Who says NEWS is breaking up?

Yesterday I saw a post on arama that lyricist Shimoji Yu posted a quote unquote criptic tweet that he had some insider information about a group. And he said nothing else about that information except that it was shocking. Here is the translation of that tweet, obvious credits to whoever  translated it because it wasn’t me: “I heard something shocking about a certain group today. I had guessed at it before, though. It’s a shame, but reality is harsh, isn’t it? When I think that this was happening behind closed doors, I feel sorry for the fans. They didn’t get a say…I’m going to bed.”

Now, I thought nothing of that at all. Because 1.) the information isn’t 100% confirmed, and even if he is in the entertainment business I still count it as a petty rumor. If you can even consider it one. And 2.) This information could be about anyone, as he has worked with a lot of different artists. And because we don’t even know what the information is. All he said is it’s shocking. I read the comments on arama and they pretty much already wrote it off as being about NEWS. And I do admit I felt a twing of panic at the mere thought of anything happening to my beloved NEWS. But being forever the optimist, I brushed it off. Now fastforward to today and all of a sudden this yet to be determined shocking insider information has turned into big news, at least within  the fandom anyway. But not only big news, but for some reason this has turned from the information being too vauge to really know who it’s about to absolutely knowing for a fact it’s about NEWS. Yes, I’m afraid, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 it’s big NEWS indeed.

Now, I want to start off by saying that I am a gigantic NEWS fan. Morning Musume and NEWS are my top 2 idol groups, and have been for 3 years now. NEWS are my absolute favorite Johnny’s group in the entire agency. And if old sadistic Johnny made me wait 2 years for another NEWS release I’d sit there and patiently wait. And that’s because I love everything about them. NEWS is the least popular JE group of the younger generation of Johnny’s. And it’s honestly for a number of reasons, which I can’t be bothered to go into now. Most of it is poor promotion. NEWS is also considered by a lot of fans to be one of the most boring JE acts. Which I completely disagree with. Watch any concert documentary or Heyx3 apperance and you’ll be singing a new tune.

With that being said, I also consider myself to be a pretty realistic fan. I know how the business world works, and I know what inner troubles NEWS is facing now. But I also know it’s done just because it’s business as usual. I intended to make a post about NEWS’s popularity, their decline, and  their future, but someone beat me to the punch. And since I didn’t want to steal someone else’s thunder, or be accused of coping, I just didn’t post my half written essay, for lack of better words.

NEWS is no stranger to rumors lately. Recently, I wanna say about 2 or 3 months back, there was a rumor that Yamapi had met with an executive from Warner Music to talk about plans for Yamapi to go solo and debut in the US. I can’t even begin to say how much of a disaster that would be. Jin studied in the US and his English is still terrible, and so is the music from his American tour. And because of that he is destined to fail in the US. Now, Yamapi’s English is even worse. He might have that random French chick who he’s shacking up with, allegedly of course, to teach him English but that hasn’t really helped much. You heard how mediocre his English was when he talked to Seth Rogen. And as for his music, it’s not much better than Jin’s. He wants to lick girls like mayonnaise and make them numb for god’s sake! Also, add all of that with everyone in the JE fandom saying that Yamapi is a terrible singer, I actually like his voice, and that doesn’t really spell success  to me. So, I honestly never really even considered  that rumor to be serious. Especially since Yamapi’s American debut happening  basically right after Jin’s, doesn’t make sense to me. America is made up of only 10% Asian, why would they bombard the country with something they are honestly apprehensive about? But then recently Johnny was reconized by Guinness, and was suddenly talking about wanting to take a JE show to Vegas. And suddenly Yamapi in the US might not be so far fetched afterall.

And Yamapi’s solo possibilites seem to be the main reason why fans think NEWS is breaking up. And if it did happen, I wouldn’t be shocked. But at the same time I don’t think it would mean the end for NEWS. And not even because it wasn’t the end for KAT-TUN after Jin left. No, it wouldn’t be the end for NEWS because NEWS, realistically, doesn’t even need to exist right now. And I’ve said this before. JE is making money off of 4/6 of NEWS outside of NEWS activities. The only reasons NEWS as a group still exists is because on top of the mass amount of money from Yamapi’s solo work, Kanjani8, and Tegomass, JE can still make money from NEWS as well. JE knows that dedicated fans, like myself, would wait however long it takes for NEWS to return. Even with Yamapi gone, JE isn’t stupid enough to stop the gravy train anytime soon. And as for it being because they haven’t released a single in almost a year. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Hey! Say! JUMP did the same exact thing. The release space between Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Hitomi no Screen was a whopping 15 months. And what was the reason for that? I have absolutely no idea. They didn’t have another group like Kanjani8 to hold them back. And yet, they still had a dry spell for the entire span of 2009. And I don’t remember fans crying that that meant HSJ was finished. NEWS hasn’t released anything in 10 months because of Kanjani8, and fans are in full panic mode. I can’t help but thinking it’s a tiny bit funny.

I honestly think NEWS’s activites were planned to be like this. Kanjani8 is a lot more popular then NEWS, so NEWS has been put on the back burner a lot because of that. Obviously more popularity equals more money. Being smart business people no doubt JE decided to make 2011 the year of Kanjani8. And because it was most likely planned as such, they made sure they let their other cash cows Tegomass and Yamapi do something while their main activities were put on pause. I mean, that honestly makes the most sense. And I think it has to do with JE wanting to strike while the iron is hot. Two or three Kanjani8 members turned 30 this year, with the remaining members not falling too far behind. I don’t really know too much about this, but apparently once JE idols turn 30 they get less priority in idol magazines. Apparently that happened to Arashi recently. So, perhaps Kanjani8 was super active this year because JE wanted to squeeze maximum money from them at their popularity peak while they are still relevant. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t part of the diabolical plan to destroy NEWS. But that’s just a suggestion.

I also think the vaugeness of the information has to be called into question. Even if the signs do seem to point to NEWS, you still have to consider that since he didn’t name NEWS specificly, it could be any group he has ever written for. And even if it is NEWS, just because the news is shocking that doesn’t mean that they are breaking up. It could mean that they are breaking up, it could mean that Yamapi is leaving, or it could mean that they are breaking NEWS up and having solo Yamapi, Ryo in Kanjani8, Tegomass, and possibly finally having a KoyaShige debut. All of which would be equally shocking. And all of which the fans do not have a say in. So, why all the conclusion jumping? And why all the cynicism between fans? I do know the phrase, “hope for the best, but expect the worst.” And that is true in a sense. But so is being optimistic until the official announcment is made. Assuming that one will be made, or it’s about NEWS at all.

Now, what am I going to do if this in fact is about NEWS? There’s not really anything I can do. Except humbly accept and admit that I was wrong. As fans, we are completely helpless. We have no say in anything that happens to our favorite idol groups. And neither do the idols themselves. Graduations, auditions, breakups, formations, and how frequently singles/albums are released are decided 100% by the agency they work for. And no amount of fan support, and no amount of fan’s anger towards it, is ever going to make an agency go back on their decision.

But there is one thing I can say for certain, if this is about NEWS I don’t know where this leaves my love for JE. NEWS is JE to me. I might say I’m a JE fangirl, but I’m really more of a casual JE fangirl and a NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP fangirl. What I mean by that is, I love and listen to all of NEWS’s and Hey! Say! JUMP’s music, and love them as entertainers and idols. As for the other groups it’s basically just their personalities and some of their music. I tried to get into KAT-TUN, but a majortiy of their album songs are terrible. I prefer their singles, and to watch them on varitey shows or music shows. Despite Nishikido Ryo being my absolute favorite JE member, I can’t really seem to get into Kanjani8’s music. Granted I haven’t really given them a chance either. Arashi has some good muisc, but they have been around for so long that catching up would take a long time. And I honestly don’t know if I feel like catching up with over 10 years of music, concerts, and TV shows. It was hard enough with Morning Musume. And I don’t even care about any of the older groups.

I don’t know, right now I’m in such a mixed mood of anger, sadness, and general panic. However, I will remain optimistic until the very end.

Introducing Morning Musume’s 10th generation

At today’s Morning Musume concert at Nippon Budokan the 10th generation of Morning Musume was finally announced.

The new member are: Sixteen year old Ikubo Haruna, Fourteen year old Ishida Ayumi, twelve year old Sato Masaki, and eleven year old Kudo Haruna.

Now, if anyone has noticed I’ve been away from blogging for a couple days. (And I will continue to be away until I catch up my TV shows I’ve been missing. XD) However, I wanted to at least write about this because it is huge news.
When I first got onto the computer I got this overwhelming, indescribable rush of excitment. Obviously new memers are always one of the most exciting fan experiences. Second only to actual concerts. But for a poor foreign fan like myself, this is pretty much as good as it gets. So, the excitment was pouring out as I quickly checked to see who had made it in, or if there would be any surprises like the 9th gen had. And as quickly as the excitement was building up and overflowing within me, it was then drained just as fast.
There isn’t really another word to desrcibe how I felt other than flabbergasted. I was so shocked that I wasn’t sure if I was reading it correctly. No Murakami Sara? No surprise Miyamoto Karin? The wave of disappointment hit me like a ton of bricks. And I was suddenly feeling pretty angry. My personal favorites from the audition Fuuka and Sara didn’t make it into the group. Not even my favorite underdog of the group, Miwa Satsuki, made it. Tsunku himself said that he needed strong vocalists to take over for Ai-chan. So, I’m not exactly sure why he only added 1 girl that can actually sing. I’m sorry, I don’t like Haruka’s “husky” voice. When I found out who made it into the group the first thing I did was yell out loud, “Oh come on, she’s too old.” Which was obviously in responce to Haruna. And I honestly mean that.

I don’t know, I’m just upset and frustrated by the whol decision. I guess this is why some fans don’t pick favorites, or skip that auditions all together. Because honestly it sucks right now that my favorite wasn’t picked. Instead things have turned out much like the S/mileage auditions where my favorite didn’t make it, but there was still a member added that I did like. In S/mileage it was Rinapu, and in Morning Musume it’s Masaki.
 I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset until I see the girls in action and their personalities. I mean, as of right now the 9th gen still haven’t copletely carved out their personalities yet. Especially Riho, that girl seems so unsure of herself. Tsunku usually knows what he’s doing, and there’s always been a girl from each gen that I absolutely adore. And I am actually really excited that 4 girls were added. I’m really happy to see Momusu at 12 members. Now, add about 3-4 more and I’ll be ecstatic.

But looking at all the wonderful talent he passed up, I still would love to know what he’s thinking. Honestly, I hope Tsunku has some grand scheme up his sleeve. I mean, he’d better. If he doesn’t I don’t see any reason in the world for him to have passed up both Karin and Sara. The man (techically group of people, you saw the 3 or so judges during the training camp) would have to be crazy. I don’t think it’s just the 8th gen again where Kikka was passed up and had to wait in the Eggs for years until it was her time. Or it should say, I don’t want it to be like that again. But Tsunku always knows what he’s doing. He always picks girls that come from behind and turn out to be incredible. We’ve seen that time and time again. And I actually do have a great deal of faith in Tsunku, or whoever is really calling the shots, because they honeslty are usually spot on. And he does seem to pick the perfect moment to use the girls. Yes, he’s made a lot of mistakes in the past with Eggs. But obviously he’s trying to correct them now. I think S/mileage being formed, and then adding more Eggs to S/mileage again and to Morning Musume twice now (3 times if you count LinLin, but I only really talking about in the last couple of years) shows that now sees their potential. And what their popularity can bring to the group.

 But with the 10th gen announced I can’t help but wonder what he has in store for the future. Because he said has 4 years of Morning Musume already planned. Why does Tsunku care so much about bridging the age gap? Especially since the remaining 5th and 6th gen girl’s days are numbered. And all the older member’s stint in Morning Musume were pretty short lived. Scandal or being Chinese aside, Miki and JunJun were gone pretty quickly. I know Risa has always loved Morning Musume, and it’s probably always been her dream to be the leader ever since she got that dorky Nacchi haircut when she was a child, but I don’t see Risa being the leader longer than a little over a year. And the 6th gen have maybe 2-3 years more. And by then no doubt we’ll be on the 11th gen at least. Which would then pushed Momusu’s age to 20-13. And then whatever the 11th gen are, assuming they are even added. But I don’t think Tsunku is that stupid anymore. With the the lose of both Eri and Ai-chan he knows he has to build up the girls he has now, while adding more, if he wants to keep Morning Musume alive with just the 8th-11th, if not higher, gens. But if they are that age why does it really matter to bridge the gap. Is he planning to make Morning Musume sexy after the 6th gen leaves? I mean, Haruna already has the mature, fashionalbe, sexy vibe now. Haruna will be 18, Aika will be 20, and Ayumi, Mizuki, and Erina will be 16. With Riho, Zukki, Haruna, and Masaki not too far behind. Sadly, it actually kinda seems like that. Or maybe we’d get a whole new sound that’s more appealing to teenagers. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when Morning Musume was nothing but teenagers. Twenty is close enough to a teenager. If a mature Momusu is really his plan, he better execute it better than he did last time.

NMB48’s god-awful new PV

The full PV for NBM48’s 2nd single, Oh My God!, has been released. It was actually released two days ago, but I’ve been avoiding writing about it.

And I’ve been avoiding it because the PV preview didn’t exactly set the bar high for this PV. And in that sense, the PV didn’t disappoint. Because the full PV was just as boring as the PV preview. So, congratulations to NMB48. They are nothing if not consistent.
The PV is pretty much the same as the PV preview shows NBM48 dancing on the grass in school uniforms and cheerleading uniforms. But they also throw in some scenes of the girls playing an intense soccer match. Personally, I find sport incredibly boring. I don’t bother sitting through real sport let along simulated ones. So, having soccer in it at all made me enjoy the PV less right off the bat. But I guess it’s supposed to add an element of excitment to the PV or make it more dynamic. Or they want you to root for NMB48, because they are being beaten horrible in the PV. Most likely to subconsciously get you used to the idea of rooting for NMB48. This PV doesn’t really end the story. Apparently there’s an even longer version on the DVD. But I can’t be bothered to sit through a PV longer than about 6 minutes. I’m willing to bet that NMB48 comes from behind, as an utter cliche, and wins the macth. Which could also symbolize to the viewer to keep rooting for NMB48, because no matter how long it takes they will eventually win. Maybe I’m just reading too much into the PV. But when there’s absolutely nothing going on in the PV, I’d like to think there’s some greater meaning behind it. Granted most idol PVs are as meaningless as they come.

And I don’t care already.

There are actually some elements of te dance that are adorable. And overall, the dance seems extremely polished.

Jumping always increases the fun factor.

Hurry run, whatshername! I swear I will eventally know all the names of the 48 groups besides AKB48.

Of course I know Sayaka and Nana though. They seem to be pushed the most. Sayaka is a little odd looking, but is also pretty cute.


Oh man, they are actually playing soccer. I don’t know if I can contain my excitment.

Headband chick looks cute. Too bad you can’t really tell in this cap.

Quick, everyone act like they are falling down.

Are they serious with this move right now? It’s times like this I don’t understand why I don’t just drop everything and become an idol choreographer. It doesn’t look too hard.

Even the coach is displeased.

Maybe I don’t watch soccer enough, but wouldn’t it be extremely easy to catch up 3 point?

Am I the only one focusing on the random jazz hands dance in the background?

They sure love to show them fall down a lot in this PV. And this is the first timed I noticed they are signed to laugh out laugh records. That explains why this PV is such a joke. XD

Oh, it’s on now! Their best player has arrived. I guess there was some big falling out a la Oogoe Diamond.

Why are the player handing out water to the audience? That’s completely backwards.

She’s finally here! I always knew she’d come!

Creepy angle. Maybe that’s just because I don’t find 18 girls looking down at me appealing. But that’s just me.

Couldn’t they have made the cheerleading outfits actually cute?

This is the most awkward part of the whole PV.

I don’t get it. Just because they make one good player return, doesn’t mean suddenly the rest of the team is going to suck less now. Unless they are trying to say, when that girl wasn’t there it threw off the entire team. Cliche!

I feel bad for the one girl who wasn’t included. And way to not even make an actual cheerleading pyramid.

Sayaka is almost frightening looking at times.

I don’t find this endearing, you’re not going to suck me in like that. Give me a good song and PV, then we’ll talk.

I honestly don’t even care what the outcome is.

Berryz Koubou/C-ute-Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku preview

A full radio rip for Berryz Koubou’s and C-ute’s first ever collaboration single, Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku, has been released.

I absolutely fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. It’s completely upbeat and happy. It honestly sounds like a song for an anime. It’s not really the type of song I had in mind when their collab was first announced. To be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure what type of song I had in mind. But it wasn’t this. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like this song. The song actually reminds me of something Mano Erina would release. Which just shows how much more I’d like ManoEri if she was a better singer. I love this song so much that I’m not even bothered that the entire song repeats the same clapping beat.
I am a little disappointed that their aren’t any solo lines. I guess they didn’t want to upset fans if the line distribution wasn’t fair. Because let’s be honest, it would be extremely Berryz heavy since they have 2 more members. I can’t even really tell who’s singing when. I am completely not used to their voices being mixed together. You’d think that with all of the concerts I’ve seen I would be able to. I honestly think giving no one a solo was the easy way out. I’m hoping that the Berryz Koubou and C-ute versions of the PV means we’ll get Berryz Koubou and C-ute versions of the song. If not I’ll be utterly disappoined.

All in all, I think the song is great. It’s a lot better than Mobekimasu’s song.

Arashi to release new single

After a rumor about this a few days ago, it was just announced that Arashi will be releasing a new single. The single is entitled Meikyuu Love Song and as of right now doesn’t have a release date. The song will be used as the theme to Sakurai Sho’s upcoming drama Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de. A small preview of the song has also been released.

Arashi’s singles are always hit or miss for me. Anymore, they all sound the same. This song isn’t super amazing, but it’s not horrible either. It honestly sounds like a mixture of Dear Snow and Lotus. Which is a tad disappointing. I want another upbeat, interesting sounding song again. Give me another single like Crazy Moon, Believe, or Troublemaker, then I’ll be happy. I’m sick of the same recycled slow paced songs. Recently their singles have been lack luster and their album songs have been amazing. Which is the opposite of what I want. Since singles are made into PVs. But we did get super lucky with a PV for Mada Minu Sekai e. Which I will never understand why it wasn’t a single.
But I guess I shouldn’t judge this song just yet since it is only a 20 second preview. However, I doubt the verse is going to be better than the chorus.

Tegomass-Mahou no Melody song and PV preview

NEWS sub-unit Tegomass is releasing their 3rd album, Tegomass no Mahou, on October 16th. And to promote the album the first track off their album, Mahou no Melody, is getting a PV. Recently both the PV preview and radio rip for the song have been released.

First up the radio rip. Which is a little crackly, so I appologize for that. Now, I am hardly a Tegomass fan. Half because Tegoshi and Massu are my least favorite NEWS members. (I’d rather have a KoyaShige duo, quite honestly.) And half because all of Tegomass’s songs sound exactly the same. The singles anyway, I haven’t bothered to listen to any of their albums. And Mahou no Melody isn’t any different I’m afraid. It follows the same bland slow paced love song pattern they always sing. Singing wise, the song sounds incredible. Tegomass harmonize beautifully together. And Tegoshi is one of the best singers in JE, so he could sing just about anything and it would sound amazing. It’s a shame that the music for this song is so bland. I wish I could say that this song sounds like a B-side, but this song is actually a lot more upbeat then some of their A-sides. I just don’t like this song at all. The only time the song actually picks up is the chorus. And even then the song is just medicore. However, this song will most likely grow on me. Tegomass’s songs might be bland, but they end up having incredibly cute lyrics.

And finally the PV previews. About 3 or 4 morning shows have shown the PV preview for Mahou no Melody. Luckily I found a video with all of them mashed together.
I didn’t think it was possible, but I absolutely hate the song but love the PV. Half of the PV shows Tegomass wearing exaggerated, overly colorful, ringleader inspired outfits. While the band behind them are wearing polka dresses and gnome hats. Which is absolutely incredible. I love every minute of it. They are really taking the magic theme and going with it because the PV looks pretty fanciful. The rest of the PV features Tegomass on a random flying machine, that reminds me a bit of the machine in Willy Wonka that shot soap on everyone. (I wish I could remember what it was called, but I haven’t seen that movie in a good 6-10 years.) Which adds to the childish, and magical theme of the PV.
But probably the best part of this whole PV is we finally get a PV with Massu’s red hair. I’m nowhere near a fan of Massu, but he looks the absolute best with red hair. He moves from a 4 to probably a 7 with red hair. He’s still to overly cute for my taste though.

As always you can purchase this album from CDJapan, by clicking the links below.

Tegomass – Tegomass no Mahou [Regular Edition]

Tegomass – Tegomass no Mahou[w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Morning Musume announces 48th single

It was just announced that Morning Musume will be releasing their 48th single. As of right now the single is untitled, but will be released on December 21st. This marks the first Morning Musume single without Ai-chan, and the first single to feature the 10th gen.

I don’t really understand why this single is so far away. The 10th gen are getting announced on September 26th. That’s almost 3 months of th 10th gen doing nothing, and almost 3 and a half months since their last single. The 9th gen released a single 2 months later. But I guess they are giving the rest of Momusu a bit of a break after a concert tour, and a new album. And it also means the 10th gen will make their concert debut at the H!P Winter concert.
I’m so excited right now. Everything about this single will be new. A new leader, new members, and hopefully a new sound/era. I can’t wait to see the line distribution. Morning Musume members usually always get at least onw solo line on their debut single. Only 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gens didn’t. Hopefully this means, we’ll see fair line distribution from now on. But I actually doubt it. It will most like just be Riho, Reina, and Risa from now on. I really doubt the new members will be so great another Shabondama happens.
On a more  random note, since this song is being released 4 days before Christmas, there’s a good chance that this will have a Christmas/winter theme. Which I’m all for. I love pretty much all of H!P’s Christmas/winter songs. Except for Shiroi Tokyo, I just can’t get into that song. XD

A final look at Momusu’s 10th gen finalists

This week’s episode of HelloPro! Time aired the final 10th gen training camp segment. And there are some unexpected changes to the finalists. It seems Tashima Meru and Miyagi Ayumi have withdrawn from the auditions, for an undisclosed reason.

I can’t say that I’m really upset about that since neither of them were really a standout to me. They were hardly shown on the last episode of HelloPro! Time. And to anyone wondering why I didn’t right a post about the second episode of the training camp, the answer is I didn’t feel the need to. The first and the third episodes are the ones that really matter anyway. The first episode I got to meet the girls and the third episode I got to see how much they improved. I thought about making a post for the second episode, I honestly had nothing to say about it.
Moving back on subject, I am really impressed with the auditions. The level of talent in this audition is extremely high. It seems that Tsunku is taking his search for the next Ai-chan very seriously. Which is why the audition song for the 10th gen audition is Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu Kara. They really needed to see which could take over some of Ai-chan’s lines immediately. Which is cool, we got the personality over voice last gen. I hope this gen really does focus on singing. We all know Momusu needs it. Also, I am happy that the audition song is actually a Morning Musume song. Not like 9th gen’s C-ute song, and 6th gens Melon Kinenbi song. Beyond that I don’t know, I never watched past auditions. I found them boring because I knew who won. I got half way through Koha’s before I went, “Ok, ok. Koharu wins. Obviously she hits the high note in Furusato.” And then I turned it off. XD

Kudou Haruka, age 11

I think I’m like the only Momusu fan who isn’t enthralled with Haruka. Mostly becuase their are other Eggs who deserve to be there more. *cough*MiyamotoKarin*cough*
As an Egg she is a strong dancer. However, during the big group number she completely blended into the crowd. Which is never a good thing. The only reason I noticed her at all is because I went back and rewatched the group dance to comment on her skill. Not only does she not stand out during the dance number, she doesn’t stand out in general. They did these big makeovers, I guess, and she looks 100% exactly the same as before. I don’t know she just seems stale to me. Even her singing is a tad overrated. When I heard her sing in the first day of the training camp it sounded like she was a bit sick. But after hearing her hear, I think that’s just the way her voice sounds. I guess that the “husky” element to her voice everyone keeps talking about. And if that’s true, I absolutely hate it. She sounds loads better on the lines were it’s not noticeable. As for her being added to Morning Musume, she’s not my favorite. Rather she’s floating somewhere in the middle. But I’d say add her anyway. Her voice could be great if she could just work on her control. I don’t think it will ever get to an Ai-chan level, but she could definitely pick up the slack in some songs.

Iikubo Haruna, age 16

First off, let me just say wow. Haruna gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. Especially after hair and makeup. She’s quite a looker and an obvious standout. But sadly, that’s all that Haruna has going for her. She was the worst dancer out of the bunch. Her moves weren’t as sharp as all the other girl’s were. And their were ever some spots where I noticed she wasn’t smiling. Which is a big no-no for idols. She seems to be a bit more confident in her singing now. This is the loudest I’ve ever heard her sing. But it falls flat. Her singing is mediocre at best. All of that mixed with her age, she’s just a girl I could do without in the 10th gen. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s too old. And there’s nothing amazing about her talent or personality wise.

Satou Masaki, age 12

Masaki is one of the 3 girls Natsu-sensei singled out for being the worst dancers. And Masaki had the misfortune of being in the absolute center of the dance. Which makes no sense if you ask me. She you could really notice if she made a mistake. And she did. She was off beat a few times, but suprisingly she was better at dancing then I was expected. She could actually keep up this time. She came a long way from being the girl that stopped dancing completely the day before, to actually being an ok dancer the next day. Not only that but Masaki also completely stopped singing the first day as well. But what a difference a day makes again! She finally sings full force and she actually has some pipes on her. With some work she could be molded into a singer at Reina’s level. I’ve been drawn to Masaki since the first time I saw her. I though she was cute and refreshing. But the new hairstyle they gave her does absolutely nothing for her. I think Masaki has a good chance of getting added because she has improved probably the most out of any of the girls. And Tsunku, and UFA, love seeing that. It shows that she’ll work even more to get even better. So, I’d welcome her into Momusu with open arms.

Ogami Hinako, age 13

When I first saw Hinako I was kinda indifferent towards her. But then I saw her dance during the first day of training camp, and I became interested in her. Her jazz dance background really helped her because she was one of the best dancers there. It was really hard to focus on Hinako’s dancing during the group number because she was shoved all the way in the back. But she seemed to be keeping up the pace. I don’t know if her moves were 100% sharp, but they weren’t so terrible that it was noticeable. Hinako’s another girl who’s voice has the potential to be great. Right now it’s just ok, it even sounds like she might be holding back a bit. All she needs is to really go all out. As for her getting into Morning Musume, I don’t care either way. If she gets in, good for her. If she doesn’t, I won’t be heartbroken.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11

Satsuki was pretty much the only girl I want far, far, away from Morning Musume. However, my opinion of her has completely changed. I first noticed her after hair and makeup, and she was absolutely adorable. And then I saw her dance, and she improved so much! She’s average at dancing right now. As opposed to the day before when she was terrible. However, her singing has not improved one bit. But she was absolutely energetic while singing. She was pretty much the only girl to do arm movements while singing. Just like Zukki was the only on last year. I don’t know there’s just this awkward charm I like about her. And she seems to be a Zukki 2.0. And we all know how much I adore Zukki. So, I would totally approve of Satsuki in Morning Musume.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14

I was instantly drawn to Ayumi because she was the best dancer during the first day of training. I even started to think she looked cute rather than creepy. During the group number her dance skill shined. As she was yet again the best dancer there. Not only that but she looked so happy throughout the entire dance. Her singing is still pretty disappointing to me. There’s nothing really special about it. But she looks really happy and energetic while recording it. And for that reason I would love to see her in Momusu.

Tanaka Fuka, age 12

Fuka has been one of my favorites since day one. There’s just something about this girl I love. She’s just so cute and infectious. During the dance number my eyes were drawn to her the most. Her dancing was so sharp and fluid, it was just incredile. She might even rival Ayumi for the best dancer. I don’t even mind that this girl isn’t the best singer. She could become great over time. Just look at how better Risa has gotten over the years. She also has a slightly deep tone in her voice, which we don’t hear much in Morning Musume. I don’t even care, no matter what I want Fuka in. She’s amazing! I will weep if she gets over looked!

Murakami Sara, age 13

Sara, Sara, Sara! Sara is my absolute favorite 10th gen auditioner. I just love everything about her. She is so different than anything we have in Momusu right now. But, poor Sara’s dancing needs a lot of work. She was one of the worst dancers there. She was off rhythm a few times. And she could have been a lot more polished. It also looked like she was trying to hard to smile. To such a degree that it came off as fake sometimes. Where Sara really shines is during her singing. But she seemed a bit off her game during the recording. Which is sad, because the day before she was incredible. I seriously hope that doesn’t hurt her chances of joining. She’s another girl I will seriously weep for if she doesn’t get in.

All in all, this is an extremely good batch of girls. I will honestly be happy with whatever the outcome is. I’m also hoping for 4 or more girls, just because the talent is at such a high level. I’ve always wanted about 4 girls for the 10th gen. Even when fans were saying that Tsunku doesn’t want Momusu larger than 10 girls, as if it was a fact written in stone. I’ve always held onto at least 4 girls. And when Tsunku said it was a possibility to add all of them I was extremely excited. I want Morning Musume to be 15 members again. It was a lot more fun back then. I don’t necessarily want the bulk of the members to be from one gen. But I’ll take what I can get.

NMB48-Oh My God! PV preview

The PV preview for NMB48’s upcoming second single, Oh My God!, has been released. And of course it has to be one of those 2 and a half inute PV previews that completely ruins the full PV.

However, there’s not really much to ruin. Mostly because there’s not really much going on in the preview. Most of the preview shows the members of NMB48 dancing in school uniforms on the grass in front of a school. And I got immediate flashbacks to AKB48’s Aitakatta PV and Buono’s Honto no Jibun PV. And then in the blink of an eye it’s randomly night and they are dancing in cheerleading uniforms. Which make me think of SNSD’s Oh! music video, but not in a good way. Because Oh! blows this way out of the water.
And I am just completely at loss for words here. This PV is equal parts cheap and boring. It looks like this is a PV they would make for one of their B-sides. The PV as a whole is just completely useless. I don’t understand what happened to NMB48’s spark. Both the song and PV for Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo were amazing. I mean, it hooked me into NMB48. But now they give us Oh My God!, and it’s just awful.

Will the real S/mileage please stand up

The full PV for Smileage’s first single to single to feature the sub-members, Tachiagaaru, has finally been released. I also wanted to say that this is the onyl single to feature the recently left member, Kosuga Fukuya, but I’m pretty sure Fukuya is also in the Mobekimasu single.

I am actually really disappointed by the PV. There’s pretty much nothing else going on besides dancing. There are 2 different close-up shots, and yet for some reason a good chunk of the close-ups are filmed during the dance scenes. Which makes for a really stale PV. Which is sad because S/mileage PVs are usually always interesting. S/mileage hardly has a large budget for their PVs, but they somehow manage to take cheap PVs and make them exciting to watch. Mostly because of Smileage’s weird, youthful, and playful charm. And it just seems like S/mileage wasn’t going at it full force in this one. And it’s not really their fault either. There weren’t many scenes in the PV where S/mileage’s personalities had a chance to shine. And there was even less opportunities for the sub-members to shine.
When I heard the radio rip I could have sworn I heard Meimi and Rina sing, but obviously it was wishful thinking because not one sub-member got a solo line. And for all of the PV, even the group close-up shots, the sub-members are shoved into the back. I understand that they aren’t full fledge members yet, but is it really necessary for the divide between old and new members to be so great? Wasn’t it enough that they are wearing completely different outfits with skirts that are twice as long to symbolize that they are different? How are the sub-members really supposed to gain fans if they are completely useless in their “debut” PV? See, I can’t even say debut without quotes because it’s not techincally their debut PV until they are officially members. I wish the line distrubution was exactly like their recent concert, where the original lineup got most of the lines and the sub-members got at least one.  If I was a casual fan of S/mileage, and was judging the sub-members from this PV alone, I wouldn’t have a favorite and I wouldn’t even know they were a part of S/mileage. I would most likely wonder why the backup dancers are in the close-up shots. Which is sad. I want it to be October 16th already, so we can get passed this whole sub-members thing.  I was completely excited about the sub-members when I furst heard about them. As recently as their youtube concert stream I was still excited. I became slightly less excited about them when I watched this PV, and when I found out international fans can’t take part in the sub-member smile campaign. Which, for fans like me that took part in the first campaign, makes me pretty angry that I can’t help my girls again. The sub-members thing is, and always has been, really exciting. But they are just not handling it correctly. Well at least not the single anyway, because the concert was perfect.

Awesome an UFO, too bad they hardly ever use it.

The costume group divide. Honestly, both are cute but obviously the original member’s are better.

It’s not exactly one of the best dances I’ve ever seen.

Adorable Dawa.

Yuuka always looks amazing.

A rare occasion when the sub-members are up front.

Sub-members? What sub-members?

Extreme leg close-up.

The dance keeps getting worse. XD

Seeing Fukuya makes me sad. She’s actually pretty cute too.


I love that Kanon is the only one doing that bowing move.

Yuuka’s a cutie.

Absolutely adorable.



Sub-members FTW.

I never understood this dance move.

This is why I love Kanon.

I really hope Rina becomes a full member.

Even though Kana isn’t the best singer, she does seem pretty cute and energetic.

MeiMei! I love this girl!

And all of a sudden it’s night.




That’s seriosuly all they are doing with the UFOs?

Best part of the PV.

I wish the PV started with them getting abducted. It would have taken a completely different direction.

Hey! Say! JUMP keep on moving in new PV

The full version for Hey! Say! JUMP’s Magic Power PV has finally been released. With just days until the release date.

I have to admit that after watching the full PV I don’t hate the PV as much as I initially. It’s still not one of my favorite HSJ PVs, but it’s not so horrible that I can’t watch it. Once you remeber that this song and PV are for children and not for your generation, it’s actually not bad. This PV took the 70’s motown/family friendly theme and really executed it perfectly. The PV reminds me a lot of The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family. So, much so that I was waiting for David Cassidy to randomly pop out.
I can’t really complain because this PV was made to cater to a specific audience. And nothing is more 70’s family friendly than the Brady Bunch. And because of that people of all ages can enjoy it. And I think they also adding some fun elements to make it more interesting. Both outfits in this video are spot on 70’s, as well as the set and dance. The close-up shorts background is very vibrant and abstract at the same time. There’s also a lot of random shapes that pop up throught the PV: like stars, rainbows, and mod looking circles. But probably my favorite part of the PV is when they are put inside the 70’s televisions.
So my verdict for the PV is this: it’s not awful, but I don’t absolutely love it. I can’t the theme, and they pulled it off perfectly, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Mostly because it wasn’t made for me. I’m about 9 years older than their targeted audience.

This set is familiar show how.

Oh, that’s right. It reminds me of Buono’s Rottara Rottara set. Actually Magic Power as a whole reminds me a lot of Buono’s Rottara Rottara PV.

Overly dramatic surprised face.

The Hey! Say! JUMP logo is actually awesome looking.

But I see no difference.

Yuto being a cutie. But you hardly ever see him in this PV. The JUMP band is shoved in the back as it is, but as the drummer he’s the farthest back.

Rainbow explosion.

The suits are just hideous.

And they remind me of the suits Kanjani8 wears in their Hi Chew commercials.

I absolutely despise Ryosuke with this hairstyle. It does nothing for him.

What an awkward dance move/transition.

I think Takaki and Keito are the only 2 who actually pull this suit off.

Let the quintessential 70’s dancing begin!

Awesome effect.

I wish I could go and shake Ryosuke until he realized how ugly his hair is. It’s not falttering at all. And he’s obviously unaware since he’s had it off and on for months now.

Adorable. And I like the background.

He almost looks good here, but the hair ruins it.

I see that Chinen’s still his same old rabbit self.

Yabu is such a cutie.

But he has one of the ugliest 2nd outfits.

Takaki does absolutely nothing for me.

Nearly a minute and a half in, and this is pretty much the first time they’ve shown Inoo.

This is a horrible dance move! Besides that, are these HSJ’s official group colors? I can never find out what JE’s official group colors are. I only know NEWS’ because they said them on one of their concert DVDs.

An adorable 2 shot.

Why are they showing New York? This isn’t an NYC PV.

I hate Yuto’s hair in this PV.

He pretty much has Ryo’s Happy Birthday hair, which I despised.

Kinda scary face. XD


I hate that Hikaru and Keito are the only part of the JUMP band that can actually step forward.

Hikaru keeps making stupid faces.

Love it.

Insert some snappy Yamachi releated comment here.


WTF is Daiki doing? And of course it has to end with the top 3.

NMB48 announces 2nd single

It was announced recently that NMB48 will be relasing their second single. The single is entitled Oh My God! and will be released on October 19th. With exactly 1 month until the release date we also have a radio rip for the song. Quite honestly, this single seems incredibly rushed to me.

I am a little dissapointed by the song. It’s nowhere near as strong as their debut single. The music and singing are both too simple, soft, and bland. To me it sounds like the B-sides that AKB48 releases. I’m not hearing a sound that is uniquely NMB48. This song is incredibly forgetable. Which is sad, because I absolutely loved Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo. With so many AKB48 sister groups to keep track of it seems like they honestly don’t know what to do with NMB48. Which makes me worried about what HKT48 will sound like.

You can of course purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

NMB48- Oh My God! [CD+DVD / Type-A]

NMB48- Oh My God! [CD+DVD / Type-B]

NMB48- Oh My God! [CD+DVD / Type-C]

SKE48 to release 7th single

It was announced at a recent handshake event for Pareo wa Emerald, that SKE48 willl be releasing a 7th single. The single is entitled Okie Dokie and will be released on November 9th. The single will also include a voting card to vote for SKE48′s Request Hour Best 50.

I am actually really excited for this release. SKE48’s last 3 singles have been consistantlly amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what type of song this will be. Since it’s called Okie Dokie, it’s pretty obvious that the song is going to be upbeat. If SKE48 releases antother song as good as their last ones, it would further the rivalry even more between AKB48, as to which is my favorite 48 group.

Hey! Say! JUMP-Magic Power short version

The short version of the PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’s upcoming single, Magic Power, has been released. It was actually released yesterday, but I didn’t blog about it because I expected the full PV to have been released today. Obviouly that’s not the case.

It’s nice to see that there are more things going on in PV than just them dancing in shiny suits. Even though I’m not into the theme, they are really sticking to it. And there’s a lot of 70’s elements to it. I won’t really go into anymore detail beyond this because with 4 days to the release date we can expect the PV any day now. So, you’ll just have to wait for my full PV review.

S/mileage-Tachiagaaru 2nd PV preview

A commercial for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Tachiagaaru, has been released. Giving us fans a second sneek peak of the PV.

There isn’t really anything new in this PV preiview. If anything this PV preview actually shows less than the first PV preview did. The only thing that we haven’t seen before is the random crashed UFO in the background. Which explains why they are dancing in the desert. I guess to give the PV a Roswell theme. But I don’t like that they aren’t playing off the whole UFO thing more. They could have made S/mileage Aliens that crashed their UFO on Earth. And why not? If they have a UFO in the PV anyway, why not take it one step further? That would have probably made the PV a lot more interesting than it seems to be now.

AKB48-Kaze wa Fuiteiru song and PV preview

A PV preview for AKB48’s upcoming 23rd single, Kaze ga Fuiteiru, has just been released. The preview is abut 30 seconds long which is just long enough to get a taste of the PV without actually ruining it.

I don’t even know what to say about this right now. Unimpressed isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about this PV and song. I am so dissapointed with everything I see and hear. For starters the song is so lackluster. The verse, or what I assume is the verse, is kind of interesting. It has this sort of Spanish sounding music with horns. But even though that part sounds nice it’s still boring. It feels bland and completely toned down. They could have gone much bigger with that music. And the music during the bridge and chorus doesn’t get much better. The music in that section of the song is basically just the same clapping sound repeated over and over. It’s the same kind on constant beat they do in club music, except the music isn’t as exciting or over the top as club music. And the singing doesn’t even complement the song. In the very beginning of this song it doesn’t even sound like AKB48. I can’t even tell which member(s) is singing that part. There’s just this weird tone in the singing, that I’m just completely not feeling it. Throughout the rest of the song the singing is pretty monotone. There seems to be hardly any emotion or energy in the singing. Even without understanding the lyrics I can tell that this song is meant to be more serious. But just because a song has a serious message doesn’t mean it can’t be catchy. Beginner was completely serious but also completely serious. All of Morning Musume’s “emo Musume era” songs were 100 times catchier than this. It honestly feels like they aren’t even trying with this single. It’s like they know they are going to sell at least a million by their name alone, so they aren’t putting as much effort into it. It’s the same thing Arashi has done with some of their singles.

Sadly, the PV is just as bland as the song. In this short PV we see AKB48 dancing on a desolate road, in gloomy bland peasant dresses. The whole PV just has this somber and depressing atmosphere. And I’m sorry absolutely everything about this scream Morning Musume’s “Emo Musume” style. Even the outfits! I know I’m not the only one who sees that AKB48 are styled nearly identical to the way Morning Musume was in the Nanchatte Renai PV. If the dresses weren’t that hideous bland seafoam green color, but black instead, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference. AKB48 fans were quick to say how much AKB48 was better than Morning Musume’s sad/emo phase. But now that AKB48 is a releasing song like this, I’m sure the AKB48 fans will eat this up anyway. Now, I’m not saying this because I like Morning Musume more. Even though  I do. My personal perfeerance has nothing to do with the statement I just made. I’m saying this because I never understood the, pretty much, fan wars between AKB48 and Morning Musume/H!P. Both idol groups release almost exactly the same music, and have almost exactly the same dances. Which is why I never understood how you could hate one but love the other. It’s just extremely petty. Both groups are the same, it seems like fans are doing it feel elitist. Like my group is the top female idol group, and yours isn’t. I hope AKB48 fans are enjoying their moment on the top. Because it is fleeting. Just ask Morning Musume. Despite what fans want to believe, eventually AKB48 will have their fall from grace. It could honestly be any day know the way their sister groups and sub-groups are oversaturating the market. I honestly wish their fall would happen soon. But not for any selfish reasons. Once AKB48 isn’t the top idol group anymore, I think there will be less drama between fans.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of backlash from this post. I seem to always get backlash when I dare say anything negative about AKB48. But that’s what I do on this blog, I post my honest opinions. On pretty much every post I make I’m complaining about something. XD

Well, this is getting extremely off subject. Here’s the preview for you to form your own opinion.

Buono to release 13th single

It was announced recently that Buono will be releasing their 13th single. The single is entitled Deep Mind, and the release date is currently unknown. The song is going to be used as the theme for Buono’s upcoming moving Gomen Nasai.

After only releasing one single last year, I’m glad to see that Buono is being extremely active this year. This year Buono has released 3, soon to be 4, singles, a mini album, are staring in an upcoming movie, and are doing concerts. All while Berryz Koubou and C-ute remain as active as ever. I don’t understand how the members of Buono haven’t died of exhaustion yet.

As to what this single is going to be like is anyone’s guess. The title seems to have a dark feel to it. So, maybe will get a song along the lines of My Boy again, because I seriously doubt Buono will ever release anything heavier than that.

New idol group to debut in December

It was announced recently that Watanabe Entertainment has created a new idol group named ChocoLe. The group is set to make their debut in December through Avex. Their debut song Milk Chocolate is going to be used as the ending them to the anime Sket Dance.

Avex seems to be busy lately with all the new idol groups signed to their label lately. I’m actually really excited that yet another idol group is making its debut. I hope they are worth following. I can’t really comment on this group beyond that, since there is so little information about them. This post is just more of a heads up to other idol fans.

Fairies-Song For You song and PV preview

Recently a PV preview was released for Fairies’s second song off their double A-side debut single, More Kiss/Song For You. The PV preview is a minute long, and is the first time us fans gets to hear the song and see the PV. Well, actually live performances of Song For You are on youtube. But I didn’t watch them.

This song is a lot different from what we heard from More Kiss. More Kiss had more of a hip hop feel, and Song For You has more of a rock feel. I do like that they are trying to release songs in different genres, but the song isn’t really that great. When I think of rock inspiried idol music I think of Buono and Passpo. And this song can’t really hold a candle to them. The music is pretty boring, and for the most part sounds exactly the same through the song. Which I absolutely can’t stand. Their are a few times were the music get interesting, like in the very beginning or right when the chorus hits. But for the most part it’s pretty blad.
As for the singing, it’s also not as good as More Kiss was. The bridge and chorus actually sounds awkward. It sounds like the girls are trying to sing out of their range or something. But the verse sounds pretty good. The group parts are pretty much flawless. And we also get to hear Sora and Rikako sing for the first time. They are both good singers. They have this really nice deep tone in their voices. But Rikako is the better of the two.

The PV is pretty much just a dance shot and close-up. It’s pretty similar to the More Kiss PV. They are even styled nearly the same way they were for the More Kiss PV. The only plus about the PV is where the dance shots were filmed. It’s a pretty big setting with a mansion feel to it but it’s not a house. I actually have no idea where they shot this. All I know is the room is very beautiful and elegant.

Berryz Koubou gets monthly show

It was announced recently that Berryz Koubou will be getting their own monthly show titled Kaette Kita Berryz Kamen. The show will air on TBS every 3rd Saturday of the month. The first episode is going to air in October.

It’s really exciting to see that Berryz will be getting their own show. Even if it is monthly instead of weekly. And it’s on TBS, which I think is fairly popular. But I do wonder how long the show will last for. Obviously if you’re only going to have a monthly show, the station doesn’t really believe that you will pull in many ratings. But I’m much more interested in what the show is going to be abut rather than how long it is going to last. H!P shows come and go so fast anymore, that I honestly don’t let it bother me anymore when they end.

S/mileage down one yet again

It was announced over a week ago that S/mileage sub-member, Kosuga Fukuya, will be stopping all her activities as a S/mileage sub-member. While practicing for her first S/mileage concert she was diagnosed with acute anemia.  Fukuya will be focusing on her treatment, and afterwards will officially join the Eggs.

II can’t really say that Fukuya is my favorite Smileage sub-member, since I don’t know much about her. But I do feel incredibly sorry for Fukuya. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have just fulfilled your dream to be an idol, only for it to be snatched away before you really even got a chance. She must be incredibly heartbroken. I also wonder if she’ll be able to be an Egg at all. Anemia isn’t a disease you get over. She’ll have it for the rest of her life, and will be weaker than other people because of it.

But whatever happens to Fukuya I wish her the best. Even if she does stay and Egg forever. Which would be a tragedy, since she did win the audition.

Momusu’s channels their weirdness for new PV

Recently the PV for Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai, which is the 2nd A-side from Morning Musume’s upcoming single, was released. I was going to review this PV sooner, but I couldn’t find the PV on youtube. Then I finally realized that the 10 minute video hey uploaded was both A-sides together. Not one of my finer moments. XD

This PV, I can’t even put into words how amazing it is. This is one of the cheapest PVs Morning Musume has ever made, but at the same time it’s one of the best PVs Morning Musume has ever made! And it’s not everyday you can make a statement like that. Since this PV is set in Sayumi’s dream, they could really play up the weirdness. And play it up they did! And as a result we are left with a PV that is so weird, and so random you are left asking yourself “what did I watch,” and, “how much acid were they on when they came up with this.” Which is the kind of PV I have waiting for Morning Musume to do since I became a fan. It really brings out the youthful, almost child like spirit, and is wacky, zany, and all kinds of awesome. I mean this PV has outfits that are just one pola dot away from being absolutely hideous. But somehow manage to stay on the eccentric, and playful side of the spectrum. I don’t even mind that the CG is horrible. It’s not like H!P is known for having great CG. When you look at PVs like Mini Moni’s Mini Moni Bus Guide, and Pucchi Moni’s Pittari Shitai Xmas, the CG is 100 times better.
This PV is just absolutely incredible. And it has everything! Weird faces, Risa attacking godzilla with a suki beam, dancing in the clouds, Morning Musume sprouting wings, and minature Momusus flying out of Sayumi’s head. I am just so in love with how weird it is!

I wish the connection was better.

Random jumping chapstick. I’m sold already!

I find out hard to believe that chapstick made her lips that sheer and glossy. As if the rest of the PV makes sense either. XD

They way that they sing in their close-ups reminds me of what Arashi did in their Troublemaker PV.

I love that it’s the comis dream bubble. And it’s nice to see Reina with a different hairstyle. Even if it reminds me of Flying Get. XD

The floating heads are awesome.

But it of course reminds me of the Pon Pon PV.

And Aicle’s Que Sera Sera PV. (Random Jrock reference no one cares about. XD)

Reina does look pretty cute in this PV.

So does Sayumi. I think everyone’s outfits in this PV are awesome.

Kiss Kiss.

Riho’s outfot is one of my favorites.

I love that Erina’s head randomly appears.

I love they have Erina and Mizuki in the clouds too, so Aika’s not alone.

KY keeps standing out to me more and more. She looks adorable in this PV.

They keep shoving Erina and Sayumi together. I wonder if it’s because they want Eripon to have a similar personality as Sayumi’s?

I think it’s adorable that Aika’s glasses are in her hair.

Mizuki looks really adorable in this PV. I hate that they hardly ever show her.

At first I though Risa was trying to do the Glico Man pose, but then I realized it’s not the same. XD

Ai-chan’s outfit is fabulous, but it doesn’t fit in with the other outfits. And lolz at Zukki’s priceless face.

Riho looks adorable.

I don’t get what’s with the random marker.

Suki suki biimu dashimakuri na no ni! And I love that the dinosaur is dressed like a businessman. Lol.

Of course eating apples makes you sprout wings!



This PV was really in need of Zukki’s bright smile.

It’s raining Momusu.


9th gen up front!





Best face ever!

Fish face.

I hate that Reina just did A~in.


Oh, Zukki. XD

Quick everyone fly out of Sayumi’s hair.



Kikka’s moment in the sun

Recently the full PV for Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single, Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ was released.

I’ve already expressed before how much I love this PV based on the preview of it. But I’m not to express it again. I absolutely adore everything about this PV.  It’s the kind of idol PV you hope for everytime a new PV is released. The PV is simple, but at the same time intereseting. What I mean by that is, there are so many elements in the PV that in practically every scene something interesting is happening. But the PV is so clean and simple, that even though there are a lot of things happening it doesn’t feel like it’s too much. Or they are trying to hard to make a good PV. Instead it just seems natural, and Kikka completely shines. It’s one of those PVs that are just a joy to watch. The whole PV is just refreshing and has an ethereal feel to it. Kikka looks beyond gorgeous, and lately just seems like the all around perfect idol. Well, the perfect idol to me anyway.

Kikka is so pretty.

I love this set. It’s probably the best one in the whole PV.

She probably looks the best here too.

Flawless. Kikka is absolutely flawless.

The dance is pretty simple. But at least the outfit is cute.

You can’t beat Kikka’s bright smile. It almost beats Zukki’s. Almost.

I know that high heel wedges are in style right now, but how in the world does she dance in them?

Adorable dance move.

Lip synching is not one of her strong points. She exaggerates way too much.

Setting a place at the tabel for her dog is adorable.

Simple isn’t even the right word for this dance.

Simply gorgeous!


I’m not even sure why, but for some reason this is one of my favorite scenes.

It’s awesome the I love you in sign language is one of her dance moves.


Pretty much everything Kikka does is adorable.


I’m not sure what this is all about.

Too cute for words.

Why is she lifting her leg up like that?

So pretty.

Awkward dance move. (And a horrible cap.)

Aww, she looks so sad here.

And yet so pretty whe she plays with her hair.


The embedding for the video is disabled so click here.

Fairies leave me wanting more

A couple of weeks ago the debut PV for Fairies’s debut double A-side single, More Kiss/Song, was released. Which I didn’t even realize was a double A-side until about a week ago.

The PV is fairly simple, it follows the standard idol PV formula of dance shots and close-ups. And since this group is focusing on their dancing and singing abilities, the PV revolves heavily around dances. I’d say a good 3/4 of the PV is just dancing. Which is a tad boring, but I can forgive them because it is their first PV. I can aldo forgive them because they dancing is really good. All that dance experience has payed off because they at an extremely high level. They do still try to add elements that make the PV interesting to watch. The girls are wearing 4 different outfits and they show a small “behind the scenes” of filming. I say behind the scenes in quotes because obviously those scenes are stagged and aren’t actual behind the scenes shots. But they’re still interesting nonetheless. The PV also seems to focus on Momoka. Who is the clear center of Fairies since she is the only one who gets solo lines the entire song. It makes me a bit sad. I would have loved to hear and see the other girls more. But Momoka is definitely the cutest member, so I’m not as upset about it as I should be.

These van scenes in the beginning seem to fake to me.

Obviously this isn’t fake, it just seems staged. It just feels like they said “hurry lets film some random things for the beginning of the PV. I’ll go film the set, and you guys quickly go ride in the van again.”

I love their shoes.

From his angle Miria looks a bit like Zukki.

Their dancing is so sharp and seamless. I am completely impressed by it.

Momoka is definitely a stand out.

Their moves are a lot more interesting than other idol groups.

See what I mean.


Miki is probably the second cutest.

Sometimes Momoka reminds me so much or Arihara Kanna.

Miria is really pretty.


I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of them showing Momoka so much.


So lovely. I feel like this is turning into one pic Momoka pic spam. But they seriosuly hardly ever show the other girls.

I’m also getting a soft spot for Miria.

That’s how I survied there’s no other reason! Lol. The English is correct, but it still doesn’t make sense.

That wink!

I was really hoping for a better PV

A few weeks ago Morning Musume released the PV for Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo from their upcoming double A-side single. I know a few weeks in blog years seems like an eternity, but bear with with I’m still playing blog catch up here. Also, since then a 10 minute version of this PV was uploaded onto Morning Musume’s official youtube channel. But I’m only reviewing the 5 minute PV. A 10 minute PV review would take forever to write and be obnoxiously long. Which is why I didn’t make a new review for the 18 minute PV for AKB48’s Flying Get.

When I first saw the PV preview I was excited for how interesting it looked. But after I watched the whole PV I ended up being more dissapointed then excited. The PV is nothing but a dance shot and close-ups like their PVs always are. I actually do like the background they are dancing on. It’s so elaborate and weird, that it’s awesome. Yes, it is a big cheap looking, bother me. The girls looks flawless, and the outfits are gorgeous. But I’m still bored. If they only thing the PV has going for it is that the background has different fun elemets to it, there’s a problem. The PV is lazy. I can’t really explain it better than that. It’s like they thought because the background is interesting they didn’t need to really bother beyond that. It’s the same exact thing they did with Berryz Koubou’s Ryuusei Boy. Just shoved them in space and call it a day. Matsuura Aya’s Good Bye Natsuo PV had a space theme, with equally awful CG, and still managed to have other elements to it. It’s actually the perfect example of how you can take an incredibly low budget and still make a fun PV.

This scene is adorable. But kind of unnecessary. I wish they found a more intersting way conect the PV to the Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV. I would have loved to see them contect the PVs like SNSD conected the Run Devil Run PV to the Oh! one.

Adorable sleeping Aika. I’m so sad that she’s hardly in this PV.

Zukki is so lovely. Her cuteness will surpass Sayumi’s in no time.

Am I the only one who’s just not interested in seeing their feet at all? And I forgot to mention that of course Reina is wearing leopard print.

Quick open the magic door! Unless this is an homage to the Twillight Zone, (I doubt Japan even knows what that is. XD) I honestly think it’s a bit lame. But I bet C.S. Lewis would have gotten a kick out of it.

Ai-chan looks stunning in this outfit.

I’m not gonna lie, cheap or not, I completely love the space background.

I always though Sayumi got stuck with the ugliest outfit. But if that weird necklace looking fabric wasn’t there, her outfit would be the best.

Hot. Ai-chan looking all sultry.

Riho looks super cute her. She always looks the best with her hair up.

Wow, Risa’s make up is very striking. Too bad her hairstyle makes her look washed up.

I hate the outfit they make Zukki wear just because she’s a little thicker than the other girls. I think she’ll forever be put in the outfits Risako and Massa wear.

Risa completely demands your attention here.

Hooray for the first apperance of Aika! Besides the beginning of course.

This reminds me of the Renai Revolution 21 dance.

Aika always look pretty in curls. It’s my favorite hairstyle on her.

Sayumi looks gorgeous.

Creepy extreme close-up.

I don’t get Aika haters. How does no one else see she’s as cute as a button?

Is that really Eripon? When did she get that pretty?

I fear that is is what post Ai-chan Morning Musume is going to look like.

This is literally the first time I noticed Mizuki in the entire PV. XD

Sometimes I wish Sayumi wasn’t so adorable. It makes it harder for me to not like her. (But she’s still my least favorite current Momusu member.)

Risa looks so awkward here that it’s adorable.

I can’t get over how incredible Erina looks.

I’m so bored by Reina. She does her hair the same exact way everytime! It does suit her, but come on change it up everyonce in a while.

Zukki’s bright smile can liven up any PV.

That’s the same move from Kimagure Princess!

This gives a whole new meaning to reach for the stars.

KAT-TUN gets a new variety show

It was just announced that 18 months after the cancellation of their variety show, Cartoon KAT-TUN, KAT-TUN will be getting another one. The title for the show is KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetaku Naru TV, however that title is subject to change. It will start airing Tuesday nights at 11:58pm to 12:29am on NTV, October 18th.
The show is going to be about KAT-TUN showing the guests things that they will want to imitate in hopes of creating new trends. Which ever memeber has something the guests don’t want to imitate will suffer a punishment game.

The show itself doesn’t really sound all that interesting, and I honestly don’t understand the actual point of trying to create new trends. But the punishment game aspect of it is well worth the watch. Hopefully they handel punishment games better than Yan Yan Jump has. YYJ pretty much does nothing but senburi over and over. It’s become so stale that now they usually edit the announcers voice over their reactions.

I am kind of excited that KAT-TUN will be getting another variety show. Since I like KAT-TUN’s personalities far more than I like their music. And Cartoon KAT-TUN was actually a pretty fun show. Let’s hope that this show actually lasts.

Hey! Say! JUMP-Magic Power PV preview

Recently a commercial for Hey! Say! JUMP’s upcoming single, Magic Power, was released. Giving us a 10 second sneak peek of the PV.

When I first saw the covers of this single, I didn’t know what to think. I hoped it was just one of those covers that have nothing to do with the PV. Since nearly all of their covers have nothing to do with the PV itself. And honestly, 2 of of 3 covers aren’t bad. It’s the 3rd cover that was awful and slightly embarassing. So, of course that had to be the cover that was modeled after the PV. I’ve watched the PV preview for Magic Power on a loop for a couple minutes now, and each time I watch it I have the same thoughts. Disbelief, second hand embarrassment, the thought that they can’t possibly be serious, and actually on some level, enjoyment.
I get what they were trying to do. They based the PV off the motown music the single features. The whole PV has a 70’s theme. From the random 60’s/70’s looking background, the glowing Hey! Say! JUMP logo that is reminiscent of Soul Train, and the ridiculous 70’s suits. I also understand that the PV is colorful, and vibrant, and ridiculous because it’s a song for children. I get it, I really do. However, that doesn’t mean I like it, because I don’t. Not really at all. On some level I can enjoy it, and laugh at how unserious and idol like it is. But it’s not really want I want to see from JUMP. The current Hey! Say! JUMP are all now officially adults. And I’d love for their music to reflect that. But since they are they youngest JE groups they keep getting lumped as more for a younger audience. A lot of their music is pretty youthful. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it’s also youthful and immature. There’s a way to retain that youthful spirit and still be mature. It’s called NEWS, or any female idol group.

But I’m getting way off subject now. Watch the PV preview and you decide. I’m younger than more than half of JUMP now, but at times I feel too old for them. But ironically, I don’t feel to old for S/mileage. There’s a double standard. XD

Meet Morning Musume’s 10th gen finalists

On a recent episode of HelloPro! Time they revealed the finalists for Morning Musume’s 10th generation. It was revealed that their are 10 finalists, which is double the amount of the 9th gen auditions. I wonder if this means the 10th gen will be larger than expected.

The 10th gen finalists are as follows:

Kudou Haruka, age 11

Apparently Haruka has been a member of H!P Eggs for a year and a half. Which is honestly news to me, since I don’t follow the Eggs at all. Her Egg training has paid off a great deal because I think her voice is good. It’s not perfect or anywhere the level of the 5 Momusu senpais, but there’s some potential there. Her voice voice is cute and strong, and it could develope into something like Kamei Eri’s voice. I also think Haruka is cute as a button. She looks slightly awkward, as most kids her age do, but for the most part she’s cute. I think she would fir nicely in Morning Musume.

 Iikubo Haruna age 16

I think hands down Haruna is one of the prettiest 10th gen finalist. However, I don’t really want her in the 10th gen. Quite honestly, I think she’s too old. A lot of Momusu fans seem to want older 10th gen members to bridge the gap between the 9th gen and Aika. Or I guess the gap between the 9th gen and Risa. But I have never agreed with that. I don’t want idols to be older just to bridge the gap. That would make their time as an idol extremely short. (That’s usually how it’s been for all the older Musumes. Their time in Momusu, was short. Obviously most of them went  on to become soloists.) And pretty much since the 5th gen the idols have all been young, and were never added to bridge any gap. With the exception of Miki, JunJun, and to a lesser extent LinLin. I think 14 is pretty much the cut off. Since Sayumi, Reina, and Aika were 14 when they joined.
As for Haruna’s singing ability, it is extremely difficult to hear her voice. What I can hear of her singing is that it seems like she lacks energy. Her singing is very low and soft, which is one of the reasons I can’t hear her singing clearly. And if she’s singing that low it’s most likely because she lacks confidence. I think one awkward KY girl in the group is enough for now.

Satou Masaki age 12.

Masaki seems to have the same problem that Haruna has. Her singing was extremely low. And she seemed incredibly nervous. But what I did hear of her voice I liked. It was completely adorable. Maybe even too cute for Morning Musume, I kind of wish she was in the S/mileage auditions instead. But if it worked for Aibon, Nono, and Rika. I guess it could work for her. Because she seems to have a good tone to her voice. I’m sure when she’s singing at 100% without any nerves, her voice is probably fairly powerful.
Also, I think Masaki is one of the prettiest finalist. Especially when her hair is down. I think that would probably make her a popular member off the bat.

Tashima Meru age 11.

Meru reminds me a tiny bit of Zukki. In the sense that Zukki couldn’t sing, but made up for it in her energy. Meru seems to do the same thing. Her voice is pretty terrible and screechy, but she has a smile on her face the whole way through. But I don’t know how much I believe her smile, it seems a little fake to me. You could tell that Zukki was always 100% genuine in her audition. She was overflowing with excitment and energy. It was like her enthusiasm couldn’t be contained. And that’s what drew me to her. Meru does looked excited to be there, but not half as much as Zukki was. That’s pretty much all I have to say about her. She’s cute but her smile seems fake. I don’t want an idol that has a fake smile already. I want it to be years before you can tell her smile isn’t real anymore. Or I want her to be an idol who’s smile never seemed fake. Like LinLin’s.

Oogami Hinako age 13.

There’s not really much I can say about Hinako, since they decided to show footage of her dancing rather than singing. She did look to be very energetic and happy while she was dancing to Seishun Collection. I don’t know if I would have been, considering how boring the song is. But her little dance solo after that was completely weird. I think the announcer was saying it was a jazz dance. But whatever it was, it was odd. And she had this blank stare while doing it. I don’t really think this girl is too easy on the eyes either. She’s a little odd looking.

Miyagi Ayumi, age 11.

I like this girl. There’s something infectious about her. We, unexpectedly, got to see a preview of both her dancing and singing auditions. She was very confident in her dancing and was at a fairly high level. As to be expected since she has 6 years of dance experience. And I think it’s funny that the 2 girls next to her were so horrible at dancing it looked like they weren’t even trying.
Her singing was also pretty good. Her voice was unique. It was deeper than the average idol voice. It really makes her stand out.
I also think Ayumi is really pretty. She looks very mature for her age. It’s hard to believe she’s 11, she could easily pass for 14.
I also think this girl is the Riho of this audition. She seems to be the total package so far.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11.

Oh my god, I do not want this girl anywhere near Morning Musume. She is an awful singer. Not even awful in the idol sort of way where you could forgive her because she’s so cute. Awful in the traditional sense of singing. And it completely irks me that she’s singing a C-ute song. Momusu have like 200 songs or more, you honestly couldn’t find one that fit your range? Yeah, I know that Eripon sang a Lilpri song during her audition, but Erina owned that song.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14.

Honestly, my first reaction to this girl was that she looks creepy. But then I saw her dance, and I was blown away and wanted her in Momusu. But then I heard her sing, and I took that back. She completely butchered Naichau Kamo. She wasn’t even singing it in tune a little bit. And the girls Japanese but it sounds like she can’t even pronounce kamo properly. Her kamo literally sounds like she’s trying to say camel.

Tanaka Fuuka, age 12.

This girl, I don’t even know why, but I love this girl. My initial reaction was that she looks like an alien. Because she does. But her dancing is at an extremely high level. But her singing isn’t. She’s actually pretty bad at singing. But I lover her voice. It is absolutely adorable. It has that odd idol pitch, that idol singers have when their voice is terrible but you still end up liking it because of how cute the voice is. It’s the idol voice that I actually love. Listen to Watanabe Mayu a bit, you’ll see what I mean if you don’t already. And this girl is so odd looking that she’s cute. I want this girl in Momusu! I don’t even fully understand why, but I just do.

Murakami Sara, age 13.

I like Sara’s overal image. For starters I think she is extremely pretty. She looks like a mix between Miyazaki Aoi and Ogawa Makoto. Which is never a bad thing. Her clothing and hairstlye seem to be a bot more on the edgier side. I also absolutely adore her voice. It is deep and completely unique. There’s never been a voice like hers in Morning Musume before. It reminds me of what Melon Kinenbi’s voices were like. And I suddenly want to hear her sing This is Unmei, like right now. Her voice is at a surprisingly high level. All she really needs to do is polish her extended notes. Her voice seems to waver a bit at them. But this girl is so unique, that they need to scoop her up ASAP. I would literally be heartbroken if she’s gets passed up. She’s my favorite so far.


Overall I think there’s a lot of talent in the 10th gen finalists. So much so that I’m sure other idol groups will probably scoop up the girls who don’t get picked. And they will forever be added to the failures of Tsunku box.
I am also extremely angry that Miyamoto Karin isn’t there. People have said not to worry that Mizuki wasn’t in the finals and made it to be the 9th gen. But I honestly think Mizuki was a fluke. It seems that Mizuki was not supposed to be added and was kicked out before the final round. But Tsunku, or whoever is really in control, thought things over more and decided Morning Musume did need her. And she was added. It was obviously not planned, hence why Mizuki herself was so shocked to be added. I honestly don’t know if that will happen with Karin. Especially since Egg member Kudou Haruka is one of the finalists. That and the fact that Karin’s talent isn’t something you would need to think over. Her skill is so obvious, and in your face, you would be a complete idiot not to see it. And I honestly don’t think Tsunku is an idiot. I honestly think that if Karin doesn’t join Morning Musume, it’s not becasue Tsunku doesn’t think she’s good enough, it means he thinks she too good. That he has something bigger and better planned for her. What, or when, that is, is anyone’s guess. It’s the same thing he did with Kikkawa Yuu. Fans like to whine that she should have joined the 8th gen, or should have gone solo years ago. But I agree with that to an extent. After seeing Kikka’s singing ability now, I wish she did debut years ago. But honestly I don’t really think she was at that level years ago. Yes, she was a good singer years ago, but not as good a singer as she is now. Look at how much better she is now compared to when she was in Milky Way.
However, I don’t think Karin needs to wait. She’s at an extremely high level of both singing and dancing. I honestly don’t see how she could get any better than she already is.

Kitahara Sayaka 2nd single preview

It was announced recently that Kithara Sayaka will be releasing her 2nd solo single. The single is titled Kanari Junjou and is being released on November 9th. The song is currently being used as the ending theme to the anime Inazuma Eleven, just like her first solo single, Yappa Seishun, was.

I can’t really say that I’m excited by the fact that Sayaka is releasing another single. Her voice isn’t really the most pleasant idol voice out there.
The song itself sounds a lot like Yappa Seishun. Listen to Kanari Junjou and Yappa Seishun back to back, and you’ll see that they have nearly identical instrumentals. And because of that I’m impressed with this song about just as much as I was with Yappa Seishun, which wasn’t a whole lot. I probably like this song less that Yappa Seisun. During the chorus you can really hear the screechyness in her voice. In the verse she doesn’t sound that bad. It’s just went she forces her voice to sing in a higher range than she’s capabale of, that her voice is nearly unbearable.

You can purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Kitahara Sayaka – Kanari Junjou [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Kitahara Sayaka – Kanari Junjou [Regular Edition]

S/mileage-Tachiagaaru song and PV preview

Recently the radio rip and PV preview for Smileage’s upcoming 7th single, Tachiagaaru, has been released. Which is the first single to feature the new sub-members and is the first single without Saki.

When the sub-members were first announced I was completely eager to hear the new members in action. I know a lot of S/mileage fans were worried that the new single wouldn’t even be worth buying. But I wasn’t concerned in the least about that, I knew it wasn’t likely that S/mileage was going to dissapoint me. And after listening to the song, it once again proved that S/mileage hardly ever messes up. The song isn’t anywhere near as over the top, and energetic as Uchouten Love. But it is an extremely cute song. They most likely had to have a tamer song to make it more comfortable for the new members. Especially since some of them aren’t the best singers. But on the other hand Maji Desu ka Ska wasn’t really that easy for the 9th gen. Even though the song is sung softly, it definitely has the S/mileage feel to it. The music sounds pretty much like their other songs jumbled together, and there’s a lot of background vocalizations that S/mileage seems to include in their songs a lot. And S/mileage seem to be taking this whole sub member thing to heart. The song is heavily lead by the 3 remaining original members. It seems like the sub-members only get one solo line each, which is to be expected. I’m not even sure if all the sub-members get a solo line because I’m not familiar enough with their voices yet. It sounds like Akari, Rina, and Meimi have lines. So, if they have solos most likely Kana and Fukuya have ones as well.

S/mileage was recently on Sakigake to promote their new single, so we get a short PV preview because of that. The preview is only about 20 seconds long, which is hardly enough time to really get a feel for the PV. Mostly because in that 20 seconds all we can see is the dance shot. and some small close-ups. And you can never tell if that’s all the PV is, or if there is more to it. However, the one thing you can tell about the PV is that it’s cheap. So far all we can see is S/mileage dancing on sand in front of some sort of desert background during the night and day. The set honestly reminds me of the Shortcut set, since both times they were dancing on sand. The PV also shows 2 different close-ups. One in the dance set and one group close-up. Which kind of makes it seem like that’s all there is to the PV. I wish that wasn’t the case, but we all know that idol PVs in general are usually less than spectacular.

By the way, this video is their entire apperance on Sakigake, the PV preview doesn’t start until 7:21 and than again at 7:56. But you should also be sure to watch Rinapuu singing a line of the chorus at 7:31 and sounding absolutely adorable and nearly flawless.