Morning Musume’s 47th single’s PV previews

This weeks episode of HelloPro Time showed the PV previews for Morning Musume’s double A-side 47th single, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.

When I first saw the covers for this single a couple days ago I just assumed that the Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo was going to have a mature theme and the Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV was going to have a fun and silly theme. Well, I have never been happier to be wrong about something before.
Both PVs have this silly, fun, carefree, and upbeat theme that Morning Musume’s PVs used to have. This single sounds a lot like the songs Morning Musume used to release and now the PV looks like the fun H!P PVs of the past. I am seriously getting flashbacks of Boogie Train 2003, Pittari Shitai Xmas, and Goodbye Natsuo.
Both PVs are far better than I could have imagined. And I think is finally solid proof that Morning Musume is really entering a new era. They are going back to happy, upbeat, cutesy, silly, and fun idol music. Which is something I have patiently waiting for since Resonant Blue came out.

I cannot wait for the full PVs to come out now!

AAA needs a wake-up call

By now AAA’s PV for Call has been out for over a month, and has officially become old news. But since it’s new news to me, and I really want to cover AAA more on this blog, I felt like writing up a PV review of this anyway.

After watching this PV I’m left with the same reaction as all of AAA’s recent singles. Where I’m impressed with the setting and visuals, but less than impressed with the PV itself. Honeslty to me it seems like AAA is in a funk, or management just isn’t sure what to do with AAA anymore. Lately, and to a lesser extent in general, all of AAA’s PVs have been nearly the same. Recently their PVs have followed the format of AAA is in an expensive setting, for the first minute or two they walk around, then they randomly flash to a dance shot that is exactly in the center of where AAA was walking around. They’ve actually kind of been doing that for a while now. That’s exactly what they did in the PVs for No Cry No More, Get Chu, Paradise, Music, and Daiji na Koto. They either do that or they have these PVs that are all filmed in the same place like BLOOD on FIRE, Hallelujah, or Hide and Seek. Every once in a while AAA has some interesting, fun, and weird PVs thrown in. But AAA hasn’t really been making anything interesting lately. Both music and PV wise. When are we gonna get another PV like Q, Kuchibiru Kara Romatica, Dragon Fire, or Mirage,? Despite Dream After Dream ~Kara Sameta Yume~ being extremely cheap and nothing more than a green screen, it still managed to be an interseting watch. And the song is incredible, definitely one of my favorite AAA singles.
Call is definitely falling into the first catagory. I mean the PV isn’t terrible. On the contrary, the PV is semi enjoyable to watch. The PV has a good setting, and looks like it was expensive to make. AAA’s PVs always look high budget. The PV follows the members of AAA around as they go to some celebrity party in a mansion. So, there’s obviously a really beautiful mansion setting. But that mansion is the best part of the whole PV. The PV doesn’t really go above and beyond, it’s not even trying to. It’s just settling with mediocrity. I guess Avex thinks an average PV is better than a bad one. But the sad part is, AAA could probably make an intersting PV. They obviously seem to have the budget for it.

Naoya almost looks attractive here. But that’s because sunglasses are covering half his face. XD

This guy reminds me of the guy Perfume’s Laser Beam PV.

I don’t even know why. They don’t look remotely similar. It’s just the material of the mask I guess. XD

OMG Nishi’s jacket looks like a couch.

Nishi is almost good looking. He’s probably about a 5. If he didn’t have duck face he would be higher. Which is honestly the problem with Matsushita Yuya’s face too.

Random bouquet is random.

I absolutely love Mitsuhiro’s outfit.

I hate all the stupid faces he makes whenever he raps. I never see Tanaka Koki making faces like this.

That’s a hot outfit Shinjiro is wearing. And he does looks significantly better than he did a few years ago.

The way Shuta keeps swinging his head is really annoying me. XD

I think I’m the only one who’s not in love with Misako. I think Chiaki is way cuter. And I absolutely love her dress. It looks like something Betsey Johnson would make. And by the way, what’s with the paparazi in the house?

Look at that adorable smile.

AAA’s dances are always terrible.

But that’s what happens when you have to worry about the dance not being too masculine or too feminine.

You know, Chiaki is a lot cuter than I ever noticed.

For some reason this chest popping dance move make me break out laughing.

He always makes rapping look much more intense then it needs to be. XD

Nothings manlier than randomly fixing your hair.

I wish her eyelashes weren’t so thick.

I really like this set.

Creepy face!

I didn’t know Jpop singer Ai was in this PV. XD I can’t be the only one who thinks that kinda looks like her.

Look how fake and forced that is.

Nishi’s too.

He looks kinda cute here actually. XD

Ogawa Saki announces graduation

A completely shocking and unexpected announcement, that honestly feels like a punch to the stomach, was made today on S/mileage’s official website. The announcment was that the youngest member, Ogawa Saki, will be graduating from both S/mileage and Hello!Project. Ogawa Saki will be graduating on August 27th without an official graduation concert. Her official reason for leaving is wanting to be a normal junior high student.

I don’t even know what to say. I am honestly at a loss for words and am literally on the verge of tears. Saki was never my favorite member. That top spot always was, and always will be, reserved for Kanon. But lately I’ve been growing more and more attached to this cute and gluttonous girl. I have always loved Saki’s voice though. She’s in the top 2 singers in S/mileage. Her voice isn’t perfect, but you could tell that it had the potential to develope into something great.

And suddenly the S/mileage auditions make a lot more sense. When they were first announced I thought it was done merely because Tsunku saw the potential in them to become a long lasting, revolving door idol group like Morning Musume. But it turns out that Tsunku was freaking out when Saki asked to graduate and had hastily announced the auditions. Just by the fact that Tsunku used the word hastily, makes me think that auditions weren’t always S/mileage’s game plan. Or if they were, he hadn’t expected to hold until years down the road. Some bloggers out there had even said where there’s auditions, there’s graduations. But I just brushed those comments off as fans overanalyzing the situation more than I was. But in all honesty, I brushed them off because I didn’t want to think like that. S/mileage for me, since day one, has always been incredible. They haven’t really dissapointed me yet. Which is rare for an idol group.

I don’t know what to make of this. Saki wasn’t my absolute favorite member, but that doesn’t really make this announcment any less painful. It’s always sad to see an idol graduate. Like I’ve said before, it honestly feels like you’re losing a friend. This person doesn’t know you, but you know so much about them, so there’s a bond between you. Even if it is a one-sided bond. With Saki I just started to like her, so the bond wasn’t really that strong. But now that she’s leaving, it feels like I’ve wasted a lot of time. And it really makes me sad that I’ll never get the chance to become a bigger fan of hers. (And this oddly reminds me of aMa no Jaku. XD)

I do wonder how this announcment will affect the new members. Even though Saki told Tsunku she wanted to leave 1 month before the new member auditions, it still feels like there could be so some animosity towards the new members from Saki wota. For the mere fact that their beloved Sakitty is gone, and in her place are random newbies. That, or it could help the new members. With Saki leaving, I’m sure all the Saki wota have a void to fill. Maybe they’ll fill it with a new member.

But there an aspect I don’t like about this whole situation. Why isn’t she getting an official graduation concert? Did she want to leave so badly she couldn’t even handle one more S/mileage concert tour? Every member of H!P that graduates, who isn’t leaving because of a scandal, gets a graduation concert. Even Ishimura Maiha, who I think is seriously the only H!P member to legitimately leave to continue their studies, had a graduation concert. I’m not saying I think Saki was in a scandal, because I honestly don’t. But I just don’t understand why this was announced 3 days before the date of her graduation, without a proper send off event. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

But right now none of that matters. As the shock, sadness, and overall numbness kick in, I can only think about the happy times. Right now all I can think of is Saki crying when the members of S/mileage were announced. Her being full of energy after finishing her practice for the S/mileage and C-ute joint concert. Her always overeating. And most of all her smiling face. That apparently had been hiding feelings of longing for a normal life, but her smile never faltered. Which adds to the unexpectedness of this announcment. But, idols never really show that they are graduating in their faces. Even if their graduating was planned for months ahead.

SUPER GiRLS show off their girl power in new PV

The official Avex youtube channels has uploaded the full PV to SUPER GiRLS’s 3rd single, Joshiryoku Paradise. Which seems pretty fast if you ask me. I don’t remember SUPER GiRLS releasing a radio rip or PV preview for this song. And the single isn’t even being released until October 5th.

I’m not completely in love with the song. It is a little bland and kind of generic. The song only gets interesting when the chorus hits. And even that’s not really anything to write home about.
But that doesn’t even matter, the song doesn’t really matter. I barely paid attention to the song. I was too busy focusing on the PV. The PV is absolutely incredible! Words can’t even describe or explain how much I love this PV. On a scale of 1-10 it’s probably a 100. This video encompases exactly what SUPER GiRLS is, and that’s a giant idol cliche. SUPER GiRLS doesn’t do, hasn’t done, anything that is remotely unique. For their first PV for Miracle ga Tommanai they wore costumes that looked extremely similar to a bunch of different costumes other idols have worn. For their first single’s PV they did the ever popular idol go to, of a school/school girl PV. For their 2nd single, and 3rd PV, they make a bikini themed PV. And finally this PV is taking elements from Momiro Clover Z. And you know what? I’m not angry about it, and it actually doesn’t bother me the slightest. Because this is a big reason why I love SUPER GiRLS. When it comes to idols I usually like all the obvious idol sounding songs and PVs. It seems that whoever is in control of SUPER GiRLS studied all the current idols and then took the best parts to make this  Frankenstein’s monster type of idol group. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

But onto my actual opinions of the PV. The PV is basically the standard  dance shot and close-ups. But they do throw in a little side story. A nice chunk of the PV focuses around the girls in a “super girls meeting” to decide what type of costume they are going to wear. Or at least that’s what I get out of it. During this meeting the girls are also dressed up in costumes of every guy’s fantasy. A cheerleader, a police officer, a maid,  nurse, etc. Much like they did in Momoiro Clover Z’s PV for Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo. And it copies the costumes almost to a T. I think there’s only 1 or 2 outfits that Momoiro Clvoer Z didn’t wear in their PV. But despite that, I am absolutely in love with this PV. It is just cuteness overload. There is not one frame of the entire PV that isn’t absolutely sugary idol sweet. They even make an incredibly simple dance look adorable. Also, they get extra points for shoving my favorite, Ami, upfront in the dance.

I see SUPER GiRLS are continuing their plot to take over the world.

The outfits are super cute. However, they are a total rip-off.

Of Morning Musume.

And AKB48.

Even this woah oh woah dance move is cute.

My god Ami is the cutest thing ever! And Meiri really stands out with that hat.

The soccer outfit reminds me of Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ and Yappa Seishun. Too lazy to find the pics. But I’m sure you’re familiar with the PVs. XD

Random ikebana.

I love how Aya is trying to add sexiness to her close-up. And you know, what it’s working.

The mics during group close-ups are a good idea. They add an extra cute factor.

But it’s hardly original.


A typical gyaru.

But Nono pulls it off better.

Come on. How is skipping a dance move?

These 4 have the most entertaining close-up shots. And Reira looks so striking here.

Product placement! Because come on, even if they don’t show the lable everyone knows that’s pocky.

Reira standing out again.

Cute. Rina really has a lot of personality.

Seriosuly? A telescope move? XD


Oh the similarities!

To Passpo.

And of course MomoClo.

I’m guessing Aya is a secretary.

Just like Kanako.

Adorable. But lol at Kaede.



But Shiori had a better maid outfit.

Ruka looks super adorable here.

Rino so adorable. *O*

Impromptu paper fight!

I’m not really sure what’s so appealing about being a miko.

But Reni was one too. So, obviously there is something.

Nurse Kaede.

Nurse Akari.

Adorable Rino.

This is kinda creepy actually. XD

This is kinda cheesy, but it fits in the PV perfectly.


Fairies-More Kiss PV preview

Avex’s official youtube channel has uploaded a PV preview for newly formed idol group Fairies’s debut single, More Kiss.

Since I first heard the preview of More Kiss I’ve had high hopes, and even higher expectations, for this group. And I am honestly a little dissapointed by the PV so far. I know that they being marketed as an idol group with a high level of skill in dancing and singing. I will never get how that’s not the same theme that DiVA has, because it is. But I was expecting more from this PV than just dancing. In the short minute PV preview it shows Fairies dancing in 2 different places in 2 different outfits, and a very short close-up of one of the members. (Who is absolutely adorable by the way, I think she might be my favorite already.) Now that is usually pretty standard for idol groups, but like I said, I had high expectations for this group. And I really wanted something more from this PV, to grab me in completely But I suppose I shouldn’t be too critical of this PV since it was their first PV. SUPER GiRLS didn’t make a PV worth watching until their 4th PV. But SUPER GiRLS debut PV was adorable, and despite being cheap it was interesting to watch. But I think that stems from the image Fairies is trying to portray. It seems like they are trying to be a group that is at such a high level of singing and dancing you can’t believe they are idols. Which makes me think that Fairies will always release more mature idol sounds. Which is fine by me. It’s nice to have some varitey in idol groups.

AAA-I4U radio rip

A while ago I said that I that I would be blogging about AAA more since, over the years AAA has grown on me. However, that hasn’t been going as smoothly as I hoped it would. Since I made that post AAA released a digital single, and announced they would be releasing a double A-side single called Call/14U on August 31. Which I just heard about now. And because of that the first A-side already has a full PV that was released last month. So, I am completely behind. But the good news is from now on I’ll be up to date with AAA. And despite Call being old news I am going to do a PV review of it shortly.

But on the subject of actual news, the radio rip for the second A-side, I4U, has just been released.

I4U sounds pretty much like a majority of AAA songs. And because of that the song gets pretty much lost in the crowd. There’s not really anything exciting in the song to make it standout against all their past songs. Which is honestly why I get bored of AAA easily. The song is simple with extremely soft music. The only interesting part of the song is when Mitsuhiro starts rapping. His rapping is usually the highlight, in my opinion, of most of their songs. It was Mitsuhiro’s rapping that made me fall in love with Music, which is probably my favorite AAA song.
I really wish I wasn’t so far behind in my AAA news, because Call completely blows I4U out of the water.

Ai-chan’s solo Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara radio rip

The radio rip for Takahashi Ai’s solo song Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara featured on Morning Musume’s 47th single has been revealed. This song is only a B-side, however the full PV for this song will be included in the Limited Edition version of Morning Musume’s 12th album.

When I first listened to the song I was completely surprised. Since Ai-chan is the best singer, arguably, in Morning Musume’s history I was expecting a ballad. Something along the lines of Yume Kara Samete or Kioku no Meiro. But I actually really do like the sound of this song. It’s a nice soft rock song that sounds more like a B-side or album filler for Buono, than a song Ai would do. But Ai sounds amazing and her voice fits the song perfectly. Which just shows how Ai-chan can sing any genre of music perfectly. Which also reminds me how much it hurts to lose and amazing voice like hers.
The only real complaint I have about this song is it didn’t really use Ai’s voice to her full potential. Everyone knows the that Ai-chan has an incredible range. While listening to the song I kept waiting for some high notes to come out of nowhere. I am pretty sad that they never came.
Well, that and I can’t really stand that radnomly throughout the song she sings in a slightly annoying pitch. Everytime she does it, it’s like she’s trying to make her voice sound cuter than it actually is. I’ve already expressed before how much I can’t stand when she does that. It just knocks her incredible voice down a peg. Leave stuff like that to Sayumi. Not like Sayumi is ever doing it on purpose.

Having this song as a B-side just makes this upcoming single even better than it already is. I stand by my statement that this single is the best single Morning Musume has released in a while. This makes me hopeful that the 12th album will be just as good.





As you can tell, Janakya Mottainai has a new home. So, welcome to my first post on my new blog!







After my whole bandwidth exceeded fiasco on my blog, International Wota offered to host me on their server (it’s server right? XD). And being as awful as I am at computers and HTML I turned them down at first. But the switch was actually a lot easier than I could have imagined or realized. And being hosted by IW ensures that I, or any of my readers, will never have to worry about my pictures being unavailable again. Which actually takes a lot of pressure and stress off of me. Before I switched to this blog I was painstakingly resaving and reuploading all of my pictures on imgur. Which was a daunting task, and I uploaded about 300 images, which is why some of my pictures still work. But since I was working backwards only my oldest post’s pictures show up.

Eventually all of my posts from my blogger blog will be imported into this new blog. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but the folks at IW ensure me it can be done. But I’m sure all you internet savvy people know how that works. So, you guys can look forward to that when it happens.

Right now my blog is pretty plain looking, but that’s only fleeting. Eventually I’m going to get the awesome people at IW to help me with the HTML to make my blog look pretty much like it did on blogger. So, look forward to that also. :]

Right now I am working on getting used to wordpress. WordPress is pretty similar to blogger, but I’m still working out the kinks and getting the feel for it. I added all my things on my side bar and navigation bar. It would be amazing if all my affiliates and people who have my blog on their blogroll updated their links with my new site.

There are still some things I’m unsure of how to do on wordpress. Like how to have people follow, or I guess subscribe, to my blog. And I don’t know how to follow, or subscribe, to other blogs so they show up on my front page like it did on blogger. Also, I’m a little unsure about the categories section. Like do they categories show up somehwere on your blog as you post in those categroies? Because that would be super convenient for people who only read certain sections of my blog, like posts about JE, H!P, or Passpo.

I also want to send a huge thank you to IW for hosting my blog. If it wasn’t for them I would still be uploading pictures to imgur. Back when I first starting blogging IW was something I aspired to. When I saw a blog that I loved reading, the now inactive Stardust, being hosted by IW it was always something I wanted to happen to my blog. As foolish as that sounds in retrospect. But I am actually pretty ecstatic that JM has reached that level.

My next few posts on this blog are going to be my catch up posts. There hasn’t been that much news to really post about for the last 2-3 days. Which is actually a relief. Usually when I go on hiatus the idol world seems to have a sudden boom. XD I’m also happy I’ll be blogging in time for August 24th. Which is the release date of both Flying Get and ViVi Natsu. Let’s see if Yukimi actually does go blad, even though I highly doubt it. XD

But you guys know how I love to procrastinate, so don’t expect those posts until tomorrow.

Blog hiatus

So, I woke up today and it said all of my bandwidth exceeded on photobucket. Now, I am completely horrible at computers, and had no idea what that even meant. And,  after some googling, apparently there is no way to change this or to fix this unless I upgrade my photobucket to pro. And since I don’t have a job, or even a bank account, I have absolutely no way to upgrade my account. So, that means I now have to resave and rehost ALL of my pictures on my blog to a site that has unlimited bandwidth. Which is approximately 3,020 images. 3,020! Obviously this is going to take me weeks, if not a month, to do. And I honestly am not looking forward to it at all.

I am so completely upset right. Like on the verge of tears upset. (Whatever, I cry at the drop of a hat) So, yeah don’t expect any kind of updates for a while.

The happiest C-ute fan in the world

The full PV for C-ute’s upcoming single, Sekai ichi Happy na Onna no ko, has been released on their official youtube channel. Ad it honestly seems really rushed. The single isn’t releases until September 7th but we’re getting the PV now. Which is about a week or 2 early. And we’re getting the PV with no warning. Not one PV preview was released for this single.

When I first watched the PV I decided I hated it withing the first 10 seconds. But for some reason by the time I finished watching I was in love with the PV. Which is something that never happens with me. Usually it’s pretty cut and dry, I either love the PV or I hate it. And everything about this PV points to me hating it. The PV itself is extremely cheap. A majority of the PV is filmed in the exact same place. They have the dance shot up front, and then 5 feet behind them is the space for their close-ups. Which is something they hardly ever do in idol PVs. No matter how low of a budget they have, the dance shot and close-ups are 2 different settings. Even the cheapest of the cheap PVs don’t really do this. I can honestly only think of a few PVs that actually do this. Which are Buono’s Renai Rider, and actually most of Kusumi Koharu’s solo singles. Another reason I should hate it is because of the dance. The dance is extremely simple. But idol dances are hardly ever good. Literally 9/10 are terrible.
I should also hate it because literally nothing happens in the PV. Just cute idol poses and close-ups, and that’s it. Yet for some reason, despite all of this, I absolutely adore the PV. Because believe it or not I am pretty easy to please. I might be super critical of idol PVs, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy most of them. The PV itself could be god awful, but if my idols look cute and are doing cute things, chances are I’m going to like the PV. It will never be my favorite idol PV of all time, but I will still enjoy it thoroughly. And that’s exactly what this PV is like. The PV is simple, but it’s not exactly boring. There are still a few cute elements to the PV. And above all, C-ute look absolutely adorable in this PV. They are wearing puffy idol dresses and oversized hair accessories. It’s that’s not adorable, I don’t know what is!

I feel like I’ve seen this before. But I can’t put my finger on it. And not Perfume’s One Room Disco, somewhere else.

I challenge anyone to say that every members doesn’t look to cute for words in this PV. I’m not the biggest Saki fan, but I want hug her in this PV.

Why does every idol group think this is a move worth repeating?

Airi looks perfect in her close-ups. *O*

Chisa looks pretty fresh and cute.

How is it possible for Maimi to be gorgeous and adorable at the same time?

Airi is so cute.

Gorgeous. MaiMai has been standing out to me a lot more lately.

Adorable smile.

Mai standing out, even in the background.

Creepy smile. Lol.

Airi! *O*

What’s with the random orange?

These are probably my favorite scenes. You get to see every member, and they look cute and doll like.

Ring around the Airi.


The funky chicken. Seriously?


Look how cute Nacky is.

It’s pretty obvious what the dominos are for.


I have to admit, Saki really knows how to make her close-ups interesting.

The laying down scenes remind me of Paramore’s The Only Exception music video. American music reference no one cares about. XD

Absolutely adorable!

Lolz at Maimi.

Totally saw this coming.

It reminds me too much of Berryz Koubou’s Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV.

This shot is weird. They almost look fake.

Meet the S/mileage 2nd gen!

After months of waiting, and a hands on audition experience, the new S/mileage 2nd generation members were finally announced at the Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa Wow Wow Live~ concert.

The 5 members who were selected are:

Katsuta Rina

Rina is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Rinapuu. I have to say I am completely excited that Rina passed the auditions. She was one of my favorites and I was rooting for her. She has a cute voice, and seriously is mini Nono to me. A lot of people seem to think she’s ugly. My poor Rinapuu is getting haters already.

Kosuga Fukuya

Fukuya is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Fuu-chan. Now, I’m not really the biggest fan of Fukuya. I didn’t like her voice in the auditions. And it wasn’t bad or anything, it just lacked energy. That’s something she really needs to work on.

Nakanishi Kana

Kana is 14 years old and her nickname in the group is Kanana. I am actually at lose for words about Kana joining the group. I absolutely did not like her one bit. She had the worst voice in the entire audition. I can’t fathom why she joined. Her personality didn’t pop to me, like Zukki’s did. Zukki was the worst singer in the 9th gen but her energetic personality sold her to me. Kana did seem to smile a lot suring the auditions but she didn’t seem to burst with energy to me. It seems she was only picked because she’s pretty. And she is, she’s absolutely adorable. Hopefully, her personality makes up for the things she lacks. Because right now a KonKon moment happened with her.

Tamura Meimi

Meimi is 12 years old her her nickname for the group is MeiMei. I am ecstatic that 13 made it! She was an obvious fan favorite, and was one of my personal favorites. Her voice was so cute and kind of strong. Her whole image just fit S/mileage perfectly. I couldn’t be happier that Meimi was picked. The only real draw back for Meimi is she isn’t that great at dancing. Hopefully, something like that won’t effect her chances of joining.

Takeuchi Akari

Akari is 13 years old and her nickname for the group is Take-chan. And Maimi’s cousin passes the audition. I wonder if things like that helped her pass? Maybe I’m just being cynical. And if it did she probably would have debuted a while age. Akari wasn’t really my favorite auditioner. But her years of Egg training has put Akari at such a high level of singing and dancing that she deserved to join the group.

Even though these girls were announced as the winners of the auditions they are not out of the woods yet. Every single girl, yes every single one of them, are not official members of the group yet, instead they are all sub-members. They will appear in the S/mileage’s upcoming 7th single and will take part in S/mileage’s fall concert. And their performance in the concert will determine their permanence. Apparently the new members have the chances becoming a full member, entering the Eggs, making a new unit, or being dropped completely. Which is a complete 180 from what Tsunku had originally said. He said that if 6 members joined 2 would become members, and the other 4 would become trainee members. It seems Tsunku (or conceivably who ever is really in control of H!P) changed his mind and decided to have the new members tackle yet another hurdle. At first I thought this was a bit harsh, and even a slap in the face. But after I think about it more it almost seems fitting. S/mileage themselves had to get 10,000 smiles just to be able to make their major debut. So, why not make the new members go through a similar ritual? And besides that, it’s even more press for S/mileage. Regardless of the outcome, you can be sure it’s going to be mentioned somewhere in the media if the members are becoming permanent or not. Which just shows how Tsunku is handling the auditions perfectly to give S/mileage maximum exposure.
As for my reactions to the winners themselves, am I 100% happy? Of course I’m not. I wanted first and foremost, the lovely Miyamoto Karin to win. That girl seriously had everything. She was the best singer, the best dancer, and she is absolutely adorable. I am completely devastated that Karin didn’t win. But there’s nothing I can really do about it. As a fan, you can’t expect to have your favorites picked every single time. Anyone who watched the Morning Musume 8th gen auditions knows that. I am honestly lucky that Suzuki Kanon got picked at all. Having my favorite picked again would obviously be incredible, but obviously incredibly unlikely.
After Karin my favorites were: Miyazaki, Yamaga, Rina, and Meimi. So, I actually didn’t make out too bad. Since there were so many good singers in the auditions I secretly hoped that they would add 5 members, and I am actually thrilled they did. I can also hold out the hope that my other favorites auditioned for both the S/mileage 2nd gen and the Morning Musume 10th gen. Karin was talented enough to make it to the finals of both. Despite the general consesus of the fans, I actually don’t think she would work that well for Morning Musume. She just fits S/mileage better. But that ship has sailed, and I’d rather have her in Morning Musume than not in a group at all.

And here’s a completely unpopular opinion, but a part of me actually wants all the girls to get kicked out. Not for any malicious reason. I am actually really excited by the possibility of another group being formed. Ever since S/mileage first formed I’ve always wanted S/mileage to be in a Berryz Koubou and C-ute type of situation. Where the groups were formed a year apart and are pretty similar to each other. However, as time keeps passing that possibility gets further and further away.

Morning Musume-Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai radio rip

We finally have a preview for the second A-side from Morning Musume’s upcoming double A-side 47th single, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai. However, the preview for Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai is about half of the song or less.

The song sounds nothing like I was expecting at all! The beginning of the song has some random train noises thrown in. Which immediately reminded me of the opening from Harajuku 6:00 Shuugou, just without the speaking parts, or Inspiration. And then the actual music starts and it sounds like a toned down version of Guru Guru Jump. And then theres also these beach party music randomly throughout the song. Which is a tad reminiscent to Berryz Koubou’s Madayade. Which is awesome because I wanted an upbeat song with a big instrumental, something along the lines of Lemon Iro to Milk Tea. However, this song isn’t that big. It’s far too toned down. The song is almost there, they just needed to go all out and push it a little further. But I have to admit, I do like it more than Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo. I don’t know, the sound is just better. But overall, this is a really incredible single. It sounds like the songs Morning Musume used to release. Hopefully, this is a sneak peek of things to come.
This song is lead by Sayumi, and surprisingly I don’t really care or mind. Sayumi hardly has one of my favorite voices in Morning Musume. But every once in a blue moon she’s handed a song that’s perfect for her voice and she actually enhances the song. She did it in Fantasy ga Hajimaru, It’s You, and to some degree in Appare Kaiten Zushi. And I think Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai is one of those times. That mixed with being sick of hearing nothing but Ai and Reina, anyone else is a nice change. This song does still feature the usual suspects a lot. Ai, Reina, Risa, and Riho get lines. But just adding Sayumi’s voice and having her take away some of the lines they woud get, throws off the normal balance and adds a different element to the song. And since this is only half the song we can hope that this means in the second half the other members will get lines. And even if they don’t at least have a different 9th gen member sing where Riho’s line would go in the second verse. I really want Aika to have a line. You can hear her voice in one of the group parts and she actually sounds good in the song.

Yutorin turns 18!

It’s August 10th, so you know what that means. My favorite underage JE boy turns 18. Even though Yuto is only exactly 1 year and 4 months younger than me, I still felt creepy because he wasn’t 18. I’ll probably rejoice more when Anderson Casey turns 18. I’ve been perving on him since he was 15. Him and his “I look exactly like someone you know in real life” face. But I don’t really follow Juniors. Therefore, Yuto is still was my favorite underage JE boy.

I’m not even sure why Yuto is my favorite member of Hey! Say! JUMP. He’s not the best looking member, which would be Ryosuke or Yabu. He’s not the funniest member, which would be Inoo or Hikaru. But there’s just something about Yuto that attracts me to him. He’s got this dorky and quirky charm that I find appealing. Yuto is just so cute and loveable.

To commerorate this milestone calls for a picspam of epic proportions.

Also here’s a Yuto heavy live performance. Since Yuto hasn’t gotten a solo song in a hundred years, this performance of Dash is the closest he’s come in a long time.

C-ute-Sekai ichi Happy na Onna no ko radio rip

The radio rip for C-ute’s upcoming single, Sekai ichi Happy na Onna no ko, has been released.

I gotta say, I do really like the overall sound of this song. It is incredibly happy and upbeat. And it’s also has a hint of a rock vibe, because there’s a constant guitar rift in the background. The song is pretty much sounds like a generic idol song. But I still think there’s a little something more than that in this song. Momoiro Sparkling was pretty generic too, but I like this song about 30 times more than Momoiro Sparkling.
I really love the super fast lines that Airi and Maimi sing before the chorus. But for the most part, I don’t really like the way this song is sung. The girl’s are trying too hard to sound cute, and it’s making their voices sound a little awkward. Especailly Chisato, Mai, and Saki. There voices are pretty annoying in this song. And don’t even get ma started on Saki. Her voice isn’t the greatest to begin with, but it’s almost ear piercing at some parts.

AKB48’s new PV comes through with flying colors

The PV for AKB48’s upcoming single, Flying Get, has been released. I really wanted to say the full PV has been released. But since the PV on the DVD will be a whopping 18 minutes long, this seems more like the short version. Or at least the TV version.

I absolutely love everything about this PV. I think the old martial arts movie theme is incredible. I love that the outfits fit the theme, but are still cute at the same time. I think the fighting scenes are choreographed very well, and are pulled off perfectly. There’s a great balance of the member’s attacking and taking counter attacks. Overall, I think the PV is very exciting and entertaining. And it has the potential to become an amazing PV. That’s right the potential, because I honestly don’t think it’s at a 10/10 just yet. I’d say it’s more of a 7/10. And the reason for that is, while I was watching the PV the entire time everything just seemed rushed. The PV seemed to focus a lot more time on the dancing/singing scenese then they should of. And because of that all the fighting scenes seemed incredibly rushed. It seems like they tried to shorten this PV the best they could. So, they shoved as much fighting, and different girls, as they could in 5 minutes. Making some parts of the PV seem a little choppy.
If anything, this PV seems more like a tease. Now that I’m in intrigued by this PV I really want to see the full version already. I mean, they leave us hanging on Acchan’s and Yuko’s fight! Even though, since Acchan did win the senbatsu it’s 95% likely she wins the fight.

I love how everyone but Acchan stands down here.

I think I’m supposed to be intimidated here, but I’m just not. Lol.

Mayu and Mariko have the cutest hairstyles. And look at Yuki looking all gorgeous.

I absolutely love the set.

I love Yuko’s dress. I really wish everyone get to wear the Chinese dresses, and not just Yuko and Atsuko.

Lolz that they are spliting the senbatsu by boots. The media senbatsu get gold gold boots, and the regualr senbatsu get the black boots. I actually think the black boots are prettier.

Also, I hate that the dance shot looks nearly exactly like their live performances of the song. XD

The glowing eyes are just so random. But look how evil Sayaka looks.



I never really liked this outfits before, but they are actually pretty cute.

Acchan looks pretty here.

Amina’s creepy face. XD

Right in the face! Poor, I wanna say Sayaka, but it’s too blurry to be 100%.

Despite being attacked, Jurina still manages to look creepy.

I love how Tomomi looks more angry than scared. XD


Yeah, do it Sasshi!

Is that Mayu? It’s extremely hard to tell, but those do look like her ears. XD

Lolz just tossed aside. But I’m sure the less popular members are used to that.


This is awesome too.

Mayu is just adorable!

Lolz at Mariko’s intense face.

Priceless face.

Asuka looks gorgeous here!

No, don’t steal the giant painting of Acchan! Um…what?

Does anyone else think of the crazy 88’s from Kill Bill everytime they see these masked guys?

No one messes with Maeda Atsuko!


Yeah, because everyone has magic lightning powers.

The stare down!

Of course you’re always more evenly matched if you both have magic powers.

The song is called Flying Get, so of course there has to be flying. XD

Acchan looks so much like a guy here. XD

I really want to know what happens!

A new idol group worth looking into

The entertainment agency Vision Factory has revealed that they have created a new idol group. The new group is called Fairies and is made up of 7 memebers who’s age range from 12-14 years old. Their debut single is entitled More Kiss, which currently doesn’t have a release date.

When I first saw pictures of this group a month ago I didn’t think anything of it. I was going to blog about them, but I honestly didn’t see anything special about them. I thought they were going to be like Tokyo Girl’s Style, where their young age kind of turned me off of them. But once I heard a preview of their debut single I was sold on them.
More Kiss is absolutely incredible. It has an amazing beat, and despite the member’s ages, is a lot more mature than the majority of idol music out there. I hear elements in this song that remind me of Amuro Namie, Utada Hikaru, and BoA. And the singing is at a pretty high level. Most idol singers have a specific type of cutesy voice, and are sometimes terrible singers. But these girls sound more like legit singers than idols. With much smoother and deeper voices then you would normally hear leading an idol song. And that unique element makes them a stand out to me. And a group I plan on keeping an eye on.

Morning Musume-Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo preview

The radio rip for the first song from Morning Musume’s upcoming double A-side single, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai, has been released. I have been waiting for this rip for weeks now. Since the concert rip wasn’t the best quality I’ve been waiting for the radio rip to finally hear the song.

You know, I wasn’t instantly in love with this song when I first started to listen to it. But half way through the song, it just made sense. And I actually do really like the song. It’s not my absolutely favorite, and there is an obvious room for improvement. But I think the song sounds good. The beginning of the song has this funky sort of disco vibe, with some jazz undertones. Risa’s and Ai’s jazzy extended notes during the bridge were just absolutely incredible, and one of my favorite parts of the song. However, I can’t really say that about Reina’s line there. And then the chorus hits and it sounds like a completely different song. The song gets a lot more upbeat and happy. And for a minute I thought it was Ganbare Nippon Soccer Fight. The chorus is just Ai and Reina but they pretty much kill their lines, so I don’t mind. And Reina also hits this high note toward the end of the song and it’s nearly flawless.

I really want to complain that the song’s line distribution is completely unfair, and it’s basically the exact same line distribution from Only You. But this is Ai-chan’s last single, so let her sing as much as you want. But, hopefully this single and 12th album will really be an end of an era. And Morning Musume can start fresh and give everyone a decent amount of lines like they used to. I mean when Morning Musume had 12-15 members the line distribution was a lot more fair than it is now! Can someone explain how that even makes sense?

By the way, what are they doing about the PV? Was it already filmed? Becasue Aika and Riho are both on rest now. And Aika has been in a cast for a while, so even if the PV was already filmed what are they going to do about the dance? Is Aika, or Aika and Riho, just not in the dance scenes?

Happy 3rd birthday Janakya Mottainai!

Yes, my dear readers Janakya Mottainai turns 3 this year. So, happy birthday to JM! Or happy anniversary! It’s the same thing anyway. Janakya Mottainai’s real birthday was July 25th. Techically it’s May 29th. But my first post was on July 25th, hence July is the real birthday. I really wanted to make this post on the July 25th but I’ve been busy so this post had to be pushed back a bit. But hey, at least I’m making a post! Last year I completely forgot to make one all together.

Wow, time really does fly. I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for 3 years already. It seriously feels like yesterday that I wrote my first post. Which was a bit of a mess. It was poorly written and was a review of 3 songs and PVs in one post. Here’s my first post for people who haven’t read it or haven’t been following JM since day one.

I never really know what to write in posts like this. So I read my first anniversary post. Which you can read here if you care. In that post I wrote that my blog had over 11,000 views and got 100 reads a day. Two years later and my blog has over 141,000 views and 300-400 views a day. Which might not seems like much to most people, but I honestly don’t care about things like that. I’d be happy with 10 views a day, as long as someone was reading it. I also wrote in my 1st anniversary post that I was happy to be featured on International Wota, and that it was my goal to be featured there. Flash forward to present day, and I became IW’s blogger of the month and am constantly being featured. And I am completely thrilled about that, especially since I’m featured on IW a lot more often than I think I deserve.

Overall, this blog is extremely important to me. This blog is like one of the only places where I can really voice my opinions on things. I have very strong opinions about a lot of different subjects, but I hardly ever really voice them outside of my own home. I’ve been extremely shy my whole life, and I’ve always avoided confrontation, so I’m always hesitant to voice my opinions in real life. Partly because I don’t want my opinions to start arguments, and partly because I’m overly sensitive and think people will judge my opinions, and indirectly me, harshly. So, this blog is one of the only times I can really stand up and say, “You know what, I don’t like what’s going on here,” or, “Actually I think this song is terrible.” (Oh yeah, I’m so overly sensitive that I google AimxAim every so often to make sure people online aren’t saying how much they hate me or my blog. Does that make me crazy? XD)

This blog is also really important to me because its kept me really involved in idol music. Before blogging I was a casual fan, and I didn’t realy keep up to date with news or individual idols themselves as much as I do now. Joining H!O is also a reason why I started to know more about H!P, and eventually made this blog. And before that I was such a casual fan that I used to search the idol groups I liked on youtube every couple of months to know if they had a new single. It doesn’t get more casual than that.
And as I kept blogging I found out about new idol groups, which I knew hardly anything about. And I wanted to get into them more. So, I started to blog about them. Which forced me to go and learn nearly everything about them, and forced me to keep up to date with them. I mean this blog tracks me getting into Hey! Say! JUMP practically from day one. When I first started blogging about them I was so new to the group that I accidently said Yabu was the only one to get a solo in Jonetsu Jump, when it was actually Ryosuke. I’ve thought about going back and changing that because it makes me look like a fool, but I can’t imagine doing that. If I did I wouldn’t be able to look back and laugh at how much of a noob I was.

With each passing year I keep trying to make Janakya Mottainai better. I’ve been trying to post news as soon as it happens, and I’m trying to keep adding idol groups to cover. I want JM to become a go to blog for all things idol related. News, information, and reviews. Which is a huge daunting task. Which is so large that maybe I’m setting myself up for failure, but I’m actually confident I can do it.
I’m also really trying to improve my writting. Which is probably the biggest task for me and JM. Mostly because I never really thought of myself as a writter. With this blog, even though I am writting I just think of it as blogging. Writting was never really my strong suit. I mean I was good enough at it, but I always seem to have trouble making my paragraphs flow and fluidly transition to another point without making it seem awkward or noticeable.

Well, I’m getting a litte off subject here. I guess I’ll just end this post by giving a big virtual toast to all my readers. Readers and comments are what keeps me going. I still get excited for each and every comment I get, and I still get sad when I don’t recieve any comments. So, here’s to you readers for making this birthday/anniversary possible. And hopefully you’ll send me a virtual toast right back.

Here are some idol songs to set the mood!

Berryz Koubou’s elegant new PV

The full PV for Berryz Koubou’s upcoming single, Aa, yo ga Akeru, has been released.

I am absolutely in love with the PV. Finally it’s a video that’s not the same standard idol formula! After I saw the PV preview I had some fears that the entire PV was going to be nothing but them singing on the stairs. But there’s actually a lot of elements in this PV. The video is filmed in this beautiful castle, and they actually make use of it. It seems like you get to see a nice chunk of the castle. Some of the girl’s walk around, and each girl is in a seperate room for their close-up shots. They are also sitting on the stairs for the group singing parts, and the dance scene also has its own seperate room. Which makes the video pretty interesting because you never really see the same setting for that long. The only real fault you could find with this particular video is there’s not actually a storyline. But I’m completely fine with that because there’s so many different scenes in this PV you don’t even notice that.
The PV really has everything going for it, it’s interesting and the girls look gorgeous. Much like Buono’s Natus Dakara PV, this PV seems to be one giant beauty shot. Which is an obvious plus.
This video as a whole just has a elegant, classy, and highend. It just has this sort of princess feel to it. The kind of vibe I wanted the Kimagure Princess PV to have.

This castle is beautiful.

Risako’s room is gorgeous.

It sucks that Miyabi has to sit by the front door though. Lol.

Yurina looks gorgeous here.

This room is beautiful.

The contrast is so high you can’t even see half of Risako’s nose. XD

Yurina looks so amazing! *O*

Why does Chinami look so sad?

Risako’s looks sad and pretty at the same time.

I love how Massa looks angry. Lol.

Yurina! There are no words! *O*

And all that jazz! XD The dance is actually a little awkward.

Momoko looks really pretty.

Hot! Is she wearing green contacts?

I love this hair on Saki.

Creepy face.

Everyone looks gorgeous here.

But it stil reminds me too much of their Very Beauty PV.

Gorgeous Risako.

I can’t get over how super pretty Momoko looks in this PV.

Wow, Miyabi looks amazing.


Chinami looks pretty.

Look at Risako’s legs. They go on for weeks!

Simple dance is simple.

Yurina just looks incredible in this PV.

And so does Miyabi.

My god! *O*

AKB48-Flying Get PV previews

Two different morning news shows have released PV previews for AKB48’s upcoming single, Flying Get.
When I saw the covers for Flying Get a few days ago, I was completely underwhelmed and didn’t know what to expect from the PV. But I am completely surprised by how much I love the PV so far. The PV seems to be one giant fight scene. AKB48 in their Chinese inspired outfits are fighting bad guys and themselves. The PV just seems really itense and powerful. There’s a lot of intricate sword fighting going on and the girls flipping people on their backs  as well as scenes with the members getting thrown and strangled. Overall the PV looks very interesting and excited. Miles better than the Everyday Kachuusha PV. And it seems like you get to see every senbatsu members. Not like Heavy Rotation where you only really saw the top 10 or so.
The only really fault about this PV is the dance scene. The dance scene looks exactly like the live performances of this song. Which is a little boring in my opinion.

PV preview 1:

PV preview 2:

New AKB48 sub-group announced

It was announced that AKB48 members Nakaya Sayaka and Tanabe Miku will be forming a new unit called Baby Gamba. The group is based off the children’s book Boukenshatachi: Gamba to 15 hiki no Nakama. Their debut single Ee Janai ka will be released on September 14th.

Since this is a unit for children I can’t really say that I’m too excited for this new group. However, you seem to make a pretty penny off of children’s songs, so more power to them.
The some itself seems pretty cute, so does the PV. It’s just obviously far too childish for me to overly care about this group.

Here’s a PV preview of their debut single.

DiVA holding auditions for new member

AKB48 sub-group DiVA, announced they will be holding auditions to add a new member to the group. The auditioners must be between the ages of 18 and 23 and have dance experience. Applications are due by August 20th. The winner or winners will be signed to Office48 and join DiVA.

I remember DiVA mentioning auditions a while ago, but I actualy haven’t given it much though since. It’s nice to see that we are finally getting some information about it. I still don’t really understand why DiVA is auditioning for new members. Couldn’t they have just added more girls from AKB48? It honestly seems a little unfair to them. And obviously the winners will only be added to DiVA and not AKB48 as well. Which also seems a little pointless to me. It reminds me of the whole Super Junior and Super Junior M situation. I’m just not to thrilled with the whole idea, it seems really unnecessary to me.

Itano Tomomi to release 3rd single

It was announced that AKB48 member Itano Tomomi will be releasing her 3rd solo single. The titled has yet to be announced and the single will be released on October 12th.

I’m half excited for this single. Half because Dear J was incredible, but Fui Ni was a disappointment. Other than that I’m getting a little tired of Tomomi constantly releasing solo songs. Her voice is lack luster, and she just released her 2nd single. But, what are you gonna do?

What KAT-TUN’s really running from

The PV for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Run For You has finally been released.

And I gotta say after watching it I find the PV incredibly weird. I was confused by it, and was scractching my head about it the whole time I was watching it. I was mostly confused because after watching it I was drawn to only one conclusion of the meaning of the PV. That conclusion is, KAT-TUN is being tested or experimented on. It also seems like they are being brainwashed or mind controlled. Which changes the PV from something fun into something serious and weird. If you watch the PV you can see that KAT-TUN are in hospital rooms. They even pan out so you can see each member is right next door to each other. They also show a very large bolted door which means they are in some mental ward in a prison or some sort of special test facility. And each member is in an extremely strange room. Kame is in a room with a projector. Which is the most obvious brainwashing element, and what made me start thinking that was the meaning of the PV. I’m sure everyone is familiar with this because it’s like brainwashing 101. You are forced to watch disturbing images over and over to brainwash you. It’s not as obvious as the A Clockwork Orange eye speculums scene, but it’s still pretty obvious. And then Taguchi is in a room that is freezing. I’m pretty sure being exposed to constant heat or cold eventually breaks you down and makes you more susceptible to mind control. Maru is in a room where time seems to stop. I’m not sure what to make of that, but it’s possibly to see how long is takes before he can’t stand that anymore. Koki is in a room with a maze of electrical cord. I’m not sure the meaning of this room either. Perhaps to simulate electroshock therapy. Ueda’s room seems to be the only one that doesn’t make sense. He surrounded by constant sound. There’s probably some signifigance in that too. But I have no idea.
And through all of this KAT-TUN is being filmed and carefully monitored on screens in some undisclosed location.

Now I’m not sure what KAT-TUN and mind controll have to do with once another. And I’m also not sure why KAT-TUN would make such a creepy PV. Maybe I’m just reading into this too much. But if anyone can explain this PV in any other way, be my guest. Because I can’t think of one other meaning than the obvious.

Creepy bolted door.

No, that’s too easy.

Yeah, this makes perfect sense. Except not at all.

I love Newton’s cradle. XD

This looks more like a prison hallway, than a hospital one.

Kame’s hot, but I can’t get over how weird his hair looks in this PV.

Ok, I’m officially over Koki’s hair. He looks amazing here.

The dance is pretty awful.

Why are they focusing so much that they are locked in?

Seriously, the same arm move from Michael Jackson’s Beat It dance.

This hair makes him look even more like Changmin.

I can’t be the only one who sees how similar they look!

Constantly monitored.

Koki’s dance move is just lolz.

Yeah, this is totally a normal image and has nothing to do with brainwashing.


The cold just keeps flooding in.

I just don’t get Ueda’s room.

Aww Kame looks so sad. Actually he looks more hurt than sad.

You don’t ask the cameras for help if your there by your own free will.

The magic floating box will fix everything!

So close, yet so far.

Quick, now’s your chance to escape.

The spell was broken.

SND48’s new PV is bugging me

A couple of days ago the full PV for SDN48’s 3rd single Min.Mi.Min. was released.

My interest in SDN48 has been dwindling greatly sinc etheir debut. GAGAGA was an amazing song, but then Ai Juseyo was just ok, and now Min.Min.Min is even lower than that. The PVs for SND48’s singles have always been on the same medicore level. There’s just nothing that stands out about this single. The PV does stand out but not for the right reasons. The PV stands out just for sheer weirdness. Which could be a food thing, but in SND48’s case it’s just not. Most of this PV focuses around SND48 in a giant cage wearing bug wings. Which isn’t really explained and is pretty much a mystery to me. There are also close-ups thrown in where they are sitting on the cage. And a few scenes where they are tangled in branches. And that’s pretty much the entire PV. No added exciting elements. No suprise endingwhere they all fly into a giant bug zapper. Instead the twist at the end they did add was pretty weird. They were being fished up by some giant who was standing on what looks like 50 different cage boxes. It made absolutely no sense to me.
I guess my real dislike for this PV stems from the fact that this PV is a complete rip off of Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed music video. And since I’ve seen Min.Min.Min video before I’m obviously not going to be impressed with it.

What does being wrapped in branches have to do with being a bug?

Is it because it kind of looks like a rest?

Even the cages are similar.

Miley has a tree because she’s a bird, why do they have one?

This girl is pretty. I just wish the quality wasn’t so horrible. :/

This girl is pretty too.

This girl is too flashy.

Yeah, make sure you really emphasise the creepy bug wings.

Ok, maybe this is cool. XD

This girl is pretty adorable.

What’s with the ominous floating?

WTF is that?

No, I’m still confused.

Not really impressed.


The embedding for this video is disabled, so what the PV by clicking here.