Would telling the truth be so awful?

Lying, absolutely everyone in the world does it. Some people on a daily basis. And if they tell you otherwise, well then it’s pretty obvious that they’re lying. However, there are certain people in this world that if they lie to you, you feel a high level of betrayal. When it comes to people you don’t know, it’s usually done by politicians or bankers. But I’m going to my cards on the table and say I feel just as betrayed when my favorite idol lies to me. Obviously idols tell tons of white lies on a daily basis. Mostly for the fan’s benefit to enhance the idol fantasy or overall experience. And most fans don’t mind. They’ll just eat up whatever their idol says. However, I think we can all agree that everyone hates the lies about graduating. If idols are leaving, or withdrawing, anyway, aren’t us fans at least entitled to an honest reason? Other then the vauge I need to continue my studies or the workload was too much.

The worst part is when the lie is so blatantly in your face obvious. Like saying you want to graduate to become a model, but then turn around and join Dream Morning Musume. But there’s no point in talking about past occurrences when there are fresh ones to complain about.

Like with Nishikido Ryo.

When Ryo announced his withdrawal from NEWS I was too devestated to think clearly let alone feel angry about it. But after I thought about it for a bit, it made absolutely zero sense. Being in 2 groups is too hard? First of all, since when? You’ve been doing it for 8 years now. And second of all, how in the world does Buono even exist then? I thought poor Ryo-chan was overworked because he had both NEWS and Kanjani8, he’s in dramas, and is extremely popular therefore in high demand. But then I started to think about the girls of Buono. If anyone is overworked it’s them. But for the sake of comparison let’s just say Suzuki Airi is extremely overworked. Buono has been around for 4 years, which is only half the spand of Kanjani8, and yet Airi is about 1,000 times more overworked.
In 2011 Airi was in 6 different concert tours. Hello!Project’s summer and winter concerts, C-ute’s spring concerts, C-ute’s and Berryz Koubou’s joint fall concert, and Buono’s winter and summer concerts. Airi was in 3 movies: Vampire Stories, Ousama Game, and Gomennasai. Released 2 DVDs: Kibun Tenkan and Natsu Karada. Released 2 photobooks: Meguru Haru and OASIS. Is on the show HelloPro!Time. (and Bijou Gaku technically, but it was only a couple months in 2011) Released 2 albums. A full C-ute album and a mini album with Buono. Released 8 singles. 3 with Buono, 3 with C-ute, 1 with C-ute and Berryz Koubou, and 1 with Mobekimasu. Not to mention the 2 digital singles as part of H!P cover song releases. She was also in a few magazine spreads.
Now, what has Ryo been up to this year that is too much for him to take? He released 4 singles. 4 with Kanjani8 and none with NEWS. He will be apart of exactly one concert tour this year, Kanjani8’s dome shows which haven’t even started yet. He’ll release 1 album with Kanjani8. He is in monthly magazine spreads as both NEWS and Kanjani8 in Myojo, Potato, Popolo, etc. He was in 1 drama, Zenkai Girl. He’s on 3 variety shows, all with Kanjani8 and none with NEWS: Boken Japan! Kanjani8 Map, Kanpani, and Jani-Ben.

All this really proves is that Airi deserves a medal. So how is it that a 17 year old girl can handle doing triple the work of a 26 year old man? It makes no sense. It’s pretty apparent that Ryo wanted out of NEWS for selfish reasons. Which is whatever, it’s his life. I honeslty would not have cared if he just said he didn’t want to be in NEWS anymore. Rather then pretending it’s because he’s too overworked. Because honestly he’s not. If NEWS was active at the same time, then possibly he would be. But since Kanjani8 was the only group active in 2011, how does that even make sense? And why wasn’t it too much for him in 2007 or 2008 when both groups were pretty active? Oh, the inconsistencies!

 Another noted liar is Maeda Yuuka.

Now, this isn’t really anything against her personally, it’s just a rant against the “continue my studies” excuse H!P girls have been using for years. And since Yuuka is the most recent person to use it, all my anger at everyone from the past is directed at her. For the time being of course. Because if she honestly would prefer to be a student over an idol, good for her. And if she truly doesn’t to, want not just plainly say it? She’s leaving the agency as well, so she now has zero ties to it. So, even if she says it’s becasue she finds wota to be disgusting, it won’t affect her. But the main reason they don’t honestly say it is because they still want to be idols or in the entertaiment industry, but just not in their group. Just like with Kusumi Koharu who’s now in Dream Morning Musume. Or Hayami Akari who is in the movie Cheerfully, and is in a comedy show. Which to me, honestly, it seems a bit vindictive.
Now, not being able to balance school life and idol life is absolutely 100% utter garbage. Johnny’s idols do it all the time. Johnny’s idols who are far more popular and would have a harder time of being treated as normal students. Koyama Keiichiro, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Inoo Kei are either curently going to or have graduated from Meiji University. Meiji is a pretty prestigious school. Which means most likely the work there is extremely difficult and there’s most likely a big work load. And if that’s still not good enough for you, what about Kato Shigeaki who graduated from law school? Do you realize just how difficult that is for a normal person, let alone for someone who is basically working full time? So, Shige can handle becoming a lawyer while still a NEWS member, but Yuuka can’t handle the entrance exams while in S/mileage? I find that incredibly hard to believe. For it to be true it would have to mean Johnny’s idol are super intelligent beings who never get tired. And H!P idols are frail, stupid little girls who dont know the meaning of time management. I find that incredibly hard to believe. Maybe there have been girls who legit can’t do it. But 6 or so girls have used this excuse. You’re telling me it’s true everytime? Give me a break.

 This whole post was extremely obvious, as EVERYONE knows the H!P “leave to continue my studies” reason is a complete lie. But I really needed to rant about this to get out all my pent-up frustration.

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  1. Wow. I never realized Airi was so busy! You really put all of their work in context. I have gained a much higher respect of Airi now. That is a lot of work >.<! And here I was thinking I was busy 😀

  2. Airi deserves a medal. I believe Airi does a lot of her homework during her break time. Also Yuuka seems to have become depressed I mean her smiles seem more more forced as time goes on.

    1. She really does. I think most idols do that. Most likely break time and in between PV and photo shoots. Am I the only one who doesn’t notice things like that? I wish I could say “you’re right they have,” but to be honest I didn’t even notice.

  3. I agree, that excuse is a complete lie, but let’s face it this is clearly a ragequit situation from Yuuka plus she can’t say “I’m leaving because i don’t like S/Mileage anymore” and then say “Please keep supporting S/Mileage the group i don’t like”

    1. Yuuka wouldn’t have to say she doesn’t like S/mileage, because I honestly don’t think that’s true. She could say something like, “she’s become a different person since joining S/mileage and she realizes that this isn’t the life she wants for herself anymore. She needs to grow more as a person and follow a new path as an actress, a normal person, or something else. Please understand this bit of selfishness from her and don’t take it out on the other members. Please continue to support the group she’s loved and worked hard in up untill now.”
      Boom! Completely PC, and tells the truth without hurting anyone. I should get into PR because that’s a perfect speech. Lol. XD

  4. I was actually thinking the same and even compare the workload of Johnny’s to H!P. But then I remembered when I was watching a video clip of the sub-members of S/mileage becoming full members. Yuukarin was just standing there with an unreadable expression in her face. I think it’s annoyance and relief at the same time and I thought “oohh, there’s something going on”. So I was not really surprised when they announced her graduation.

    1. H!P works a lot harder than Johnny’s does. I’ll never get why H!P isn’t just as popular there. It’s mostly the lack of promotion. I haven’t see a clip of that yet. I’m waiting until the HelloPro! Time episode gets subbed before I watch it. XD Yeah, but it could have meant anything. An off day or she really was against the sub-members. But I guess there was more to it.

  5. I agree! I love Airi-chan to death and I think its amazing that she can handle all that!!!!!

    As for the S/mileage situation…. I am just sticking to my idea that there parents are making them quit one by one… And concidering Yuuka is only 16 it makes no sense what-so-ever..

    1. It is amazing. I honestly don’t know how she does it.

      I don’t think her parents are making her quit. I’m sure her studies have always been effected considering she joined the Eggs when she was pretty young. And she didn’t quit before. It seems like it was 100% up to Yuuka.

  6. I do not think it is right to call Yuuka’s actions selfish. I mean, what if she has some personal problems that are going on in her life that she’d rather not disclose to the public? Would you want that kind of information shared with the thousands of wotas who are/were your fans if you were her? And what if she really IS worried about her school entrance exams? I could see that happening, since schools in Japan are pretty strict. Also, have you ever been exposed to the everyday life of an idol in the entertainment industry? My guess it that it’s very stressful; it’s harsh of you to come to the conclusion that some idols are being lazy/selfish. To act incredulous and angry about her wanting to leave just seems incredibly shallow to me.

    1. I never once in my posts said she was being selfish. I merely said she wasn’t telling the truth. And if there were some personal problems or family issues going on she could have said that was the reason without disclosing exactly what the problems are. No, I don’t believe we should know absolutely everything about her personal life. Obviously her personal life and idol life are seperate. All I’m asking is for a hint of honesty. Would if be so bad to say she’s graduating because she can’t take the stress of being an idol anymore? Absolutely not.
      It’s not being harsh it’s an honest assessment. There are tons of other celebrities that have stricter working conditions. Like American or Korean. I mean, Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard. Yes, I know that not every single human being can handle that. And I’m not saying they should. I’ll I’m saying is would it be so bad to admit they couldn’t handle it?

      1. Sorry if I came off as angry earlier. I get what you’re saying about how the “pursuing studies” excuse is overused, but maybe the fans would think less of H!P members if they were truly honest (i.e. saying they couldn’t handle the stress, didn’t want to be in the industry anymore, or even didn’t like the wotas haha) about why they chose to leave. To the fans, the idols are supposed to be “perfect” and it might make the fans really angry if they strayed from that standard.

        1. I don’t mind at all if your comments were angry. My whole post had an angry undertone, and honestly some of my responses have been a little angry too. As a fan, I would not think less of her at all. If anything, I’d think more of her. It would show her human side. That idols aren’t these perfect beings that do no wrong and act a cetain way. As a lot of fans see them as. And if she really is leaving to be a normal girl, why does it matter of their perfect image of her is ruined? While she’s an idol say those things, fans would be icredibly upset. But once she’s decided to leave, it’s not really their business to question her actions anymore.

  7. just to correct some details.
    Ryo was in 2 back to back dramas. Before Zenkai Girl which was a Getsu9 drama, he did the drama Inu o Kau to Iu Koto.
    I am not familiar how Ryo works but I’m pretty sure he needs more time in preparation for Kanjani8 singles/ album as
    1. he plays the instruments and is a lead vocalist
    2. he contributes to the music direction & output of Kanjani8’s music

    Years before, especially in an interview in Shonen Club, he was already voicing out how hard to be in 2 groups with all the clashes in interviews and the double output he needs to provide, and was hinting abt the probability of focusing on just 1 group in the future. Maybe he can still balance and get all tired. Maybe he can still manage but clearly, he did not want the situation to continue. Maybe it helps that Johnnys get more artistic freedom than HIP does, in as much that they can give opinion on their music output, write their own lyrics, compose their own songs, plan their concert setlist and stage, and decide on their career future. So he was in a position to get out of that tiresome schedule, which afterall, is his right. And well, this is Nishikido Ryo, he isn’t really into the whole IDOL thing. If it wasn’t because of Kanjani8, he would have quitted JE and the entertainment industry long before.

    1. You are absolutely right about the dramas. I’m not a big drama fan myself, so I don’t really follow dramas that closely. I only know the ones that have themes by idol groups, like Zenkai Girl does. XD

      I know he plays instruments and is a lead vocalist. He did the same in NEWS. Though Kanjani8 does seem to use the band, and in NEWS only Ryo could play anything. XD
      Does he really contribute? I’m not so sure he does. And if he did he would contribute as much as the rest of the group does, which isn’t much. The only way he would have higher authority is if he was producing or composing the song himself.

      Yes, I know that Ryo has said that in the past. But the reason why he didn’t leave sooner is, despite being an adult, Johnny’s still has near full control over his career. If he didn’t there wouldn’t have been these big discussions about what to do, before he finally got the ok to leave. During an old episode of Heyx3, maybe 2004, they asked Ryo and Uchi why are they in 2 groups isn’t it difficult? Their responce was yes it is, but this was all decided by Johnny. And they were both adults at the time. So, of course he’s going to say how hard it is to be in 2 groups, when he never had a choice in the matter. Since it is extremely hard on Ryo the past few years NEWS has only released 1-2 singles, and Kanjani8 was more active. And this year they released nothing. So, how was it difficult for him when they released absolutely nothing this year? These talks were happening since August or September. So, it seems like they were originally meetings about a new NEWS single. But Ryo put his foot down. Which is ridiculous. I don’t care if Ryo is an adult or more popular, popularity means nothing because he hasn’t done that much this year. Airi is 17 and works triple the amount. How am I supposed to feel sorry for him, when he’s done hardly anything in comparison to Airi?

      As for giving opinions about music, I honestly have no idea. I know he wrote and composed Ordinary, that’s it. As for concerts I’m not a Kanjnai8 fan at all, but in NEWS the only thing Ryo ever did was plan the setlist and a little of the stage which took a couple of hours. Since they were extremely rushed. Everyone left the costume design up to Massu. I have no idea how they do it in Kanjani8, but that’s honestly not a lot of work. Especially since Airi was in 6 concerts this year and most other H!P girls were in 4. And H!P’s winter and summer concerts had 2 different setlsits. So, they had to learn the songs and dances for basically 2 different concerts. Even though it will officially only count as 1. Ryo will be in exactly one concert this year. One! I would love for you to explain to me why 1 concerts is more diffulct than 6. Even if Ryo planned the entire concert himself, and sewed the costumes, it would still not add up to what Airi does. If we take away the dramas, he’s not horribly overworked. It seems he is in dramas of his own accord. And if he’s that overworked why would he sign himself up for 3? The only logical answer is, he must not even be in control of what dramas he’s in. You know, dramas add to single sales if they feature a theme. And dramas add to a member’s popularity which also adds to sales. It’s all about business and money. Not it Ryo truly enjoys acting or even if he’s too overworked. He’s apparently said many times, I’ve only heard a few, that he’s overworked. And yet he stayed in. Mostly because it’s not up to him.

      I know Ryo isn’t into being an idol. But the reason he is one is because he likes the perks of being one. The constant attention and spotlight. Being able to get into the best clubs, and having girls throw themselves at him. If he honestly hated being an idol he would have left a long time ago. He could have stayed in touch with Moriuchi Takahiro and joined One Ok Rock. Or anything else. I don’t think Kanjani8 effects his decision as much as you think. Ryo is very arrogant and selfish, he’s staying because it benefits him the most.
      You should take off your “Ryo is so great and truly overworked” rose colored glasses. I’m a Ryo fan myself. But I know how the entertainment industry works. I’m not going to just judge what I’m being told or I can see on the surface. There are inner working going on that you or I will never be aware of. Apparently according to staff Ryo is a lot more overbearing and hard to work with then you realize. Ryo always has only acted a certain way becasue the cameras are on. Takki mentioned it jokingly during an interview they were both in.

      1. well the fact that we don’t know how things are run in JE leaves much to the imagination.

        but from what I know in KAT-TUN, concert preparation takes a lot of time. from what Kame was saying, they will have deadlines for their own solo compositions, and set meetings for the concert production theme and sets. and set another deadline to give ideas for their own solo sets. it can probably take a month of going back and forth in exchange of ideas. but that’s KAT-TUN. but planning for a 5-Dome concert, like that of Kanjani8, is definitely not an easy thing that can be accomplished in 1 week.
        singles production does not take only a day of recording.
        and so does an album.
        it can probably take more time in recording and preparation. Plus, Ryo needs to learn the guitars for their lives.
        some people say that NEWS practically had nothing left to do because it clashes with Ryo’s schedule. His drama theme songs are given to Kanjani8. They had successive single releases as well. It is on this period that Kanjani8 is on the rise. if they wanted NEWS to return to their previous activeness, and retain Kanjani8’s current level of activity, i think that is somehow not possible. One group has to lessen its activity. That’s like belonging to both KAT-TUN and Hey!SAy!Jump which is totally not very healthy.
        Ryo could have handled it, why not. but the fact that he made decision already, means we should move on from that. Let’s just say he knows what he’s doing.
        and on another news, Johnny made a short statement regarding Yamapi & Ryo leaving, which basically says that:

        “If the persons themselves make the decision any opposition is unnecessary“

        that would echo what Kame commented that

        “If it’s what the members decide themselves, I think that’s fine.”

        (BTW, i read a Ryo interview before, that’s the time he said he was contemplating on quitting the entertainment industry because he feels he doesn’t see his purpose there or he doesn’t fit in, but he finds his purpose in Kanjani8 where he felt like home.) I couldn’t remember the exact words but that’s my impression.

        1. Exactly. I agree 100%. Which means the idols true feelings and opinions can be 100% then what they lead the public to believe. I honestly think Johnny told Ryo it was time to leave NEWS.

          From what I’ve seen with NEWS they only really pick the setlist, costumes, and set to an extent. But it probably is more than that. Yeah, I don’t think a dome show can be complete in a week. But picking sets and ideas is hardly strenuous work. The real hard part is the practicing which happens 1- a few weeks before hand.

          Oh obviously recording doesn’t take a day. I never said it did. NEWS’s Pacific album took 6 months to make. Singles on the other hand do take less time. Far less. That’s why H!P can pop out releases sometimes a mere 2 months apart. As for learning guitar I have no idea, I have never watched a Kanjani8 concert. XD

          Of course one group had to be less active. They’ve been doing that for years. And every single time NEWS was less active for Kanjani8. It was never the other way around, which was completely unfair to fans. I understand that Kanjani8 is more active because they are more popular. I said that already in my posts when I was talking about the NEWS breakup rumors. But let’s not pretend that JE couldn’t to anything to fix the schedules to make is easier on Ryo. Because honestly they could, but just didn’t want to. They saw that NEWS is declining and Kanjani8 is rising, so they had Ryo cut all his NEWS ties to focus 100% on Kanjnai8. All to make more money. It has nothing to do with Ryo being tired. Do you think the company personally cares about his well being? Honestly, probably not. They mostly care about his profits. Let’s not act like this whole fiasco was about anything else but the almighty dollar. Well, in this case yen. XD Yes, it is very unhealthy to be in both KAT-TUN or Hey! Say! JUMP. But isn’t it just as unhealthy to be in Tegomass and NYC? And yet they seem to balance it with no problems. NYC hasn’t really taken off yet. Wait until they start releasing album and solo concerts. Because it’s the same exact thing. Why because NYC and Tegomass are labled sub-groups it’s fine? Both groups release a single a year, which is what NEWS has been releasing pretty much.

          Obvious since the decision was made we have to move on an accept it. However, it doesn’t mean I have to like it because I don’t. I am still not over Kusano and Uchi leaving. And I wasn’t even a fan back then. Well, I mostly care about Kusano because to me he seemed to 100% innocent.

          I have heard those comments already. However, it is not going to change my opinions on this.

          (It’s fine if he felt like home in Kanjani8. But then why string us NEWS fans along? Why make people like myself, grow attached to NEWS and the Ryo of NEWS and not Kanjani8 at all, and then leave. He’s probably always felt like this. So why not just leave sooner? Because later causes nothing but disappointment in fans.)

  8. You can speculate and compare all you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that Airi and Ryo are different people.

    To be honest, I don’t like Ryo and I like Airi. But just because compared to Airi’s it might seem less, that is no reason to scorn his workload. You or I or any other ordinary human being would have been worn down ages ago by something as relentless like that. Maybe Airi loves all her work more universally and less selfishly than Ryo. I don’t know. I don’t know any of the internal goings on, I can’t see inside Ryo’s head.

    I am not trying to say I know/think I know ANYTHING about how and why he left NEWS. I don’t even like Ryo. All I am saying is to not trivialise the hard work his job involves.

    1. Of course they are different people. In different agencies and different types of idols. Male and female idols are treated 100% different from each other.

      I am not scorning his workload, I know he’s worked hard for years. But this year he hasn’t worked as hard as past years, and I was trying to illustrate that. The whole theme of this article is idols not telling the truth. I think Ryo’s “heavy workload” explanation is untrue. So, I compared it to one of the most hardworking idols I know of, to show even more why I think he’s unthruthful. And once that point was made, basically say, “is it really necessary to lie to fans?” Because I don’t think it is.
      Yes, most likely any other human being would be worn down years ago. But give me 5 years of intense training as a Johnny’s Junior before my debut, or be in H!P Kids and 2 units before I joined C-ute. Than yeah, I would probably be able to handle the workload.

      I honestly think that’s exactly what it’s like. Airi enjoys the work more. As I said, Ryo is publicially selfish a lot. So, one can only imagine how he acts privately.

      I am not trivialising his work at all. I know he works hard. Like I said, I was just trying to point out that I don’t think his reason for leaving was 100% honest.

  9. That Ryo would leave NEWS when Yamapi get Solo was so sure. I mean at the moment their are 5 Groups with 5 Members SMAP, Tokio, Arashi, KAT-TUN and Sexy Zone and 6 Groups with just 5 Members seems a little bit to much, so Johnny decision, in my eyes making NEWS to a 4 Member group. I know it when Yamapi go, Ryo will follow.

    I think to make a Ryo vs. Airi is a little bit weird because this two different situations. He life in Osaka she in Tokyo. She goes to school and he just work. So Ryo work over 6 years in both group, with a small break from NEWS, he seems so often really tired. Johnny´s work more we really know, I always shock when I read how much their really work without we know this. One from them had last year just 1 week holidays. Ok the H!P Girls work in Holidays, I don´t wanna know how it is know in AKB48, maybe better because their more girls. So Overwork can be his reason.

    And Yuuka, I can´t believe she said the same like Saki. I mean by Saki I believe WHAT THATS NOT THE TRUE. Their are the reason, with the new members, then a fight in the group. I can´t tell her really reason but I don´t believe that she want look more for the group. I mean so much Idols before her make both and it´s other to be a Member of a debut group and then make this, when you since 3 years in a group. Seems be a little bit weird for me. I mean so much Johnny´s doing this and by H!P the girls always graduated. Asami and Makoto both because of school. That S/Mileage get the second Morning Musume is really sad, I love S/Mileage with all 4 nin Orginall Members, I also can ay ok with these 3 is ok and the news Members but without Yuuka, I can´t say it´s really crazy. Sometimes I think Tsunku don´t see more in the group and make their get down T_T

    1. I actually think it happened the other way around. Ryo was leaving NEWS, so that gave Yamapi th courage to finally leave as well. I don’t think their withdrawls were based on something as trivial as the number of members compared to other groups. Then where does that leave 10, currently 9, member Hey! Say! JUMP? Or 7 member Kanjani8?

      I don’t think it’s weird. I was just merely comparing workload, since there is no one within JE that works equally as hard as Ryo. I acually wasn’t aware that Ryo lived in Osaka. That’s a 3 hour commute to Tokyo. Which honestly seems foolish, if he does really lives there. Kanjnai8 might be Kansai based but all the music shows are all in Tokyo. Yes, Johnny’s do work really hard. And I heard about the 1 week holiday. But that’s most likely how it is for idols as a whole. I’m sure JE, H!P, and even AKB48 only get about a week off a year as well. But it’s part of the idol life they knew they were getting into from the get-go. And AKB48 are the most popular idols in Japan right now. They are busy doing everything. Theather shows, concerts, magazines, like 3 TV shows, commercials, sub-group, etc. The front girls are incredibly overworked. Mariko doesn’t even show up to her theater shows often because she’s too busy. As for the less popular members, I honestly have no idea.

      To be honest I hardly ever believe the school excuse. Maybe I’m too cynical. I doubt that. The S/mileage auditions happened because Saki was graduating. There was no way around it. S/mileage was apprehensive at first, but they really warmed up to them. They even rooted for all the girls to become sub-members. And Kanon, Yuuka, and Ayaka got really excited when Meimi was announced as a sub-member. Because they worked together on the Shugo Chara musical. I honest’y don’t think her decision has anything to do with the new members, since she was the face of S/mileage. H!P girls get graduated because male idols and female idols are completely different. For female idols it’s all about youth, and once the girls get past their idol age they graduate. For male idols the fans don’t seem to care so much about the age. Mostly because Johnny’s fans are mainly teenagers. KonKon and Makoto were one of those rare occasions where it really was for school. I’m actually really get excited by the fact that S/mileage might be the second Morning Musume. I love the 4 original members to, and it’s sad to see half of them go. But there’s not really anything you can do about it. I prefer to go along for the ride, and accept new members as they come. Just like the Morning Musume 2nd gen was probably shocking at first. The fact that Tsunku added new members shows that he has faith in the group, and thinks they have the potential to last as long as Morning Musume. Let’s not forget that Tsunku planned to do the same thing with Berryz Koubou, but he formed C-ute instead.

  10. It’s wrong to compare Ryo to Airi to prove your point. First of all Johnny’s and H!P are both completely different management companies, the way they manage their idols are different. So Airi is in two groups and Ryo was in two groups too but just because Airi is in 2 doesnt make her situation the same as Ryo’s to be comparing them. First of all Ryo’s groups are both major groups and Airi is only in 1 major group. Just think about it, the groups that Ryo was/are in have both completely different schedules because of their members. Kanjani8’s members only belong to that group therefore they dont have to consider anyone else’s schedule with the exception of Ryo same with NEWS all of their members belong respectively to that group with the exception of Ryo, Massu and Tego but that isn’t much of a problem for Massu and Tego since they dont have to work with anyone outside of NEWS when they are TegoMassu. Now Ryo being a part of Kanjani8 and NEWS which are two major groups their will be clashing for him and his schedule. Take previous events for example which Ryo was not able to participate in because he was already a part of Kanjani8. Ryo has been juggling this for twice the amount of time that Airi has and he is a grown man the effect and toll it has taken on him is different from Airi, Airi is younger than him her body can handle it more than him. Now Airi is in C-ute which is a major group who hardly has to consider anyones schedule so they can do whatever their management needs them to do. Now with Buono!, all of Buono!’s members are apart of their own respective groups therefore Buono! is not as major as the other groups. Now before making it seem like Ryo has to be like Airi you need to think about the differences in both of their situations and think twice before saying hes lying. And like other people have said different people have different amounts of stress and work they can handle. You have no right to say that Ryo wasnt telling the truth that this was a lot for him to take. Have you taken into consideration why News didnt get much activities and that it really was because of the clashes in schedules?

  11. im join this conversation and forgive me for my poor english. just want to share my opinion about H!P girls because i love them soo much.

    smileage is still a new group, yet ufa push them soo hard. doing soo many stuff like concert, smile campaign and something, ustream and tv show, radio and etc etc. they do more stuff than other group… they do cincert tour and joint concert too.

    I saw yuuka said she can’t study well on her ustream (or talk event, i forgot). so i believe yuuka wants to continue to study.

    and about airi, not only you, but if you watch sayu ustream (or review on takamaruyo.net) okai (and maimi and sayu) said that airi was amazing at handle her work and school. we saw in HPT there is a small room for her to learn and study.

    i dont agree with “H!P idol leave because want to study is completely lie”, because konkon and makoto.

    1. It’s ok. You don’t really have to apologize for your poor English. I can understand you just fine. :]

      I don’t really think S/mileage is being pushed hard. Most H!P girls participate in ustream shows and radio shows. And all of them have concerts. The smile campaign was juts for the sub-members. And the original cmapaign didn’t have the girls doing anything. And C-ute is doing a concer tour and a joint concert tour with Berryz Koubou. The workload is pretty even between groups.

      I don’t watch ustream shows because I can’t understand Japanese. But I do kinda remember Yuuka saying something like that before.

      Like I said I don’t watch ustream. And thanks for the site the reviews it. :] It is pretty amazing how Airi handles everything.

      Obviously Makoto and KonKon did really leave to continue their studies, but they were idols for longer than Yuuka and were older than Yuuka. So, their’s seemed a bit more believeable. And both returned to H!P.

      (And I’m so sorry fir such a late reply. I have been extremely busy lately. m(__)m )

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