DiVA grows by six

During AKB48’s Kohaku event they revealed the new members of AKB48’s sub-group DiVA. Though if they added new members I suppose the i in DiVA can finally be capitalized. They revealed that the 6 new members are Kasuya Satoko, Futami Yuuki, Furukawa Atsuko, Fuku Noramu, Inoue Yuina, Yamagami Ayaka. Nothing else about the members have been revealed yet, not even their ages.

This auditions were first announced back in August and Ihaven’t thought a lot about them since. To tell you the truth I actually forgot about them. But a staggering 4 month audition process is pretty serious. It pretty much means you can expect these new members to be incredibly skilled at both singing and dancing.
A short video about the new members was released. We don’t get to see a whole lot, besides a picture of them and a short clip of them dancing during the auditions. As of right now the members that stand out to me are Inoue Yuina and Furukawa Atsuko. Yuina because she looks like the best dancer of the bunch, and Atsuko because she looks to be the prettiest of the bunch.
Other than that, there’s not much else I can comment on. I’ll have to wait until their first single before I can really judge them.

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    1. Oh really, I don’t actually read Tokyograph too often to be honest. Thanks for the heads up. :] Yeah, 26 is completely surprising. Most idols have to graduate before they reach 26. I’ve never seen an idol just starting out at that age. It seems like they are really going in a new direction with DiVA. Perhaps with SND48 disbanding next year they are trying to make DiVA the new mature/adult group. It really seems like DiVA is going to be a new group all together. They’ve never held auditions for a sub-group before. I think we’re in for some big surprises when it comes to DiVA.

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