Hey! Say! JUMP-Super Delicate preview

Recently a short radio rip of Hey! Say! JUMP’s Super Delicate was released.

I gotta tell you, I love this song more and more every time that I hear it. The music is just absolutely perfect. It blends heavy dance music with some salsa influences thrown in. It honestly sounds like a mix between Over, Beat Line, and Shinku. I love that the beginning of the song starts with a really sweet and soft note from Ryosuke, accompanied by equally soft music. And I also love that that soft music lingers for a few second as the heavier music of the verse builds. For the most part the song is sung very softly which is a great contrast to the heavy dance instrumental. And it does lighten the song a bit. And of course the chorus of the song is amazing. The music and singing really pick up, and there are a lot of great extended notes. The song has a very mature sound and it also sounds very passoniate. Like the members are singing this with a lot of emotion.
The only thing that could make this song absolutely perfect is if the line distribution was even remotely fair. Yet again the only person that gets a solo is Ryosuke. Hey! Say! JUMP has 10 members, I’m really getting sick with just hearing one of them. Pretty much every other Johnny’s group lets the other members get lines. Except for Kisumai, but even then it’s 3 members that get lines. Yes, Ryosuke is an amazing singer, but he’s not the only amazing singer in Hey! Say! JUMP. Takaki’s voices is absolutely perfect for this type of song. And if you listened to Beat Line you know that Hikaru’s and Yuto’s are also perfect for this type of song. It seems like whenever Ryosuke is in a drama they use it as an excuse for him to get all the solo lines. I think the infamous Hitomi no Screen proves that. But the real ridiculous part of this is that both Ryosuke and Yuto are in the drama. I get that Ryosuke is the lead, but Yuto gets nothing for being in the drama too? It’s really getting stale only hearing one member. What’s wrong with having another song as fair as Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~? Well, even in Arigatou Inoo, Keito, and Ryutaro were shafted. But 8/9 would be a massive improvement.

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  1. I’m liking the song more and more with each listen, though I do agree that I wish someone else would have a solo line or that Yamada was not so prominent in it. I do like him but I like others in the group and I would like to hear them. Though this is not the full song so there could be more to it, though I do think it will be another Hitomi no Screen.

    And don’t you mean HSJ has 9 members? I think it is safe to say Morimoto is not returning to the group, and even then he is definitely not going to be a part of this single.

    1. I’ve really liked this song ever since I heard the short clips on the morning news shows. I hope they continue to follow this mature route. Now that Sexy Zone exists I hope they can pass the torch to them for immature songs. Well, NYC does release them as well. Just hopefully this means we won’t be seeing another Magic Power.
      I like the other members in the group too, Ryosuke isn’t really my favorite member. It really makes no sense why only he gets lines. I understand he’s the most popular member, but pretty much everyone in Hey! Say! JUMP are good singers. I’m beyond over the Ryosuke show. I guess that the other members could have lines, but I really doubt it. I watched a fancam of this song recently and it didn’t look like the other members had lines. But who knows.

      Yeah, I did mean 9 members. I know it’s pretty obvious he’s not going to come back now that he’s been removed from Johnny’s net. I guess I’m just so used to writing 10 though. XD

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