S/mileage to release 9th single

It was just announced that S/mileage will be releasing their 9th single. The single is titled Chotto Matte Kudasai and will be released on February 1st.

Can you say too soon? I absolutely love S/mileage, but even I can see that they are releasing too many singles at once. S/mileage released 5 singles in 2011 and this single will be released exactly 1 month and 4 days after their 8th single, Please Miniskirt Postwoman. Luckily, despite having a rush of releases this year the quality of their singles haven’t suffered. Actually, their singles keep getting better and better. Tsunku seems to really be putting his full creativity and force into S/mileage. Not to say that the rest of H!P’s releases were terrible because they weren’t at all. It’s just the S/mileage has really been on fire this year. I have 100% faith that this new single will be just as good, maybe even better.

2 thoughts on “S/mileage to release 9th single”

  1. I agree with everything you say — I know you haven’t reviewed the latest S/Mileage single yet, but it sounds like you like it.

    I really think that Please Miniskirt Postwoman is terrific. I’m not super-optimstic about S/Mileage’s post-Yuuka future, but if the songs are as good as this one, they might survive and propser.

    1. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but I absolutely love the song. I saw the S/mileage dance practice video for the song and I watched the Mobekimasu live at Yomiuri Land where they performed it. But I am waiting for the radio rip before I mention it on my blog.

      It is terrific. That is a bit harsh, I’m sure the same could have been said about a post Saki S/mileage future. And while I do think it’s a huge blow to the group to lose 2 original members so quickly after each other, I think S/mileage will be fine. The new members are really good singers. Meimi’s voice sounds like it could be annoying, but she sounds great in Please Miniskirt Postwoman. Kana is a little rough in her singing and dancing, but she really is improving. I think S/mileage will definitely survive and prosper. Especially since it seems like they are becoming the second H!P group to be a revolving door idol group. I honestly don’t think it will stop at the 2nd gen. So, I’m sure fans are mostly likely preparing themselves for more graduations in the future. I know I am.

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