NYC announce new single

It was announced recently that NYC will be releasing their 4th single. (Or 5th if you count the NYC Boys and Nakayama Yuma w/B.I. Shadow single, which I don’t) This single will be their first double A-side release. The first song NYC song is titled Wonderful Cupid, and the second song will be a Nakayama Yuma solo single titled Garasu no Mahou. This double A-side single will be released on January 4th.

I think it’s interesting to see that Yuma is getting his own solo single basically. It also shows just how much Johnny’s is pushing him. I’m not really the biggest Yuma fan but he is a good singer, and I say good for him. It seems like after Nakayama Yuma/w B.I. Shadow didn’t work out as well as JE had hoped they just awkwardly made NYC a permanent group. I would say that this testing the waters for a Yuma solo career, but that’s never going to happen. I honestly can’t remember the last solo artist JE had. I think it was Matchy. That just shows how long ago it was. Yeah, I guess you can now add Jin and Yamapi to the ranks of solo artist, but they aren’t true solo artists. In the sense that from day one they weren’t solo. They obviously are using their groups as a launching point. I honestly don’t see where Yuma’s future is going. If they wanted him to be in a legit group why not debut him in a group made of random Juniors? Like Hey! Say! JUMP was. Right now it honestly seems like they have no idea what to do with him. He’s popular enough to be put in a group but too many groups have debuted lately. And besides that it seems 100% that A.B.C-Z (or I should say A.B.C.-xy)  is going to debut next. Which is fine with me, I’d rather see impression king Kawai Fumito debut over Nakayama Yuma anyday.

I should probably steer this post back on topic now, with a little less Yuma and a little more NYC. I like NYC and I’m always excited for their releases. Wonderful Cupid seems like it’s going to be just as cutesy as their previous releases. And it seems like this release is going to have a Valentine’s Day theme, given the title of the song and it being released so close to Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day is more of a girls holiday in Japan. Unless they make a song about accepting some girl’s confession they should probably make a song around White Day instead.

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  1. I think you should narrow down about what you say about Nakayama Yuma, missy cuz you don’t even know if he will be successful or not, and if you haven’t realize this, Yuma have something that other Johnnys don’t. Unlike other Johnnys, Yuma have the ability to go solo, if only people LIKE YOU can see it, which i doubt you can cuz you look like you have a big fat ass bias on yuma just like many other JE fans. Also you’re first impressions on yuma is like many others, but i’ll tell you, you may not be into him now but sooner or later something will draw you back to him, and when you realize that, you’ll know what his ability is, that’s what happen to me. Yuma is not like other johnnys who depend on their looks most of the time and depend on their group members for back up, he’s independent and he is what you’ll call a “REAL ARTIST” who have the real talent to take the far into the future even if there are people who hated him. And this could be what Johnny san sees in Yuma.

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