Kikka to release first album!

It was announced that Kikkawa Yuu will be releasing her first full length album. The album is entiled One For You and will be released January 18th.

Now, this is an announcement I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t really expect Kikka to be releasing her first album so soon. She only just debuted in May. But who cares how soon it is really? I cannot wait to hear the album. I absolutely adore Kikka, she’s been releasing some of the best and most interesting songs. I think she could really be a force in the idol industry if she was promoted better. She’s certainly overflowing with talent. Normally I would say I hope this album has more energetic songs or something along the lines of Konna Watashi de Yokattara. But Kikka sounds so amazing in slow paced songs thatย I wouldn’t mind a few of those in this album.

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