The Berryz are coming! The Berryz are coming!

I have just heard the single most exciting piece of news I’ve heard in my entire life. Yes, my entire life. You’d probably think I was exaggerating, but I honestly don’t think I am. Berryz Koubou have just announced during their Berikyuu concert that they will be performing at the AnimeNEXT anime convention in New Jersey. The convention will take place from June 6th-10th 2012 at the Garden State Exhibit Center. You can visit their official site by clicking here.

Now, I haven’t been on the computer for more than about a half hour the last couple of days, as you’ll notice from my lack of updates on this blog. So, when I went on today and casually checked my twitter I was in for a huge surprise. I noticed on my feed that people where talking about Berryz coming to the US, which I didn’t really give much though to. But then someone mentioned Jersey. And my heart started to race. I started basically yelling in my head, “Jersey! What are they talking about?!” After 5 seconds of looking it up, I completely had a mini heart attack. Berryz Kobou are coming to New Jersey. Not an obvious place like New York City or LA. But to New Jersey to a fairly small convention. And also to the state I am currently live in. There is no other way to explain them coming to AnimeNEXT except it being fate. This is unmei! Well, obviously it’s not fate, but it certainly feels like it.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for, for pretty much forever. As a Japanese music fan the groups and bands I like hardly ever come to the United States. And when they do it is hardly ever the East Coast, let alone my state.ย  So, being the poor teenager I was, and still am, I had to pretty much miss everything. I missed Miyavi’s first US show in Las Vegas (which I wasn’t even old enough to get into anyway) S.K.I.N’s pretty much only performance ever at Anime Expo, Morning Musume at Anime Expo, Berryz Koubou in Seattle, and many many more concerts and events that were devastating at the time, but I cannot remember anymore. There are even events in New York I didn’t go to because I didn’t know anyone who would go with me. Like AKB48 at New York Anime Festival and the recent SMTown concert in NYC. But you know, screw that. This is Berryz Koubou! This is serious! They will literally be a couple of hours away from me. Not thousands of miles, mere hours! That’s enough to make my head explode. This is seriously the first time I can say I am thrilled and proud to be from New Jersey. All the years of jokes about it being a giant swamp, and the recent Jersey Shore jokes, none of those matter anymore. Berryz are here!

And I gotta say the level of excitement I am feeling is indescribable. It feels like pure adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I don’t have to worry about coming up with money to fly halfway around the world or the country. I don’t even have to worry about hopping on a train. I can basically just hop in a car and go. Which is pretty much all I can afford. I’m a modest fan and that hasn’t, and doesn’t, bother me. Which is why I have always measured a fan inย  the level of support and love for the artist and not the biggest collection. And because of that I never imagined thatย  I would be able to actually see them in concert for years. But the fact that I don’t have to wait to see them until I can afford to go to Japan is such a happy and overwhelming feeling that I almost feel like crying.

I remember being extremely sad when Morning Musume was performing at Anime Expo. At the time I was talking to another fan from New Jersey about it on Hello-Online. And I jokingly said that I wanted Morning Musume to come to AnimeNEXT instead. And we both pretty much came to the realization that Morning Musume would never come to a convention as small as AnimeNEXT. And I find it both exciting and hilarious that a mere 2 years later a Hello!Project act is actually coming to AnimeNEXT.

Even though AnimeNEXT is 7 months away, I am still completely pumped, amped, and absolutely thrilled. What’s a 7 month wait when I pretty much accepted that I would be waiting years? I remember when I first became a H!P fan my dream was to go to an H!P concert wearing red to support by beloved reds, Kusumi Koharu and Arihara Kanna. Which is will obviously never happen now. But back then I held onto that dream, even though I knew it was years a way and would never happen. And today it kinda feels like my dream is going to come true. Even though it’s a different group, a different dream, and a different country, it still feels like I’m getting exactly what I want. Because it’s Hello!Project. There isn’t any idol agency or group that can even halfway compare to my love of H!P. I love all the groups nearly evenly. If this was C-ute, or Smileage, or even a revival of Melon Kinenbi (which is my least favorite H!P group of all time) I would be just as excited. And being able to see any H!P group in my home state seems so surreal. If you told me this back in 2007 I would have never believed you.

So, I hope people that are reading my blog right not that are going come up to me and say hi. I would absolutely love to meet people who read my blog. I’m actually looking forward to meeting anyone who likes H!P or idols period. To just be around like minded people, so I don’t have to feel so weird and slightly embarrassed anymore, even if that moment is fleeting. I will totally update people days before what to look out for to find me. I’ll most likely post a picture of my outfit for that day or what meetup I’m going to. Since someone always starts a meet up for these conventions. I was also thinking of setting up a booth or something. But then I realized my booth would have no point, as I’m not selling anything and can’t afford to run a game to give something away.
And anyone reading this completely bummed from Texas, Africa, Turkey, Australia, or anywhere at all, you guys should just be patient. I’ve waited years for this moment. You’ll eventually get your’s too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have 7 months to memorize all the chants and dances for Berryz Koubou songs. And I have to work on getting a poster or shirt for them to sign. Can you believe I don’t even own a CD yet for them to sign? XD Also, I’m going to meet and most likely shake hands with Momoko, Chinami,ย and Yurina. Someone pinch me!

9 thoughts on “The Berryz are coming! The Berryz are coming!”

  1. OMG!!! Seriously?!?! WAHHH!!
    I think I may go, its only an hour away from me ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m not a big Berryz fan but I would love to see a Hello!Project group live XD
    Any idea on how much it’s going to cost???

    1. OMG, Yes I’m serious!
      You should go!
      Not a big Berryz fan seriously? Berryz are amazing. XD
      You’ll probably never get another chance to see an H!P act this close again for a while. So, you should go. :]
      The ticket costs $40 I think, and then hotel room also if you need it.
      And it’s only about an hour or so from where I live to. XD

  2. Since I live about an hour from Seattle I saw them earlier in the year at Sakuracon. I’m honestly mainly just a Buono! fan when it comes to H!P but I’m still glad I went as the concert was really fun and all the fans I met were really nice, and amazingly organized. And I thought all the girls looked better in person than in any of the photos I had seen.

    I wouldn’t worry about not having something for them to sign. If it’s like Sakuracon they’ll be selling their goods in the dealer’s room of the convention and you’ll probably have to buy something from that sales booth to get a chance to get an autograph from them.

    1. That’s awesome. I wanted to see them when they went to Seattle but it was impossible for me. Yeah, what I’ve seen of the concert looks like it was a lot of fun. H!P always puts on a great show. On a random note, I didn’t know you were a fan of any other idol groups but Johnny’s. I’ve never really seen you mention any other music you like but Johnny’s on your blog. But I guess since it’s a JE blog there’s not really a time to mention it. Lol.

      Yeah, that’s true. I actually thought of that a few hours after I made this post. XD Hopefully the merch is reasonably priced. I’m assuming cons probably take advantage and jack up the prices.

      1. I think my only complaint about the concert was that it was really short. I think it was only about an hour long and I’m of course used to concerts lasting much longer than that.

        There are actually a few girl groups and other non-Johnny’s artists that I like and follow but if I blog about them it’s on my other blog (My-Kei) that I have to blog about things in general so everything non-Johnny’s related will be there. I’m starting to narrow topics down recently now that I’m updating it more and my media loves are a good portion of what I write about now but I still need to work on making sure to update it more often now that I’ve gotten my Johnny’s blog updating at an almost daily rate.

        Well for Sakuracon if you wanted an autograph you had to buy the album they were selling, which was 20USD. I don’t follow Berryz so I’m not sure if they are up for an album release soon but that could be an option and I wouldn’t see it costing anymore than the one at Sakuracon.

        1. Well, it seems like they had to shorten it because it was a convention and not like a legit concert. However, they didn’t really shorten it by much. Most H!P concerts are usually 1 and a half hours to 2 hours long.

          That’s awesome. I actually didn’t know you had another blog. I’ll have to check it out. :]

          That’s fine. If that’s the only way to get an autograph I’d totally buy it. It’s really much too early to announce a new album now, but they most likely will. Berryz releases an album once a year. And by the time AnimeNEXT comes around it would be a litter over a year since their 7th album was released. XD

  3. That’s great news! I’m very happy for you.

    I just hope this part of New Jersey is a relatively nice area. I’m guessing Berryz will be walking around and doing some sightseeing, just like they did with Seattle. Everything I hear about NJ is kind of meh (even from people who live there) so that’s the only potential worry I have.

    I don’t know if it’s close to New York City, but it would be fun to see Berryz spend a day there as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an H!P group in NYC. I know AKB went there for a convention.

    1. It is great news. And thanks. :]

      I actually don’t really think there’s too much going on in Somerset. But I honestly have no idea, I’ve never been. XD Jersey is kinda og meh. There’s not really much to do in the state.

      Somerset is in the middle of New Jersey, so NYC is only a train ride away. Maybe about a 45 minute to an hour train ride. I certainly hopw they spend there days off there. Because honestly I can’t fathom what they would do here. XD I don’t think H!P has ever been to NYC. This is pretty much the first time H!P has ever come to the East Coast.

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