Arashi-Meikyuu Love Song PV preview

A PV preview for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Meikyuu Love Song, has just been released.

After being completely disappointed by this song’s generic qualities and a repeat of Arashi’s past songs, I am actually really impressed with the PV. It has a really fun and playful aspect that we haven’t seen since their Troublemaker PV. It shows Arashi palying some life size board game, which is an awesome and unique theme. The PV also has a lot of random elements such as ridinf sationary bikes and fighting someone dressed up as a skeleton.
The only real downside of this PV is the hideous hairstyles Nino and Sho are sporting. Seriously, what’s up with them? If Jun is extremely close to looking better then Nino in this PV, you know there’s a problem.

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