AAA-Charge & Go PV preview

A PV preview for AAA’s new single Charge & Go has just been released. It’s techically the short version of the PV. But since it’s the first peek we’re getting of the PV without it being the actual PV, it’s still a preview.

The first half of the preview is incredibly boring. It’s just a close-up of the AAA members faces singing. Which would be fine, if every didn’t looks incredible sad and emotionless at the same time. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Then it fashes the AAA dancing in front of gaint triangles. Which is equally boring. The only time the PV gets a little interesting is during the other close-up shots. It’s the first time we get a pop of color. After Call being a pretty decent PV, it seems AAA reverted back to their old ways and made a PV that looks exactly like every other PV by them.