K-Ft and company release new PV

A few days ago the full PV for Kis-My-Ft2’s 2nd  single, We Never Give Up, was released.

After watching the PV preview of for this song I was pretty munc convinced I was going to hate this PV. But after watching the full version I’m surprised by how much I actually like it. The PV is set that Kisumai are literally snowed in some random frozen tundra. And a majority of the PV follows that. They are several scenes where they showcase the snow covering the inside of their, for lack of better words, house. And also random scenes with them dancing and running in the snow. Which is a great way to get frostbite. I actually really like the snow scenes because the lighting is absolutely gorgeous. It’s this very dimly light snow lighting effect. And it gives the PV this very faded, depressing, sort of defeated feel to it. Which works perfectly for the theme of this song.
But don’t fret if your not one for grey lighting, because the magical blowing triangle in the middle of the room can, at will, turn baren wasteland into a tropical paradise. Which is a little stupid, but they had to come up with some reason to switch lighting and I guess this is they best they came up with. I’m not really complaining though because the lighting during those scenes is really beautiful as well. I absolutely love when natural lighting is used for PVs. And while this doesn’t look like it’s legitimately natural lighting it does give the appearance of it, with just being slightly sharper. Switching from such dim lighting to such bright lighting adds a very beautiful contrast to the PV.

There is one aspect of this PV I find hilarious, and would probably care more about it if I was a bigger Kisumai fan. And that aspect is: I have never seen members so obviously pushed in a Johnny’s PV in my entire life. In this PV the absolutely the only members you actually see are Taisuke, Yuta, and Hiromitsu. And not even the usual fan complain that their member isn’t show as much as the most popular member. No, I mean the other 4 members are shoved in the background the entire PV and don’t even get close-up shots. They are completely treated as backup dancers. The main 3 have 2 different outfits with a bunch of accessories. Bow ties, regular ties, gloves, vests, and amazing jackets. While the back 4 wear the same button up shirts the entire PV. The only time you can see them up close is if it’s during a group shot or all 4 of them at once. And I have to say it’s a little ridiculous. I’m trying to think of ever Johnny’s PV that I’ve ever seen to see if something like this has happened before, and I honestly can’t think of one. There is always a member, or members, who will get slightly more screen time then the rest because of popularity. But that’s it slightly more screen time, not all the screen time. In Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hitomi no Screen only Ryosuke got solo lines. However, the other 9 members were still featured a lot in the PV.

Kisumai are trapped in the snow.

And it that wasn’t clear enough perhaps this will help.

Hiro keeps trying to make these “sexy” faces, but it doesn’t really work when you look like a troll. Nice outfit though.

I like this oufit too. And am I the only who noticed that for some reason Yuta looks constantly angry.

Behold, the magical weather changing triangle.

Gorgeous set.

But for some reason it still reminds me of Arashi’s To Be Free set. And they aren’t even that similar.

I like this dance, there are a lot of very sharp and precise moves.

I’m starting to really get used to this hair on Taisuke.


That’s funny, I though Kisumai only had 3 members.


Yeah, he’s seriously trying way too hard.

Horrible move.

Hiro kinda looks like he’s having a seizure here.

Is the reason Hiro is so popular because of how weird he is? I’m starting to like him for that very reason. XD

Stupid face.

Compared to Hiro is seems like no one else is really trying on their close-ups.

This looks like a Russ-K ad.

Just completely shoved to the back. They aren’t even hiding the fact.

Cute dance move.

This is the Winter Time.

I still prefer Summer Time though.


This is probably the most ridiculous move I’ve ever seen in an idol dance.

It was so close to not having them in roller skates.

Nice fake flowers.

But it reminds me of Arashi’s One Love PV.

15 thoughts on “K-Ft and company release new PV”

  1. Never realized Kissumai was a trio with 4 backdancers. It’s even more unfair than early “Kamenashi, Akanishi, and friends”

    1. Me either. Who would have thought? Not really, KAT-TUN’s PVs have always shown a good chunk of the other members. Obviously with the main focus on Jin and Kame, but you still saw the other members up close. In this PV the other 4 members don’t get solo focus at all.

  2. Watch it like this, YokooNikaSengaMiyata represent Kisumai of all these years, their underappreciated always in the background never the main performer back up dancing selves. They all literally were blurs in the background in the many dvds of their seniors, where fans had to pause a lot to get evn glimpses of them. The very obvious grey and snow in the beginning. And GayaTamaMitsu represent their bright spirits within, that kept them through it all, not giving up. The end 30 secs or so, when the theme culminates, they are shown together as a group of 7. I think this might be the concept ’cause there is no way their producers nd management can be dat bankrupt or that biased to give them that shabby clothes. It’s a personal intuition, nd I pray I am right here, but I think for once may be they are trying to push them as a group here. See it as a group effort, a symbolic pv, it’s like a tribute to Kis-My-Ft2 themselves… Nd I do think this might hav been what they were planning as the original debut song nd am glad dat EG came first. Whichever way it is, by the time their 3rd single gets released, I think we wil get a proper idea of the direction they are taking. Can’t believe I did so much analysis on a JE pv, or evn a pv in general 😀

    1. That’s a nice a thought. And it seems like it could be the overall meaning of the PV. But I actually think it’s, as a fan, more of wanting to see the PV in that sort of light. And even if that was the symbolic meaning of the PV, it was an excuse to shove their 3 most popular members to the front to increase the sales. It’s a tactic that is done frequently in idol PVs, however Johnny’s PVs usually remain fair in that aspect. And I think a lot has to do with the different fanbases of male and female idol fans. Looking at the PV from a uncompletely unbiased point of view, which I do with all my PV reviews, you can see the PV at face value. Which is giving favoritism to the 3 most popular members with more screen time and better outfits. And if they were going for being blurs and not gving up it would have had a bigger impact if ALL the members were insignificant until the very end. That would have completely showen their perseverance and how they aren’t giving up. And as for being bright spirits the scenes were the lighting changes to natural lighting has the covered.
      By the time the 3rd PV comes out I do think we will see all the members up close and in focus. However, not to the degree you imagine. Screen time will never be asbsolutely even. The most popular members are still going to get slightly more screen time and pushed to the front more. That’s just the way the idol business works.

      1. Yeah, I can see that… Ignore the comment, it was typed during one rare burst of positivity. Entertainment industry remains the same dirty game no matter which country you go to. I think it’s time for me at least to quit trying to get any entertainment out of it…

        1. That’s truly a sad comment. Yes, the entertinment industry is a dirty game and is about making money, but that doesn’t mean you should feel so negative about it. I know what the business is like and still get tons of enjoyment from it. I’m used to my favorite members getting shoved in the back, but I still enjoy the group as a whole and relish in the times my favorite member does get the spotlight. I voice a lot of my complaints on this blog, but as a whole I love idols. They are by far the most entertaining group of celebrities I have ever seen.

          1. That comment was sad? Really? I find it sad and extremely tiring when I am obsessing over something of not much practical value, not when I am trying to get out of it. If anything, I find my first comment and an even more emyotional version of it I typed out somewhere else to be sad.
            You say you are “used to” members being shoved to the back. Well, I don’t want to get used to that. If they were planning on marketing this group as 3 main and 4 back up, they should have promoted them like that since the very beginning. Then, I would have conveniently stayed out of it to begin with. What was with the false marketing they did for all these years. This was not what I ordered and I feel cheated. And as far as the members go, Fujigaya would be my favourite, he’s obviously not suffering in any way and is probably the most promoted so far. Yet I can’t get over that sick feeling everytime I see them treated differently.
            But at the same time, I am aware that a debut is something that they have worked really hard for and waited a long time for. I wish them luck, and would definitely continue to watch this particular group perform, but the industry as such, disgusts me and I will definitely not fall into this same trap twice…

          2. Yeah, it was. Sad because your going to let something as simple as PV time ruin a group for you. If you find it tiring obsessing over something your not getting anything out of, then that’s a problem within yourself. Perhaps you’re getting too old to listen to idol music. But then why did you start liking Kisumai, and most likely Johnny’s, in the first place? Never once did you get anthing from it in the traditional sense of the world, and you never will. I’m not exactly sure what you expected to get from it. I expect good music, enjoyable concerts, and entertaining TV show appearances. Which is the only thing you get from any celebrity. Yeah, that comment wasn’t really sad. It was basically what you wanted from the PV and being disappointed by it. Which is fine. I do that all the time. 8/10 of my PV reviews and song reviews are negative. They say how I dislike line distribution or how simple the PV is.
            Yes, I am used to it. That’s because I am a fan other idol groups in general and not just Johnny’s. AKB48 has 59 members, even more if you count Research Students. Of those 59 only about 20-25 actually get a decent amount of media attention or screen time. Now, that’s being pushed to the back. Johnny’s fans are spoiled in that sense. Because Johnny’s songs and PVs for the most part are always fair. So, of course it comes as a shock if this is the first time you’re seeing it. And not wanting to get used to it or you’re giving the group up is a little immature.. If that offends you I’m sorry. You don’t have to drop the group. Just wait for album songs, concerts, or TV appearances when you get to see your favorite member the most. Just like Okamoto Keito and Kato Shigeaki fans have to do. Because they are constantly shoved to the back. And why would they treated Kisumai like this from the beginning. When Kisumai were Juniors there was no pressure to treat members differently because they weren’t a legit group yet. They could give even attention to all the members while they were growing the fanbase. Which is why the most popular Juniors are usually the ones who debut. And once they started to really sell both the group and more merch to the entire country then before they had to of course cater to the most popular members fans, as they have the biggest fanbase and make up a majority of the sales. The last KAT-TUN single before Jin left sold 439,736 copies, and the first official single without Jin sold 255,618 copies. That means that nearly half the KAT-TUN fans out there were Jin fans. Not to mention the Jin fans that still stuck with and still supported KAT-TUN after he left. You shouldn’t feel cheated. You should be happy that Kis-My-Ft2 got to debut at all after being strung along for 8 years. As for being treated differently that’s how it is for all the Johnny’s groups out there. In KAT-TUN it was always just about Kame and Jin. In NEWS it was always always about Yamapi and Ryo. And in Hey! Say! JUMP it’s always been about Ryosuke and Chinen. It used to be all about Yuto but his attention has shifted to Daiki. It’s only when members leave that we finally got to, or will get to, really see the other members evenlly. Except for HSJ it’s pretty much still the Ryosuke and Chinen show. Arashi is pretty much the only Johnny’s group that gets even attention.
            It is something they’ve worked hard for. And it is still pretty sad that you say you will continue to watch this group rather then be a fan of it. The industry is dirty and favors people, but I’m not going to stop liking or supporting my favorite group for it. And I’m especailly not going to stop supporting my favorite member because they aren’t the most popular member and don’t get the attention I feel they deserve. But that’s silly. Me doing that isn’t going to make the group, or any other group, more fair. And it’s not really a trap. Every group in the entire world is treated the exact same way. There are members who are pushed to the front and members who are pushed to the back. That’s how it is for Jpop, Kpop, and American music. Can you honestly tell me Destiny’s Child was fair? Because to me it was Beyonce feature Kelly and Michelle. Not to mention the girls that were originally in the group but got kicked out.

          3. Btw, I hope my lame rants are not going to make you hate this Group or anything, k… It’s jst a personal opinion of disgust about things in general, I apologize if it went overboard. Feel free to ignore,k…

          4. They aren’t going to make me hate this group. You’re just voicing your opinions and frustration about this situation, which is what I do on a daily basis on this blog. And I don’t mind if you went overboard. My posts are up for discussion. :]

          5. Hi again 🙂 I thought I’d wait till their FNS performance, see how that goes and then reply. Well, no significant changes, nd I guess I’ll have to jst accept it the way it is and support them from henceforth too, because they really do deserve it after working so hard for so long. Was especially happy too see how amused AKB looked and were cheering them on. I’ll jst take it all with say, a table spoon of salt from now on I suppose. Will forever regret the amount of talent getting wasted because of this. Nd it irks to no extent to see 2 different sets of costumes after all 7 wearing the same sets for years. Nd the worst part post debut, so far, was that songs became generic. Waiting for the third single to see if things will be salvaged or not.In the mean time, Thank You m(_ _)m Yes, I started liking them because they were ceaselessly entertaining. So, I think I’ll just stay natural from now on, not obsess, just enjoy and stay entertained…

          6. Hey. :] I actually haven’t had a chance to watch the FNS Music Festival yet. But I just watched Kisumai’s performance now since you mentioned it. Well, I do see what you mean about the performance. But they performed Everybody Go, which wasn’t a fair song to begin with. So, of course the performance wouldn’t be fair. I’m glad you are taking it a bit more positively now. Because supporting the group is really all you can do. Things won’t really change unless a lot of people start supporting and asking for the other members more. I do think once Kisumai gets a more stable fanbase they will feature the other members more. Yeah, I noticed that AKB48 seemed to really enjoy the performance, which is awesome.
            It is a little sad that they are dividing the costumes like that. I haven’t really seen them do that before in Johnny’s live performances. And it is sad that talent is being wasted. But there’s not realy much you can do except hope if gets better. But Johnny isn’t really know for making the best decisions.
            I actually like their post debut songs. I’ve never followed Kisumai before because I don’t follow the Juniors all that closely. I don’t really like finding favorite Juniors and getting my hopes up on a Junior that may or may not debut. I started to take attention because I thought Everybody Go was a good song, and I thought it was good enough to make me intrigued about them and maybe become a fan. Right now I haven’t really heard a majority of their songs. I’ve been catching up on past clips of them to get to know the members before I hear their music.
            Yeah, I can see what you mean about being disappointed with their singles, I’ve seen a lot of Kisumai fans were upset with the styles changes in their music. But you can always wait for their first album. As Johnny’s album songs are usually better than singles. At least in my opinion they are.

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