Nakazawa Yuko is engaged!

Sanspo has reported that Nakazawa Yuko is getting married. Her fiance is a 38 year old CEO of an IT company who lives in Fukuoka. The couple is getting married next spring after only a short 4 months of dating.

Even though 4 months is an incredible short amount of time dating I am happy for Yuko. It’s nice to see she’s met someone who meets her high standards. And the jokes about her still being single and her complaining that she’s not married yet can finally end. I swear it feels like yesterday that Yuko was upset after losing to Tsuji.
I honestly wish Yuko all the best. I do wonder how this will effect her activites in Dream Morning Musume. But the girl’s been working basically nonstop for the last 14 years, I think she deserves a break or even to retire.