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Over the past weeks PV previews for Sexy Zone’s sefl titled debut single have been released. The full audio for this song was also released two days ago. However, it has since disappeared from the internet. No, it seriously has. I cannot find one place to either stream or download the song. You have no idea how angry/annoyed that makes me. This is why JE fans annoy me sometimes. They love to keep things like mp3 files and scans in private locked LJ posts. While H!P fans, or any other female idol group fans, don’t make you do backflips for anything. But that’s not what this post is about.

So, obviously I can only comment on the PV preview. The PV seems to be pretty simple, which is to be expected for a Johnny’s debut PV. I can’t really think of one debut PV that was over the top spectacular. Kisumai’s came close, but even that could have been better. The PV is pretty much the standard close-up and dance shot format. But I think the set is really pretty. Or I did think the set was pretty. It’s a very crisp white set. With the members on top of a castle and for some reason there’s a disco ball smack dab in the center. But this is Johnny’s they are always gaudy. The whole reason I stopped liking the set is because it’s a castle. As if I didn’t forget that Marius is 11 years old, they had to parade him on top of a castle. Pretty much the symbol of childhood. So, that ended up making me feel a little bit creepy.
Beyond that there’s nothing else really going on the PV. They stand by a wall and sing, put a colorful jacket over their outfit to make it appear as if they are wearing 2 different outfits, and stand in this random glass box. Also for most of the PV they hold roses for no apparent reason. But they’ve been doing that since their group was announced. I’m still not sure what that’s all about.

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  1. “As if I didn’t forget that Marius is 11 years old, they had to parade him on top of a castle. Pretty much the symbol of childhood.”

    Castles are the symbol of childhood? All they remind me of old people, that musty smell you get on old chairs and curtains and wars. But then again I do live in a city with a castle right in the middle of it xD It is really the same in germany since they have a tun of castles as well and most of them are museums and the like. But I think I get what you mean, like castle = fairy tales?

    Here is a link to one of the B sides With You (, I find sexy zone kinda catchy dispite myself xD The name still needs to change though.

    1. I’ve never been to a castle before. And I don’t live in a country that has any. So, I’m not sure how the rest of the world views them. XD That’s pretty much what I meant. And also that kids, especially boys, usually pretend to live in a castle and fight dragons as childhood games. That’s immediately what the set reminded me of.

      That link doesn’t work anymore. But luckily I found that song on youtube. And it is pretty catchy. It sounds like most JE songs. And I think Sexy Zone is doomed to have that name forever. JE doesn’t really change the name of groups unless more members join. XD

    1. Thanks so much for the full song link! The song is actually a lot better than I was expecting. But I can’t stand the “you get so sexy” throughout the song. And I love that the membes who’s voices have changed get to sing the majority of the song. Lol.

      1. Aparently It is ‘Du Bist so sexy’ (‘you are so sexy’ in german) in honour of young Marius.

        Whats kinda hilarius is half that sentence is in english, I guess there arn’t that many german speakers in JE. At least they tryed xD

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