Mobekimasu show off the H!P philosophy

The full PV for Mobekimasu’s first single, Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, was finally released a few days ago.

After seeing the PV previews it was pretty obvious, what the PV was going to be like. And because of that I didn’t really expect the PV to be spectacular. Which after seeing the full PV it’s pretty obvious to see that the PV isn’t. However, I am not disappointed in the least by it. And the reason for that is, is because this PV is set up the same way that the H!P All Stars’ All For One And One For All PV. I’m pretty sure that H!P fans are crying that this will never compare to H!P All Stars. But I guess those fans don’t understand that both PVs are almost exactly the same. The only real difference between the 2 is All For One And One For All had an actualy set, and this PV doesn’t. But let’s not act like the H!P All Stars set was incredible, because it wasn’t. It was a giant globe and a few hanging white lights. And the close-ups weren’t much better as they hung a few inflatable globes over head and called it a day. Which was as equally cheap as Mobekimasu’s PV. Another difference you would notice righ off the bat is lighting. The All For One And One For All has extremely bright lights giving it a more cheerful and happy theme. While the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku goes for dimer lighting giving it a more mature theme. Which I do admit does make it look a bit more washed up compared to the All For One And One For All PV. But at the same time it shows how H!P has evolved over the years.
But pretty much every other aspect of this PV is exactly the same. Both PVs are pretty much just dance shots. With a few group close-ups thrown in. The Mobekimasu PV even mimicks the shots where they show each members name. However, the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku doesn’t actually show the members name. I do like this PV for keeping the spirit of All For One And One For All PV. I do think the H!P All Stars did have a better PV, but only because they has actual sets, regardless of how cheaply made they were. If Mobekimasu added anything to their set their PV would probably be better than the H!P All Stars PV. Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku  is actually better made than All For One And One For All, because they have 2 different outfits and actual close-ups of the girls.
There is honestly not really a difference between Mobekimasu and H!P All Stars. And if you don’t like the PV, I really question if you ever really like H!P. This PV is set up exactly like one of their, in my opinion, most well known PVs. I can understand wanting the PV to be a littler brighter, because that’s the biggest draw back to me, but other than that it’s the exact same.  But Mobekimasu on the old H!P All Stars set and there’s absolutely no difference between the 2 PVs. Things are done slightly differently then before, but overall it’s the same PV.

Hate the set.

It’s too Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.

It’s nothing but dancing where have I seen that before? By the way I hate that Riho is in the absolute center of the dance. It’s way too soon for her.

Oh right, that’s exactly how All For One And One For All is.

The dance is a little weird, but I actually like it.

They also sing in front of the entire group of girls, in a line waiting to step in fron when it’s their line.

Which is pretty much what half of the All For One And One For All PV was like.

Which is a cool effect they also did in the Hey Mirai PV. XD

Airi is super cute, but I feel like there’s too much Riho already.


Oh how I miss Miya’s long hair.

Cute. This has always been one of my favorite idol moves.

Ok, maybe the entire dance isn’t great.

What’s with the Swan Lake move? Lol.

Risa looks great here. I prefer her with lighter hair.

Risako looks gorgeous! *O*

I don’t get why they are looking up. Is the sky falling?

This nai move is cute though.

Here’s the equivalent of the name scenes from All For One And One For All.

Seriously, just slap her name there. It’s the same thing.

The shot does remind me of what they did in the Cinderella Complex PV though.



Aika! I’ve been missing her lately.

Momoko always looks cute.

Even with that weird face Maimi still looks gorgeous.

I kinda feel bad for Erina. She’s shown the least in this PV.

Saki always knows how to pose so that she’ll stand out.

Oh, Yuuka. XD

Love Maasa’s pose.

I absolutely love these outfits.


Reminds me of the All For One And One For All PV.

Adorable Riho.

Why did they switch back into these outfits?

Momoko sneaking in and stealing the scene.

London Bridge is falling down!

Get it Yuuka!

Um..curtsying? Really?


Lolz at Maimi.

I spot Mizuki. But she’s the only gen girl, besides Riho, I’ve seen in the whole PV.

Love the face.

Yurina looks stunning.

Everyone is pretty much making the same face. XD

Wow, Chisa looks bad here.

I love that Zukki trolls us and doesn’t make a weird face.

ManoEri looks adorable here. Why is Risako looking down though?

Meimi’s adorable fangs.

Mai looks so pretty.

9 thoughts on “Mobekimasu show off the H!P philosophy”

  1. Maybe I’m just over-reacting, but I get such a kick out of how Riho is getting so much attention, not only in Morning Musume, but in H!P as a whole. She’s climbing the ranks so fast! Love the bit at 2:14 (the Riho/Airi duet). When given the chance to choose between Riho and Airi, they went for Riho, and not Airi. Poor Airi XD

    1. A kick seriously? I don’t one bit. I know that some girls are always going to be pushed and become more popular than others, and I even accept that it’s going to be Riho. However, I do think her push is a little premature. Especially since as of right now her voice isn’t really at a high enough level to be as pushed as she is. At least Maki’s voice showed that she was ready for her push. Reina got pushed right off the bat, but she also had the vocals for it. I prefer when the girls work for it. Even Ai wasn’t pushed right off the bat. Look how far Risa and Sayumi have come. They have had to work every step of the way for what they got. And I actually admire that. I also don’t think Riho has the personality for the push. But Japanese fans do seem to like more laid back and shy personalities.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Mano Erina, but it’s kind of insulting how little she’s featured in this PV. I mean, the only soloist of H!P should get a solo line, don’t you think? Also surprised by the lack of Momoko.

    Otherwise, I love this song a lot. Hope it sells well. I’d like to see the mega-group release more singles, it’s a good way to showcase H!P as a whole, and maybe get them on some prime-time shows.

    1. I’m not really a big ManoEri fan either, but she has been growing on me in recent months. She absolutely should for that reason. But the H!P All Stars line distribution honestly wan’t much better. So, I wasn’t really expecting her to get a line. I’m not surprised by the lack of anyone. They pushed the top members. Obvious not every single top member couldn’t have a line. Just like every single top member couldn’t have a line in All For One And One For All.

      I love the song a lot too. I didn’t at first, but now I do. I would love to see more Mobekimasu. Ever since I became and H!P fan I’ve always wanted to see another H!P All Stars single. I’m thrilled us fans are finally getting one. I’m not so sure if this will get them prime-time shows. As they are usually reserved for popular groups, or so it seems. And H!P isn’t really the best at promoting their groups.

  3. Honestly, I loved this PV! But then again I seem to love everything H!P brings out (oh wait, there’s Berryz… though I love some of their songs, and S/mileage can be subject to dislike sometimes XD) Anyways, I agree that ManoEri is shown so little, as is Aika :< not FAIR – and, though not the biggest fan of Riho, I think it's good that she was the centre XD

    Anyways, I loved the song and PV, and though I was reminded of Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai dress wise as well as how Reina acts in the video, I thought it was great, but I can see where you are coming from. I didn't think that it was like H!P all stars! XD

    BUT I LOVE IT <3

    1. I loved it too! I usually love everything H!P puts out. I have hardly ever been truly disappointed. (I love Berryz, and I’ve been a huge S/mileage fan from day 1. They like never disappoint me. XD) No, it’s not really fair. But that’s whats destined for the less popular girls. :/ I’m not a big fan of Riho either, and I didn’t like her in the center. Eventually I do think she’ll deserve to be their. But honestly right now, she doesn’t have the talent to be as pushed as much as she is. I’m actually really excited to see what happens in the 10th gens debut single. I want a 10th gen girl to overshadow Riho. Just for it to be exciting again to not really know who’s going to get lines in the next single.

      I love the PV and song too. The dresses don’t look like Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai at all to me. They look like the dresses they wore in the H!P 2010 Summer Fankora concert. I don’t get what you mean by the way Reina acts. She’s acting like she always does. XD I think it was. In the sense that the PV was set up the exact same way.

      I love it too! <3

  4. I didn’t really mind the simplicity in the H!P Allstars vid because H!P was bigger back then, but yeah, IDK I was kinda underwhelmed by this new song. I liked All for One and One for All better (I’m referring to the song only)

    1. I didn’t mind the simplicity of the H!P All Stars PV either. I love the PV, there was a lot of personality in it. I actually love Mobekimasu’s song. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me. I don’t think it can be compared to All For One And One For All just because they are completely different styles.

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