Morning Musume announces 48th single

It was just announced that Morning Musume will be releasing their 48th single. As of right now the single is untitled, but will be released on December 21st. This marks the first Morning Musume single without Ai-chan, and the first single to feature the 10th gen.

I don’t really understand why this single is so far away. The 10th gen are getting announced on September 26th. That’s almost 3 months of th 10th gen doing nothing, and almost 3 and a half months since their last single. The 9th gen released a single 2 months later. But I guess they are giving the rest of Momusu a bit of a break after a concert tour, and a new album. And it also means the 10th gen will make their concert debut at the H!P Winter concert.
I’m so excited right now. Everything about this single will be new. A new leader, new members, and hopefully a new sound/era. I can’t wait to see the line distribution. Morning Musume members usually always get at least onw solo line on their debut single. Only 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gens didn’t. Hopefully this means, we’ll see fair line distribution from now on. But I actually doubt it. It will most like just be Riho, Reina, and Risa from now on. I really doubt the new members will be so great another Shabondama happens.
On a more  random note, since this song is being released 4 days before Christmas, there’s a good chance that this will have a Christmas/winter theme. Which I’m all for. I love pretty much all of H!P’s Christmas/winter songs. Except for Shiroi Tokyo, I just can’t get into that song. XD