AAA’s not so charged up new PV

A couple of weeks ago AAA released the full PV for their recent single Charge & Go.

Much like the way that this song feel like it’s 3 different songs rolled into one, the PV has the same feel. And because of that there aren’t any scenes in the entire PV that feel like they are connected. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be excited by that or just annoyed. I think I’ll just go with dissapointed. The PV might have 4 different sets, but each set is so simple that the PV ends up feeling and looking a little bland. The beginning of the PV starts of very simple with just close-ups of the members to go along with the slow start of the song. But the backdrop they are standing in front of is this lifeless dull grey color that honestly looks like the background they set up for when you get family portraits at the mall. And then as the music picks up they switch to the dance shot scenes. Which is on an equally dark grey set in front of 3 random triangles. Which actually serve no purpose other then to add some element to the set, so it won’t seem as boring with them just dancing on a black floor. However, those triangles do randomly light up and change to rainbow colors rather quickly in the PV which does give us some much needed color. But I guess the direct couldn’t stand that the PV was bright for so long that he had to make it even more drab and boring with the next set. Which is AAA dancing under about a couple dozen stage lights. Yet another dimly light boring set. I think my favorite parts of this PV are actually the close-up shots. Even thought they are filmed in front of a collage of black and white triangles, it’s the only scene that is constantly bright throughout the entire PV.
You know I gave a pretty harsh review of AAA’s last PV, Call, but I actually think Call was a lot better than Charge & Go. It might look exactly like all of their other PVs but at least it had a storyline. Which is more than you can say about Charge & Go.

The PV has just started and I’m bored all ready.

You know, Naoya almost looks cute in this PV. He looks a lot less hideous than he normaly does.

Nishi, still is so close to being fangirl worthy. If only he could fix how duckish his face looks.

I can’t stand Misako. I don’t even know anything about her, but she just seems annoying. XD

I’d love to meet someone who legit thinks Shuta is attractive. Because my god, hes not.

Chiaki is really cute and pretty. I don’t get why she’s not up front more.

What a difference hairstyle makes. Because Nishi looks 10 times better with this hair. XD

I hate how dark this set is.

Cool effect.

I have to hand it to Naoya, he is the most entertaining during the close-up shots.

What’s up with Chiaki’s hair?

It reminds me of Sayumi’s new photobook.

I absolutely love Misako’s outfit.

I do admit, the traingles changing color is a nice effect.

Chiaki looks really pretty here. The false eyelashes really make her eyes stand out.

Check out Misako’s huge fake smile!

Why does Mitsuhiro always creepily wink?

Don’t you just love a set that’s so dark yuo can barely see their faces?

Marching never turns out to be a good dance move.

Ok, this is the soft part of the song where everyone just stops dancing.

Where’d you come from where’d you go, where’d you come from cotton eye joe.

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