Yamapi to release first official solo single

It was announced that Yamapi will be providing the theme for his upcoming drama Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~. The single will be titled Ai, Texas and will be released later this spring by Waner Music Japan. This will mark his 5th solo single overall, but also his first single since leaving NEWS and becoming officially solo. I guess that means his meetings with Warner Music had nothing to do with him debuting in America, but just securing his solo career in Japan. Which is awesome to be honest. I cannot imagine him in the US at all.

I knew Yamapi’s next single would be announced anyday now, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be this soon. And I really didn’t want him to release something before NEWS does. But I guess I should have been expecting it. Since Hey! Say! JUMP’s still unconfirmed new single, Super Delicate, is going to be the theme to Ryosuke’s and Yuto’s drama Risou no Musuko, and AKB48’s new single announcement didn’t mention anything about this drama, that only left Yamapi. This news is completely bittersweet. On one hand I’m still not over the whole NEWS fiasco, but on the other I am still excited for another Yamapi single. I really do like Yamapi’s voice and his solo releases are good. His solo singles anyway, his solo album was terrible.

But the title of the single doesn’t really sit right with me. It’s completely random and makes absolutely no sense. What is so exciting about Texas honestly? There’s not really anything spectacular enough to write a Japanese song about it. Maybe he’ll film the PV in Texas and use this as some sort of cross-promotion for his new show Route 66. It seems like the most logical answer.

3 thoughts on “Yamapi to release first official solo single”

  1. I think everyone is confused by the song’s title and how it could possibly fit in with his drama.

    Like you I’ve liked his singles but not his album. But even though I liked his singles I never liked them enough to feel like I would want to follow him if he was not a part of NEWS. So I’m still just patiently waiting for news for a NEWS single and excitedly waiting for Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single.

    1. Lol. Pretty much. I don’t even really care about how the song fits with the drama, I’m just wondering why Texas. It’s such a random place to pick. XD

      His album was a completely let down. There were a few gems, but as a whole it was pretty terrible. I do kind of feel the same way about Yamapi’s singles. I’ll probably just casually follow him to see if his singles are actually good. Same here! Since Tegomass’s tour ended recently hopefully they are working on some new NEWS songs, or at least at the discussion phase. And the small bits I’ve heard of Super Delicate sound amazing. I’m glad that the song is mature, and I can pretty much pretend that Magic Power didn’t exists. Lol.

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