Buono’s new PV packs a punch

A few days ago Buono’s the PV for Hatsukoi Cider from their upcoming double A-side single, Hatsukoi Cider/Deep Mind, was released.

I absolutely love this PV, it’s the perfect example of having a cheap PV still be entertaining. There is hardly anothing going on in this PV at all. There are literally only 4 different scenes in the entire PV and they are all filmed on the exact same set. Even the set is completely simple. It’s just Buono in front of large cardboard cut-outs of a City’s silhouette. Which I actually really love. It’s incredibly simple and cheap, but at the same time it’s really beautiful. And it really works for the contrast of the PV. The city set is in black and white allowing Buono who are dressed in hot pink to really pop out. And I have to admit at first look I thought, “Oh man, they have New York City behind them.” But then I realized why in the world would it be NYC, it’s obviously Tokyo. And what I mistook as the Brooklyn Bridge is most likely supposed to be Rainbow Bridge. But I still can’t get over that’s it’s shaped more like the Brooklyn Bridge. XD But the set really works and fits them. What’s more Buono-like then them singing in front of their back-up band?
The rest of the PV is filled with close-up shots of the members. By their microphones, next to the cut-out city, and shot from below. There are also these really amazing, really creative scene transition scenes that lead to the next scene through each member’s legs, arms, or hands. And I think they add a really artistic and fun flare to the PV, and are definitely my favorite scenes in the entire PV.
And you know what? That’s the entire PV. Nothing else happens. No dance shots, no multiple sets or outfits. But you hardly even notice or miss those added elements. Because from start ot finish this PV is nearly 4 mniutes of Buono showing off their personality. Buono themesleves make the PV fun and entertaining to watch. And nearly every second Buono is doing something adorable or fun. Especially during the scenes where they are filmed form below. They were probably just told to dance and twirl around as they want as there’s no dance. But they are still some of the best scenes in the whole PV. And that’s because when idols are allowed to be themselves or do their own thing that’s when you really see the best of them.

I absolutely love the set.

Momoko being cute already. I hate that only Momoko is weraing shorts. All the other members look old. While Momoko looks cuter and more youthful.

I miss Miya’s old hair.

It wouldn’t be Momoko is she wasn’t overacting.

Airi looks adorable with this hair.

It’s awesome that Momoko is wearing creepers.

Short hair or not Miyabi still looks really pretty.

I love this hairstyle on Momoko. I wish she’d do this style more often then the pigtails she always wears.

They needed an excuse to close-up on Momo’s legs.

I love these scenes.

But they do remind me a bit of Perfume’s Love The World PV.

Airi is adorable.

Lolz at Airi’s dancing.



Airi’s sultry face.

The cutest transition.

Bother bother.

Airi. *O*


Airi is so confused by Airi’s shenanigans.


I love that Momoko always jumps in PVs.


Momo creeping per usual.

Doki Doki.

Momoko is just so cute.

Momoko and her famous pinky. Lolz at how she’s doing 2 here.



It’s adorable to end on a jump.

2 thoughts on “Buono’s new PV packs a punch”

  1. I have to agree with you on the PV. At this point, I just expect UFA to put out a cheap PV but I really think they used the small budget to the best of their advantage! I think the colors, the shots, and on-screen charisma works really well for Buono! (much better than Natus Dakara!)

    As for the song, I actually like it. Is it a huge innovative leap for Buono? No, but it’s still enjoyable and definitely the Buono! we know and love. I enjoy your PV reviews by the way; they’re very fun to read!

    By the way… Share the Love? I think you mean Love the World! ^.^

    1. That’s exactly how I feel about UFA. It’s usually a shock if they ever make a PV that’s not cheap. They really did. UFA has it’s moments when it comes to PVs. C-ute’s Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no ko is another great example of a cute and cheap PV. There was so much personality and charisma in this PV. It was just amazing. Yeah, Natsu Dakara was basically nothing but a beauty shot. I thought Natsu Dakara was a very simply and pretty PV which worked because of the slowness of the song. But Hatsukoi Cider was much more fun.

      I absolutely love the song. It has a rock feel while still being adorable. And it’s a nice contrast from Deep Mind, which is just super heavy the entire song. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoy reading them. It makes me happy to hear that people like my reviews. :]

      Oh, you’re right. I totally didn’t even notice I wrote the wrong song. XD It’s because I accidently saved the picture as share the world instead of love the world. So, I guess from there it just became share the love for some reason. Lol.

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