NYC-Wonderful Cupid PV preview

Roughly a week ago PV preview for NYC’s Wonderful Cupid off their upcoming double A-side new single, Wonderful Cupid/Garasu no Mahou, was released.

It’s a little ironic to be making my PV preview post for Wonderful Cupid right after my PV preview post for Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, because pretty much everything I said about Pyoko Pyoko Ultra works for Wonderful Cupid. But I’m going to repeat it here because most of my Johnny’s readers don’t read my Hello!Project posts and vice versa. NYC is pretty much a group that seems to have been made with the intentions of being a group for children. (And of course also squeeze more money out of Ryosuke and Chinen fans.) Remaking a children’s song and singing about following your dreams made it pretty obvious. And if it wasn’t painfully obvious before Wonderful Cupid has pretty much confirms everything. From the child like lullaby tempo of the song to storybook theme of the PV. But that doesn’t really bother me. I’ve always taken NYC’s music face value. And I do apperciate how upbeat most of their songs are. This song is incredibly lacking to me though. It’s too slow and forgettable. But at least I can the epicness and mature theme of Garasu no Mahou.
As for the PV, it reminds me of the Yume Tamago PV. Just becuase the sets look very similar to me. Nothing adds to a childish theme like have sets made of cardboard. This PV really does take the storybook theme and go for it. The PV shows the members of NYC sitting at a table flipping the pages of a book that they are featured in. And because of that it immediately makes me think of Morning Musume’s I Wish PV and Kusumi Koharu’s Chance PV.  It’s a cute theme and works for the PV. It is honestly a bit stale because I’ve seen similar PVs before, but it’s still a cute theme. No matter how overdone it is.

Here’s a clip of a short making of and short clips of the PV.

And here’s the CM for the single.

2 thoughts on “NYC-Wonderful Cupid PV preview”

  1. I’m not impressed with the song either. I don’t mind the cutesy songs NYC usually does but the lullaby-esque songs usually don’t do anything for me. I hope the B-side will be something much more lively and of course like you I like Yuma’s solo song.

    1. I love the cutesy songs NYC does, mostly because cutesy idol music is pretty much all I listen to when it comes to Japanese music. I don’t really care for slow songs or ballads at all. So, this song was ruined for me as soon as I heard the first few notes. I’m hoping for that as well. Hopefully the B-side can make up for it. Yuma’s solo is amazing. I actually wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is. I had never heard the song until the single was announced. I don’t really keep up with Yuma or the Dream Boys plays to be honest.

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