effects on the set are pretty cheap, but that doesn’t really matter so much. You hardly even notice it to be honest. I was focusing on how cute each members interaction with the set is. Watering the set, playing with the clouds, and cutely dancing in front of it. It just works completely. And I love when their heads are in the set, to me it seems like they are supposed to be eggs or something. But my absolute favorite part of the set is the Rube Goldberg Machine. To me nothing screams childhood more than one of those. I remember when I was a kid I used to watch a TV show called Zoom and once a month or so they would build one of those machines and then at the end of the month they would finally reveal the finished machine. And when I was a kid I always wanted to make one of those. So, to me adding one of those just brought back a really nostalgic feeling.

The dance set is a little cheap, but whatever.

And it kind of reminds me of SM Entertainment’s dance studio. XD

I love this jumping leg move.

Jumping jacks. You can really feel the kid element.

Guru guru. Also, tell me this doesn’t look like a life size pop-up book.

Of course they have a wing flapping move.

Cheap effect.


Masaki is my favorite 10th gen girl, and I’m so proud of her. She always looks nervous when she’s on TV, but she did great in her close-ups.

Why such an extreme close-up of Riho? Her face his cut off half the time.

Adorable. And I love Risa’s long eyelashes.

Lovely Mizuki.

Ayumi needs to work on her close-ups.

Reina looks so bright during her close-ups. Probably because her eyes look bigger than usual. Lol.

I love the little spin Erina does. But I obviously can’t cap that. XD

Sayumi looking as cute as ever.

Kinda weird dance move. Lol.

Cute bouncing heads.

Another random move.

Is that 10 to show how long Risa has been in Momusu? Because she bows right afterwards.

I absolutely love Aika. Aika haters gonna hate.


The unofficial leader of the 10th gen is getting hardly any attention.

Zukki! My god she is so cute! *O*

I love the jump move.


Super cute.

Double wink!

Rube Goldberg Machine FTW.

I think  Ayumi is trying to rival Momoko’s creepy close-up faces.

So lovely.

I love Aika’s duck lips.

How cute.


I’m not exactly sure what Risa is doing, but she looks cute doing it.

Cake and Zukki’s bright smile.


Everyone being goofy.

So cute.

5 thoughts on “Momusu spreads their wings in new PV”

  1. It’s a cute PV, but honestly, I have to wonder how Momusu will remain competitive with this kind of image. It’s very childish and not the least bit trendy. If it was up to me, I’d put the girls in more stylish, fashionable outfits, and make them look cool instead of adorable. That’s what most of the successful idol groups — most notably the AKB-related ones — seem to be doing. I guess I’d like another PV like Kanashimi Twilight.

    On the bright side, it looks like Sara from the 10th gen auditions has found another idol group (

    1. Yeah, I do agree that staying competitive could be kind of a problem. But this could work in Momusu’s favor if they corner a niche market. However, I don’t really see Morning Musume continuing to release super childish singles like this one. I also don’t see them releasing singles with a cool image or stylish outfits like you described either. You have to realize that Morning Musume currently has the youngest average age they’ve had in a while. So, they will obviously have to release, not childish singles, but upbeat and fun singles with a youthful flare. Like some of the songs we heard in Momusu’s 12th album. Mostly because the 9th and 10th gen are too young to pull off a cool image. And they aren’t at the singing level to handle a song on the caliber of Kanashimi Twillight. The reason Aika and Koharu could debut with singles, and continue to release singles, with a very cool and mature image at such a young age was because at the time older members outweighed the younger members. However, right now the young outweigh the old. And if we did see another mature song it would most likely be distributed so that the older members mostly carried the song. Something along the lines of Only You. You see what I’m talking about with Kanashiki Koi no Melody. It’s an incredible song. But the older members pull it off much better. But that’s just my opinion of course. And as for them being more successful and maybe overtaking AKB48, I don’t see that happening by being a carbon copy of AKB48. I honestly think the only way any idol group is going to overtake them is by having a fresh image and being completely unique. Afterall, that’s how AKB48 started their domination.

      That’s some bittersweet news about Sara. I am completely happy that she’s not going to fade away and is doing something. Because she was the real standout from the 10th gen. But I do wish she would have waited another year or so and auditioned for the 11th gen. XD

      Sorry that I wrote so much, but your post made me really think about Momusu’s image. XD

    2. How MoMusu will remain competitive with this kind of image? Compare the sales of Mini Moni Jankenpyon to the sales of… well, anything Tanpopo had. Right now H!P needs to re-invent themselves instead of following a trend at least IMHO – we tried following with stylis outfits and being cool – fans said that they stopped being girls that you felt close to and started being artists. Where MoMusu has always been strongest is with being girls that you fell in love with and the adorable image of youth – Maki, Nacchi, Charmy, Aibon, Nono, Mari even Takahashi all were first and most prominently marketed as adorable girls rather than stylish cool girls.

      1. I pretty much agree with what you said. Like I said, being childish could work in their favor as nice marketing. But I don’t see them having a full on childish theme since it would make them completely a children’s group. Mini Moni sold a lot because they were completely a children’s group, and they could focuse 100% to selling to children, and whoever else bought their singles was just gravy. Morning Musume fans liked Mini Moni because it featured 3 (technically 4 but Mari and Ai-chan weren’t in the group at the same time) prominent members, which obviously didn’t hurt the sales. But it was also because Morning Musume was popular at the time. Tanpopo sold really well when Morning Musume was popular and filled with popular members. Once Aibon and Mari were gone Tanpopo sold about 3 times less then they used to. When Morning Musume are on a decrease children’s groups do not sell as well. Look at the Kirarin Revolution related singles sales, they were geared towards children and obviously most of the fans were children because Kusumi Koharu’s solo singles didn’t sell well. Even Buono that started doing anime themes and could be categorized as a children’s group in their first year, didn’t sell all that well. They still don’t sell all that well. As for not being stylish I do agree with that. They aren’t going to become the top idol group with that image. But you should also note that their mature singles from 2008-2010 sold about 10k more than Maji desu ka Ska. And Pyoko Pyoko Ultra only sold about 23,000-26,000 (I don’t know th exact number) copies in their first week. Which is worse than Mikan’s first week.
        All of those girls rose to popularity during Morning Musume’s peak or when Momusu sold at least 100k. All of the girls currently have a cute image, but it doesn’t seem to be helping the sales. The only way to make the girls sell more is to promote them better. Once they are popular again pretty much anything they churn out will sell. As awful as that sounds, it happens everyday. That’s why pretty much anything Johnny’s or AKB48 related releases goes to number one. Not necessarily because of their image or the style of the song, but because they are popular. Hardcorse idol fans will buy the single no matter what it sounds like just to support the group. And if you’re pretty popular, obviously all of that adds up.

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