Jin announces new Japanese single

Former KAT-TUN member, and currently artist trying to break into the US, Akanishi Jin announced he will be releasing a new single in Japan. The single is titled Seasons and will be released on December 28th.

I am actually really surprised that Jin is releasing another Japanese single so quickly. And it honestly doesn’t make sense to me. Test Drive was just released on November 8th, shouldn’t he be in the US trying to promote his single? He should be whoring himself to US radio stations and MTV. He should be trying to get the word out about himself and trying to create a buzz. Since right now no one in the US knows he exists. It seems a little premature for him to release something in Japan again. And it just shows that Johnny’s doesn’t really have faith that he’ll succeed, or he just doesn’t know how to manage his artists. That or JE still has the main control over his career. Which is probably exactly what’s going on. I know JE wants to suck as much money as possible from his Japanese fans while they still can, but honestly, it’s only going to hurt Jin in the long run.

The reason why Jin is still so unknown in the US is because his record label isn’t promoting him at all. And going to Japan for a month or more isn’t going to help his US career one bit. And during his fan event for the single the Japanese fans are going to get a preview of his upcoming US album. His Japanese fans are going to get a preview of his US album. I had to repeat the sentense just so you could take that information in twice. So, you’ll see that it still makes zero sense the second time you hear it. I’m sorry, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought his US album was going to be sold and marketed to the US and not Japan. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to do this kind of album preview for US fans? And I don’t know, maybe invite some media and try to get featured on MTV, E, Access Hollywood, or something. Why doesn’t he hang out with his “new friend” Justin Beiber so TMZ can run the picture and say, “who’s the random Asian guy hanging out with the Beibs?” Seriously, that would help his career ten fold. And 100% more than a Japanese single would. I know that Johnny’s doesn’t want to reglect the Japanese fanbase too much, since that’s what Jin has to fall back on, but he seriously needs to. And the Japanese fans need to suck it up. I’m sure they would rather have Jin become an international celebrity to tote around to the world as being a Japanese person the world loves, than to have him fail in the US to release one more single in Japan. Seriously, whoever is managing his career isn’t doing a good enough job. I though they knew what they were doing when they had him collab with Jason Derulo. But they didn’t use that at all. Why didn’t they have Jason go on the radio or TV and promote the single? I’m sure they could have paid him to, just like they paid him be featured in his US debut single. And then they have him meet up with, and possibly, collab with Justin Beiber. Which is just sad, because Jin is too old to. It’s fine when Usher does it because he discovered him, or signed him, or something along those lines. Then they also have him meet Sean Kingston who is completely irrelevant. His last hit was 2 years ago! Which was actually a really catchy song, but that’s besides the point.

I wish I could just have 5 minutes with either Jin or whoever is in charge of his career, because they aren’t doing enough. There have been tons of US artists who’s debut single was a giantic hit. Warner needs to work on getting better artists to collab with. Jin already said he likes Young Money, so setup a collab with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has been in something like 80 or 100 collaborations. And he will seriously collab with anyone. I mean anyone, he just collabed with Joe Jonas. No seriously he did, click here if you care. Now, if he will be featured in a Jonas Brother’s solo song, he’d be featured in a Jin song. And a Jin and Lil Wayne collaboration would probably be the hottest thing ever.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. But things like this get me so frustrated. I’ve seen tons of Asian artists fail in the US for no other reason but poor management.

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  1. Huh, that’s an interesting point. When I heard Akanishi was releasing a new single, I was like, Oh hey cool. Then I realized, wait… what happened to the US market???

    I know Akanishi had been promoting TEST DRIVE in the US through “his” facebook and the fan meet events, but I didn’t hear news about that from American sources… The facebook idea was actually pretty good (considering how many people use facebook), but as I myself don’t own one, I couldn’t check out the live event coverage. (Not to mention, I had classes at that time…)
    I also know those in the US could buy TEST DRIVE as a digital single from iTunes, but I don’t know how that went either… It’s been pretty quiet after the release… I hope he did okay. I want him to succeed ’cause it would be so cool to hear him on the radio and I can be like, OMG I know this guy from J-pop! XD

    1. That’s how my exact reaction was. I do think another Japanese single is awesome, but it hurts his plans for the US.

      The problem with promoting Test Drive on his facebook and fan meets, and even his Ustream, is that only the people who already know about Jin will watch, look at, or got to these things. It will get him 0 new fans. Which is a horrible strategy. I never heard about any live event coverage, he just had an interview on ustream. Which you didn’t need a facebook to watch. I actually watched in on the ustream site. And his facebook is public, so anyone can look at the page without logging in or even having a facebook.

      Yeah, people in the US could buy Test Drive. Not that well actually. Test Drive was number 10 in the iTunes dance album charts. But I don’t think it cracked iTunes singles chart or even the Billboard hot 100. He actually didn’t really do that great. As of right know the only people supporting Jin are people who are fans already. Which is a bad place for him. Yeah, it would be great for him to succeed. I actually thought he might have a shot. But he is just not being managed well at all.

      1. Hm, that’s true. They should’ve spent money on at least SOME ads, like on the radios that already play songs from Jason Derulo…
        I only knew about it because I get news about him already. Seems like their strategy was relying too much on fans informing friends to create new fans. Not exactly the best strategy there….
        (Ah. Haha, I tend to touch on anything about facebook with a ten-foot pole. And I’m not exactly an Akanishi fan per say, so I didn’t try to research more into it)

        Well that sucks. I think he has potential in the US (or at least part of the US), but yeah, if his management isn’t done well, he wouldn’t get anywhere.

        1. Exactly. He won’t get any where without air play. That’s why they had him collab with Jason in the first place, so his song would become popular.

          That’s a horrible idea. For starters we are dealing with a fanbase with a lot of hipster fans that want to keep Asian music from getting popular. And it’s also horribl because that won’t really spread his music to the masses. It will only spread it to a few small areas. Assuming those friends are open minded enough to give his music a chance, which honestly they probably aren’t. They need to beat the song into people’s head because they hear it so often. How many songs do you remember hating because they were terrible. But because you heard it constantly you now have grown to like it. I can name dozens. Because that’s what they do here in the US. (Assuming you live in the US. I just realized I have no idea if you do or not. In which case what I just said might not be what you are used to. XD)
          (That’s pretty much how I feel about facebook. I haven’t used my facebook in like years. I’m not a Jin fan really at all. Towards the end he was super cold and arrogant. And was only likeable when he was doing his solo promotions for Bandage. Which made me think even less of him. The only reason I know, and care, so much is because 1: I post everything idol related on this blog, and 2: I want him to succeed here. Just so any Asian artist can make it here. I supported Kpop artists I didn’t care about when they tried to make it in the US. Because if 1 Asian can make it, it opens the door for the rest of them. And there’s honestly not enough Asian celebrities in the US. And the ones that are famous are lumped into certain roles. But that’s another subject all together. XD)

          He really does. He’s a good singer and he’s making the right type of music. Exactly. That’s really starting to be his downfall. If they don’t get their act together his career will be over before it starts.

          1. XD Oh my. You totally rammed that down.

            I can totally understand the making-us-listen-to-it-even-though-it’s-not-good-until-we-like-it thing; it’s happened to me too. (Yes, I do live in the US, but on the West Coast where there’s a ton of Asians, so finding fans for Asian music isn’t hard.) But as I’ve stopped listening to the radio unless I’m at home, the more recent songs have totally gone past me. So mentioning their strategies to me is like, telling me the latest about French soul music, which I have no idea if it even exists (nor do I know what I just said… Sorry France!) XD

            Akanishi really has his looks going for him. But his attitude leaves a lot to be desired (at least how I saw him). I actually really liked his “Eternal” single a while back. His voice sounded really emotional (it sort of broke up in the middle and I just went awww XD ). Then I saw the PV for it, and my dislike came back. Really, would it kill him to show more emotions, or just act better in a less jerky manner? The only time I thought he acted natural was in Cartoon KAT-TUN, when some of them were on location to learn how to act as bad guys. (Whoops, deviated from the topic there XD)

            And yes, it’s hard for any Asian to do well in America. (The only ones I can think of are internet celebrities (which totally don’t count), and that Hiro guy from Heroes.) I think a lot of that stems from our cultures. I mean, just our definitions of “hot” or “sexy” can get really different results (especially applying to guys). In this case, a lot of the appeal Asian guys have that let’s them make it in the Asian market just turned into a negative here.

          2. Lol. XD

            I think it’s happened to everyone. The US has been doing that for years. I used to refuse to like the songs that were shoved down my throat, but over the past couple years I’ve been giving in. XD I live in New Jersey, which I heard is the 3rd largest Asian populated state. However, where I live doesn’t really have that many. There’s literally only 2 Asian families in my town. As, for being a lot of Asians to listen to Asian music, that is an equally horrible strategy. Which is what a lot Asian artsits do, they market to only other Asians. Which will never mkae them popular. America is made up of something like 10% of Asians. So, even if every single Asian in the US became a fan, that’s still not really enough. I don’t really listen to the radio all that much, I never have really. I usually get my music from online, or when I randomly watch music videos. And lol there has to be French soul. Every country has every genre of music. At least I’m assuming they do. Japan does, and if Japan does then most likely the rest of the world does to.

            He does. Too bad he keeps hiding behind his sunglasses and hoodie. But I’m convinced he does that to hid that he’s Asian, so people will judge him 100% for his music. But he wore this stuff in Japan a bit as well, so maybe not. XD Lol. It really does. I liked Eternal too, but the studio version was nowhere near as good as the live versions of the song. Jin has way more emotion when he sings live. Yeah, I hated the PV. It was way to simple, but he was busy in the US at the time. Which means the PV for this new single will be just as bad. He actually didn’t come off as jerky to me in the PV, just boring. XD I haven’t seen all of Cartoon KAT-TUN. Only about 1/3 of the show since KAT-TUN is one of my least favorite JE groups, it’s on my to watch list. And I’ll watch it eventually. XD But the episodes I did see he looked pretty natural. But those were the early episodes. I’d love to see how he acts in the last 50 or so. On location to learn how to act as bad guys? No idea what you’re talking about. (Lol, it’s ok.)

            It’s actually not hard for any Asian to do well here, it’s hard for any Asian guy to do well here. There are a bunch of Asian actresses that are popular here. And tons of Asian chicks with small parts in movies and TV shows. However, Asian guys just get pretty much zero attention. Asian guys in the US are put into 2 catagories the smart dork/loser or the martial arts guy. There has never been an Asian guy in a lead role. They are never seen as the heartthrob or love intrest. And they are never in action movies unless the movie is about samurai or ninjas. And that’s because girls in the US don’t really find Asian men attractive. But you always hear guys say Asian girls are hot or attractive. My female family thinks Asian guys are hideous and it’s gross that I like them. And they usually poke fun at me for it. (Yeah, internet celebs don’t count. And Masi Oka, or Hiro, was only ever semi-popular. Even when Heroes was at it’s peak, Masi didn’t get the main attention. The only Asian actor that is popular in the US is Daniel Dae Kim, most known as being Jin from Lost. That’s because right after Lost he landed a role on Hawaii Five-0. Everyone from Heroes doesn’t have a career so much anymore. Which is such a shame because I loved Peter so much. XD) Exactly, the aesthetics of Asia are the exact opposite then the ones in the US. That’s just another hurdle for them.

  2. God your so right about lil wayne, he will colab with ANYONE. But thankfully that doen’t stop him from being good.

    Personally I think Jin is waiting until the press tour for 47 ronin to promote his stuff. Why wast literally hundreds of interviews on boring questions like ‘derp so you are from japan? derp’ when he could mention at the end of each interview that he has an album comming out.

    But your right they should have had Jason Derulo help promote test drive. Also he should set up a street team to get his fans en mass request his song on popular stations.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty funny actually. Exactly, Lil Wayne is awesome. His lyrics are little laughable at times, but the same could be said about most rap music. They always rhyme the most outragous things together. XD

      That won’t work at all. Jin’s album is being released early to mid 2012 and 47 Ronin is being released in November 2012. It could also possibly be pushed back to December. So, sadly he’ll be asked those types of questions anyway. Once he does promos for 47 Ronin he’ll probably be asked about his music. But by the time that happens it will already be too late. :/

      I honestly don’t get why they didn’t. I was watching E or something a few years back and they had Lil Kim on and they asked her what she was up to and she mentioned se7en. She also fumbled on what race he was and had to end up saying Asian, which I thought was hilarious. They got Lil Kim to mention se7en, who was, and still is, pretty irrelevant. Could you imagine what would happen if Jason Derulo mentioned Jin? A lot. Jason’s last song Don’t Wanna Go Home was a hit, and his new song It Girl is starting to become pretty popular. Just one random mention would start to create buzz. He totally should. Fans have already taken requesting into their own hands though. On livejournal there was a giant list posted of all the radio stations in the US. I personally sent requests to Z100. Which is the most popular radio station where I live in Jersey. It’s New York based and is actually the largest pop radio station in the country. Honestly, everyone should request to Z100 and Ryan Seacrest.

      1. Yeah I really like him two even though I could take or leave Cash Money. I’m more a Kanye gal. Now there is a buzz maker. But I doubt Jin could get Kanye on board unless he is reeeeally passionate about the industry.

        Well i’m in for a mass request at thoes two stations. But to be safe I’ll request him @ BBCR1 too. It is the same here in the uk, jin won’t get anywere without some buzz and some airplay.

        You see I didn’t know that about the album being released so early, that seems pretty silly that they would not use 47ronin to there advantage…..

        I’m pretty ‘meh’ on jin really but I like test drive, it’s a good song, and I think it would be cool to have a singer become popular that isn’t American, Hispanic or British. It would be a nice change.

        1. I’m not really a big rap fan. I usually just listen to radio songs and the random album song here or there. So, I can’t really comment on Cash Money as a whole. XD I don’t see why Kanye wouldn’t collab with Jin. Kanye collabed with Japanese hip hop group Teriyaki Boyz for one of their singles.

          Me too. Hopefully enough people are doing the same to get him some airplay. Exactly.If Jin doesn’t create some buzz soon, he’ll go nowhere.

          It really does. I don’t understand why he didn’t relese a few digital songs and then release the album in late 2012 early 2013. I honestly can’t think of one reason why they are releasing it so early. :/

          That’s pretty much how I am about Jin. Test Drive is an ok song. It’s really catchy and would really apeal to the masses. It really would. I can’t really think of any artist that doesn’t fall into those categories. Tokio Hotel had some minimal success here, but that’s really about it.

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