Momusu’s new PV surprisingly doesn’t need much help

About a week ago the full PV for Morning Musume’s new single Help Me was released.

I know, I know this post is a week late and I’m sorry about that. But to all of you people that don’t live in the East Coast of the US we’ve had a severe cold front. So, cold that it was 22 degrees yesterday and I literally said, “Thank god it’s a little warm today.” And if you also didn’t know I still don’t have hear yet. So, lately I haven’t wanted to do anything put drink hot chocolate and curl under blankets. I only made the Koharu post because I began thinking about it and had to rush on the computer before I lost the blog post in my head. But after that I jumped under the covers again and unintentionally took a 12 hour nap, because I’m just too cold. It’s actually only 18 degrees here now, but I can’t wait any longer because the short version of Kisumai’s PV is already out!

Anyway, onto the review.

After watching the full PV, not a lot of my opinion have changed on it. Because, well, not a lot else had happened in the full PV compare to the preview. The PV is still the same incredibly cheap and boring PV with awful CG. I’ll never understand why they couldn’t just go film this at night around the city. Kind of like how Another Version or even just the Night Scene Version of Resonant Blue’s PV was. Do you know how much better the PV would have looked if they filmed in the city and then put those flashing effects over that? My god it would have been fantastic. Tell me this Aika waiting for the train scene doesn’t look perfect for, or could have easily fit into the Help Me PV?

But, sadly, once again the director of the PV dropped the ball completely and we’re left with a sub-par video that leaves us wanting more. So, I guess we’re left with nearly every other Hello!Project PV in existence.

Even though I am disappointed with the PV, I still like it one some level because I think I finally get what they were going for. I guess because the song is so electronic and robotic sounding they probably wanted to go for this surreal, overly bright, sort of computer city. (Get it? XD) I do get the feeling, especially during the dance scenes, of this futuristic Tokyo. And I have to say I absolutely love the PV when the chorus hits, those are my favorite scenes. Because all of the lights in the city move incredibly fast and it looks like when they speed up videos of the city and all of the lights are sort of scrambled and moving incredibly quickly. Which I guess is what they were going for. Maybe to show that Momusu is moving at an even faster speed than the city itself. I have to admit that’s pretty cool.

And this line of thinking also now makes more sense of all of the girls blinking into and out of existence. Keeping with the futuristic them I guess they’re in one giant computer program. There are also some weird microchip looking effect on the dance shot scenes that also point to that. And they seems to flicker a lot during the instrumental parts.

And another thing about this PV that bothers me is how you hardly ever see Haruna, Erina, or Zukki. To be honest, I never really noticed how often certain members get screen time until I became a blogger. I have no idea if screen time has always been this unfair during past PVs. But I do know that it is now. And it really sucks how unpopular and how little screen time my beloved Zukki gets. 

This is probably the only time I really love the CG.

Mizuki looks amazing.

Harunan looks great too. Tbh I never pay much attention to her.

I’m sure it takes so much practice and precision to do this, but it looks awkward to me. Like they’re some sort of spider monster. 

I love Sakura is in the direct center.

Look how horribly cut Sayumi is. Bad CG right there.

I don’t like this part of the dance either.

Ayumi has gotten so much prettier since she dyed her hair brown.

Look how high Haruna’s skirt is cut. Really solidifying the sexy image she wants. 

I love Masaki and all, but this hair does nothing for her.

We finally get to see Zukki and she’s upstaged by Haruna.

This is cute.

Just adorable.

Why do they insist on only putting Zukki in a ponytail?

At least Erina manages to standout in her few shots.

Thanks for pointing this out tumblr.

Love this effect.

Another really awesome effect.

Too bad it reminds me too much of Mikan.

I love that Haruka is wearing a hat. Fits her so well.

This is such an awkward hairstyle. I wonder if it’s because Riho’s hair is thin.

Just wow. *O*

Sayumi is seriously gorgeous.

For some reason Reina’s hair annoys me.

This random dance floor background is pretty cool.

So cute.

Sakura, seriously, ease upon the hands on your face.

Couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward dancing in the background.

Mizuki just looks perfect here.


Computer program flickering.

I love how Sayu points during the otoko no ko line. Not quite.

Oh look, it’s that Momusu font again.

You can really notice all the computer/electronic overlays here.

My thoughts on the Koharu situation

If you’ve been paying attention to the Hello!Project fandom the past few days you’re probably well aware of the Koharu situation. And to anyone who’s not I’ll briefly go over what happened.

Recently Koharu was on the radio show Youngtown. On it she expressed how she really felt while she was a member of Morning Musume. She said she only joined as a stepping stone to become a model. That she didn’t like catering to her mostly male fanbase. And that being a CamCam model is a step up from being a member of Morning Musume. All while being incredibly rude and interrupting people while they spoke, questioning how Sayumi really feels about Morning Musume, and overshadowing the real guest of the show.

I don’t really mind about Koharu joining to become a model. It’s silly to think idols join groups just to become idols. Probably, half if not more, join for other reasons such as wanting to act or dance. Over half of Morning Musume’s 9th and 10th gen didn’t join because of their love of the group. Most of the girl’s families suggested they audition. Which isn’t really that big of a deal. This is also obviously not limited to female idols. Inoo Kei literally entered Johnny’s because he saw a Johnny on TV eating delicious food and he thought if he joined he’d be able to eat delicious food too. Yabu Kota’s sister sent in his application without him knowing because she was a fan of Arashi. Kyomoto Taiga was scouted by Johnny himself after he saw a photo of him and his father. So, there are lots of idols who join for what would be considered not the “right” reasons. Koharu herself said she only joined Morning Musume because she was 12 at the time and the auditions were open to 12 year olds.

So, Koharu joining the group for another reason other than loving the group and sincerely wanting to be an idol has never been a secret. And to be honest it has never hindered my love for her one bit. Anyone out there who has been reading my blog since it’s inception knows that I am, and always have been, a gigantic Koharu fan. And if you’re a really active reader you know that Koharu was the first idol I’ve ever listened to by sheer accident. And that if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t know, or care, that idols even existed. I would have been none the wiser and most likely would have dived deeper into Jrock and became a bigger fan of it than I was at the time. So, honestly I owe a lot to Koharu. And as silly as it seems, I’ve always held a special place in my heart because of that.

I love Koharu and I guess that love clouded things a bit for me because I never thought or considered that she left the group because she didn’t want to me a member. I never really understood why she left when she was still so young and so popular. But I guess my mind would not let me think even for a minute that she really wanted to leave. I just always thought there was some other inside reason that us fans will never know about.

But when I read this I actually felt kind of sad, and it actually kind of hurt. I felt a very slight twinge of pain in my heart. Because the personal image of Koharu I made was shattering. Idols themselves are basically delusions. There’s no disputing that. They have this pure (whatever your definition of pure is) image. And they cater exclusively to whatever fantasy you create for them. Whether it’s them being this ideal, untouchable, unattainable significant other. Or just them having this “nice person” persona.

I always saw Koharu as just this energetic and goodhearted person. Who was always happy and smiling. Someone who just seemed genuinely sweet, carefree, and a lot of fun. But reading that she is pretty much ungrateful for being a member of Morning Musume, and that she pretty much regrets her time in the group, just left a bad taste in my mouth. Not only is this disrespectful to the group itself it’s disrespectful to all the past and present members, to H!P, to Tsunku, to any girl who ever auditioned for the group and didn’t make it, and especially to the fans.

But what really hurt was when she said bad things about her fans. That she didn’t like having to cater to her mostly male fanbase and that most of the modeling jobs were for men’s magazines. It shows that she didn’t care a whole lot about her fans, and probably even found them to be gross. Even though I’m not a male fan that hurts me. It shows her fans meant almost nothing to her. As someone who supported, and continues to support her, wholeheartedly it’s quite a shock and pretty upsetting.

I mean, we’re talking about not only an idol I love pretty much the idol I love. My first idol. An idol I held higher than any other idol. An idol I literally shed tears over on numerous occasions. When her graduation was announced, during her graduation concert, reading the graduation letters, watching the graduation ceremony, and some odd performances.

I know I shouldn’t be getting this upset, but I honestly can’t help it. I know that deep down most idols feel this way. But most idols aren’t brazen enough to say it. And honestly I guess I prefered my personal Koharu delusion. Pretty much the only time H!P idols ever speak out about this sort of thing is when they make a clean break from H!P/UFP. We saw this when Goto Maki bad mouthed Tsunku after switching to Avex. Or when Kago Ai expressed how she felt like a puppet who was unable to love while she was a member of Morning Musume and H!P in her first photobook after being fired. So, this makes me think either Koharu ended her contract with them or desperately wants to. And it also shows just how good idols are at putting on their idol act or persona.

I’m sure a lot of fans would probably be happy with that. Since most people didn’t think she fit Dream Morning Musume. And honestly I always felt she was out of place in the group too. But I loved Koharu and was happy she was a part of it.

So, how do I feel about all of this and Koharu? Well, I’m writing this post days after first hearing about it, so I’ve had time to really collect my thoughts about it. But I’m just torn. I have so much love for Koharu, but at the same time I feel hurt. To me she’s not the same Koharu. I see her in a different light now. She’s the girl who doesn’t appreciate what she was given. Who doesn’t realize and appreciate that without Morning Musume she’d never have the opportunity to become a model. And that at least some of her post-Momusu modeling career fanbase only cares about her because she was in Morning Musume.

I’m sure some people maybe have some new found respect for her telling it like it is, or think that she’s gutsy, but she just came off as spoiled to me. And that’s just sad.

Arashi – Calling preview

The preview Arashi’s Calling, from their upcoming double A-side single Calling / Breathless, has been released. Calling is currently being used as the theme to Aiba’s drama Last Hope.

When I first listened to this song I instantly knew that I just did not like it. But the more I listen to it the more my dislike turns to being more on the fence about it. Mostly because of the complete disconnect the first and second part of the song has. The verse and bridge sound more like they’re suited to be a theme for an anime rather than a drama. And I just don’t really care for when Arashi does rock songs. Their more theatrical ones like Truth or Lotus are fine, but I’m just not a big fan of ones like Pikanchi or Pikanchi Double. Though, I do admit the song isn’t completely awful when it slows down during Aiba’s solos and the parts immediately after that.

The only part of the song that I actually do like is the chorus. Mostly because it doesn’t sound anything like the rest of the song, and actually doesn’t really sound like it belongs in the song for that reason. But it’s probably also because it’s really catchy and sounds everything else Arashi releases. Now, more of the same is probably boring to most people but not really me. I have a very distinct sound of songs that I like.

I would love to say let’s just look forward to Breathless being better. But since Calling is so upbeat, it’s like 90% certian that Breathless will be slow paced to kind of counter Calling.

KAT-TUN – Expose preview

About a week ago the radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Expose, was released.

I actually meant to make this blog post sooner, but it actually slipped my mind. So, I’m sorry about that. But there’s no reason to dwell on that now.

I am really impressed with not only this song, but KAT-TUN lately. They’ve really been stepping it up lately. These last 3 singles have been incredible and each new single is better than the last one. And this single is honestly KAT-TUN’s best single to date. I know I just said that about To The Limit, but I wasn’t expecting this single at all.

The song is just really powerful and has a a nice hard rock instrumental. It also has a nice toughness to the way that it’s song. Especially the chorus. I think they’re literally saying wake up beating. I also love really love the way that they had the very last note, it’s the best part of the entire song.

Ryosuke’s mysterious debut PV

Recently the full PV for Yamada Ryosuke’s first solo single, Mystery Virgin, was released.

When I watched this PV there are a few things I noticed: how white the PV is, how simple it is, but more importantly how much is reminds me of horror movies. Well, not so much horror movies in general, just a series of movies in particular.

I don’t know if readers know this about me but I absolutely love horror movies. I’ve been watching them as long as I can remember, and have probably seen at least 500 of them. Now when I watch this PV all I can think about are the Cube movies. If you’ve never heard of them, I don’t really blame you. They are about 15 years old and weren’t exactly extremely popular. But I used to watch them a lot. The whole premise of those movies is, you’re trapped in a giant cube with like 500 rooms that will kill you if you stay in them too long. And both of the sets of the PV remind me a lot of the Cube sets. Especially the set where he’s dancing since he’s dancing in a tiny cube.

It’s just hard to decide whether he’s trapped in Cube 2

or Cube Zero.

Besides nerding out over the fact that the PV reminds me of Cube, the PV itself is extremely simple. And there’s just too much white going on. Not only is Ryosuke dressed in essentially all white with two different outfits, both sets are completely white. I don’t know if the makers of this PV were trying to go for a crisp and clean look, or they wanted the fans to think they’re in some weird Ryosuke heaven, I don’t know. It’s just too much white to such an extent that my favorite scenes are when they flip on the sepia camera filter. Just because it gives your eyes a break from all that white and it feels like there’s a little bit of variety in this PV.

But I shouldn’t be dogging the PV so much, as it does try to have a story line. Despite having a budget of what looks like $100 they did throw in some last minute story. The PV starts out with, not only the way the entire PV should have been filmed, but also Ryosuke falling backwards. Seemingly pushed to the ground by Ryosuke’s evil hood up twin. Most like everybody who finds themself in the Cube, he wakes up not knowing exactly where he is or what’s going on. I actually thought through most of the PV that the other Ryosuke was trying to steal his identity, but that wasn’t the case. Through most of the PV Ryosuke wanders the halls aimlessly, but somehow still finds time to dance.

Rysouke also notices there’s a camera and right then the PV went into KAT-TUN’s Run For You territory. Because the looming evil Ryosuke who doesn’t seem to really do his job since he only follows Ryosuke like twice, has a whole room of video that’s constantly monitoring trapped Ryosuke. What’s with another weird kidnapping and surveillance PV from Johnny’s? What are they trying to tell us? Or is this just the dream Johnny’s dorm?

Then miraculous, for reasons that aren’t explained, Ryosuke finds a disc and just instinctively knows where to put it. Which personally I think was a mistake because it made the contrast go up by like 150%. But he’s in luck because he defeated the Red Queen Ryosuke hologram and had a very Eagle Eye moment. (Please tell me people are getting these movie references?)

As a whole, the PV is just ok. I fault it for the simplistic sets and ridiculous dance. But at the same time I give it points because it at least attempted to add a story line.

Ryosuke looks cute here.

Ryosuke’s evil twin looming over him.

Love watching idols sleep. In a non-creepy way of course.

I just can’t with this dance.

You seem unsure of where you are Ryosuke. Try hard to see if you remember anyone wearing pig masks.

Apparently Ryosuke designed this jacket himself, too bad it’s hideous.

From this angle the set looks pretty cool.

What did they hire H!P’s choreographer?

Of course you’re lost you don’t have the savant telling you which numbers are prime. (Cube reference, for no one’s benefit besides my own.)

Ok, this is kinda hot.

This is unintentionally funny.

Ryosuke, you’re face isn’t helping much.

WTF is he doing?


These are the most awkward parts of the dance. The wannabe Michael Jackson moments.

Ryosuke you look much better in sepia.

Why is smelling his jacket exactly?

He does look pretty cute when he’s pretending to be scared.

Trying too hard to be sexy Yama-chan.

I didn’t realize this was KAT-TUN’s Run For You PV.


Now it’s really the Run For You PV.

It really is.

Make sure you pick up the magic disc.

This isn’t really what I was expecting.

Oh, no more evil Ryosuke.

But it’s a good thing he defeated the Red Queen before it was too late.


SKE48 – Choco no Dorei PV preview

SKE48’s official youtube channel uploaded the short version PV to SKE48’s upcoming 11th single, Choco no Dorei. Giving us the first look at the PV.

Since I enjoy SKE48’s music more than AKB48’s I figure I should at least actively try to cover what’s going on with them more.

I’m not the biggest fan of the song, I think they’ve released much better singles. But the song isn’t completely awful. It’s a little catchy. I’m sure it will grow on me over time. But I am a huge fan of the PV already.

I love that the theme of the PV is what the girls do during their normal life as an idol. It shows dance lessons, magazine shoots, theater performances, as well as even showing wotagei. I like that it’s a peak of their normal lives, despite it all being panned and scripted for a PV. I’m sure it’s still pretty much along these lines. I also think that this PV is a nod to their steady rise in popularity. Kind of like, “Thanks for the support, and look how much hard work we put into it everyday.”

I also really love the outfits they wear during the theater performance. It’s very colorful and adorable, it reminds me just a bit of their outfits for Oki Doki.

My favorite idols

A while ago on twitter I mentioned that I wanted to do an idol ranking. But I also mentioned that I was a little unsure of how to set it up. Should I just rank every member of every group that I follow, or should I just try to put my favorites in order of least favorite to favorite? Well, I decided to not do either. Since I follow so many different idol groups ranking every single member would be such a hassle and take so long. I also couldn’t do the second option because it would be absolutely impossible to really rank the idols, since I pretty much love my favorites evenly. Instead I’m just going to name my favorite idols and why. It’s not immediately what you think of when you hear the word ranking, but it is still technically a ranking since I am listing my favorites and excluding others.

So, without further adieu I present my ranking. I just want to note, that yes I am skipping all the 48 group members. Just because I am still such a novice  and haven’t had the time to properly watch their variety shows, so I don’t think I can properly judge a favorite yet. (Wow, I sound like a broken record with this. But I seriously do not have enough time to watch their variety shows. And it’s hard to say when in the foreseeable future I will have time. :/)

Aiba Masaki:

Now, this might be surprising to readers of my blog because I never really mention Aiba all that much. Mostly due to the fact that I really only review their PVs and not like dramas or variety shows. And during PVs reviews I mainly point out who looks good in the PV. Which is mostly Nino, since I think he’s the best looking member. And honestly I’m not that attracted to Aiba. He’s not really that good looking. However, when it comes to personality, and overall just how awesome the idol is, in Arashi for me it’s all about Aiba. He is my absolute favorite Arashi member hands down, no question. I just think everything about Aiba’s personality is appealing. I just love his bright and cheerful personality, because of that I think he’s the most entertainig member. He also seems like an all-around sweet and genuine person. On an episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan a guest said something like, “You can always trust, or see how good a person is, if they like animals.” That’s pretty much how I feel about Aiba.

Suzuki Airi:

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my love of Airi either. This is why I needed to write this post. I’ve always had a pretty strong attachment to Airi because of Buono. I’ve been a fan of Buono since they formed. But the reason that I love Airi is because she’s absolutely adorable and completely charming. Airi is just so entertaining to watch she’s fun and dorky, but more importantly she’s hilarious. She constantly makes me laugh with her puns. Everyone used to think it was both Airi in Yuuka who were like the pun queens, but to be honest there was never really any competition for me. There’s just a quality about Airi that makes me want to run up to her and hug her.

Tanaka Koki:

When I first became aware that KAT-TUN existed I did not get the appeal of Koki. I didn’t think his whole image and rapping fit in with KAT-TUN’s sorta rockish sound. And I didn’t really think he was that easy on the eyes. But that all changed when I watched Cartoon KAT-TUN. I saw Koki’s true personality and I loved it. He was funny and charming. I noticed him the most during Cartoon KAT-TUN. And he was always pretty blunt, and always said exactly what was on his mind, but more in a joking way than a mean way. I do think Koki is pretty cute now. But that’s due to good hair mixed with liking his personality so much it formed a physical attraction. Am I the only one who does that?

Suzuki Kanon:

My beloved Zukki, what can I really say about her? She’s an idol I was drawn to immediately. After her bright smile and comedy sketch at the auditions I wanted her to join so badly. And of course she did. Zukki hasn’t really bored me yet. With her signature bug imitations and her funny personality I’m completely captivated by Zukki. I love that everything she does is done with her bright smile. She’s just so adorable and still seems so innocent. I mean, she still carries around her stuffed bear Cha-chan. She’s just fun personified.

Nishikido Ryo:

I’ve already said in detail how I feel about Ryo-chan in my 30 day idol challenge day 1 post. So, I’ll just very briefly again go over why I like him. I like Ryo for his slightly aggressive, “I’m so cool” persona. I think he’s hilarious and I love all his signature poison tongue jabs. I also like that he also shows his insecure and embarrassed side from time to time as well. I just find everything about Ryo appealing.

Nakanishi Kana:

Kana was one of those girls that I did not want to join the group, but once she did join it all made sense. The reason I love Kana is because she’s another funny girl like Zukki. With her gorilla loving attitude. To me she also seems to be a little KY. She seems to goof off whenever even if it’s not the right time for it, or other people are annoyed be it. She just seems to be so loud and fun. And I like that she tries to make her charm point that she’s the only H!P member from Osaka, but I honestly haven’t seen her mention that much since a little after she joined.

Momota Kanako:

Now, I do admit that I don’t know all that much about Kanako since the lack of Momoclo subs. But the little I do know about her I love. My favorite used to be Momoka, I do still like her but after watching some clips I was more drawn to Kanako. Kanako seems to be so happy-go-lucky and bursting with energy, which I love. I also love her signature high jumps. And her overall gymnastic skills are pretty impressive. I don’t really get why Reni is the electrifying one, I can totally see that suiting Kanako more.

Tamamori Yuta:

Tama is another member that I don’t know everything about. Mostly because I just became a fan when they debuted in 2011. And I’m honestly still on the fence about them, some of their songs are great, but some are awful. What I like about Tama is no matter what he’s doing he seems to overreact more than he needs to. Whether that’s just the way he is or not, it’s still pretty hilarious. He’s just got this sort of endearing charm about him. Where he just seems so sweet and sorta naive, and dorky, and weird that you just want to hug him. That’s exactly how Kamei Eri was, and is probably the main reason I like him so much. He also seems to be a little wimpy which I find appealing. Yeah, I said it, don’t judge me.

Mori Shiori:

Passpo is one of those groups that I love, but has nothing, besides a few songs, translated into English. It is so hard to try to like an idol you know nothing about. So, everything I like about Shiori is based on the impression I get from her. Of course what drew me to Shiori instantly was her bright smile. But what I like about Shiori is that she just exudes happiness and energy. Whenever I see her in PVs or concerts she’s just like a bouncing ball of positive energy.

Masuda Takahisa:

When Ryo left NEWS I had to find a new favorite member, and I was sure if would be KoyaShige. But pretty unexpectedly I realized I was paying more attention to Massu, but at the same time it made sense. When Ryo was a member I didn’t really pay attention to Massu because their personalities were on such opposite sides of the spectrum that Massu always seemed kinda immature in compassion. But Massu’s fun loving spirit and childish nature is what I love about idols. Which is why slowly over the years I did start to pay more attention to Massu. Massu really is adorable, and cuteness has been his main image for years. Well, that and being gluttonous. He’s almost like Ogawa Saki in male form.

Tokunaga Chinami:

I’ve said on my blog before that the reason I love Chinami so much is because she reminds me a lot of myself. (Well if you took Chinami’s energetic side, Zukki’s funny side, Airi’s bad puns, and Sayu’s bluntness you’d get pretty close to my personality.) I love Chinami because of how energetic, upbeat, and generally happy she is. It’s just such an infectious and lovable quality. Chinami is also a girl after my own heart as she loves to sleep as much as I do.

Nakajima Yuto:

Yuto has been my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP member since I became a fan. There’s just something I’ve always liked about Yuto. What really draws me to Yuto is how energetic Yuto is. He’s always bursting with energy and acting over the top. Ryosuke even said that backstage out of nowhere he’ll be yelling even if he’s by himself. Yuto also just seems so easy going and carefree. Which is what I really like about him. Yuto is also very dorky and quirky. And he’s never never cared about basically make a fool of himself. He just seems so innocent and genuine to me. He’s also an all around nice guy and is good friends with most of JUMP.

Fukuda Kanon:

You know I couldn’t forget my beloved Kanyon. I have been a fan of her since I first layed eyes on her in Shugo Chara Egg. I’ve gotten this cute little sister vibe from her. And I actually do like Kanon’s personality. Shockingly I have nothing against playing the whole “I’m the cutest ever” idol persona. It’s just to me Sayu’s seems less of an act and more real at times, and she’s said a few things that as a fellow female I was pretty annoyed by. I do like that when Kanon gets into her whole Cinderella/cute idol character her whole demeanor changes. She gets a lot more dramatic, and she even changes the way she speaks. Which is pretty funny. Which in a way is poking fun at her whole character completely. Or at least that’s how I take it.

Okamoto Keito:

Back when I first got into HSJ I did not see the appeal of Keito at all. He was the guy that was just there, and I always thought he was a little weird looking. But over the years I started to see Keito’s appeal. And pretty much the entire reason I love Keito is because he’s the most awkward idol ever. He seriously is, a lot of times he just sits there and doesn’t say anything. It seems like he’s never sure exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. Most of the time they just use him to be the guy that says things in English. He’s so socially awkward that he once said he’s not comfortable talking when there’s a large group of people around. He’s also fallen down while filming things like 3 times before. His awkwardness just makes him adorable and endearing.

And there you have it my favorite idols. I do want to point out these aren’t all of the idols that I love. I obviously love WAY more idols than this. I just didn’t include my favorite graduated idols or my number 2 idols because I didn’t want this post to be a mile long. I tried to rank just my number 1 idols from each group. Some groups like, S/mileage and Hey! Say! JUMP, have 2 idols, and that’s because those idols are tied for first place. I absolutely could not pick just one for those groups. All of the other groups have a clear number 1. If people honestly care about my my favorite graduated idols or my number 2 idols, I am make another one of these ranking posts sometime in the future.

SUPER GiRLS new PV isn’t cause for celebration

SUPER GiRLS will be releasing their 3rd album Celebration February 20th. And true to form a few days ago they released a PV for the title track.

I have to say, I am just really disappointed with this PV. It’s really a strange feeling. So far I’ve never not liking anything that SUPER GiRLS released. I usually cannot get enough of them. But this time both the song and PV are equally bland.

And that’s probably because they are trying for a more mature look and sound with this song. Which is fine, I actually kind of expected it since Akai Jounetsu had a more mature feel. But what was so great about Akai Jounetsu that it was mature while still remaining catchy. It was a touch more serious from their previous singles, but it still retained some of the fun and energetic SUPER GiRLS spirit. However, Celebration is a complete 180 from their usual sound, and honestly I was caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting something like this from them at all. The song sound just so boring and forgetful. It completely lacks personality.

The PV seems to focus mostly on dancing, which right there makes it boring. But not only is it just dancing they are dancing on a giant block, which is something that’s been done a few times in idol PVs before. For instance: Berryz Koubou’s Piriri to Yukou or AAA’s No Cry No More. But the fact that they are not only dancing on a giant square and wearing all white outfits, immediately makes me think of C-ute’s Everyday Zekkouchou. It’s just been done before and therefore feels very stale to me. However, they do make up for it a bit by being styled beautifully. Per usual, the girls look gorgeous. But not only that they look super mature. I mean, Hikaru cut her hair and I almost couldn’t even recognize her. And Ami, look at Ami! She’s seriously grown so much.

I also don’t really like the close-up shots so much. First off, they are just a red curtain. How boring. It’s uncreative backdrops like that I expect from H!P, not SUPER GiRLS. And Secondly, where are the adorable close-ups with 2-3 girls. You know where they do the same posing in unison. They’ve done those in pretty much every PV. It’s little things like that that make SUPER GiRLS unique.

The only parts of the PV I did enjoy are the present wrapping scenes. I think it’s cute that they’re playing off the title. It’s in these scenes you see the girls acting more natural and just adorable. Sadly these scenes only make up about 50 seconds of the PV. And when the video is nearly 6 minutes long, that’s nowhere near long enough.

These presents are actually wrapped beautifully. XD

Whoa what kind of filter are they using, cause that grass looks yellow.

Just wow Ami.

These outfits are really pretty.

Adorable Rino.

Aya has some really nice legs.

Hikaru, you look like a completely different person.

Saori looks really fresh and pretty here.


Rina looks so mature!

Ami just continues to always look flawless.

Rikataso looks super cute.

So so cute.

I love that they’re continuing the tradition of Mirei wearing some sort of hat.

Still think that Reira is one of prettiest members.

Kaede is judging Rino so hard.

Too cute for words.

This dance is a little too simple.


Ami needs to stop being so perfect.

And now they’re playing piano for no reason.

Look at Ruka being all gorgeous by herself.

What? XD


Such cute scenes in this PV.

Lolz at Mirei pouting.

I absolutely love that it turned into a giant present. Such a cool effect.

Kisumai fail to shake things up

And just like that I’m back to blogging. So, hopefully my dear readers have really missed my blogging. I certainty hope they missed my PV reviews because since I missed so many PVs last year, I’m going to be reviewing the ones that either my readers wanted to see or my personal favorites that I missed.

And without further ado, onto the PV review.

Shake It Up by Kisumai may seem like an odd first choice, and it is. But a few months ago on twitter one of my followers, and obviously blog readers, asked me when I was going to review this PV. And I told them as soon as the full PV was released. Little did I know that never actually happened. I actually kinda feel bad for not living up to my word on that, so this PV became top priority.

Can I just start out by saying I am absolutely sick of this song? When I first heard it as the theme for the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou drama I really loved the song. And when Bakaleya6 and Takaki performed it for the first time I thought that was perfect. But since then it’s become Bakaleya6’s basically theme song and they’ve performed it maybe 6 or 7 different times. And because I’m such a Kyomoto Taiga fan, I’ve probably watched them perform it like 30 times. Too much of a good thing, and now I’m sick of it.

As for the PV, I can’t say I’m a fan of it either. The PV has a club theme, which makes sense considering it’s a dance song. But that premise feels completely flat to me. Maybe because 70% of America videos have been filmed in night clubs over past 4 years or so. But it’s mostly because if you’ve seen one club video, you’ve seen them all. There’s not really much you can do with a club setting. You either go with Yamapi’s One in a Million PV where you fall in love in a club (cue Usher song here) or you go with Kisumai’s format for this PV which is nothing but dancing.

And honestly that’s completely stale, I’m over that. But not only that, if you’re going to make the PV focus heavily on dancing you should make sure the choreography isn’t awful. The choreography for Shake It Up is so simple that it borders on ridiculous. They’re basically swinging and shaking their hands the entire time. And sometimes lifting their leg. It looks like dancing I’d do in a club, not something idols trained in dancing would do. But hey, I can’t really complain they managed to lose the roller skates for at least one PV. That’s pretty much all I can ask from Kisumai.

I do have to give Kisumai half a point because they do attempt to shake things up (see what I did there?) and add some variety to the PV. Which would have worked if those elements weren’t borrowed from other PVs. First off, the the self filming/ panning of one person shot. I obiviously don’t make music videos for a living and have no idea what the correct term for that is, but if you’ve seen the PV you know what I’m referring to. It immediately makes me think of Yamapi’s Hadakanbo PV. But since I explained in my review of that PV how the entire PV was a complete rip off of Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me video, it’s kinda become panning-seption now.

The other more obvious borrowed element is the brown chair. Now, if you’ve seen the PV for Face Down by Arashi you’ll remember that 90% of the PV focused on Arashi sitting in big brown chairs. While Kisumai do move more around in it than Arashi did, it’s still something I’ve seen before and therefore boring.

While I’m on the subject of copying PVs, this whole PV makes me think of Daikoku Danji’s Love Parade PV. I don’t know if my readers of this blog are familiar with this group, but Daikoku Danji are a Kpop crossover group which I do adore because of how, besides B1A4, they are the only male Kpop group who’s songs and PVs really sound and look like a male Jpop group. Most of the male crossover groups just look and sound like Kpop in Japanese. I might actually review their past PVs for fun sometime in the future. But I digress.

The Love Parade PV is hardly similar to this PV, so don’t start yelling at me that the PVs are completely different. It’s just the overall feel that is the same. Both groups are styled very similarly, both groups have a club setting, both groups even hold up the word love. Of course Kisumai has a club full of people while Daikoku Danji are alone. And a handful of other differences. I don’t know there’s just something about the Love Parade PV that immediately makes me think of this one.

I also don’t really like the outfits. There as flamboyant and almost embarrassing as most male idol outfits are. But there’s something about them that are almost cringe worthly. Maybe it’s Taisuke’s woman’s jacket, Tama’s puked up a nebula scarf, or Hiro’s wannabeee (I’ll stop with the puns soon, I swear) punk rock jacket. It might even be Yoko’s what-were-they-thinking pants, I don’t know. But whatever it is, at the very least these outfits deserve a silent head shake in disapproval.

Starting off with a Taisuke wink isn’t too shabby.

All the movements in this PV are way too intense. They really need to tone it down a bit.

I think my favorite parts of Kisumai PVs is how they continue to not make it too obvious who the popular members are. 

Unoriginal brown hair. And let me just say I doubt Hiro even knows who Slayer is let alone listen to them. Lol.

Reminds me so much of Arashi’s face down PV.

I really like Taisuke’s jacket. But in the sense that it would probably look better on me.

It also really reminds me of the jacket Hyunseung wore in the Troublemaker video.

This dance. It’s just so simple.

Like ridiculously simple.

Taisuke is trying way too hard in this PV.

I almost can’t believe some of these dance moves.

That duck face.

Yup, definitely trying too hard. 

Is that a dinosaur on his shirt? Also, self panning shots are unoriginal.

Reminds me too much of Yamapi’s Hadakanbo PV.


The faces in this PV man.

Like seriously.

Poor Miyata, if he wasn’t in the drama he probably would have never gotten a line in the song.

I’m a sucker for idol winks.

What is Yoko doing? Lol.

Still think this dance is pretty ridiculous.

Family portrait. (Get it? Rocky Horror reference. XD )

Too intense man.



Through it all Tama still manages to look cute.

Ok then.

It’s backwards there Hiro.

Still reminds me of this.

Hiro’s face. Lol.

Kis-My-Ft2 – My Resistance Tashikana Mono preview

The full radio rip for Kisumai’s My Resistance Tashikana Mono off their upcoming double A-side new single, My Resistance Tashikana Mono / Unmei Girl, was just released. My Resistance will be used as the theme for Tamamori Yuta’s new drama Nobunaga no Chef.

When the song first started I knew I wasn’t going to like it very much. And, honestly, I’m still on the fence about the song. The song starts off with very soft piano music and accompanied with equally sad background music. The entire song sounds very emotional and sad. It’s times like this I wish I understood Japanese. 

What I do find odd about this song is that Taisuke seems to be rapping through most of it. Not only does it not really fit with the sad music, you’d figure there would be a much bigger Yuta part in the song since it’s for his drama. I mean a good chunk of the song is Yuta. I mean, come on this is unfair Kisumai of course he’s prominent in the song. I was just expecting Yuta to sing 3/4 of the song.

Midway through the song the whole tempo and feel changes. Which is why I can’t really decide exactly how I feel about the song yet. The music becomes very upbeat and it sounds like the message changes from sad to positive, and maybe even inspiring. I don’t know, I feel like I really have to wait for a translation because this seems like one of those songs that will have great lyrics.

Anyway here’s the preview. My Resistance Tashikana Mono / Unmei Girl will be released on February 13th.

Tasaki Asahi’s debut makes me want to write her off already

It was recently announced that the winner of Up Front’s recent audition, Tasaki Asahi, was going to be making her solo debut under the Satoyama Movement. The PV for Tegami off her double A-side single, Tegami/Rolling Days, has been released. 

I actually had no intention of covering this idol on my blog, but
Chii suggested I review the PV and here we are.

Let me start off by saying I do not like the song at all. I think Asahi has an amazing voice, but the song is so soft and slow paced that’s it’s completely bland. And it’s sad because Asahi has an amazing voice that’s somewhat being wasted on this song. This song literally sounds like something ManoEri would have released in the beginning of her career. And we all know how I’ve always felt about ManoEri’s early stuff. It took me years to slowly start to like it. And it doesn’t really help that this girl plays the piano too. I know that Erina is leaving pretty soon, but do they really need a replacement this quickly?

As for the PV, I’m afraid I don’t really have nice things to say about it either. This PV even screams old Mano PVs. Tell me this PV doesn’t look like a mix between Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo and Otome no Inori? The PV also reads like any other ManoEri PV with a heavy focus on the piano and several close-ups of her playing. The only real difference seems to be that ManoEri seemed to used a white piano or keyboard most of the time and Asahi is using a black one. Wow, so different. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching the same artist at all!

The rest of the PV is extremely somber. It’s even shot with a grungy camera filter to give an extra burst of gloom. But then sometimes in the PV she’ll be filmed in natural light and suddenly the PV is happy again. I guess she’s only sad when she’s playing the piano.

I really wish I had something more interesting to say about this PV, but literally nothing happens in it. The entire PV consists of her either playing the piano or just sitting there looking off longingly into the distance. Oh I’m sorry, I’m being mean. I can’t forget about the heartbreaking scenes where she’s drinking coffee or flipping through a book. UFP really knows how to pull at your heart strings.

Also, what I think is really funny for a song called letter she’s hardly ever seen actually writing the letter. Maybe for about all of 30-45 seconds in the PV. Since it’s most likely a love letter there’s a lot they could have done with that theme. Show her struggling to find the right words. Have her crumble up letters that aren’t good enough. Have her write in a more convincing place like her bedroom, because no one goes to an abandoned warehouse to play the piano and write a letter. I don’t know just something! Give me something more than her just sitting there.

I also don’t really get why there are 3-4 of her. It’s probably representing her inner anguish or she’s stepping back from herself to look and asses all of her emotions. I don’t really know. To be honest I never really try to look for deeper meanings behind videos. But the personas did seem to disappear whenever she was sad. Or appear when she was writing the letter. So, I suppose all those times she was looking off into the distance she was actually thinking about her emotions or memories. That’s about as philosophical about it as I’m gonna get about it. 

I don’t think the “deep meaning” behind the PV is clear enough. The way they tell the story is extremely weak. If you can’t immediately tell that there’s a story going on there, then honestly that’s a definite minus for me. The PV is so cheaply made that I feel absolutely no attachment to the underlined “message” it’s trying to convey.

Oh, piano playing. I’m bored already.

Nice shoes.

What a sad setting.

Or not. You blink and suddenly the camera filter changes.

Wait, is she a ghost? Or is this an outer body experience? Is that supposed to show her inner self examining herself? Just why are there 2 of them now?

I do have to admit Asahi is really pretty.

Cute smile.

Yeah, you write that letter.

She’s stares of into space a lot. I guess maybe she’s supposed to be thinking or something. I don’t know.

Ok, now there’s 3 of them.

Doesn’t she know she’s too late to be in Kikka’s PV?

What are you reading there?

Maybe ManoEri will know?

It looks like she just tried to turn to someone and say something. But she’s alone. Maybe she was hoping to get one of her other personas.

Now they’re just messing with me.

Of course you’re cold, you’re sitting in an abandoned warehouse.

Hey, the song is called tegami not shashin.

Not sure why it’s necessary to have a close-up of her neck, but I’ll just go with it. 

Why so sad? Is it because your clones blinked out of existence?

Oh, I spoke too soon.

At least they’re really focusing on the letter now.

But this is literally all I thought of.

“That was hilarious, I should tell someone.”

“Lol nope. I’m alone.”

Infectious smile.

Literally the most interesting pare of the entire PV.

Why is she playing so intensely, this isn’t Phantom of the Opera.

Recent thoughts about Johnny’s

In my opinion one of the most fun things to do when you’re an idol is to overanalyze and speculate about every detail of idols. Since my over-analyzations /predictions usually turn out to accurate it fuels the fire and makes me want to overanalyze things even more. Sure, there have been a few times I actually wish I wasn’t right. Like when I said Yamapi leaving wouldn’t be the end of NEWS, or when I said something wasn’t right with Arihara Kanna missing so many C-ute activities she had to be leaving soon. But just the same, it’s still fun to try to figure what’s going on, or to just think about what you wish would happen.

Lately I’ve been really thinking about things going on with Johnny’s. They were seemingly small little thoughts that I’ve just tweeted or posted on tumblr. Nothing really major. But writing my yearly ranking posts really sparked some new ideas that I wanted to talk about. None of them are big enough to get their own blog post alone, so I’m going to compile them together in one post.

1. The curious case of Nakayama Yuma:

It seems they never really knew what to do with Yuma from day 1. Nakayama Yuma was the most popular Kansai Junior, one of the most popular Juniors overall, and one of the most talented Juniors at singing. So, it was pretty obvious to the people that pulls the strings at Johnny’s that they didn’t want to waste him and could make money off of him. But it seems like they never had a clear image of what to do with him exactly. Which is why the whole Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow and NYC Boys fiasco happened in the first place.

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow immediately says that Yuma is a solo artist and the other members are just singing with him. Kind of like Diana Ross & The Supremes. Because Yuma got all the lines and B.I. Shadow sang harmonies. So, why not just make him a solo artist to begin with? Or why didn’t they have Yuma and B.I. Shadow form a group with a new name and equal lines? If they did that I feel like Yuma would be in a better less confusing place right now. Obviously we all know that NYC dropped the Boys, shafting poor B.I. Shadow completely, and have been releasing singles since. Which is fine no big deal. Get all that gravy money from a group made up from one of the most popular Juniors and the 2 of the most popular Hey! Say! JUMP members.

But lately another confusing piece of the puzzle came into place, Yuma made his solo debut. Yuma sang the theme for his drama Piece and released the song as a single. Does this mean they are priming Yuma up to be a solo artist? They did release his solo song, Glassno Mahou, as another A-side with NYC’s Wonderful Cupid single. So, this could mean this was the plan for Yuma all along. Because right now since he’s only part of a sub-group and not an official group. He’s in the awkward situation of having nothing to do when NYC isn’t releasing anything. He’s in that Henry and Zhoumi from Super Junior M postion. (Yeah, it’s a Kpop reference, but I’m sure most of you get it.) And if he did go solo where does that leave NYC? Sure Yuma could handle being both solo and being in NYC. But I’m unsure if Ryosuke could handle it.
Which brings me to my next point,

2. Is the most popular member’s inevitable departure the new norm?:

As you’re all aware Hey! Say! JUMP member Yamada Ryosuke is making his solo debut by releasing the theme for his drama, Mystery Virgin, as a single. This makes me both very confused and worried about Hey! Say! JUMP. For the longest time if you were a Johnny’s idol in a drama or movie your group would 9/10 times sing the theme. Regardless if you were the most popular or least popular member. Mostly because Johnny’s uses their popularity and/or exposure as pretty much free extra promotion for the group they’re in. This format added countless of single sales to groups like NEWS and KAT-TUN. And helped Arashi’s popularity skyrocket.

But having 1 member of the group promote the single puts 3/4 of the attention and exposure to that individual alone. Besides the special group Shuji to Akira (and The Monsters), to my knowledge they’ve only done this once before and that was with Akanishi Jin’s Bandage single. Yes, they’ve also done this when Yamapi’s Daite Senorita was the theme for Kurosagi, but that obviously does not count since NEWS was on hiatus at the time. And if you recall when NEWS was off hiatus NEWS’s Taiyou no Namida was used as the theme for the Kurosagi movie.

But what’s the point of having Ryosuke release this solo single? Why isn’t it a Hey! Say! JUMP single? Especially since Hey! Say! JUMP released one single in 2012 all the way back in February. Sure maybe they want to gain more money since he’s the most popular member. But isn’t it enough extra money with him being in both NYC and Hey! Say! JUMP? And they would actually make more money releasing it as a Hey! Say! JUMP, or even NYC, single. Obviously mostly Ryosuke fans are going to buy a Ryosuke single. But fans of the other 8 members of Hey! Say! JUMP, or fans of the other 2 members of NYC, are going to buy the group’s single. Which would be an increase of anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 copies. So, what’s the point of him releasing a solo single? Surely this is stretching Ryosuke really thin. Being in 2 groups at once and releasing a solo single.

This is also going scarily into NEWS and Kanjani8 territory. If you’re an idol in 2 groups at once one of the groups always suffers. One group has to be more active than the other group so the idol who is in 2 groups isn’t too tired. NEWS seemed to always be on the short end of the stick. And this year Hey! Say! JUMP is. 3 NYC singles, 1 Yamada Ryosuke single announcement, (so close to being 2012) and 1 Hey! Say! JUMP single. And please don’t say, “well they were active because they released 1 single, 1 album, and 1 concert DVD.” That is not active, that’s a bad NEWS flashback. Before Ryo and Yamapi skedaddled from NEWS they released 1 single, 1 album, and 1 DVD that year. It’s so similar it’s creepy.

So, does this mean it’s simply the most popular member’s fate anymore to leave the group and go solo? Jin and Yamapi both did it. And Jin was the only one to decide on his own. Ryosuke said his solo single came as a surprise even to him, and Johnny set up Yamapi’s meeting with Warner Music while he was still in NEWS. While I don’t see Ryosuke, or even Chinen for that matter, leaving anytime soon I do still think it’s in the cards. Because don’t forget Ryo was a member of 2 groups for 7 years before he threw in the towel. Chinen and Ryosuke have only been doing it for 3 years. And it is slightly easier on them because NYC doesn’t have their own TV shows or concerts like Kanjani8 did. At least for now anyway.

3. What’s up with Bakaleya6?:

I’ve been wondering what’s up with Bakaleya6 for a while now. Bakaleya6 is obviously made up of the Johnny’s members, minus Takaki, who were in the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou drama. It made sense to temporarily have these guys perform together on Shounen Club or appear together on variety shows while they are promoting the drama and movie. But the drama and movie came and went, but the group doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. They perform pretty much on every episode of Shounen Club, occasionally on Yan Yan JUMP, are lumped together in all the idol magazines, appear on more variety shows, half of them were in a Baskin Robins commercial, and some of the members are getting additional drama work. Drama work while you’re still a Junior is pretty rare. You either only get extremely small roles, or you have to be an extremely popular Junior to get a lead role. Bakaleya6 also has their own special performance at Hey! Say! JUMP’s Jump World concert and introduced Hey! Say! JUMP in the beginning of the concert. They even headlined their own summary concerts.

While I think all that is obviously awesome for them, I still can’t help but wonder what the plans for this group are. Bakaleya6 is made up of some of the most popular current Juniors, so it makes sense to keep them together as long as possible. But then why not have them debut, or at the very least make them an official Johnny’s Junior group? Currently none of them are in Junior groups. Juri and Jesse used to be in Hip Hop Jump before they disbanded. Taiga hasn’t been in a group since Kitty Jr, Shintaro hasn’t been in a group since he was in Snow Prince Gasshoudan, and Hokuto and Yugo were left groupless after Sexy Zone’s formation completely broke up B.I. Shadow. So, it makes perfect sense for them to make one. In idol magazines you have seen Bakaleya Gumi written under their names, but you never see anything written on Shounen Club.

I honestly don’t see why they are keeping them together unless they have something planned for them. In a perfect world that would be a major debut. Personally that’s what I’m hoping for. A lot of fans say that it’s impossible because the group is too new. And I honestly think that’s ridiculous. Just because groups like KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2 were Junior groups for like 6 years before debuting doesn’t mean that’s the norm. Most of these Juniors have been members of Johnny’s since the members of Hey! Say! JUMP joined Johnny’s. And sometimes that doesn’t even matter. Tegoshi was only a Junior for something like 8 months before his debut and Marius wasn’t a Junior for that long either. (I have no idea the actual amount of time though. XD)

I actually think having the members debut as a group makes sense since they are well known and popular members. It would be a much more calculated debut than Sexy Zone. Besides Fuma and Kento the members of Sexy Zone were pretty unheard of before the group was announced.

Morning Musume – Help Me PV preview

About a week ago a PV preview for Morning Musume’s 52nd single, Help Me, aired. Help Me not only marks Momusu’s first single of the year, but also the first single to include 11th gen member Oda Sakura.

First of let me say a little bit about the song because I haven’t said anything about it on my blog yet. When I first heard the song my first impressions were that it was weird. It sounded like a mix between 3 different songs, and the random speaking in it threw me off completely. The only thing I loved about it was Sakura. I don’t even know anything about Sakura yet, but she is perfection in every way. The pipes on this girl, the pipes! I knew she was an absolutely incredible singer since I saw her audition. But her voice in this song is so flawless, so seamless, so smooth, I could literally die. This is the girl that Morning Musume desperately needed, a great singer. In my opinion we haven’t a voice this immediately flawless since Ai-chan joined. And I’m calling it now, in a few years she’s going to give Ai-chan a run for her money as the girl with the best voice in Morning Musume history.

But less about the absolute gift from above that Sakura is, and more about the song. After listening to it more and more I am now officially a fan of this song. This song is wrong and weird, and shouldn’t be great, but it is. It just works on nearly every level. The music is interesting and it’s sung great. However, I still don’t like the speaking parts. I think it’s loads better than Wakuteka Take a Chance.

Now, for my thoughts on the PV so far. In short: I do not like it at all. I might even hate it. From the first 5 seconds it’s obvious that whoever make the Wakuteka Take a Chance PV also made this one. And that person should be replaces ASAP.

Why is it yet another green screen PV? Just why? And if you are going to do a green screen PV why not make it fun like the 231 Breakin’ Out PV? And to make matters worse the cgi is done so poorly that it’s so obvious the girls are overlayed onto images.

And to me the entire PV looks like an anime ending theme video. You know at the end of animes where the ending theme is just the character in random parts of Tokyo like on a train, at school, and then randomly at Tokyo at night. And the night sequences are all overly colorful and brightly lit? Well, that’s exactly what this looks like to me.

I suppose I can’t 100% judge this PV until we see the entire thing. But come on guys, you know it’s probably not gonna get better than this.

Johnny’s Countdown 2012-2013

Well, I want to start off by saying Happy New Year my dear readers! And nothing brings in the New Year quite like the Johnny’s Countdown. As I’ve said before the Johnny’s Countdown is one of, if not the, most exciting part of being a Johnny’s fan. It’s seriously a highlight of my year. Most idol agencies usually have their idols come together frequently. They have jointed concerts, have TV shows together, or at least perform together on TV. But Johnny’s only ever comes together once a year. (Obviously excluding charity events.) And the Countdown holds a special place because if it wasn’t for the Countdown I’d probably still only be a NEWS fan right now.

I actually always wanted to makes these overview posts of the Countdown to be a yearly tradition on my blog, but last year I was unable to find a decent quality of the concert. I had some trouble this year as well. I almost had to 86 this entire post. But I luckily I found one, and here we are.

It seems like KinKi Kids are hosting again. Which doesn’t really bother me. I just wish Arashi wasn’t stretched too thin with Kohaku and could host it again.

I should really go back and listen to some of Matchy’s songs. He has a really good voice.

It’s weird to see Tackey & Tsubasa together. How come Tackey isn’t in the theater again this year?

Adorable Koki.

I hate that Hey! Say! JUMP are wearing their Boku wa Vampire outfits. I’ve never really care for them.

Why are they having Uchi stand next to Yamapi as if he’s a soloist too? I only point this out because, remember how everyone knew that Kis-My-Ft2 was going tomake their major debut because of how much they were being treated like a legit group instead of just Juniors? I wonder if this means a solo debut is in the cards? He has been doing his thing with Question for a while. And said he would love to debut again with them.

It just wouldn’t feel like a Johnny’s if the outfits weren’t so hideous so, over designed, and so brimming with blinding sequins that you wanted to punch the costume designer on the face.

I’m happy. Venus is probably my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa single.

That awkward moment when Tackey & Tusbasa are making your song more entertaining just by dancing then by you singing. Sorry Yamapi.

Can this even count as a debut? Since A.B.C-Z released this and nothing else since.


It’s cool that they had JUMP Band, but because of that you literally didn’t see any of the band members besides Keito.

Sexy Zone’s performance was hilarious. It was like, “Enjoy Sexy Zone, but please overlook the fact that only 1/5 of them is old enough to actually perform tonight.”

I really like KAT-TUN’s jackets. They have the least embarrassing outfits in the entire concert.

Wow, Taguchi looks really good here.

Happy New Year!

Keito looking good.

I love how they brought out all the rappers for this song. But Koki easily blows them away. I always thought Hikaru and Taisuke were kinda bad at rapping.

I haven’t seen Yuto tap in a while.

People said Arashi’s segment is prerecorded this year. Doesn’t really bother me. On a side not, I’m officially used to Nino’s hair.

Lolz at Nino’s face.

Yabu is such a cutie.

Really wish I could see the Juniors better. I can clearly see that Kochi Yugo, Sanada Yuma, and Yasui Kentaro are there but that’s it. I just want to know if my beloved Taiga is there.

Wow, this is really awesome.

Fumikyun managing to stand out.

Wow, I have no idea who any of the Kansai Juniors are.

Yes! They’re performing Aoppana. I was actually upset they didn’t perform it at Kohaku.

I’m so Ryo-chan deprived lately. I really need to get into Kanjani8 more.

Ryo literally almost fell here.

Rysouke looking as gorgeous as ever.

Tegoshi looks girly enough already, does he really need to keep doing his hair this way?

I’ve never heard V6’s Rock Your Soul before, but it’s seriously a great song.

Here’s the first part of the concert. This person does have the entire concert. But I didn’t want to put 10 videos on the bottom of this post. I suggest you watch it quickly before it gets take down.