C-ute to release 18th single

C-ute will be releasing their 18th single. The single is titled Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku and will be released on April 18th. (Just 8 days shy of my 20th birthday. XD)

Lately C-ute has been nothing but incredible. Chou Wonderful 6 was incredible, and most of their recent singles have been incredibly fast paced and full force. They’ve also been delivering some of the most powerful performances in H!P. For a while there I didnt really care about C-ute that much. It was mostly due to the fact that my beloved KanKan was absent and then left. But recently my love for C-ute has been reignited. And I have to admit it’s the strongest it’s ever been. As much as I do miss Kanna, this is the most solid C-ute has ever been. Everyone getting fair lines and attention and turning themselves into the dance group of H!P. It really works for them. And because of that I’m really looking forward to this single. No matter what, C-ute is going to deliver an incredible performance of this song.