AKB48 fails to blow me away

The full PV for AKB48’s Kaze wa Fuiteiru was released a few days ago.

And I have to say I am just competely dissapointed by everything about this single. Since this single is a charity single it seems like they are using that as an excuse to not even try to do anything with it. The song itself is boring. The lyrics are supposed to be encouraging and tell you that after despair and pain there’s happiness. And that the wind will always blow so let go of everything you’ve lost, and just start over. And I get it, it makes perfect sense for people of lost everything during the earthquake. But I’m just not into it. The lyrics feel stale, and it’s the same type of meaningful song that AKB48 always makes. I’m just not impressed by it. The lyrics are pretty, but I’ve just heard it all before.
And as for the PV it is for too simple. Fans can tell me all they want that it has to be simple because it’s a charity song. And that’sreally not true. You can put effort into a PV without spending that much money. Or if that’s really the case and this single is mainly to help Japan, they could have asked cameramen, light people, costume designer all to donate their time and resources for the greater good. I’m pretty sure St. Jude Children’s Hospital does similar things to film their commericals. Or if AKB48 couldn’t do that why didn’t they follow real people that were effected during the disaster and show their struggle and how they are moving on. Which would have been virtually free to film. Or AKB48 could have made their own storyline showing just that. Or they could have done something like showing all of the girls wandering through the woods scared and alone. Falling down and struggling. And then joining together in the end to show that their are strength in number and you can get through anything. Which is also pretty cheap, because they could have used the same set and just added some trees. And that’s basically what the covers for this single show. The covers, I think, are really beautiful. They are sad looking and beautiful at the same time, and the girls are styled amazingly. Where was that in the PV?
So, this being a charity single doesn’t really give the PV an excuse to be horrible boring. It honestly feels like AKB48 just isn’t trying in this PV. They know they could make a song with them sneezing, and the PV could be them dressed in potato sacks, and it would still sell a million copies. And riding the fame wave like that makes their music stale. All of the singles for 2011 are are the same ones from 2010, and their album Koko ni Ita Koto, was pretty awful in my opinion. And I know since this is idol music I shouldn’t be expecting a lot anyway, but I want it to at least feel like they are trying. This PV is nothing but a danceshot, and other idol groups have been bashed for less. It feels like because AKB48 is on the top fans, and management, feel they can do no wrong.

What’s with magical doors in idol PVs anymore. And look how cheaply made the backdrop is. You can see every different square fabric easily.

Oh, AKB48 is entering from sepia world, how sad.

Gee nice dresses.

They’d be even better if they were actually original.

Completely necessary leg close-up.

Even the dance is too simple.

I can’t stand how frumpy and dowdy they look in this PV.

Somehow Mayu still manages to look cute though.

The way they are styled it’s a little hard to tell who is who. I had to think for a second before I realized this was Mariko.

The dance just does not get better.

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    1. Lol thanks. :] Sure they are. Obviously not fabric or style of dress. But they are both dresses on top of white shirts, with black stockings, black shoes, and even similar head pieces.

      1. I fail to see the resemblance as well: AKB’s dresses are one pieces, so they don’t really go over anything. They are made of a silky material, and their hats are the kind of headpiece usually worn to attend funerals. The only similarity I see are the black tights, because AKB is wearing ballet flats, while MM had high heeled shoes.

        1. I meant that the dresses/outfits are styled similarly. Because they are. They are both a dress on top of a white shirt, connected or not. Of course the fabric isn’t the same, but it doesn’t have to be the same fabric to be similar. And the black tights, and having black shoes, and hats. Obviously the shoes and hats are not the exact same. I never said they were identical, just similar. Lots of idols wear similar outfits, and I usually point that out in my PV reviews. I even point out similar dance moves.

  1. it must be a matter of preference, bec i like this song best among their releases this year. The guitar strumming during the intro is a win for me. I think it’ll become a habit for me to wait till late of the year for their scheduled “cool” releases.

    1. Really? I find that surprising. Flying Get was the best single this year to me. XD The music is a bit to simple for me. I don’t really like slow paced songs that much, in English or Japanese. I would hate if they had a specific time to release a specific type of song. It would make AKB48 too predictable. :/

      1. I think they have. Their ‘cool’ singles are scheduled to be released latter part of the year. Just like Beginner was last year. Then the single from the Janken tournament would be the last, same pattern as last year.

  2. I personally really enjoyed this song (first AKB song I have liked straight off the bat), but that may just be because I prefer darker songs to the overly genki songs idols usually release. But I agree that the PV is very simple. Apparently it’s the dance version though, so maybe there will be something more to it (hopefully…). Honestly though I think part of the problem is with the girls themselves, in that the image is one that’s pretty hard for most of them to portray (Maeda honestly looks completely lost in this PV at times). I don’t think they managed to portray the weight of the meaning of the song and so they look like they’re not trying (idk if that makes sense XD) They’re probably more comfortable with the acting cute and being happy image. I feel like another singer with a little more charisma, probably someone older too, could have managed to make the PV more interesting.
    The styling is definitely meh :/ though, I feel like some of the girls can’t pull off the no-bangs look XP I thought the dancing though, while pretty boring choreo wise, was pretty sharp and well done for AKB, and at least they made an effort rather than just flailing around XD
    Concerning the Idol lyrics…I honestly don’t think they’re isn’t a single idol group whose lyrics we haven’t all heard before, they pretty restricted in what they sing about so, expecting something more is kind of expecting too much in my opinion no matter how popular the group is, but I could see how it would be tiring (I don’t usually look up lyrics so it doesn’t bother me too much XD )
    Nice review though!!! I’m glad you’re so free with your opinions 🙂

    1. Well, I am the completely opposite. Happy, upbeat, genki songs are the reason I like idols in the first place. XD Yes, apparently is it. There is more to it. Last right the CM for this was released and they showed the other PV which looks really odd. XD Yeah, a lot of the girls look really lost to me. They blend together too much, and it’s hard to pick out the girls. That’s exactly how I feel. They could have done so much more with the PV. Most likely, that’s what idols do afterall. Perhaps another singer could have, but for me they would have had to amp up the music and rearrange the singing completely to sell me on it.
      The styling is boring. I don’t like the whole pauper look. I actually didn’t really notice that. Honestly, I think most of the girls can pull of any look. Lol. All idols dancing is share. AKB48 has been around for years of course they would never flail around. Even when the dance is terrible, it’s always sharp.
      Yes, we’ve heard it all before, but there are ways to make it seem like we haven’t. You don’t look up the lyrics? But how can you like a song without knowing the meaning? D:
      Thanks. I always will be. :]

  3. I think an important thing to note is that this is the dance version of the PV, there’s a different version that appears in the promotional CM where they are like praying and making some sort of ritual to awake some totoro-like creature O_O pretty weird.

    I totally agree with you on the fact that they are getting to predictable, and I’ve been pretty much banging my head against the walls this year in particular because it frustrates me, and I loved when AKB was daring and original and wasn’t afraid to step on people’s toes to get a point across. However, I think that although this song meets the “yearly dark song” quota right on schedule, it’s also very different from RIVER and Beginner in feeling. While the former 2 are songs that encourage people to stand up and fight against the things or conceptions that don’t let them move forward, this one is more about acknowledging that you have lost many important things, but despite all of that (and without blaming it on anyone) life goes on.
    Sounds stupid, and maybe I’m overthinking a bit, but the fact that I can see a speck of originality in a world of sakura ballads and songs about hair accessories immediately caught my attention xD

    This is the best AKB A-side for me. Not only because it dares to not be generic and sweet like 99% of what they do nowadays, but because it’s also a little step further away from the formulaic RIVER and Beginner.

    I’m torn between thinking that they are just being lazy (which is a likely theory) or that they are afraid to stop catering to the mainstream taste, because they want to be popular as long as they can, knowing that it’s going to be limited, so they’re sticking to a formula they know works. I guess that when the sales start to decline we might see them trying something new to catch people’s attentions like they did before they were popular.

    I can’t deny that a small part of me is looking forward to that.

    1. Yeah, I saw the CM last night. It’s completely weird and just what I was expecting from this PV. As it seems like they are in the woods. And they are wearing the gorgeous outfits for the cover. Which makes me even more excited. This PV also has the weird and random factor that will either be hilarious or awesome. I have to ask though, I am confused about their being another version of the PV. Obviously idols release different version of their PVs all the time. But is the dance shot one the official PV that gets played on TV and such, and the other version is just another version included in the DVD? Sort of like when Morning Musume released Resonant Blue, the disappointing dance shot version was the official PV, while they wasted the much more interesting another version.
      Yeah it is pretty sad. I did absolutely love Flying Get, but I haven’t really been impressed with their other singles this year.

      Exactly, I love AKB48 songs like that. Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou is my favorite A-side for that reason. But River and Beginner were great songs in my opinion. Both had a great meaning and interesting music.
      That’s pretty much how the song is. But since it’s for the disaster victims it does make sense. But I’m just not really into this song. I actually didn’t like the Sakura ballads at all. And as for the hair accessory songs I love Ponytail to Shushu. I didn’t like Everyday Kachuusha at first, but it’s really growing on me now. XD

      I still don’t like the lyrics that much, and I don’t like the music. I think it’s silly to say it’s the best because it’s so unidol like. People said the same thing about Sakura no Shiori becasue it was choir music. Which was an equally silly reason. I don’t really listen to idol music for it to be unidol like. Sure, every once in a while I do like them to make something a little different. But at the end of the day I do prefer the sweet, happy, upbeat, and pretty much generic idol music. But that’s just me. XD

      I honestly think that’s exactly what it is. This single it’s completely lazy. Arashi who has been insanely popular for years does the same thing. They released 5 singles last year and only the first 2 were actual good. I also think that all idols are afraid to stop catering to the mainstream taste since it’s what makes them popular. Besides some poor management, and not adding new members, releasing sad songs added to their current rut. Idol fans usually want more of the same. However, since AKB48 has a lot of teenage fans I think they could be taking more risks musically then they actually do. Most likely.

      I didn’t actually think of that. I’m kinda looking forward to that too now.

    1. I’m not really a fan of the song. As for the PV I do agree with you. I thought this was the official PV, but it turns out to only be the dance shot.

  4. wooooow i totally agree!! and i had no idea that they made it for the earthquake… a little late maybe?? sheesh. i thought it was just some random single to fill the gaps between the singles that they actually try in.

    although i dont understand how people can think they can dance well. their dances are ok but they need to learn to have that line between strong movements and soft movements, it doesnt seem to work well for me. plus, does anyone else reckon that their dancing moves and style are quite masculine? is that some sort of jpop style or…..

    i like their songs only because they are upbeat and make me feel happy BECAUSE they are happy songs.
    i know that they can improve so much, and infact it is my ultimate dream to not only choreograph their dances but style their sets, their outfits, make up, produce for them and make them the original and undeniably loveable girls and idols they once were.

    i can go on and on about them and how i think that they could do much better with everything (especially dance and vocal projection for me) but ill keep it brief for now :p

    1. Glad that you agree. :] Yeah, they did make it for the earthquake. It was completely late for 2 reasons. 1: They already released a 2011 version of their song Dareka no Tame ni ~What I can do for Someone~ really quickly after the earthquake for charity. And 2: They were honestly more worried about getting their senbatsu single, Flying Get, out first. Oh, and “random single to fill the gaps between the singles that they actually try in.” Made me laugh alot, because it’s so true.

      I think AKB48 are good dances especially the Team K members. This dance, however, was hardly their best, and it didn’t really showcase what they are really capable of. AKB48 is pretty much the opposite of masculine. Watch pretty much any other PV by them and you will see how the song, dance, and styling is completely girly. They went for more of a dark and simple/soft look for this video. The only dance by them I actually think does look a bit masculine is River. And, no, it’s not really a Jpop style. And even if it was I have no idea. I am not an expert on Jpop. I mostly listen to idol music and Jrock. XD

      That’s exactly why I like AKB48 too and prefer their happy songs. They really can improve so much. But right now they are resting to much on their current popularity. And honestly, that will probably be their downfall. Just like it was for Morning Musume. That’s a huge dream. It does seem kind of impossible. Since I’ve never seen a director that produces, choreograhs, and styles people. But if you want to be the first, go for it. :]

      They completely could. But at the same time we are talking about idols. Idols are judged and based on looks and personality. Singing, and dancing, talent and ability are pretty much an after thought.

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