Dream Morning Musume to release first original single

It was just announced that Dream Morning Musume will be releasing their first original single. The single is titled Shining Butterfly and will be released on February 15th. This also marks the group’s 3rd original song. Or 4th if you count Afternoon Coffee, which is technically Afternoon Musume’s song because it existed before Dream Morning Musume did. Or even 5th if you count their version of Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari.

You know this seems to be a pretty unpopular opinion but I fully love Dream Morning Musume. Say what you want about it being a step backwards in their career, but I could care less honestly. I just love that I get to see my favorite OG members back in action together. And I pretty excited because I think Atto Odoroku Mirai ga Yattekuru is an amazing song. Throw another song like that my way and I would be happy. 

The only thing I’m worried about is line distribution. Distribution was pretty fair in the album, but albums are always a lot more fair than A-sides. And while nearly every member of Dream Morning Musume were the top members during their stint in Morning Musume, obviously there are members who are more popular then the others. And because of that I’m afraid my favorite members are going to be shoved in the back. And on Koharu’s part it’s probably going to be because of senority then anything else. But Kaori and Kei-chan aren’t exactly super popular, at least not compared to the likes of Yuko or Nacchi. It will break my heart if they are shoved in the back.

5 thoughts on “Dream Morning Musume to release first original single”

  1. I guess i’m just worryed about how this will effect Morning Musume rather than the OG’s careers. 😐

    If this ends up not interfiring with what MM gets up to then I’ll be satified.

    1. I worry about that a little as well. But I don’t think it will have that great of an effect on Morning Musume. Besides Dream Morning Musume getting invited to more TV shows then Morning Musume they haven’t surpassed them yet. Dorimusu 1 sold roughly the same as 12 Smart. I’ll start to be really worried if Shining Butterfly sells like 100k copies, but I honestly don’t see that happening.

      I doubt it will. All Dream Morning Musume’s recent attention is basically because of nostalgia. If their single gets dismal sales they’ll most likely treat them like any other artsit with low sales. Idealy anyway.

  2. In all honesty, I’m all for the single! Bring it on I say. I am worried about members getting pushed to the back, especially since I don’t like either Mikitty or Ishikawa Rika (I know, but my opinion really..) and they have the biggest chance of being pushed to the front.

    However, I am excited for the single. It has a nice name that fits with the maturity of the group in a way.

    But as the other commenter, Natalie, says, I am worried about how they may surpass Morning Musume. However, I don’t think they will. If they do, then I might cry xD

    1. I’m all for the single too. I am completely worried about members getting pushed to the back. I don’t want it to turn into a Nacchi show. I don’t like Miki to much either, never did. And I actually like Rika. Nacchi and Yuko have the biggest chance of being pushed to the front. XD

      The single name is actually weird. I can’t imagine what it will sound like.

      I doubt they will, or they would have already. At most I see them maybe selling 10k more.

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