AKB48-Give Me Five preview

AKB48 was recently featured in a commerical for Apaman Shop, giving us fans the first preview of their upcoming 25th single Give Me Five.

I do like what I hear of the song so far. It seems really upbeat and fun. But I don’t really think it has anything else going for it beyond that. The music isn’t really anything we haven’t heard before. The song is fun, but obviously AKB48 has released songs that are a lot better than this. Anymore AKB48’s singles have been extremely uncreative and lazy to me. This is yet another example of why I can’t wait until their reign on top is over. Maybe they’ll release exciting singles again. The song sounds almost like a toned down version of Heavy Rotation, and would honestly be better suited as a B-side. I guess I’ll just continue to care more about the consistently amazing SKE48.

Here’s the commercial.

And here’s the making which plays more of the song.

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