Passpo’s new PV=love

The full PV for Passpo’s 3rd major single, Kiss=Suki, was recently released.

Watching this PV it immediately has that unique Passpo feel to it. It’s another PV that really showcases their flight attendant theme. And after their Shoujo Hikou PV I wasn’t sure how Passpo was going to use that theme again without it being boring and something we’ve seen already. But Passpo manages to pull it off. And we’re left with a PV that is both interesting to watch and absolutely adorable. Unlike the Shoujo Hikou PV this PV is set 100% in the airport terminal. The PV features the girls doing pretty mundane tasks like selling plane tickets and wandering around the airport. But Passpo injects their charm into it and makes it a lot less boring than it sounds.
And for  a song that’s called Kiss=Suki that don’t dissapoint fans in that aspect. The PV shows the girls playfully kissing each other and also features the girls kissing the camera ala the Chu Shiyoze PV. I do admit when I heard there was kissing in this PV I was expecting more than there was. There’s about as much as there was in the Heavy Rotation PV or any Morning Musume concert where Sayumi wants extra attention.

But since I’m always way too hard are PVs there are 2 things that I wasn’t really thrilled about in the PV. They are very small complaints though. The first being the setting of the dance shot. It seriously irks me that they are dancing almost in the exact spot as they were in the Shoujo Hikou PV. An airport is a big place they could have done it anywhere else. My second complaint is that the main focus of this PV is on Makoto. It’s expected since I’m pretty sure she’s the most popular member. However, I still would have prefered the focus to go on Mio, Shiori, or Kaho. But I am a bit biased towards them.

And here comes nothing but Makoto.

Pretty much the top 2 in Passpo.

Natsumi just looks so cute here.

I don’t think this move could get any more simple, but for some reason I love it.

I love the refelection in their close-ups.

Too much sun, I can’t see Mio’s cute face.

Wow, Ai looks great here.

Passpo’s dances always look the same.

And this dance is set in a nearly identical setting as the Shoujo Hikou PV.

Adorable. And I love Mio’s hair.

Lol. I don’t get why there’s a stirring move in this dance.

Love this leg move.

This is turning into a Mio spam but I don’t care. Tell me this face isn’t cuter than puppies.

Riding the escalator is a little boring but Makoto looks cute while doing it.

Adorable Naomi.

I adore Mushu, but I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t like her because she’s not as “pretty” as the other members.

Shiori looks so lively, but that hair does nothing for her.


I love that they are holding their fingers up to their eyes because they said I miss you.

Ai looking all cute.

Lol at Mio’s overreaction.

Wink! I don’t know why, but I love capping winks in my reviews. XD

Their embrace looks so fake.

Sako and Natsumi kiss.

But Mio’s reaction is the best part.




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