Meet Morning Musume’s 10th gen finalists

On a recent episode of HelloPro! Time they revealed the finalists for Morning Musume’s 10th generation. It was revealed that their are 10 finalists, which is double the amount of the 9th gen auditions. I wonder if this means the 10th gen will be larger than expected.

The 10th gen finalists are as follows:

Kudou Haruka, age 11

Apparently Haruka has been a member of H!P Eggs for a year and a half. Which is honestly news to me, since I don’t follow the Eggs at all. Her Egg training has paid off a great deal because I think her voice is good. It’s not perfect or anywhere the level of the 5 Momusu senpais, but there’s some potential there. Her voice voice is cute and strong, and it could develope into something like Kamei Eri’s voice. I also think Haruka is cute as a button. She looks slightly awkward, as most kids her age do, but for the most part she’s cute. I think she would fir nicely in Morning Musume.

 Iikubo Haruna age 16

I think hands down Haruna is one of the prettiest 10th gen finalist. However, I don’t really want her in the 10th gen. Quite honestly, I think she’s too old. A lot of Momusu fans seem to want older 10th gen members to bridge the gap between the 9th gen and Aika. Or I guess the gap between the 9th gen and Risa. But I have never agreed with that. I don’t want idols to be older just to bridge the gap. That would make their time as an idol extremely short. (That’s usually how it’s been for all the older Musumes. Their time in Momusu, was short. Obviously most of them went  on to become soloists.) And pretty much since the 5th gen the idols have all been young, and were never added to bridge any gap. With the exception of Miki, JunJun, and to a lesser extent LinLin. I think 14 is pretty much the cut off. Since Sayumi, Reina, and Aika were 14 when they joined.
As for Haruna’s singing ability, it is extremely difficult to hear her voice. What I can hear of her singing is that it seems like she lacks energy. Her singing is very low and soft, which is one of the reasons I can’t hear her singing clearly. And if she’s singing that low it’s most likely because she lacks confidence. I think one awkward KY girl in the group is enough for now.

Satou Masaki age 12.

Masaki seems to have the same problem that Haruna has. Her singing was extremely low. And she seemed incredibly nervous. But what I did hear of her voice I liked. It was completely adorable. Maybe even too cute for Morning Musume, I kind of wish she was in the S/mileage auditions instead. But if it worked for Aibon, Nono, and Rika. I guess it could work for her. Because she seems to have a good tone to her voice. I’m sure when she’s singing at 100% without any nerves, her voice is probably fairly powerful.
Also, I think Masaki is one of the prettiest finalist. Especially when her hair is down. I think that would probably make her a popular member off the bat.

Tashima Meru age 11.

Meru reminds me a tiny bit of Zukki. In the sense that Zukki couldn’t sing, but made up for it in her energy. Meru seems to do the same thing. Her voice is pretty terrible and screechy, but she has a smile on her face the whole way through. But I don’t know how much I believe her smile, it seems a little fake to me. You could tell that Zukki was always 100% genuine in her audition. She was overflowing with excitment and energy. It was like her enthusiasm couldn’t be contained. And that’s what drew me to her. Meru does looked excited to be there, but not half as much as Zukki was. That’s pretty much all I have to say about her. She’s cute but her smile seems fake. I don’t want an idol that has a fake smile already. I want it to be years before you can tell her smile isn’t real anymore. Or I want her to be an idol who’s smile never seemed fake. Like LinLin’s.

Oogami Hinako age 13.

There’s not really much I can say about Hinako, since they decided to show footage of her dancing rather than singing. She did look to be very energetic and happy while she was dancing to Seishun Collection. I don’t know if I would have been, considering how boring the song is. But her little dance solo after that was completely weird. I think the announcer was saying it was a jazz dance. But whatever it was, it was odd. And she had this blank stare while doing it. I don’t really think this girl is too easy on the eyes either. She’s a little odd looking.

Miyagi Ayumi, age 11.

I like this girl. There’s something infectious about her. We, unexpectedly, got to see a preview of both her dancing and singing auditions. She was very confident in her dancing and was at a fairly high level. As to be expected since she has 6 years of dance experience. And I think it’s funny that the 2 girls next to her were so horrible at dancing it looked like they weren’t even trying.
Her singing was also pretty good. Her voice was unique. It was deeper than the average idol voice. It really makes her stand out.
I also think Ayumi is really pretty. She looks very mature for her age. It’s hard to believe she’s 11, she could easily pass for 14.
I also think this girl is the Riho of this audition. She seems to be the total package so far.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11.

Oh my god, I do not want this girl anywhere near Morning Musume. She is an awful singer. Not even awful in the idol sort of way where you could forgive her because she’s so cute. Awful in the traditional sense of singing. And it completely irks me that she’s singing a C-ute song. Momusu have like 200 songs or more, you honestly couldn’t find one that fit your range? Yeah, I know that Eripon sang a Lilpri song during her audition, but Erina owned that song.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14.

Honestly, my first reaction to this girl was that she looks creepy. But then I saw her dance, and I was blown away and wanted her in Momusu. But then I heard her sing, and I took that back. She completely butchered Naichau Kamo. She wasn’t even singing it in tune a little bit. And the girls Japanese but it sounds like she can’t even pronounce kamo properly. Her kamo literally sounds like she’s trying to say camel.

Tanaka Fuuka, age 12.

This girl, I don’t even know why, but I love this girl. My initial reaction was that she looks like an alien. Because she does. But her dancing is at an extremely high level. But her singing isn’t. She’s actually pretty bad at singing. But I lover her voice. It is absolutely adorable. It has that odd idol pitch, that idol singers have when their voice is terrible but you still end up liking it because of how cute the voice is. It’s the idol voice that I actually love. Listen to Watanabe Mayu a bit, you’ll see what I mean if you don’t already. And this girl is so odd looking that she’s cute. I want this girl in Momusu! I don’t even fully understand why, but I just do.

Murakami Sara, age 13.

I like Sara’s overal image. For starters I think she is extremely pretty. She looks like a mix between Miyazaki Aoi and Ogawa Makoto. Which is never a bad thing. Her clothing and hairstlye seem to be a bot more on the edgier side. I also absolutely adore her voice. It is deep and completely unique. There’s never been a voice like hers in Morning Musume before. It reminds me of what Melon Kinenbi’s voices were like. And I suddenly want to hear her sing This is Unmei, like right now. Her voice is at a surprisingly high level. All she really needs to do is polish her extended notes. Her voice seems to waver a bit at them. But this girl is so unique, that they need to scoop her up ASAP. I would literally be heartbroken if she’s gets passed up. She’s my favorite so far.


Overall I think there’s a lot of talent in the 10th gen finalists. So much so that I’m sure other idol groups will probably scoop up the girls who don’t get picked. And they will forever be added to the failures of Tsunku box.
I am also extremely angry that Miyamoto Karin isn’t there. People have said not to worry that Mizuki wasn’t in the finals and made it to be the 9th gen. But I honestly think Mizuki was a fluke. It seems that Mizuki was not supposed to be added and was kicked out before the final round. But Tsunku, or whoever is really in control, thought things over more and decided Morning Musume did need her. And she was added. It was obviously not planned, hence why Mizuki herself was so shocked to be added. I honestly don’t know if that will happen with Karin. Especially since Egg member Kudou Haruka is one of the finalists. That and the fact that Karin’s talent isn’t something you would need to think over. Her skill is so obvious, and in your face, you would be a complete idiot not to see it. And I honestly don’t think Tsunku is an idiot. I honestly think that if Karin doesn’t join Morning Musume, it’s not becasue Tsunku doesn’t think she’s good enough, it means he thinks she too good. That he has something bigger and better planned for her. What, or when, that is, is anyone’s guess. It’s the same thing he did with Kikkawa Yuu. Fans like to whine that she should have joined the 8th gen, or should have gone solo years ago. But I agree with that to an extent. After seeing Kikka’s singing ability now, I wish she did debut years ago. But honestly I don’t really think she was at that level years ago. Yes, she was a good singer years ago, but not as good a singer as she is now. Look at how much better she is now compared to when she was in Milky Way.
However, I don’t think Karin needs to wait. She’s at an extremely high level of both singing and dancing. I honestly don’t see how she could get any better than she already is.

5 thoughts on “Meet Morning Musume’s 10th gen finalists”

  1. I think it was wise to leave Karin out of the training camp round. She’s already been to a camp this year and shown the management what she can do; what would be the point of spending the money to have her do the same thing again? Besides, people are anticipating her debut so much now that if she went to camp, no one would be talking about any of the other auditioners. This lets the public get to know girls who would otherwise be shoved to the background and makes it feasible to have a multi-person 10th gen.

    1. @Piper_G: That is true that she shouldn’t be part of the training camp, since she was just in the S/mileage camp. But, I think they could have announced her as one of the finalists without actually having her in the camp. Mizuki wasn’t in the Momusu camp. That was either because she didn’t make it to the final round, or it was since she was an Egg Tsunku was well aware of her abilities. I honestly don’t think the Egg member in the finals, Kudou Haruka, actually needs the camp. Obviously H!P knows all of the Eggs abilities. And if one Egg was revealed, why not another? I don’t really agree with that. Just because people are anticipating Karin’s debut doesn’t mean it will actually happen. And she doesn’t need to be an Egg to steal attention. Pretty much everyone was talking about Riho during the 9th gen auditions. And you can still have a multi-person 0th gen with one being more popular then the rest. Riho is the most popular member of the 9th gen, despite the fact that Mizuki was an Egg for years. And the 9th gen seem to be really close with one another.

  2. I agree with Piper G in theory, but I suspect that Amy is correct in thinking that Tsunku believes Karin is too “good” to be in Momusu. After all, the whole point of Momusu is that it’s the girl-next-door trying their best, and Karin looks more like a superstar than a girl-next-door. Still, I’d be thrilled if Karin got in.

    I like Sara as well. Hope she gets in! She has a nice voice, and looks like a cool character.

    I also like Oogami a lot. I think she was doing karate moves, not a jazz dance. But I need to hear her voice before rendering a final judgment.

    Also agree that Miwa Satsuki should stay far, far away from Momusu. Her voice hurt my ears, and I don’t find her that cute either.

    I like Ishida Ayumi more than you do. She reminds me a lot of Riho. Her singing could use some work, but I could imagine her improving with practice. She looks very driven and energetic.

    Iikubo Haruna is incredibly cute but I don’t see her fitting into Momusu, especially given how young all the other new members are. Her voice is also quite weak.

    1. @Roddy Reta: I’m actually 50/50 on Karin getting in. On one hand I do think she’s too good to be a 10th gen member. Do you know how much fun Karin would be as a soloist? H!P only has 1 soloist, and ManoEri isn’t exactly a great singer. I miss the days when H!P had a bunch of soloists. Even if they only released a single a year. But on another hand, I think she would be a good addition to Morning Musume. Momusu really needs some powerfull singers. The 9th gen have potential, but they aren’t there yet. And the remaining 5th and 6th gen only have a few more years in Morning Musume. They could actually graduate any day now. Morning Musume is in a sense, the underdog trying their best, but not always. They always add girls that are overqualified. Even if they are idols, they still need members who can actually sing. Gens 1-3 where near perfect when they debuted. And each gen since has had at least one girl who was a good singer. Miki is like the perfect example. She was way more of a superstar than Karin is. They riped her out of her fairly successful solo career and shoved her in the 6th gen. To this day, I’m not exactly sure why they did that.

      I absolutely adore Sara. Right now Momusu doesn’t have any cool characters. Or even tomboy characters. Zukki has said she’s a tomboy but she is obviously just being marketed as the funny girl. I hope if they add Sara they don’t change her. Koharu said when she first joined she wanted to have a cool character, and we all know how that turned out.

      That’s exactly how I feel about Oogami, I haven’t heard her sing so I can’t really judger her. She did look pretty energetic though. Yeah, it did like more like karate moves. But I could have sworn the announcer said something about jazz. I heard jazu dansu, but that’s all I understood. Maybe it said she took it or liked it? XD

      Yeah, I don’t want Satsuki AT ALL. She’s definitely the Mogi of this audition. Just shove her in the Eggs and be done with it.

      Ayumi reminds me more of Erina than Riho. Erina was pretty good at dancing, but couldn’t sing at all. That’s exactly what Ayumi is like. Yeah, she could probably get better over time. But Morning Musume really needs to add good singer to this gen. They don’t really have time to see if any of the girls are gonna pull a Risa. They already added Eripon and Zukki for personality over singing.

      Haruna is cute, and I would love her in Momusu if she was just 2-3 year younger. I don’t know if her singing was weak. It was too low to tell. She obviously lacks confidence.

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