S/mileage loses another original member

It was just announced the S/mileage member Maeda Yuuka will be graduating fro S/mileage and Hello!Project on December 31st. Making Please Miniskirt Postwoman the last release to feature Yuukarin. Yuuka stated the reason for her departure is to focus on university entrance exams, and her studies in general.

I am in utter shock right now. I did not see this coming at all. After Saki left and the sub-member became official members, I thought S/mileage was in a good place now. That the line up would be stable for a while, and we could bask in the awesomeness that is the new S/mileage. Instead we are faced with heartbreak, and having to wait until 2012 for S/mileage’s next chapter to begin. Anyone who thinks the auditions was a one time thing, I think graduating the most popular member pretty much confirms that we’ll eventually see a 3rd gen for S/mileage.
I this is just completely sad news. I’ve liked Yuuka ever since I laid eyes on her in the Cinderella Complex PV. And since then I’ve always rooted for her success. And I do really like Yuuka as an idol. Even if her jokes to fall flat at times, and she’s hardly the reigning queen of puns. I just find Yuuka to be incredibly charming. She is also one of the most adorable idols I have ever seen. And beyond that she’s has my favorite voice in S/mileage, and one of my favorites in all of H!P. It’s adorable and powerful at the same time, it’s just perfect.
This graduation makes me worried for S/mileage as a whole now. Yuukarin was the most popular and pushed member. Who’s going to be the face now? Kanon? Meimi? This also makes me worried that any day now my beloved Kanyon will graduate. Even if Ayaka graduated soon, I’m not sure how I’d feel about a group of nothing but new members.

But regardless of anything Yuuka will be sorely missed, and I do wish her the best of luck on her entrance exams.

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