Fairies-Hero/Sweet Jewel song previews

A few weeks ago Avex’s official youtube channel released song previews for Fairies upcoming double A-side second single, Hero/Sweet Jewel.

So, let’s start off with Hero. When the song first started I completely wasn’t in it to, mostly because it sounded like they were going to start rapping. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. This song has a pretty clear R&B influence. The beat is very similar to the R&B/pop songs that were popular in the US a few years ago. I have to say it is a completely unique sound, which seems to be what Fairies is trying to do. Sound completely different than any other idol group ou there. However, the song isn’t exactly my favorite. I do like the way the song is being sung but overall I don’t like the sound. It just doesn’t really fit with their voices. Their voices aren’t mature sounding enough to pull of the song, which sounds like it needs a lot more soul in it.

Next is obviously Sweet Jewel. Right off the bat I like this song. It has the obvious idol song that I love. But the main reason I like this song so much is it sounds 80% like High King’s cover of Princess Princess’s song Diamonds. Both songs have those upbeat chimes in the beginning, and then the rest of both songs are pretty slow paced. You should seriously listen to both songs back to back, you’ll be amazed how similar they are. I mean, they even say emerald where the word diamonds should be, it’s hilarious. Even though the song sounds kinda of like a rip off I do love this song. But that’s mostly because I love High King’s version of Diamonds.

5 thoughts on “Fairies-Hero/Sweet Jewel song previews”

  1. I just don’t get fairies, they are so…. meh. But aparently they have a super good agency so that why they are getting so much attention despite their debut single being a massive flop.

    1. I like Fairies. I’m not super in love with them but I like them. I like that they are trying to be different and be and idol group that is top notch in both singing and dancing. And to accomplish that they are taking some risks in their music, which I admire. I think once they get the sound that works best for them, they’ll be great. Yeah, they are managed by Vision Factory which will probably just keep throwing money until they are popular. I think it’s a little sad that their debut was a flop. I thought they should have done a little better than they did.

        1. It is a bit. I can imagine that’s the turn off for most fans. But I like that they are different. And as for SweetS, I was never a fan of them. So, I don’t really have anything to say about them. XD

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