Momusu announces first single with the 10th Gen

It was announced a while ago that Morning Musume was releasing their 48th single. But I held off on posting it because when I first heard about it, it wasn’t officially confirmed yet. And then by the time it was it just slipped by mind. So, sorry for this post being extremely overdue. But anyway, this single it titled Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and will be released on January 15th.

When I first heard about this single I was obviously excited since it’s the first single to feature the 10th Gen. But when I heard the titled I was ecstatic. I have no idea what pyoko mean, or if it’s even a real word, but I do know that it sounds like the single is going to be upbeat and playful. And hopefully, this means we are finally entering their youthful and energetic era. Momusu has been stringing me along in this aspect. Maji desu ka Ska, Yamette yo Sinbad, Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai, and a few album songs were upbeat and fun, but all of their other songs have been the same mature sounding songs we’re all used to. Which I just want to be over already. But since the young members now outweigh the old, this most likely means we will see a more playful and childish Momusu. And if we still don’t, well, I don’t know what I’m going to do then.

2 thoughts on “Momusu announces first single with the 10th Gen”

  1. Pyoko means to dance and hop about.

    I’m guessing this song will be fun and playful. I just hope it won’t be TOO silly, like S/Mileage’s Koi ni Booing Boo! I think that would turn off people.

    If it’s as fun and crazy as Kare to Issho, I’ll be thrilled.

    1. Thanks so much for the translation. :]

      Yeah, that pretty much sets in stone that it will be playful, or at least danceable. It might, but it might also gain them fans. Since Morning Musume has had a youthful theme in the past. There is a fine line between childlike songs and songs for children. I’m hoping for another Koko ni Iruzee type of song.

      Me too honestly. And I think it should be Sayumi lead again since she has the voice for it.

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