Berryz Koubou’s and C-ute’s bittersweet collaboration

A high quality version of Berryz Koubou’s and C-ute’s firstcollab sinlge, Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku, has finally been released. A little over a week ago the PV was released, but it was in such low quality I decided to wait to make my review.

I have to admit I have been disappointed with Berikyuu’s collab pretty much from the get go. The idea was exciting, but they did not execute it well at all. The song itself is bland, and we are also given an equally lack luster PV. The PV isn’t cheap, and it’s not that it’s boring. But I just don’t like they story that it’s portraying. The ironic thing is I’m always complaining that H!P PVs don’t have enough of a storyline, and now that they release a PV with a cleat story I still don’t like it. I guess I’m a little hard to please. But that’s because I have very distinct tastes.
I do give Berikyuu and absolute A for effort because there is a a crystal clear story going on. The PV follows the girls getting ready for the Japanese Cultural Festival at their school. The girls are, I’m guessing part of the choir or some sort of singing club, and the PV depicts them getting ready for their performance. They are shown picking the music, setting thing up, practicing, and their actual performance. Pretty much the whole shebang. But it also randomly shows them getting their diplomas. So, they might actually be singing at their graduation. But then why are they in kimonos. Ok, so maybe the PV itself isn’t 100% crystal clear. But it’s about 95%.
I am just completely bored of school settings. They have done this theme to death in idol PVs. AKB48 alone has had about 5 or more school PVs. And unless they are going to do something unexpecting with the school setting like AKB48’s Namida Surprise PV, SKE48’s 1234 Yoroshiku PV, or even Buono’s Kiss Kiss Kiss PV, I would really care if I saw another school themed PV again. Especially ones about ones to appear to be about school festivals. An actual school festival looks amazingly fun, and I am extremely jealous the US doesn’t do things like that. However, recreating one never comes off as fun or interesting. AKB48’s Oogoe Diamond PV had a festival theme and was a little interesting. But I only really liked the parts where they were practicing their dances. All the other scenes were a little boring to be honest.

I wish I could read what that said. But it’s most likely a generic school name. If I made the PV I would have given it a clever name. XD

Of course there has to be cherry blossoms.

The outfits are horrible. Couldn’t they have given them pretty kimonos at least?

Cheap effect, but I love it. And I love that everyone but Airi and Maasa are doing peace signs. Lol.

Wow, Maimi looks gorgeous. *O*

I’m sure Yurina does too. But right here she’s forcing her smile too much. And it’s way too big and noticeably fake.

I don’t like Miaybi with short hair.

My god, Airi is so beautiful and cute at the same time!

That hair does absolutely nothing for Risako. She looks awful.

Momoko looking as adorable as ever.

Saki does look pretty here. I love her hairstyle.

Yurina! Simply gorgeous!

Chisato honestly looks a little frumpy here.

Setting things up, how interesting. XD

I love how lively Chinami looks.

Adorable. This new hair really suits Mai. She’s never looked prettier.

Oh, practicing. They really know how to make an exciting PV that just grabs you in.

Adorable Momoko.

This looks more like teasing then scolding.

Yurina should have been in the back, she’s just towering over everyone. Lol.

MaiMai just looks so cute in this PV.

Look at all the random extras.


So, a graduation afterall?

I hate that this song doesn’t have a dance.

These were the best close-ups in the whole PV.

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  1. Just a side note since it’s up there,
    the banner says roughly “Celebration, congratulations on graduating” 🙂

    PS Thanks for posting reviews up! I like reading your perspective of things 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the translation.<3 I guess it is a graduation after all. XD My Japanese is extremely limited. And I can read even less then I can speak. Lol.

      You're welcome. And I'm glad you like my reviews. :]

  2. I think we screen capped the same pictures, because I just finished my post on this, and then looked at yours XD

    Aim, we’re twins <3

    Anyway, I agree with you about 95% when it comes to this PV – I agree that Chisato looks frumpy, that Risako looks horrible thanks to the hair and make-up, and I agree that it's a pretty lack-luster song (and PV bwahaha).

    I love your perspective of PVs – we may differ on certain things, but sometimes we come to the same conclusion, which I love.

    Anyway, another wonderful post from you! I can't wait for your review of Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku!~

    1. Haha really? *Goes to read you post* We seriously did. There’s like 8 or more pictures that we both used. Lol.

      We completely are!<3

      Chisato does look frumpy, which is sad. Especially since she has been looking absolutely gorgeous lately. And that hair really does look awful on Risako. I can't imagine what the sytlist had to have ben drinking to think that was a good idea. Lol. It is lack luster. The song I really had high hopes for since it's BeriKyuu together finally. But I was utterly disappointed. The PV at least tried to be interesting, but I've just seen it all before.

      Thanks.<3 Well lately my PVs review have been on the negitive side (They've been pretty boring lately to be honest.) so I guess we must both be pretty cynical fans. Lol.

      Glad you liked it. :] I can't wait to review that. All of H!P together is amazing, and will probably end up with me making a mile long post. XD But the PV so far looks pretty boring. Let's hope the finished PV is better than the previews.

  3. I used to like them a lot and it had died down big time, but seriously you put these groups together to make their original line up of Hello! Project Kids to make a song that is boring? lol

    This reminds me why I left the H!P fandom, their A-Sides are boring that belongs as B-Sides again. Doesn’t help that the video is boring as hell.

    Nice try, but try harder tsunku 😉

    1. I stil like them a lot. Well, it’s not exactly the original line up of H!P kids as Megumi, Erika, and Maiha are gone, but close enough. Lol. I have to admit, I am disappointed with the song though.

      I don’t really see that as a reason to leave the H!P fandom, as they are still releasing good songs. Great album songs, B-sides, and A-sides. But since everything is based on personal opinion, and preference, I suppose you can’t please everyone. Even if you could, you can’t please everyone all the time. H!P’s releases are hit or miss. Much like pretty much every other idol group in Japan. Eventually an idol group are going to release something you don’t like. Like AKB48 this year. Despite being extremely popular they have been releasing predictable and uncreative songs this year, besides Flying Get. Flying Get was great in my opinion. However, I don’t think a few bad songs is really a reason to leave the fandom completely. But that’s just me. I’ll stick by my idols to the bitter end. Besides, I haven’t been disappointed by H!P yet. If I am disappointed by an A-side chances are they’ll release an album song I love, and vice versa.

      Yes, I agree that Tsunku should have tried harder with this particular song. However, he is trying hard with other groups. Have you heard Morning Musume’s 47th single or 12th album? Every song on that single is amazing. And pretty much every album song is brilliant.

  4. I thought this PV was pretty flat and lifeless, and doesn’t really match the high-energy spirit of the song (which I like tons more than you did). I wish H!P had taken a bit more effort to create a story for this one — why not do a 10 minute drama about these girls at the school and make it part of the PV? That’s the kind of stuff that AKB’s doing, and that’s why AKB is exciting people.

    It’s almost as if they used all their creativity for Momusu’s 47th double-A single PV, and don’t have anymore left. It’s kind of depressing, because I know that H!P has a lot of talented, creative people.

    1. I think it was pretty flat and lifeless too. But I don’t see how the song is high energy at all. It is far too soft to be considered high energy. There is a story for the PV. I do agree that they cold have pushed the story further though. However, I honestly do not want a 10 minute PV. I think PVs of that length are just far to long. I’ve only ever watched the storylines of AKB48 PVs once. And I skipped the 18 minute version of Flying Get all together. 18 minutes is almost a length of a TV show, it’s just too much for a PV in my opinion.

      It actually does seem like they did that. Which is shame really. But H!P has always done things like that. Rather then every group making interseting PVs, it’s usually just one group at atime getting the full focus.

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