Sexy Zone aren’t sexy and I know it

Recently the debut PV for Sexy Zone’s debut single, Sexy Zone, was released. And let me just say I had to do some searching to find this PV. The things I do for you dear readers. XD

After I saw the PV preview for this single I was expecting this PV to be extremely simple. However, this PV surprised me as there are more elements going on in this PV then I expected. The PV is still fairly simply, mostly because Johnny’s never spends the big bucks on debut PVs. He hardly ever spends big bucks on PVs in general. What I find most surprising is despite the fact that most of the members of Sexy Zone are extremely young, the PV has an overall mature and serious feel to it. Well, about as serious as you can be while dancing in front of a magical floating castle. But this PV could be a lot more immature then it is. They could have gone the NYC way an popped out a PV like Yume no Tamago. But I guess they are trying to get fans to get past their ages and focus on their music. Which I myself am having a hard time with, despite the fact that I do like nearly all of the songs on their debut single. I just can’t really get into Sexy Zone as a group. It’s a mixture of age and looks. I just can’t see myself becoming a legit fan of them. Perhaps a guilty pleasure.
Anyway, the PV is a pretty standard close-up and dance shots video. But I think it’s really nice to look at. Both sets are nice and the outfits aren’t bad. But what really wins me over with this PV is the lighting. It’s so incredibly bright that it makes the PV super clear and vibrant. It really makes the small touches of color really pop. But there is one thing about the PV that bothers me, the roses. I still don’t get why they are holding them throughout the PV. It kinds of annoys me.

Super intense close-up of Shori. Are they trying to tell us he’s going to be the face of Sexy Zone? Which honestly wouldn’t make sense. Kento and Fuma are 100 times more popular from B.I. Shadow.

I love how serious these face montage scenes are supposed to be.

Kento looks a lot better than the last time I saw him. But it seems like once he ages a couple more years he’ll be hot.

No, they are definitely pushing So to the front. I just can’t imagine why.

It’s castle in the sky. Seriously?

Shori almost looks like he could be cute. Let’s see in 4 years. XD

Kento is only cute sometimes. He’s about a 5 or so.

Fuma is kinda cute, until he opens his mouth. He just looks stupid.

Tell me he doesn’t look at least 15% better.

Marius is about as goodlooking as an 11 can be. I feel like the government should be busting through my doors just for watching him. Lol. But without sounding creepy, it seems like he will realy grow into his look. By 16 or so he’ll probably be extremely fine. But that’s probably because of my weird thing I have for half Japanese guys. XD

Sadly, So could be 13 or 113, but that kid is just not attractive at all.

 Shori keeps trying to make these alluring faces, and it’s just not working for him.

That one Junior all the way in the back looks like he might be Anderson Casey. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

Marius always looks like he’s in pain during his close-ups. It’s hilarious.

Kento is on the cusp od being gorgeous. But he kinda looks like a rabbit.

Ok, he seriously looks like he’s out to cry.

This dance just completely sucks.


Yeah, just throw that rose.

But it reminds me far too much of Tuxedo Kamen.

I love the scenes where they are in that glass box.

Ok, Kento looks cute here. XD

Everyone use your roses as mics now, for some reason.

Kento looks the best here. Probably because he’s making super intense face.

Yeah, makes the Juniors do all the flips.


Saw that coming a mile away.

9 thoughts on “Sexy Zone aren’t sexy and I know it”

  1. lol LMFAO reference! XD

    Anywho, you got shori and so mixed up. Shori is the one in red and the centre. Tbh these jrs are so new it is hard not to get them mixed up! xD

    1. Lol. It seemed fitting. And besides that a few people have already made blog titles about being in the zone, so I wanted to mix it up. XD

      Seriously? My bad. XD It’s hard to get any Juniors mixed up with me honesty. I don’t really follow the Juniors that closely. There are only about 4 I actually care about. I don’t see the point in following trainees from any agency, especially Johnny’s. There are something like 200 Johnny’s. In the next 5 years probably about 20 will debut if they are lucky.

  2. It was getting good, until I heard ‘You guys are so sexy’ and then it was ‘nope’ from there LOL.

    Idk I can barely like someone who’s like 3 months younger than me, let alone an 11 year old. I feel super old, and I’m not even close. Jpop makes me feel like such a pedophile sometimes I just can’t.
    My favorite part of the whole music video though was the trainees / juniors dancing in the background. They took the spotlight away from Sexy Zone itself to me.
    And that guy spinning on his head is a total bad ass okay.

    They got number one on the charts, but a lot of people are super mad about it, because apparently they played dirty to getting their sales. Something about to enter the fan meets, you had to buy their single? I don’t know. But before the fan meet Not Yet was winning, and then afterwards Not Yet kind of…wasn’t.
    I don’t see what was so bad about getting to the number two spot. It’s not like there was any competition except Not Yet. I mean no offence but the sales difference from spot 2 to 3 was by like 50,000. I’d be proud just by making it into the top 5 or 3 lol.

    1. Lol. Actually it’s Du Bist so sexy which is you are so sexy in german. I myself thought it was you get so sexy. XD

      Yeah, I know how you feel. I feel creepy for liking Juniors that are 2 and 3 years younger than me. Any younger than that and I’d feel like a complete pedophile. And why can’t you like someone who is more than 3 months younger than you, it seems like a really short age difference. And makes me feel even weirder than I already do. XD
      I don’t think the Juniors took the spotlight away from Sexy Zone at all. There have been a few JE videos with Juniors dancing in the background, so I’m pretty much used to it. Lol. He kinda was, especially since it looks like they only used young Juniors in the PV. So, the hand spinning guy was probably only like 13.

      I honestly don’t see why fans are angry about it. AKB48 always has really smart marketing to sell their singles. Why can’t JE do the same? AKB48 fans are just mad that for once their sub-group didn’t get to number one and the fans honestly cannot stand it. What happened was Sexy Zone was at a concert or fan meet, I honestly can’t remember which one it was, it’s not really important. Anyway, they had recently debuted group Kis-My-Ft2 and one of the most popular Juniors group A.B.C-Z sell their CDs at the venue. Which isn’t really something new. JE just wanted to make sure they debuted at #1. They did something similar for Hey! Say! JUMP. Right before Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut single was released they started airing commercials featuring popular Johnny’s members Ninomiya Kazunari and Nishikido Ryo telling people to purchase HSJ’s single. Now, that was a far greater length to insure a number 1 debut single.
      I don’t see what’s so bad either. I’m used to my idols not being number one, so I could care less about the ranking. However, AKB48 fans, especially fans that became fans after 2007, are used to AKB48 being on the top in everything. So, of course when they lose they are going to be furious. I don’t think AKB48, or their sub-groups or sister groups, have come in #2 before. I’m pretty sure this is the first time. Most AKB48 fans like to think that AKB48 is going to be super popular forever, but their fall from grace is going to happen sooner or later.

  3. Omg I was laughing all the way through the screen caps, you seriously make me much happier with your posts… XD Thank goodness I’m not the only one who finds the 13 year old seriously unattractive XD XD

    But I felt that the roses were too Tuxedo Kamen-esque when I first watched the PV. But it’s nice nostalgia, in a way XD

    I love Kento, I don’t know how long I shall love him, but in Sexy Zone, he is the one where I don’t feel ashamed or pervy when I stare at him xD -bows down to Kento-

    1. Lol. Glad you like it. :] He really is. That kid seriously broke the ugly stick. XD

      They really are. They don’t really serve any purpose. Except using them as makeshift microphones.

      Kento is good looking sometimes. He has some rabbit-esque features.. Lol. But he is definitely the best looking in Sexy Zone. And I totally agree about him being the only I don’t feel ashamed or pervy looking at. Fuma too since he’s 16. Lol. I’ll be 26 when Marius is legal, that is just mind blowing. The kid is too young. :/

  4. and I have to agree with your webpost!
    and I just can’t stop laugh about it!
    About marius’ face, fuma, and so on. LOL though I only liked kento and shori..

  5. Your review was simply brilliant. I’m a sempai and daisempai fan basically but i kind of fell into the Sexy Zone trap without any explainable reasons. xD

    Your review kind of sums up what i feel when i watch their shows or PVs : “Oh my god… They’re so dorky.” “Oh my god … why ?” “What is this fuckery ?” but i can’t help laughing and liking them in the end… And the fact my-kind-of-favorites are the youngest ones makes me feel like a total pedobear. *head desk*
    Thinking of it, when Marius is 21 i’ll be … 28 technically. I really feel like there’s a serious issue with me. (that’s a problem i never had to face in the Sempai’s world xD)

    More seriously, concerning Shori’s close-up, yeah it kinda feels like they want to “promote” him and make Shori Sexy Zone’s face but yet, during interviews, they often seem to say that Marius is their “mascot” which is sorta contradictory… but time will tell o.o
    I’d rather have a balanced group and not end up in the Kissumai’s style with only a few guys in the front and the rest being almost back-dancers. :/

    About So, he reminds me of a young Tegoshi. The guy was considered unattractive too, he used to stay behind and yet he became a pretty popular camera whore. xD I totally imagine So growing up like this. Ultimately, Sexy Zone sometimes reminds me of NewS, but i just hope they’ll all stick together and grow together. I’m curious as to what they’ll become in 5 or 7 years. ~

    Thanks for the review ♥

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Really? To be honest, I only really follow newer groups. And lol.

      That’s pretty much how I feel about Sexy Zone. I like that they are dorky and not really serious. Lol. Well, you’re not really a pedobear unless you literally want those members. I follow a lot of female idols that are Sexy Zones age, so their age doesn’t really bother me. However, I’m not into chicks so there is a bit of a difference. XD
      Don’t feel so bad when Marius is 21 I’ll be 29. o_O

      I actually haven’t really watched that much of Sexy Zone’s interviews and stuff just because I never see them subtitled and I don’t speak Japanese. So, I have no idea who gets pushed then. >< Yeah, it'll totally become obvious in the future.
      I can't stand that Kisumai does that. It annoys me to no end! But Sexy Zone doesn't really do that.

      Yeah that's true. He just needs to build up his confidence I guess. But Tegoshi turned out that way because he started practicing singing more, and was determined to make people like him. That's how I feel too. I feel like they could really evolve into something great.

      You're welcome. :]

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