Yamapi and Ryo-chan announce withdraw from NEWS

I said I was going to do it, and I did. I was absolutely optimistic until the very end. But in the end, reality catches up to all of us. And now I have to blog about an announcement I never wanted to hear. And announcement I never wanted to admit would happen. It was announced that Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikdo Ryo are withdrawing from NEWS, and that NEWS will now carry on as a 4 person group. Yamapi said his reason for leaving is to persue a solo career. And Ryo-chan’s reason is it has become to tiring to be part of 2 groups anymore.

Well, I was right about NEWS not breaking up. And I was right about Yamapi’s departure not spelling the end for NEWS. So why aren’t I happy? I am actually as far away from happy as you can get. Devastated is nowhere near a strong enough word to describe how I feel right now. I have such a huge attachment to NEWS that this news has caused such an intense, almost crippling, pain. After I found out I immediately started to cry. Which is one of the few advantages of being a female idol fan. I’m not sure if male fans cry over news like this. But as a fan I developed a relationship with my favorite idols. After following them for so long, and knowing almost everything about them it really feels like we’re friends. Not in the normal sense of the word, but in this odd way that is completely unique to idol fans. So, if anything happens to my favorite idol group or idol that makes it so I can no longer see them, of course I’m going to react as if this was happening to a regular friend. And the only logical responce then is to cry. And I’ve cried many times over idols. I got 10 minutes into Kon Kon’s graduation concert and started crying and have never watched it to this day for that reason. Kago Ai announced she was making a come back in the entertainment world so I cried tears of joy. Arihara Kanna left C-ute I weeped. Kusumi Koharu announced her graduation I was hit with a devistation as strong as I’m feeling now. I got half way through Koharu’s graduation concert before I cried and could no longer watch it. Didn’t even trying to watch Eri’s, LinLin’s, and JunJun’s graduation concert. Crying just seems like an automatic, uncontrolable responce.

Right now it literally feels like there is a giant gaping hole in my chest. I cried for about 20 minutes straight. Even now I am struggling to keep the tears back. And people reading this can mock that all they want. They can think it’s an overreaction all they want. But I honestly don’t care, I’m putting it all out there. People might even think there’s not a reason to cry because NEWS isn’t breaking up. But there obviously is. And I’m not going to sit here and pretend this doesn’t effect me at all, because it does. It effects me a lot. And I’m honestly crying for a number of reasons. I’m crying because I will never see Ryo-chan in NEWS again. (Believe it or not I don’t care that Yamapi is gone.) I’m crying because NEWS will never be the same again. But I’m mostly crying because NEWS as I know it no longer exists, which is the reason I cried so much over Koharu. I cried a lot over Kusumi Koharu because I loved her. She was my absolute favorite H!P person at the time, and still is. I loved everything about her. And for her to go suddenly was heartbreaking. But really the main reason I cried was because Koharu was the reason I knew what Morning Musume and Hello!Project was. The reason I found out about idols in the first place. And it was like the whole reason why I loved idols was disappearing. Which is exactly what NEWS was with Johnny’s. Before I heard of NEWS I literally didn’t know there even were male idols. No, seriously I didn’t. And when I first heard Weeeek it was like I was introduced to a world I had no idea existed. The same way that Dir en grey was my introduction to Japanese music as a whole. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if they broke up.

Right now about 40 minutes have past since I heard about this. And the news is sinking in. I’m starting to accept it now. Well, not really accept because I don’t accept it and never will. I’m pretty much just acknowledging that it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it. Because there’s not. Like I said before, us idol fans are completely helpless when it comes to things like this. I honestly don’t know what to do right now. NEWS is my favorite group, but they are becoming a shell of what they used to be. NEWS started as 9, but is now down to 4. And NEWS to me has always really just been Ryo-chan. He’s the first person I noticed. And instantly become my favorite. When I first got into NEWS people told me I shouldn’t like him because of how much of a jerk he was. I found a video of Ryo saying he hated Ueda and I literally laughed about it. And from that moment I fell in love with tsundere, poison tounged Ryo-chan. And he’s pretty much all I focused on. Yamapi is gorgeous but he’s a little boring to me. And it’s because he’s to nice and softspoken. And hardly ever makes jokes. I cannot stand Tegoshi because of how arrogant he is. Kei-chan and Shige are awesome. But they are only really entertaining together. Alone they are kind of hit or miss. And Massu I’m sort of indifferent towards him. However, together they kind of bring out the best in each other. They are always hilarious moments on TV appearances or concert DVDs.

I can’t even imagine what NEWS being 4 members will be like. Ryo and Yamapi sing a lot of lyrics. And most of those lyrics will not sound as good with someone else singing them. Do you think anyone but Ryo could pull off Code? Or listen to Kei-chan’s high note in Sayaendou comapred to Yamapi’s. It’s nowhere near as good. Shige is the worst singer in NEWS and can barely handle his own lines. NEWS needs Ryo’s deep husky voice and Yamapi’s soft pretty voice. But obviously they don’t have it anymore. When I first became a NEWS fan Fiesta became my favorite song, and it still is. Half because it’s catchy and half because Ryo-chan sings a big chunk of the song. What will Fiesta sound like now? I mean, it’s still not the same without Kusano. But without Yamapi and Ryo, I can’t imagine it.

I can understand that Ryo wanted to leave NEWS. I get it. They overworked him so much, that eventually something had to give. But Yamapi, seriously. I’m sorry if his solo activites are really about the US as well, he’s worse off then Jin. And I have to admit that I am slightly angry at Yamapi and Kanjnai8. But there’s not point in feeling that way. It’s not going to change anything.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do now. As heartbroken as I am now, and as much as I don’t want to at this moment, I’ll most likely continue to support NEWS as I always have. And of course Yamapi’s solos stuff, and I’ll probably even give Kanjani8 another shot. Well, not another shot. I’ve actually never really cared to even listen to them beyond singles. I never bothered to watch more then a couple of their appearances. Kanjani8 is now officially the only way I get to see Ryo-chan. When he was in NEWS I didn’t have to bother with them because I could just focus on him in NEWS.

The bottom line is this isn’t really the rest of NEWS’s fault. And NEWS is still NEWS no matter what. And I actually have a lot more respect for Tegoshi and Massu now. They could have jumped ship because they have Tegomass. But sticking with NEWS basically just for the fans and KoyaShige, you can’t help but admire them for that. Even though Tegoshi is probably thrilled now. He’ll most likely be the face of NEWS now, and attention whore Tegoshi will love that.

The funny thing is just last night I watched a bunch of old NEWS clips and shows because I had faith in them returning. And I hadn’t watched some of those clips in a while. It’s funny how much can change in a day.

Here are some nostalgic NEWS videos. Well, mostly nistalgic for me.

NEWS’s Weeeek PV, the first song I ever heard by them.

My favorite NEWS song Fiesta.

Kei-chan saying they will be nothing without Yamapi. Which actually isn’t funny anymore. Skip to 8 minutes in to see that part.

I loved this game from the Shounen Club. And love Ryo-chan yelling in Osaka ben.

And my favorite NEWS wo abake.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Share, the song NEWS wrote together.

Just a sad song that kind of sums up how I feel.

And Dreams from their comeback concert. Where NEWS was so happy to be back together they cried. The fans cried too.

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  1. Yeah, it’s actually really sad. Even though it’s the next day I am still not over it. XD That’s exactly how I feel. Yamapi shouldn’t really have left. But Jin must have told him how much better it is to be solo or something. But you know, Yamapi can do whatever. He was never really my favorite member. If Yamapi stays in Japan he’ll be a success. But I don’t think the US would be a smart move for him. Jin most likely is going to flop here. Maybe if he’s lucky he’ll make a career out of acting. But I don’t see his music becoming popular. And Yamapi’s music is pretty much on the same level as Jin’s. I get why Ryo left, but I’m honestly sad that he did. He was my favorite too, and will always be my favorite in JE. But I don’t really listen to Kanjani8. And it sucks that now I pretty much have to if I want to see or hear Ryo again. :/ And I don’t think he preferred Kanjani8. I think he most likely told Johnny about his heavy work load. And then I think it was Johnny’s idea to make him leave NEWS, because he has no plans of slowing down Kanjnai8 while they are really popular now. I don’t believe for one second he had a choice. I’ll support NEWS to because I always have. I actually dislike Tegoshi a lot. I can’t stand his arrogant “prince” type personality. But Kei-chan and Shige are always entertaining. They were my favorite members after Ryo anyway. I only wish the best for Ryo-chan as well. And honestly he’ll always do well because he’s extremely popular. He was the face of 2 groups.

  2. I agree about Yamapi. He is kind of boring… From the first time I heard of him I thought he was a good singer, and was freaking hot. But besides being a decent singer, his personality is not that charismatic. And his voice is very… empty. Actually I’ve always found his personality kind of empty and emotionless. I don’t hate him, but he should have stayed in NewS. I think he will be succesful simply because he’s popular already. But I think he is overrated. Oh, and I find Tegoshi really annoying too. Like you said Tegoshi will definately become the new face of NEWS considering he is the best singer.

    1. That’s pretty much how I feel about Yamapi. I like his voice and he’s absolutely gorgeous. But beyond that there’s really nothing special about him. I don’t think his voice is empty, but it is only really suited for soft and slow songs. Which is why he sounds amazing in songs like Gomen ne Juliet and Mafuyu no Nagareboshi. He does come off a bit emotionless. I’m not sure why, it’s like he’s always awkward in interviews. And it’s worse when he’s alone. XD Exactly. If any of the top Johnny’s went solo (obviously in Japan, I won’t even touch the American aspect of this. Because honestly no Johnny’s boy has a chance in the US.) they would do well because of popularity. I mean, MatsuJun can’t sing to save his life, yet his solo single would easily reach number 1. Yamapi is extremely overrated. Awesome. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds Tegoshi annoying. XD And he will totally be the new face of NEWS, but not because he’s the best singer. He’s always been the best singer. But Yamapi and Ryo were the face because they were more popular. Tegoshi will become the new face because he’s the most popular remaining member.

  3. This is exactly how I felt when Ryutaro was suspended from HSJ…because I feared that my favorite member would never come back to the group and that I’d never see his smile ever again, never see him in the magazine scans with the rest of the group. I’m still hoping he makes it back one day, but I’ve now prepared my heart of the worst case scenario (that he disappears from the industry altogether). So even though I didn’t cry over RyoPi’s withdrawal from NEWS, I still feel your pain and I’ll say that it gets better with time. Just let yourself mourn for now.

    1. Well, I can honestly say I feel your pain. And it sucks. 🙁 Ryutaro actually has a good chance of returining to HSJ though. I didn’t think he had a chance in the beginning, but now I actually think he does. He’s still in they Hey! Say! JUMP artist section on Johnny’s net, and the fact that he was allegedly at thei Summary concert. It totally had to be him! I actually think he’ll be back in JUMP eventually. After Uchi and Kusano left NEWS they were pretty much done. Disappeared from everything and demoted to trainees.
      Thanks. I know it does, but as of right now it still hurts. And I am letting myself mourn. I also feel a little silly though. Since Ryo is still in Kanjani8, I shouldn’t be as upset as I am. It’s not like he’s gone forever. But it’s still not the same as Ryo in NEWS. :/

  4. I dont understand why people find it acceptable that Ryo left but not Yamapi. If Ryo used the excuse that he is being overworked because he is in two groups at once during the time when NEWS had so much work along side K8 then Ok I will get it and believe thats the reason. But he left at the same time Pi left. The time when there has not been any NEWS activity the past 8 months. That simply does not add up.

    If busy schedule and overexhaustion is the issue then Yamapi’s decision to withdraw should also be respected and accepted because his workload is much more than Nishikido Ryo. There is even a time when he was suppose to be resting because he has been ill but he could not because right after the filming of codeblue he had to start the intense 6 week training for AnJ and this was soon followed by the NEWS activity, concerts etc. He was heard backstage talking to his manager asking when can he take a break but his manager said not for a while.

    Based on Yamapi’s track record he is not the type that would admit that he is being overworked or that he is told by the agency to leave even if it were the case. Instead he as expected took the manly path. There was no need for him to officially leave NEWS but even if he did not, the agency still have NO INTENTIONS OF GIVING NEWS WORK! Ryo is pulled out of NEWS because K8 is already popular enough to stand on its own.
    To simply put it, removing RYo and Yamapi from NEWS is JE’s subtle way of euthanizing the group.

    Between Nishikido and Yamapi, Yamapi sacrificed and cared more about NEWS than Nishikido. NIshikido was not pulled away from his original group, was able to enjoy both K8 and NEWS popularity and was able to take control of the group granted Pi is too lenient to boss them around. Pi was pulled away from 4tops which regretfully resulted to the disbandment of the most popular Jr group from the Showa era and had suffered severely causing his health to be compromised.
    — Nothing special about Yamapi—
    Opinions vary.
    He will not get to where he is if he was nothing off the ordinary. Sure goodlooks is a plus but that alone is not enough to give an idol staying power. Overrated? Yes and No. He gets far too little credit that he deserves most of the time.

    1. I understand what you mean. I wrote this post when I first found out and wanted to believe that Ryo was really overworked. But much like you said I don’t really believe that now and haven’t for a while. It does not add up to leave when NEWS wasn’t active at all this year. I even wrote a post about not believeing Ryo called: “Would telling the truth be so awful.” If you care about it, here’s the link: http://intlwota.com/janakyamottainai/?p=1523 I got a lot of backlash for that post. XD

      The reason most fans don’t accept that Yamapi left isn’t because they don’t believe his reasoning, because Yamapi’s reason for leaving wasn’t because he’s overworked. He left because he wanted to go solo. Fans don’t accept it because for months all he said was that he was not going to leave NEWS, and to wait for NEWS’s return, and that he couldn’t wait to release something with NEWS again. So, most fans obviously felt betrayed. Personally, I don’t really care that Yamapi left. He wanted to do the solo thing, that’s whatever it’s his life. Yamapi was hardly my favorite member. I found him a bit boring. I’ll miss him from NEWS because I like his voice and that he’s nice to look at. But really that’s about it. NEWS’s personality was mainly in KoyaShige and Ryo. As for Yamapi not being able to take a break, that is sad. But it’s nothing new. Johnny’s hardly ever let their talents rest or have vacation. However, I don’t see him leaving NEWS changing that. Yamapi is extremely popular. So, he will still most likely get roles in movies and dramas. And the intense concert and recording schedule he had with NEWS will now be replaced with his solo activities. And it is a lot harder to hold a solo concert. As you are dancing and singing the entire time without a break. At least during NEWS concerts you got a small break during the other member’s solo songs, or songs you weren’t featured in.

      I absolutely 100% do not think leaving wasn’t Yamapi’s idea. It completely was. There were tabloid pictures of him meeting with the president of Warner music a few months before the announcment that he left NEWS. Obviously something was up. As for Ryo hoesntly it could be either or. I want to say leaving was 100% his idea, but there’s still a large part of me that doesn’t believe that. And I absolutely do think NEWS are going to get work. And the reason for that is, I’ve been saying this for a while, that NEWS doesn’t need to exist anymore. Since JE makes money off of 4/6 of NEWS outside of the NEWS activities. The only reason NEWS is together, and is still together now, is because Johnny is a brilliant businessman. With NEWS still together he can make maximum money off the fans. They could have completely announced NEWS breaking up and had KoyaShige debut or simply not care what happens to them. But JE knows that diehard fans will still support NEWS, actually now more than ever. So, instead of making money off of just Tegomass, Kanjani8, and solo Yamapi, they can continue to make a large revenue off of NEWS. Even if NEWS releases 1 single a year, 1 concert a year, and 1 album a year. It would still pull in an extremely large ammount of money. With the sale of singles in multiple editions, albums in muliple editions, shop photos, concert goods, magazine sales, and the yearly calendar. It is more than enough money to justify NEWS staying together. Dissaolving NEWS now would make the company lose millions of dollars. Especially since their singles sell about what KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP are selling, and I don’t see them breaking up. And both KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP recently, HSJ obviously way more recently, both lost members. So it witll not euthanize the group. There is still far too much money to be made off of NEWS to simply have them stop releasing singles. Fans have stuck by them with one single a year, if they continue to do that fans will continue to stick by them.

      I am no expert of NEWS’s member Junior days, and I am hardly an expert on Yamapi. Mostly because he wasn’t really my favorite member. I only watched his appearances with NEWS. But I do know quite a bit about Ryo and to say Yamapi cared more than Ryo is absurd. Despite, the image that Ryo has a cared a lot about NEWS. He tried to make the members hang out together more, but the members never wanted to. So, it’s understandable if he didn’t have some of the members phone numbers. Or called them breifly on their birthdays. He still tried to make and effort. And he often acted as the unofficial leader of NEWS. Much like he does with Kanjani8, because that’s just how he is. I know absolutely nothing about 4tops. So sadly, I can’t really comment on that. However, I doubt Yamapi suffered health problems just because 4top was extremely popular and disbanded. I don’t remeber hearing Yabu and Hikaru being severly sick because Ya-Ya-Yah disbanded and they joined Hey! Say! JUMP. It wasn’t Yamapi’s choice or decision to join NEWS. Just like it wasn’t HSJ’s decision to leave Ya-Ya-Yah or JJ Express. It’s Johnny’s decision. And if Yamapi really had a problem with joining NEWS, and not having 4tops debut, he could have left when Moriuchi Takahiro did. The fact that he didn’t means on some level he wanted to be a member of NEWS. No matter how much fans like to say he never wanted to join.

      Actually sometimes goodlooks is enough to give an idol staying power. Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Ai aren’t really the most interesting idols in Japan. However, they are or were the most popular members of their groups. Actually I have to say that Yamapi is completely overrated and actually gets more credit then he deserves. He is good looking, a good singer, and a pretty good actor. However, he’s too bland personality wise for my liking. I prefer my idols to be entertaining. Which is a big reasons why I like idols in the first place.

      1. Yamapi was severely sick when 4tops disbanded. just because you didn’t hear about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. he was anorexic at that time and even thought about leaving johnny’s altogether. and i don’t get why you people blame Pi for leaving and not blame ryo. Pi left because he wanted to go solo, and he’s taking responsibility for it. while ryo is just blaming everything on the tight schedule and heavy work load when he’s been doing these for 8 years now, why did he left at the same time as Pi? and its not like NEWS did anything in the past year. he most probably felt that NEWS won’t be NEWS without Pi and decided to leave as well, ryo was also closest to Pi so i guess Pi leaving was also part of ryo’s reason for leaving. but i find him hiding behind the excuse of heavy work load pretty damn pathetic.

        1. I don’t really know anything about 4tops, and I never claimed too. As I’ve said before, I’m not really a big Yamapi fan. So, I don’t really know absolutely everything about him. People keep saying that I am blaming Yamapi and not Ryo. And that’s not true at all. Yes, in this post I am blaming Yamapi and not so much Ryo, because I wtore this post about a half hour after I found out. And I honestly wasn’t thinking clearly and was more lenient towards Ryo because he was my favorite NEWS member. I blamed Yamapi so much because he assured fans for months that he was not going to leave and to just wait for their return. So, it does hurt that he lied. But it’s whatever, it’s his life. And I pretty much accept that he wasn’t happy and wanted more. After I was in a better mind set and really though about things, I realized Ryo is as much to blame as Yamapi. And wrote the blog post, if you care to read it, “Would telling the truth be so awful?” Where I basically say that Ryo wasn’t really as overworked as he said he was and used that as an excuse to leave. Which is also whatever. He can live his life as he wants. So, I realized that Ryo is lying. Yamapi is owning up to it a bit, but it’s still pretty selfish. And it makes a fool of the fans a bit. Ryo probably wanted to leave NEWS for a while and finally saw his chance when Yamapi wanted out.
          I know Ryo was closest with Yamapi, but at the same time Ryo always tried to get everyone together to go out to drink or eat, but everyone was always too busy. He seemed to be pretty close with Shige to. At least during tour documentaries he did. It is a bit pathetic, and I do not believe it for a minute. It’s just when I wrote this I was too upset to think clearly.

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