The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 4

I haven’t done the idol challenge in a few days and the reason for that is there wasn’t really anything idol releated stuff to blog about. So, I didn’t want my blog to become a spame of the 30 day idol challenge. But since there were other things to blog about today, onto the challenge.

Day 4’s question is “Which idol would be your boyfriend?”

Since I said that Ryo-chan is my favorite JE idol, this questions seems kind of obvious right? Well, actually it’s not at all. Even though I do love Ryo I don’t think he would make a good boyfriend. Ryo is a little domineering, and sightly cold. He would probably treat girls the same way. Several members of JE have said the only time he is kind is in front of girls he likes. I’m not so sure that’s true. I find it hard to believe that someone who “allegedly” kicks girls out of cabs because they won’t sleep with him, knows how to treat women.
So, with Ryo-chan out of the question I had to think of someone who would actually make a good boyfriend. And within JE that’s harder than it sounds, but at the same time it became obvious.

Nakajima Yuto:

Yuto has never come off as anything but sincere and genuine. He seems truly kind-hearted. I have never seen him act like a jerk, or arrogant, or overly confident at all ever. Which is how a good chunk of Johnny’s act. He also has this carefree, sort of child like, vibe to him. Which makes it seem like he’d be a good boyfriend. Like he’d legimately care. He also seems to have a lot of love for Hey! Say! JUMP and it seems like he has a close-knit relationship with most of them. Which is another important quality. Yuto is also very dorky and quirky. He’s never never cared about basically make a fool of himself. Like when he did Tanoshingo’s dance on Heyx3. And because of that fun and easy going personality Yuto has, it would be a nice simple relationship. I can’t imagine there being drama or even fighting really.