Arashi’s puzzling new PV

The full PV for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Meikyuu Love Song, has been released.

This PV is hands down of Arashi’s best PVs in a while. I haven’t enjoyed a Arashi PV this much since Troublemaker was released. I do prefer the sillier more fun Arashi. As opposed to the super serious PVs they’ve been releasing lately which is usually nothing more than them just standing there. But this PV actually has something going on, and because of that it’s fantastic. The PV is basically JE’s take on Jumanji, but just with a far lower budget and no waiting in the jungle. The PV’s story is Arashi is on this life size game board, playing a life size game. Rolling the dice and doing whatever the game tells them to do. Which makes the PV completely fun and unserious.
Visually I think the PV is great. The set is really beautiful and well made. The dark lighting gives it a dark slightly creepy feel. Which is mostly likely what they were going for so close to Halloween. I also think the guys are styled really well. I absolutely love their old fashioned looking jackets.
There is one aspect of the PV that doesn’t make sense to me. Why is the set a game board? Meikyuu translates to labyrinth. And in the beginning of the PV it says the adventures of Puzzle Storm. Yet, the main set is a giant game board with giant dice. And random puzzle pieces thrown around. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never used dice while doing a puzzle, or walking through a labyrinth. A labyrinth would have been a better theme anyway. Having Arashi wander aimlessly through the maze, fighting monsters along the way before they finally become the Goblin Kings. And they would still have enough time to breakout into their own rendition of Magic Dance.

The board itself is a puzzle? That makes no sense. XD

The set is beautiful.

Woah, is that the clock from the Monster PV?

Love Ohno’s jacket.

Nino overacting. XD

Aiba trying to look cool.

Puzzle Storm sounds awkward, they should have kept their name in Japanese.

I love Sho’s whole outfit. XD

This isn’t how a board game works. Only 1 person is supposed to move.

Am I the only one annoyed that Nino makes this face at least once in every single PV he’s in? It doesn’t show deep emotion, it just makes you looks stupid.

I see he’s getting ready to pet the poodle, that is his hair.

It looks like Aiba is wearing the Gryffindor emblem on his shirt. That’s hilarious.

OMG, no way! We walked 6 places!


Nice face MatsuJun.

I love that they are sitting on the dice, it adds a nice effect.

What do playing cards have to do with anything?


Finish him!

Everyone overreact now!

This hair does nothing for you Nino. You’re practically a 10, but certainly not with this hair.

I have to admit, MatsuJun does look pretty cute in this PV.

Priceless faces.

What? Lol.


Lol. Aiba is always the most entertaining.

Nino looks so adorable here, but it’s hard to look past all that hair. Lol.

I don’t get why they fell over.


Now sing perfectly still.

I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Squat? For what reason? XD

So it’s imaginary tea.

This PV just keeps getting better.


However, the Ninos dissaprove.

So, that means they win?

Apparently so. XD



5 thoughts on “Arashi’s puzzling new PV”

    1. Seriously? I can hoenstly say that I don’t pay attention to when he actually cuts his hair and why. XD That’s actually pretty hilarious though.

  1. Awww, poor Nino, you’re being mean to the hair xD

    But I like the five Nino’s <3 I want one as a pet now XD

    But I like your review~ Especially NINO LOVE <3 and Matsumoto Jun LOVE <3

    1. But his hair is ugly. That hair is bringing down his cute face. :/ However, it’s no where near as ugly as his Sakura Sake hair. Lol.

      Me too. One of the best parts of the PV.<3 Well, you shoulf get in line. There are tons of people who would love a pet Nino. XD

      Thanks. :] My arashi reviews always have Nino love. And to a lesser extent MatsuJun love. Jun only looks really good about half the time. Lol

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