Sayaka’s PV is fairly boring

The PV for Kitahara Sayaka’s 2nd single, Kanari Junjou, was released nearly a month go. And I do apologize for taking such a long time to review it. But I’m reviewing it now, so that’s all that matters.

I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting much from this PV. Well, I’ve never really expected much from Sayaka since her Milky Way days. But after seeing and hearing Yappari Seishun it sealed her fate with me. The girls has improved greatly in singing though, I do have to give her that. As for the Kanari Junjou PV I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I hate it, but on another and I love it.
Let’s divulge into the love side first. The PV itself is absolutely stunning. The natural lighting of the PV not only makes Sayaka look gorgeous, but it also makes the sets and overall PV look exquisite. I can’t even decribe how perfect Sayaka looks in the scenes where she’s sitting in the flower garden surrounded by absolutely beautiful flowers. Overall, Sayaka looks amazing in this PV her clothes are very stylish.
Now, let’s talk about what I don’t really like about this PV. And that would be that there’s not really many elements to this PV. They just seem to repeat the same 4 scenes over and over again. Sayaka sitting by flowers, her close-up shot, laying on the ground, and scenes of her just walking. As pretty as the PV is, I would love for their to be something actually happening in the PV. It seems to be one of those beauty shots PVs that focus completely on the visuals. Which is nice don’t get me wrong, but I prefer PVs with a little more of a punch.

Intense montage of flowers.

Gorgeous. Just the perfect shot for an idol PV.

Sayaka looks cute here.

I want her outfit. Especially the tie and necklace combo.

I don’t get why she’s randomly sleeping in a field.

I love this outfit too, it’s really chic.

Those shoes are amazing. Ok, I’ll stop talking about clothes now. XD

I do like that they use a distressed camera filter to make it look like this was filmed in the 60’s.

I love this shot, it almost looks artsy.

Sayaka looks the prettiest here.

Really cute.

Yeah, I always write letters in the park.

I don’t get it. So, the letter is from herself?

3 thoughts on “Sayaka’s PV is fairly boring”

  1. -also reviewed it late xD-
    I loved the visuals of the video – I’m a sucker for pretty and beautiful things, hence why I adore Koharu and Sayaka. I just detested the song XD It really isn’t my kind of song, but the PV – PRETTY <3

    The letter thing confused me XD

    As always, I love your reviews ;A;

    1. Lol. I don’t even care about my reviews being late really. I literally have 7 more PVs to review that are late. XD

      I loved the visuals of the PV too. It was absolutely stunning. I adore Koharu too. But Sayaka? Not so much, I’ve actually never really liked her. XD
      The song isn’t really my type of song either. But it’s a lot better than Yappa Seishun.

      Me too. It has to have been a letter from herself. Because they showed Sayaka blowing the flower petal, and then the Sayaka in the park was suddenly underneath a bunch of rose petals. And the letter magically appeared. XD

      As always, I’m so happy you do.<3

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