SKE48-Okie Dokie PV preview

A few days ago the PV preview for SKE48’s upcoming 7th single, Okie Dokie, was released. I don’t remember them releasing a radio rip for this song, so as far as I’m aware this is the first time us fans are hearing the song as well.

The song itself is really upbeat and happy, and definitely sounds like something SKE48 would release. However, I think a lot of their past singles were a lot stronger. All of SKE48’s past A-sides, excluding Aozora Kataomoi, have had a very similar sound. Which is this very heavy dance music, and it’s something I have honestly come to expect from SKE48. I know obviously all of their songs can’t sound exactly the same, but so far they pretty much have. So, why ruin a good thing? I don’t know about most people, SKE48’s singles are the exact sound I expect from all my idol groups. Which is why I love upbeat groups like Passpo and Momoiro Clover Z, and tend to complain when songs aren’t upbeat. Okie Dokie is pretty upbeat, however the music isn’t quite there yet. They could have pushed it a bit further. And I actually don’t like that this song is called Okie Dokie. Okie dokie isn’t really a “cool” English phrase you really want to incorporate into a song. The phrase okie dokie itself is pretty dorky and slightly childish, and whenever it’s used it’s a phrase people pretty much laugh at because of how dated its become. So, having them say Okie Dokie about 10 times makes me laugh a bit. And can I just say that when Jurina said Okie Dokie Ikuzo, it immediately reminded me of when ManoEri says Genkimono de Ikou. XD

The song might be a little average to me, but there’s one thing SKE48 always gets right and that’s the PV. SKE48 past 4 PVs have been very elaborate and over the top. They have had a lot of elements and have been extremely interesting to watch. And it’s nice to see that they seem to be keeping up the pace. The PV is actually really cheaply made. But it’s one of those PVs that are so interesting you hardly notice how low budget the PV actually is. There is so much going on in this PV. There are cheerleaders in the background, and interesting night life type of setting with neon signs, and really interesting scenes with them dancing in water in 80’s inspiried outfits. And I absolutely love the neon writing overlays on their close-up shots. So far, SKE48 seem to have hot this one out of the park. I doubt there’s much more going on in the full version of this PV, but I’m ok with that. The PV is entertaining enough how it is now.

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