A final look at Momusu’s 10th gen finalists

This week’s episode of HelloPro! Time aired the final 10th gen training camp segment. And there are some unexpected changes to the finalists. It seems Tashima Meru and Miyagi Ayumi have withdrawn from the auditions, for an undisclosed reason.

I can’t say that I’m really upset about that since neither of them were really a standout to me. They were hardly shown on the last episode of HelloPro! Time. And to anyone wondering why I didn’t right a post about the second episode of the training camp, the answer is I didn’t feel the need to. The first and the third episodes are the ones that really matter anyway. The first episode I got to meet the girls and the third episode I got to see how much they improved. I thought about making a post for the second episode, I honestly had nothing to say about it.
Moving back on subject, I am really impressed with the auditions. The level of talent in this audition is extremely high. It seems that Tsunku is taking his search for the next Ai-chan very seriously. Which is why the audition song for the 10th gen audition is Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu Kara. They really needed to see which could take over some of Ai-chan’s lines immediately. Which is cool, we got the personality over voice last gen. I hope this gen really does focus on singing. We all know Momusu needs it. Also, I am happy that the audition song is actually a Morning Musume song. Not like 9th gen’s C-ute song, and 6th gens Melon Kinenbi song. Beyond that I don’t know, I never watched past auditions. I found them boring because I knew who won. I got half way through Koha’s before I went, “Ok, ok. Koharu wins. Obviously she hits the high note in Furusato.” And then I turned it off. XD

Kudou Haruka, age 11

I think I’m like the only Momusu fan who isn’t enthralled with Haruka. Mostly becuase their are other Eggs who deserve to be there more. *cough*MiyamotoKarin*cough*
As an Egg she is a strong dancer. However, during the big group number she completely blended into the crowd. Which is never a good thing. The only reason I noticed her at all is because I went back and rewatched the group dance to comment on her skill. Not only does she not stand out during the dance number, she doesn’t stand out in general. They did these big makeovers, I guess, and she looks 100% exactly the same as before. I don’t know she just seems stale to me. Even her singing is a tad overrated. When I heard her sing in the first day of the training camp it sounded like she was a bit sick. But after hearing her hear, I think that’s just the way her voice sounds. I guess that the “husky” element to her voice everyone keeps talking about. And if that’s true, I absolutely hate it. She sounds loads better on the lines were it’s not noticeable. As for her being added to Morning Musume, she’s not my favorite. Rather she’s floating somewhere in the middle. But I’d say add her anyway. Her voice could be great if she could just work on her control. I don’t think it will ever get to an Ai-chan level, but she could definitely pick up the slack in some songs.

Iikubo Haruna, age 16

First off, let me just say wow. Haruna gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. Especially after hair and makeup. She’s quite a looker and an obvious standout. But sadly, that’s all that Haruna has going for her. She was the worst dancer out of the bunch. Her moves weren’t as sharp as all the other girl’s were. And their were ever some spots where I noticed she wasn’t smiling. Which is a big no-no for idols. She seems to be a bit more confident in her singing now. This is the loudest I’ve ever heard her sing. But it falls flat. Her singing is mediocre at best. All of that mixed with her age, she’s just a girl I could do without in the 10th gen. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s too old. And there’s nothing amazing about her talent or personality wise.

Satou Masaki, age 12

Masaki is one of the 3 girls Natsu-sensei singled out for being the worst dancers. And Masaki had the misfortune of being in the absolute center of the dance. Which makes no sense if you ask me. She you could really notice if she made a mistake. And she did. She was off beat a few times, but suprisingly she was better at dancing then I was expected. She could actually keep up this time. She came a long way from being the girl that stopped dancing completely the day before, to actually being an ok dancer the next day. Not only that but Masaki also completely stopped singing the first day as well. But what a difference a day makes again! She finally sings full force and she actually has some pipes on her. With some work she could be molded into a singer at Reina’s level. I’ve been drawn to Masaki since the first time I saw her. I though she was cute and refreshing. But the new hairstyle they gave her does absolutely nothing for her. I think Masaki has a good chance of getting added because she has improved probably the most out of any of the girls. And Tsunku, and UFA, love seeing that. It shows that she’ll work even more to get even better. So, I’d welcome her into Momusu with open arms.

Ogami Hinako, age 13

When I first saw Hinako I was kinda indifferent towards her. But then I saw her dance during the first day of training camp, and I became interested in her. Her jazz dance background really helped her because she was one of the best dancers there. It was really hard to focus on Hinako’s dancing during the group number because she was shoved all the way in the back. But she seemed to be keeping up the pace. I don’t know if her moves were 100% sharp, but they weren’t so terrible that it was noticeable. Hinako’s another girl who’s voice has the potential to be great. Right now it’s just ok, it even sounds like she might be holding back a bit. All she needs is to really go all out. As for her getting into Morning Musume, I don’t care either way. If she gets in, good for her. If she doesn’t, I won’t be heartbroken.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11

Satsuki was pretty much the only girl I want far, far, away from Morning Musume. However, my opinion of her has completely changed. I first noticed her after hair and makeup, and she was absolutely adorable. And then I saw her dance, and she improved so much! She’s average at dancing right now. As opposed to the day before when she was terrible. However, her singing has not improved one bit. But she was absolutely energetic while singing. She was pretty much the only girl to do arm movements while singing. Just like Zukki was the only on last year. I don’t know there’s just this awkward charm I like about her. And she seems to be a Zukki 2.0. And we all know how much I adore Zukki. So, I would totally approve of Satsuki in Morning Musume.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14

I was instantly drawn to Ayumi because she was the best dancer during the first day of training. I even started to think she looked cute rather than creepy. During the group number her dance skill shined. As she was yet again the best dancer there. Not only that but she looked so happy throughout the entire dance. Her singing is still pretty disappointing to me. There’s nothing really special about it. But she looks really happy and energetic while recording it. And for that reason I would love to see her in Momusu.

Tanaka Fuka, age 12

Fuka has been one of my favorites since day one. There’s just something about this girl I love. She’s just so cute and infectious. During the dance number my eyes were drawn to her the most. Her dancing was so sharp and fluid, it was just incredile. She might even rival Ayumi for the best dancer. I don’t even mind that this girl isn’t the best singer. She could become great over time. Just look at how better Risa has gotten over the years. She also has a slightly deep tone in her voice, which we don’t hear much in Morning Musume. I don’t even care, no matter what I want Fuka in. She’s amazing! I will weep if she gets over looked!

Murakami Sara, age 13

Sara, Sara, Sara! Sara is my absolute favorite 10th gen auditioner. I just love everything about her. She is so different than anything we have in Momusu right now. But, poor Sara’s dancing needs a lot of work. She was one of the worst dancers there. She was off rhythm a few times. And she could have been a lot more polished. It also looked like she was trying to hard to smile. To such a degree that it came off as fake sometimes. Where Sara really shines is during her singing. But she seemed a bit off her game during the recording. Which is sad, because the day before she was incredible. I seriously hope that doesn’t hurt her chances of joining. She’s another girl I will seriously weep for if she doesn’t get in.

All in all, this is an extremely good batch of girls. I will honestly be happy with whatever the outcome is. I’m also hoping for 4 or more girls, just because the talent is at such a high level. I’ve always wanted about 4 girls for the 10th gen. Even when fans were saying that Tsunku doesn’t want Momusu larger than 10 girls, as if it was a fact written in stone. I’ve always held onto at least 4 girls. And when Tsunku said it was a possibility to add all of them I was extremely excited. I want Morning Musume to be 15 members again. It was a lot more fun back then. I don’t necessarily want the bulk of the members to be from one gen. But I’ll take what I can get.

6 thoughts on “A final look at Momusu’s 10th gen finalists”

  1. I like Haruka a lot more than you, but that’s mainly because I’ve seen other videos of her speaking and audio of her performing. I think she’s really a potential star, but you really don’t see that during these auditions. She does kind of blend into the background.

    Whether Haruna gets in will largely be a business decision I think. Momusu could use an older member with some sex appeal. I could imagine her selling a lot of merchandise, especially if most of the other girls are 11-13 years old. She’s very stylish, so she could also have appeal to high school girls as well.

    Masaki has a suprisingly good voice, but her energy level is low. That new haircut did nothing for her — it seemed to drain her of all of her charm, and made her look kind of dark and unhappy. I wish she smiled more. She might make it on her voice alone though.

    I personally like Hinako, but her looks aren’t really idolish. I like Satsuki a lot, but she’s a really terrible singer and not much of a dancer (the only truly bad auditioner IMHO). Ayumi’s a superb dancer, but her singing and personality seem kind of meh to me. Fuka seems talented, but I was expecting more based on her years of training.

    I agree with you, though, Sara’s my favorite and she needs to get in. I’m guessing she will, because Momusu desperately needs singing talent, and Tsunku recognizes that Sara has a great voice.

    1. Well, I don’t really follow the Eggs at all, so I’m basing my whole opinion of Haruka on this audition. Maybe she is a potential start, I don’t really see it right now. I think over time she could became a star. Her singing is almost there.

      I get that Haruna could sell well, and that really does seem like her niche market. But I still think she’s too old to join. And besides that she doesn’t really standout to me. Yes, she’s pretty but that’s about it. She’s seems incredibly flat and her singing is just average.

      I 100% agree about her hair. It completely ruined her cute face. Not the best decision on their part. I actually didn’t think her energy level was low. And even if it was, that’s an easy fix. Her voice is too good to pass up. I did not expect her singing to be as good as it was.

      Hinako doesn’t really do anything for me. As for her looks a lot of Musumes didn’t have that idol look. Kei, Kaori, Aika, Yossie and even Nacchi weren’t exactly idol like. Yeah, Satsuki is both a terrible singer and dancer, but she had personality and energy. She was one of the only auditioners that seemed to genuinely be upbeat and happy. And that’s pretty much all an idol needs in my opinion. Idols aren’t meant to be the best singers or dancer anyway. They are meant to entertain, and I think Satsuki could do just that. Especially if they team her up with Zukki. Ayumi is a greeat dancer, and she’s really grown on me. I do agree about her singing and personality being meh. I absolutely love Fuuka. I’m pretty sure Fuuka was only trained in dancing, which is why she was incredible. Her singing was pretty bland, but there’s just something about her I love.

      I wouldn’t assume that she’ll get in because she’s the best. Kikkawa Yuu, and not to mention Kashiwagi Yuki from AKB48, were the best auditioners from the 8th gen auditions and Aika got in instead. I do want Sara to get in, but she was incredibly weak in this episode. I feel like that could hurt her chances. Momusu does need singing talent, but Tsunku is unpredictable. It kinda seems like her may pass her up.

  2. This wasn’t just one day after the training camp. They had a while at home to practice, which is why there were some very big improvements.

    (and I think Masaki’s new hairstyle looks WAY better than her old one)

    1. You know, actually you’re right. XD I just didn’t put two and two together. That the practicing in the beginning meant some time had passed. XD

      (Really? I actually kinda hate it. XD)

  3. I’m so excited to hear the results.*W* Too bad I’ll still have to wait a day.^^”

    My favourite is Sara too! Like you said, she’s something current Momusu doesn’t have and I absolutely adore her voice!<3 I also like Ayumi and Fuka a lot, Ayumi is natural performer and Fuka has improved so much during the audition progress!*W* I used to dislike Miwa a lot, but even though her singing is still terrible, I find her absolutely charming~ <3

    I'll be happy with whatever the results are, because I would take almost all of them to Momusu.oxo The exception being Haruka, as I think she's too young and not that special.D8 I also somehow don't want more eggs to Momusu~

    I think Tsunku will do something differently this time.oxo I hope he'll surprise us, in positive way.:3

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