Hey! Say! JUMP keep on moving in new PV

The full version for Hey! Say! JUMP’s Magic Power PV has finally been released. With just days until the release date.

I have to admit that after watching the full PV I don’t hate the PV as much as I initially. It’s still not one of my favorite HSJ PVs, but it’s not so horrible that I can’t watch it. Once you remeber that this song and PV are for children and not for your generation, it’s actually not bad. This PV took the 70’s motown/family friendly theme and really executed it perfectly. The PV reminds me a lot of The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family. So, much so that I was waiting for David Cassidy to randomly pop out.
I can’t really complain because this PV was made to cater to a specific audience. And nothing is more 70’s family friendly than the Brady Bunch. And because of that people of all ages can enjoy it. And I think they also adding some fun elements to make it more interesting. Both outfits in this video are spot on 70’s, as well as the set and dance. The close-up shorts background is very vibrant and abstract at the same time. There’s also a lot of random shapes that pop up throught the PV: like stars, rainbows, and mod looking circles. But probably my favorite part of the PV is when they are put inside the 70’s televisions.
So my verdict for the PV is this: it’s not awful, but I don’t absolutely love it. I can’t the theme, and they pulled it off perfectly, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Mostly because it wasn’t made for me. I’m about 9 years older than their targeted audience.

This set is familiar show how.

Oh, that’s right. It reminds me of Buono’s Rottara Rottara set. Actually Magic Power as a whole reminds me a lot of Buono’s Rottara Rottara PV.

Overly dramatic surprised face.

The Hey! Say! JUMP logo is actually awesome looking.

But I see no difference.

Yuto being a cutie. But you hardly ever see him in this PV. The JUMP band is shoved in the back as it is, but as the drummer he’s the farthest back.

Rainbow explosion.

The suits are just hideous.

And they remind me of the suits Kanjani8 wears in their Hi Chew commercials.

I absolutely despise Ryosuke with this hairstyle. It does nothing for him.

What an awkward dance move/transition.

I think Takaki and Keito are the only 2 who actually pull this suit off.

Let the quintessential 70’s dancing begin!

Awesome effect.

I wish I could go and shake Ryosuke until he realized how ugly his hair is. It’s not falttering at all. And he’s obviously unaware since he’s had it off and on for months now.

Adorable. And I like the background.

He almost looks good here, but the hair ruins it.

I see that Chinen’s still his same old rabbit self.

Yabu is such a cutie.

But he has one of the ugliest 2nd outfits.

Takaki does absolutely nothing for me.

Nearly a minute and a half in, and this is pretty much the first time they’ve shown Inoo.

This is a horrible dance move! Besides that, are these HSJ’s official group colors? I can never find out what JE’s official group colors are. I only know NEWS’ because they said them on one of their concert DVDs.

An adorable 2 shot.

Why are they showing New York? This isn’t an NYC PV.

I hate Yuto’s hair in this PV.

He pretty much has Ryo’s Happy Birthday hair, which I despised.

Kinda scary face. XD


I hate that Hikaru and Keito are the only part of the JUMP band that can actually step forward.

Hikaru keeps making stupid faces.

Love it.

Insert some snappy Yamachi releated comment here.


WTF is Daiki doing? And of course it has to end with the top 3.

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    1. I mean because Keito plays guitar and Hikaru plays bass they got to step froward past the band line onto the front dancing line. But Inoo and Yuto, who are playing stationary instruments, had to stay exactly where the drums and keyboard were the whole time. They never got to step forward, they had to stay shoved in the back the whole time. Sorry if I didn’t explain that clearly in the actual post. XD m(__)m

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