The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2

Day 2’s question is “The Idol you hate or dislike?”

This is another extremely easy question for me. I have pretty big opinions on idols in general, so of course there are going to be idols I like more then others. But if you can believe it there are hardly any I actually don’t like. Usually there’s always a  quality I can appreciate in each idol, even if they aren’t my favorites. There are only 2 idols I can think of that I actually, I’ll say dislike, as I usually get flak for saying hate. And ironically they are from Morning Musume and NEWS again. What can I say? They are my top 2 idol groups, of course my strongest opinions are going to be about them.

Michishige Sayumi:

For any long time readers of my blog this won’t really be a huge surprise, as I’ve voiced my dislike for Sayumi several times. (And each time the Sayumi wota army has sent me hateful almost bashing comments.) But what might actually be suprising for people to find out is, I was a Sayumi when I first found out about Morning Musume. And I mean a huge fan. There are 2 types of idols I like. Idols with big personalities, and then the underdog. When I first got into Morning Musume I went out of my way to hear Sayumi and Kon Kon sing. People said they were the worst singers, and I honestly wanted to support idols that were pushing through and trying their hardest. I find that extremely admirable, inspiring, and endearing. I was drawn to Sayumi’s cute looks and cute personality, on the surface at least. But the more I got into Sayumi the more I started to realize I couldn’t stand her. Sayumi honestly has a personality that other girls despise. Which is why she always lands on the list of women’s most hated female celebrities. I cannot take her narcissistic, better than everyone else, personality. She literally said she doesn’t feel she has to listen to women who aren’t as cute as her. I’m sure that makes her a favorite among female staff. I literally wanted to slap her when I heard that. Sayumi does have a nicer side to her personality, I do admit. She has a great love for the group, she has shown that she is incredibly sweet, and she has also been down right hilarious at times. But her infamous narcissistic personality is what we usually see. And I honestly don’t want to see it even for a minute. She did magic on Haromoni@, but she tried so hard to be cute that she ruined an other wise enjoyable segment. A lot of people have also said I should see past her main personality, that it’s just an act. But then you can argue any idol personality is an act as we don’t know them personally. And I find it hard to believe that people think Sayumi isn’t truly even a smidge narcissistic. If you act a certain way for so many years, it starts to become second nature to you.

Tegoshi Yuya:

After that big spiel about Sayumi my dislike for Tegoshi should come as no surrpise. If anyone is familiar with Tegoshi they’ll know the similarities between Tegoshi and Sayumi are astonishing. They are both extremely full of themselves and they were both extremely unsure of themselves when they first joined. They even share the same group color! Tegoshi has always been the Sayumi of JE in my opinion. The only real difference is Tegoshi has the talent to back it up. He is, and has always been, the best singer in NEWS. And not even by a small margin, he completely blows everyone out of the water. But that doesn’t really give him the right to act the way he does, but it seems like that’s what fueled his arrogance. Tegoshi completely has a prince like personality. He’s conceited and kinda takes advantage of the other members at times. He has also taken small digs at Shige for being better looking and more popular. After Tegoshi first joined he secretly took extra vocal lessons, to not lose to the other members and to be noticed more. He said it was because he  was thrown into NEWS and people didn’t know who he was. Which is true since he was only a Junior for 8 months before joining NEWS. However, I completely take that as another example of Tegoshi not being able to handle not being in the spotlight. He’s also said he doesn’t care if he’s someone’s least favorite member. Yet he went out of his way to ensure he has maxium fans. It just annoys me so much. Teoshi is also dubbed the ero prince because of how perverted he has come off as on TV shows. Which has nothing to do with why I dislike him. It’s just a Tegoshi fact that I find extremely hilarious, as I can’t imagine anyone being legitimately attracted to him. To me Tegoshi does not have one ounce of appeal, looks or personality wise. Whatever random blonde chick he ends up with can have him.

3 thoughts on “The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2”

  1. Ah, I didn’t comment on the first post, but I did read it >D

    Anyway, I don’t know if I’m surprised or not by Sayu being a pet dislike for you, however I can understand it – however I do like Sayumi quite a bit, despite how she is.

    I love reading your blog *_* you have such a fluid and beautiful writing style, it really mesmirises me xD <3

    Thank you for doing the challenge – now I need to do mine (I accidentally skipped a day D;)

    1. Oh lol. That’s ok. I read you days, but haven’t commented on it yet. XD

      It shouldn’t be suprising, Sayumi is one of the most hated celebrities among women. I don’t really see who you can like Sayumi despite how she is. XD Though I do like Momoko and Kanon who have similar personalities to Sayumi. But they aren’t as annoying as she is. XD

      Thanks so much. <

      You're welcome. Lol. I'm trying not to skip days. Yeah, I'm kinda interested in seeing who you'd pick as your boyfriend. If you got into Johnny's earlier you could have picked one of them. Perhaps Ryosuke. 😛

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