S/mileage is now a 7 member group

At yesterday’s release event for S/mileage’s recent single, Tachiagaaru, the fate of the sub-members was announced. In less than shocking turn of events, it was announced that all 4 sub-members are now officially full-fledged members.

I can’t say that I am exactly surprised. When the sub-members were first announced I didn’t doubt for a minute that all of the members would be added. I am actually really excited that S/mileage is a 7 person group now. I don’t think S/mileage would have been as fun as a trio.
This whole sub-members campaign has really made me change my mind about the sub-members. Well, actually just one member in particular. Because I was always pro sub-members. My interest wained when I couldn’t help with their smile campaign. But I’m back to being 100% for them when they were announced. This whole time I was swayed into liking a member I disliked right off the bat. I went from not understanding why Kana was picked, to rooting for her to make it into S/mileage. And I have to say the foundations have been laid for me to be a fan of hers. Right now all I know about her is she seems energetic and S/mileage love her Osaka dialect. But that’s enough to make me interested.

What I’m actually most excited about is the members all wearing the same outfits now. All these different outfits have annoyed for a while.