The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 3

Wow, I never thought I’d be keeping up with this daily. I suppose that’s mostly because idol news has been pretty slow these last few days. Well, slow about the type of things I blog about anyway.

But more importantly, on to today’s question. Which is: “Which idol would be your girlfriend?”

This question was a little bit difficult for me. Since I’m not into girls, it’s hard to imagine what type of girls I’d be into if I was. So, I just picked an idol I’d enjoy being around the most.

Tokunaga Chinami:

When it comes to an idol I’d enjoy being around no one fits as perfectly as Chinami. She’s the type of person I’d have a blast with everyday no matter what we were doing. Chinami just has the super positive and energetic personality that is extremely infectious. She reminds me a bit of myself, which is why I think we’d really hit it off. Like Chinami, I am always really upbeat and constantly making jokes. I am also hardly ever sad. So, the few times that either one of us was sad I think we’d be able to feed off of each other’s positive personalities. It just seems like there would never be a dull moment with Chinami. She also seems incredibly laid back and down to Earth. There are other idols who seem like it would be a chore to be with them. But with Chinami it would just feel very light, fun, and natural.