Hey! Say! JUMP-Magic Power PV preview

Recently a commercial for Hey! Say! JUMP’s upcoming single, Magic Power, was released. Giving us a 10 second sneak peek of the PV.

When I first saw the covers of this single, I didn’t know what to think. I hoped it was just one of those covers that have nothing to do with the PV. Since nearly all of their covers have nothing to do with the PV itself. And honestly, 2 of of 3 covers aren’t bad. It’s the 3rd cover that was awful and slightly embarassing. So, of course that had to be the cover that was modeled after the PV. I’ve watched the PV preview for Magic Power on a loop for a couple minutes now, and each time I watch it I have the same thoughts. Disbelief, second hand embarrassment, the thought that they can’t possibly be serious, and actually on some level, enjoyment.
I get what they were trying to do. They based the PV off the motown music the single features. The whole PV has a 70’s theme. From the random 60’s/70’s looking background, the glowing Hey! Say! JUMP logo that is reminiscent of Soul Train, and the ridiculous 70’s suits. I also understand that the PV is colorful, and vibrant, and ridiculous because it’s a song for children. I get it, I really do. However, that doesn’t mean I like it, because I don’t. Not really at all. On some level I can enjoy it, and laugh at how unserious and idol like it is. But it’s not really want I want to see from JUMP. The current Hey! Say! JUMP are all now officially adults. And I’d love for their music to reflect that. But since they are they youngest JE groups they keep getting lumped as more for a younger audience. A lot of their music is pretty youthful. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it’s also youthful and immature. There’s a way to retain that youthful spirit and still be mature. It’s called NEWS, or any female idol group.

But I’m getting way off subject now. Watch the PV preview and you decide. I’m younger than more than half of JUMP now, but at times I feel too old for them. But ironically, I don’t feel to old for S/mileage. There’s a double standard. XD