MomoClo are Bowling for the future

The PV for Momoiro Clover’s upcoming single, and last single with Akari, Mirai Bowl was just released. This PV is another short version, because the PV on the limited version is a whopping 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

The PV is pretty much what Momoiro Clover usually releases. It’s completely upbeat and adorable. The PV is cute but it seems to be all over the place at times. But the PV seems to be following a rivalry between Akari, Reni, and Ayaka over Kanako. And of course because it is called Mirai Bowl, they have a bowling match. But the PV also reminds me a lot of Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. The whole dressing up as a guy and falling in love with one of the members aspect.

I absolutely love these outfits!

The dance is insanely simple. But they are so cute I can’t help but like it. Momoka, Kanako, and Ayaka catch my attention the most!

This is cute and all, but it’s way too similiar to Morning Musume’s Mr. Moonlight PV. Akari is Yossie and Kanako is Makoto.

Look how similiar Mako’s scenes are. The both have a flower covered swing!

Shiori looks cute dressed like this. She kinda looks like a hobo though. XD

Momoka looks super adorable.

But woah, she looks like little Orpahn Annie here. XD

I hate Ayaka’s hair like this.

I’m not sure I’m following this PV so well. Shiori and Momoka are dressed like homeless people or painters. But at the same time Kanako and Akari are in love.

They are all wearing outfits that don’t mix together.

Ok I’m even more confused then before. But I just realzied that Akari looks a lot like Cry-baby Walker!


Nice creepers. XD

The bowling dance move is really cute.

But I can’t get how stupid this one is.

Oh ok, they hate Akari because they want Kanako. It makes sense now.

What luck that her bowling hand wasn’t broken. XD

WTF is a Danny Team? A Danny Zuko team? Lol.

Isn’t two against one a little unfair? XD


Somehow I think Akari is going to win. But I don’t know what’s telling me that. XD

Teogmass leaves their love on a Blue Bench

The PV for Tegomass’s upcoming new single, Aoi Bench, was just released. Now the PV says short version but it’s only about 30 less length than the original song. So I’m going to do the preview of the short version. I’m going to guess that the long version is either being released on the DVD or if an official long version is released a few days later it will most likely just be an extension of the story line. And I most likely won’t do a separate review of that. Mostly because there might be dialogue and I can’t speak Japanese. But if something super incredible happens I might add to my review in another post.

Now I was very impressed with this song, even though it’s a cover song. I think the song is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. I just love bitter sweet songs about lost love. Now I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from the PV because the original was so simple. But I figured since this was JE we’d be getting something a little more impressive. It is too an extent, but it’s still pretty simple. The PV is basically Tegoshi and Massu walking around taking pictures of their hometown and old high school. Which works for the simplicity of the song, but does help make the PV memorable. The PV is a little too boring for me to usually make a PV about. But I love the song so much, I had too.
 A sad and somber view of a city. If this is how the whole PV is, I’ll probably get teary. Also I’m not sure where this is filmed because it doesn’t look like Tokyo to me.
Ok, this is already too bright and happy for a sad song.
 I don’t get the reason they keep taking pictures. I guess to have memories of their hometown? Still, I got a wicked flashback of Mirai from Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita. Lol.
 If only Massu did anything for me. I could make a thousand caps of how sexy or cute he looks.
 Wow, for once Tegoshi actually looks manly in a Tegomass PV or pretty much in general. But I have to admit, I do have soft spot for Tegoshi with dark hair.
 See with dark hair Tegoshi manages to look adorable without looking so girly.
 Wow, these are some cutting edge close ups. :/
 I wish I could read what this says. But I think it’s pretty universal. It probably says some random girl’s name or like Tegoshi and Mariko forever. It might even say his name. XD
 He looks so adorable because he looks sad.
 This is way too hot an outfit for Tegoshi to wear. I’d rather see it on Ryo-chan or Yuto.
 So they’re making a hometown collage or something? It makes me imediately think of Berryz Koubou’s picture that sends friends at the end of their Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV.
 I’m not feeling Tegoshi’s yellow pants or Massu’s American flag shirt. XD
 This picture is supposed to make it obvious what they are doing on the wall. But I’m still not getting it.
 Oh man it’s the Aoi Bench!
 If waving goodbye on the blue bench was so painful, why is he smiling at a picture of it? It makes no sense!
 So, it’s a mosaic of the park and the bench. But that just personifies that this bench was a happy place or memory! Which it wasn’t! XD

NYC announces new single

Hey! Say! JUMP sub-group (and possibly Nakayama Yuma w/BI Shadow sub-group?) NYC announced that they will be releasing a new single called Yumetamago. The song will be used as the ending theme for the upcoming Nintama Rantaro Ninjutsu Gakuen Zenin Shutsudou no Dan anime movie. The single will be released on March 9th.

You can already pre-order it from CDJapan. (Just click the links below.)

Yumetamago [Regular Edition]

Yumetamago [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type-A

Yumetamago [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type-B

Yumetamago [Set of A,B, and regular editions]

I do have some mixed feelings about this new single. I am excited for it don’t get me wrong, but I would be way more amped for another Hey! Say! JUMP! CD. But us JUMP fans can’t really complain with 2 singles, and almost 2 DVDs in 2010. (Summary was the very beginning of 2011, so it still really felt like 2010. XD) I am also sad because this single is being used for an anime so it’s most likely going to sound a lot like Yuuki 100%. I much preferred the direction Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe was heading NYC towards. But I guess I’ll have to wait fro the preview before I judge the song. Also having the song being called Yumetamago makes me automatically think of Buono and Shugo Chara Egg. XD

Dream Morning Musume announce 1st album!

On the 13th anniversary of Morning Musume’s debut, Dream Morning Musume held a press conference. They announced they would be releasing an album and are extending their tour dates. The album is titled DoriMusu 1 (Which is obviously an abbreviation of Dream “Dorimu” and Morning Musume) and will be released on April 20th. The album will consist of covers of older Momusu songs but will also contain 2 new songs.I’ve never mentioned Dream Morning Musume on my blog before, so I’m going to explain what it is for people who don’t know. Dream Musume is a group consisting of all the Morning Musume graduates. Of course only the ones still affiliated with H!P. And except for Kamei Eri, JunJun, and LinLin. They obviously graduated too late to be a part of this. And with them graduating from H!P as well, I doubt they ever would be part of it anyway. The current line up is Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, and Kusumi Koharu. You may notice Tsuji Nozomi and Konno Asami are not part of the lineup. That’s because Nono is busy taking care of her newborn son, and KonKon is busy being a TV Tokyo reporter.

I have to say that this is completely exciting news. It really seems like a dream to me. My absolutely favorite Morning Musume member, Kusumi Koharu, is back where I love her to be. Singing and dancing to Morning Musume songs. I’m also really happy that they are releasing an album. I thought their dream concert was going to be a one shot deal. Since M-Line has pretty much not done anything lately. This is a good indication of Dream Morning Musume’s future as a unit. Releasing an album with 2 new songs means they are testing the waters to be a legit group. And calling it DoriMusu 1, means that there is going to be a second album. If not it would probably just be called something like Dream Collection or something like that. It also seems like future graduates will be shuffled into the group, assuming they want to join. Kinda like the Elder Club never stopped. Well, at least not the Momusu part.

To me it really seems like the fans responded really well to Afternoon Musume and wanted something official. Either way I am completely thrilled and look forward to what Dream Morning Musume will be up to in the future.

Ultimate Wheels PV preview

There are 2 new commercials out to promote KAT-TUN’s new single Ultimate Wheels. The commercials are both 16 seconds, and nearly identical, but it’s enough time to give us a small preview of the PV.

And I am completely disappointed by the PV. If you can actually call it a PV. The PV itself is nothing but KAT-TUN in a room with lavender colored walls and floor. And basically the only thing they do is either dance or do flips/break dance moves. And of course the random close up scenes with them just standing there. But I have to admit Kame and Koki are looking pretty fine. (Someone seriously needs to make a gif of Kame biting his lip!) Ueda almost looks hot, but he still looks too pretty to be considered hot.
For me when there’s hot Japanese boys in the video there doesn’t have to be too many other elements going on for me to like the PV. But there has to be something to the PV. But there’s absolutely nothing going on in the PV! I mean to me this looks like they are showing the dance shot version. Except JE doesn’t make dance shot versions. I’m just really sad because the song was so amazing and meaningful, that I was expecting the PV to be amazing. JE really dropped the ball on this one.

Here are the PVs. Please note that these aren’t the best quality. It looks like the person literally filmed it off their TV. But I was not waiting hours for HD quality CMs to be uploaded. These are good enough quality to see what’s going on in the PV.

CM 1:

CM 2:

Kikkawa You to debut in March!

Recently graduated Hello!Project Egg member, Kikkawa You, announced that she will be making her official solo debut on March 30th. The single is entitled Kikkake wa YOU. Their will also be 3 different B sides on different versions of the single. The songs will be Sayonara Namida, Candy Pop, and Fuyuzora Hanabi which she already performed in concert. So we’ve already gotten a chance to hear those songs. Fuyuzora Hanabo and Sayonara Namida are really amazing. I wasn’t really that into Candy Pop. However, we have yet to hear the A-side. But that will probably be released in a radio rip in about a month. Kikkake wa YOU is also being used as the theme song for a movie with the same name that Kikkawa You is starring in.

I’m sure this news doesn’t really come as a shock to anyone who’s been following Kikka’s news. closely. It was pretty much set in stone that she was going solo when she was the opening act for the Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert. Even though it was obvious it doesn’t make me less excited for this news. I am absolutely thrilled that this is finally 100% confirmed. Kikka is an amazingly talented vocalist and I’m glad that she’s not being wasted as just an Egg member. I am also really thrilled for Hello!Project to finally have another soloist. It was getting pretty boring with ManoEri. And I kinda feel bad for ManoEri because it seems like Kikka is completely going to blow her out of the water. I mean Fuyuzora Hanabi is a lot better than Seishun Serenade and it’s only a B-side! Look at this, I’m Kikka biased already. XD

Here are her B-side concert rips for anyone who is interested in hearing them.

Sayonara Namida:

Fuyuzora Hanabi:

Candy Pop:

Watarirouka Hashiritai7 fills your sweet tooth

The PV for Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new single, Valentine Kiss, was just released. This si the first, and most likely only, PV with 7 members instead of 5.

After being utterly impressed with the radio rip, I’ve been really excited to see the PV. And I am happy to say that it hasn’t disappointed. The PV is really simple, but because it’s Watarirouka Hashiritai it’s really adorable. The PV itself is just the girls working in a factory making Valentine chocolates. Of course with the standard dance and close-ups. But because the song is about love there are some adorable close-ups of each member. It makes for one of the cutest idol PVs in a while.
What I am sad about is Misaki is supposed to be an amazing singer. So I watched the PV to see when she sang and she got one lines and a few on babys. So I’ll have to wait to hear her voice. XD

I’m not really sure why they need a conductor or operator.


Or cogs for that matter.

It looks so weird for them to dance in front of the cogs. Also I hate the fabric of their outfits. It’s actual costume fabric! :/

And it suddenly makes sense. They’re making chocolate hearts, of course. XD

Mayu is super adorable.

The dance is pretty simple and a little weird looking at points.

At least you know it’s made with love. That’s just a horrible pun. XD

I love the pink background. XD

I hate how they shove Mika and Misaki together because they were recently added.

Aika looks adorable with this hair.


I’m not sure why people always flip out when idols eat. A lot of fans must have food fetishes. Lol.

Cute. But I still think Natsumi is weird looking. XD

Ayaka is really pretty. But her contacts give her this almost creepy look.


Lame dance move.


I don’t like the whole working at the factory aspect.

They focus too much on the chocolate as well. :/

Gosh, I love Mayu.

I never noticed but Misaki is really pretty. However, I can’t say the same for Mika. XD

Ok, this part is actually really cute.

I love their decorated chocolates. Haruka’s is the prettiest though.

This is like the perfect ending.

Watarirouka Hashiritai7-Valentine Kiss preview

The radio rip for Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new single, Valentine Kiss, is out. Apparently it’s been out for almost a week now but I’m just hearing it now. XD The song is a cover of Kokusho Sayuri’s song. But since Akimoto Yasushi he can obviously do whatever he wants with it. Also, the radio preview is only 2/3 of the song.
I’m really happy by how the song sounds. I was afraid it was going to sound exactly like the original. The music is of course nearly the same, but it’s also it’s also updated more modern sounding. And it’s a lot cuter sounding. The song itself is absolutely adorable, and completely fits Watarirouka Hashiritiai. I don’t know how it’s possible but their singles keep getting cuter and cuter. And better and better. I look forward to their singles more than I do AKB48’s.
And I’m really surprised by how well the song is distributed. I do love Mayu buts it’s nice to hear everyone else’s voice for a change.

KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels preview

The radio rip for KAT-TUN’s upcoming single, Ultimate Wheels, has just been released.

And after hearing the full song I completely take back what I said. I said I was extremely under whelmed by the song and it sounds like a B-side. Hearing the full song doesn’t makes a huge difference. Or I should say listening to it more than once makes a difference. After listening to the song on loop for a while now, I am starting to really love the chorus.
The beginning of this song has a lot of violins which reminds me of Untouched by The Veronicas. But the only difference is The Veronicas went all out on their song, but KAT-TUN didn’t. The song would be so much better if they had the violins louder and more aggressive sounding. I really wish they did. :/
I am still not absolutely in love with the song yet. But I do like it. Which means a couple months from now I’ll probably absolutely love the song. But what can I say? I mean it was Fall Out Boy that said, “But the songs you grow to like never stick at first.” So i’m writing you a chorus and here is your verse. XD And that’s 100% true. I really like the song because the singing is really agressive. It nice to see them release another heavy sounding song.

Another Egg graduates, but what does that mean?

Yet another Hello!Project Egg has completed her Egg training. This time it’s Egg member Mori Saki. This will be the 3rd Hello!Project Egg to complete her Egg training. But it’s really anybody’s bet what this means for Saki.

When Minami and Yuu You completed their training I was starting to think it was because they were starting to be too old. Minami is 19 and You is 18, which isn’t really that old. But with Morning Musume’s cut off age being 17 I started to think H!P was cutting all of their old Eggs, and doing something with the old Eggs that have potential. In You’s case, she’s obviously going solo. Yes, nothing is completely set in stone yet, but it’s like 95% set that she will. But the whole older Egg theory was completely shot for 2 reasons. There are two Eggs older than Minami and You. Hirano Tomomi, 26 and Aoki Erina, 20. And let’s not forget the Eggs that are the same age. 18 year old Furukawa Konatsu and 19 year old Tanaka Anri. And obviously none of them completed their training. The other thing that throws my theory off is Mori Saki is only 17 years old.

With her being 17 years old, that adds the question, “why was she graduated?” It seems like the really well know Eggs are being graduated. Kikkawa You, which by the way I hate calling her You and not Yuu! XD Anyway, You was obviously really well know because of Milky Way. Sengoku Minami is well know because of Ongaku Gatas. And Mori Saki is well known because she does a lot of musicals/stage plays.

But even with that the future doesn’t look as bright for Minami and Saki. When You completely her training she was doing something immediately. Minami and Saki are a mystery and nothing is really said about their future activities. And to add more grim facts both Kikkawa You’s and Fukumura Mizuki’s Egg training completion were announced on both UP-Front FC and But Minami’s and Saki’s were announced only on the UP-Front FC site. Which is a clear indication why they aren’t immediately doing anything in H!P. It kind of seems like they aren’t going to stay in H!P. It seems to be they will be following in the footsteps of Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri. They graduated H!P Eggs and joined Up-Front Eggs. But it all seemed to work out great for Noto Arisa because 3 months after graduating from H!P Eggs she released a mini album and mini photobook. She’s released 4 mini album to date and is a member of Happy!Style. Which is a real possibility for Minami and Saki.

But honestly to me it seems like Minami and Saki will join Nice Girl Project. We’re all aware that Nice Girl Project group THE Possible was created by using six H!P Eggs, who left H!P to join NGP. Now, that’s not as big a long shot as you would think. Tsunku is produced his second idols and wresting event. The participants were NGP groups THE Possible, Canary Club, and NGP Kenshuusei selection. (NGP Kenshuusei selection is a group of NGP trainees.) But those weren’t the only participants. Along with the NGP acts 3 Hello!Project Eggs were also there. Those Eggs were Sengoku Minami, Mori Saki, and Kitahara Sayaka. It is way too much of a coincidence that 2/3 of the H!P Eggs there are now completing their Egg training.

So what does that mean exactly? To me it seem like Tsunku is pulling another THE Possible. It seems like he’s taking H!P Eggs and adding them to a NGP group. There are some obvious signs that, that might be happening. So, don’t be too surprised in Kitahara Sayaka completes her Egg training next.

Akari to leave Momoiro Clover in April

Momoiro Clover’s sub-leader Hayami Akari announced at a concert today that she will be leaving the group in April. Her reason for leaving was that she feels there’s a better path for her than being an idol. She also said that the decision was completely hers. And that she felt like an unnecessary person within the group.

This came as quite a shock to me. Momiro Clover is a relatively new idol goup. They’ve only been on a major label for a year. This is also shocking because I always really liked Akari. I don’t really know too much about MomoClo because they hardly ever get subbed. But Akari always stood out to me for having a cool character.
It’s also surprising because honestly if any member was to leave I was sure it would be Reni. Reni obviously can’t take the pressure of being an idol that’s always in the spotlight. And because of it she is completely unhealthy and almost deadly skinny.

Tegomass-Aoi Bench preview

The radio rip for Tegomass’s 5th single, Aoi Bench, has just been released. Apparently the song is a cover a song by Sasuke. But I have never heard of the song until now. This song immediately remind me of Puffy AmiYumi’s song Red Swing. Red Swing, Blue Bench, you can see why it reminded me. XD

I am completely disappointed by the fact that the song sounds exactly the same. Why make a cover if you’re going to make it sound exactly like the original? I dread hearing Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s new cover single now. :/
The original song was really bluesy and country sounding and so is Tegomass’s. It seems like they’ve been doing a lot of slow paced songs lately. This song literally sounds musically like Tanabata Matsuri but sung like Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara. But looking back all of their singles were slow paced, ballad type songs but I just never noticed. The song sounds good but after listening to the original their voices don’t really fit it too well. They are just too cute sounding.
But besides that I absolutely love the song. The lyrics are so beautiful and heartbreaking. They completely pull on the heart strings. The same sappy love songs Tegomass always releases.

Here’s the radio rip:

But here’s the original with subs, just because the song is great:

C-ute-Kiss Me Aishiteru preview

The radio rip for C-ute’s 15th single, Kiss Me Aishiteru, has just been released. About a week ago a low quality concert rip was available to listen to. But I have been resisting the urge to listen to it until a high quality version was available. Just like what I’m doing with Kikkawa Yuu’s other songs.

The music to this song is really intense sounding, it is literally almost hypnotic. It also sounds like when DJs make a techno remix of popular video game music. Which gives it this awesome danceable sound. I’m glad after releasing SHOCK and Dance de Bakoon they keep releasing dance music and aren’t just jumping from different style to different style.

I absolutely love the way they say ne a million times. It reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s Special Generation, except done a lot more. But I honestly think this effect would be better used on a group with more than 5 members. Because it’s a little boring to hear 15 nes split between 5 people. I also love how sultry the song sounds at the chorus. The kiss me and catch me etc parts remind me of Goto Maki’s Some Boys Touch. The song even has echo parts like Some Boys Touch. Granted Some Boys Touch is like a hundred times sexier sounding.
The song is also very Okai Chisato heavy. The song is basically Maimi, Airi, and Chisa lead. They seem to really be pushing Chisa lately. I guess after the success of her dance covers they realized she really does have popularity. Even though it is really cool to see someone else get pushed up front for a change Mai and Saki are getting shafted a bit. Maimi, Airi, and Chisato are singing practically double lines as them. But I guess this is Chisa’s answer to the Mai centered Bye Bye Bye. So, does this mean eventually we’ll get a Saki centered song? I completely hope not. XD

If only French Kiss could find love

AKB48 sub-group French Kiss released the PV for their 2nd single, If, a couple of days ago. I’m a little less than a week late to make this post. But there’s nothing that says I absolutely have to make the review the day the PV comes out. XD

I’ve been really impressed with this song since I first heard it. So, I’ve been super excited to see the PV. Mostly because I love school themed PVs. I think they always come out cuter. The PV is apparently based off a drama that’s included in some versions of the single. But I didn’t bother watching the drama. Obviously since I can’t speak Japanese there’d but no point. But because of that the PV doesn’t make 100% sence. I am it’s simple enough for you to know the main storyline. Yuki’s guy treats her bad, Asuka is too afraid to confess, and Aki has unrequited love. But the PV also throws other random clips throughout the PV that you realize you’re not getting the whole story/big picture.

  Yuki is super pretty.

  I am in love with these outfits. They remind me of C-ute’s Aitai Lonely Christmas outfits.

  All for one and one for all! I don’t know, I just thought this was really cute.

  Look how Aki looks.

  I’m sorry, but I’d kill for those boots. But not Aki’s, they’re hideous. XD

  Asuka looks gorgeous.

  Seriously? In the preview he looked kinda cute. He’s maybe a 3. :/

  But the guy sitting next to Asuka is completely cute! D:

  But she likes him? Seriously, the casting director is blind!

  It is just me or, does anyone else notice that sometimes Asuka looks very cat like. She’s still super pretty though.

  Woah, I just got a wicked flashback of Morning Musume’s Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago PV.

  Apparently he was just making weird before because he’s totally a 6. *O*


  Yeah, don’t leave mildly attractive love interest. XD

  It totally looked like they were randomly going to make out here. Lolz.

  That’s funny, I’ve never once feed food to a female friend. XD Cute scene though.

  Asuka’s about to make some Morning Coffee. Come on it’s the same outfit from the PV! Yes, I realize that, that’s a common outfit to wear. But whatever. By the way, for some reason Asuka looks 100 times prettier with glasses.

  Lolz. Yea, that always cheers me up too. XD

  Aww they all got to confess their feelings.

(PV) French Kiss – If (1280×720 H.264)

Arashi-Lotus PV preview

A PV preview of Arashi’s new single, Lotus, was just released. The single being released on February 23rd, is being used as the theme for Aiba Masaki’s new drama Bartender. I’m also pretty sure this is the first preview of the song as well because I can’t find a radio rip anywhere.

After releasing an insane amount of singles in 2010 Arashi jumps early on into the new year to release their first single of the year. It almost seems like they are going to keep up the same release pace as last year because this single is being released a month before their first single of 2010 was!

There isn’t really much going on in the PV. Pretty much all we see Arashi doing is dancing in white outfits. And MatsuJun still sporting the hair I used to despise, but is slowly growing on me. It kinda seems like this whole PV will be a giant dance shot. Which is absolutely boring. But Arashi has been releasing boring PVs lately, no doubt because they’ve been stretching their yearly budget thin with all these releases recently.

The absolutely beginning of the song reminds me of Truth mixed with Monster for some reason. Which doesn’t even make sense because both songs have extremely heavy music, and this song doesn’t really. XD The song is pretty much an Arashi standard. It’s extremely pleasant to listen too, but not overly amazing. The chorus does sound really great, but it’s the only part that really stand out. Kind of like how Hatenai Sora was. If though we only hear a tiny bit of the lyrics, I already think they are really awesome. And actually kinda have similar lyrics to Truth. Weird, huh?

Yamapi bares his naked soul

The PV for Yamapi’s 4th solo single, Hadakanbo, was just released.

And I gotta say for a song called naked figure I was expecting a slightly hotter PV. Instead the PV follows the style of the song, which I guess makes it a better PV. I do really like the old 1930s jazz club/cabaret setting it has. It makes the PV actually really classy. Which is something new for Yamapi. He seems to be really showing variety lately. But the PV also has a clubbing storyline to keep it youthful. But I absolutley hate that the whole magic sunglasses part is a rip off of Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me music video. How unoriginal. :/

Horrible outfit choice.

  Why do the lights say KDVEN?

  I was actually kinda mesmerized by this. Mostly because of how bright the lights are and they way his outfit glitters. XD

  How in the world does he manage to look so charming in such a ridiculous outfit?

  Fist pumping? He was around Jin too long. XD

  Yamapi must think he’s cooler than me.

  Well, actually cooler than Mike Posner because he uses almost the same effect.

  I actually think Yamapi looks gross in sunglasses.


  This fast picture changing part made my head hurt a little.

  Look at that, it says naked not KDVEN. Lol.

  Lol at the geisha dancers.

  Hot. The black glove makes me think of Byou from ScReW.

Yamapi looks so hot in that outfit.

Wow. So sexy.

Magic sunglasses really? So now it’s just a full on Mike Posner rip off.

Yamapi’s magic naked sunglasses.

VS Mike Posner’s underwear sunglasses.

I love this part. But it reminds me of NEWS’s Live Diamond concert.

Awesome! But I wish it wasn’t in the shadows. XD

I hate how everyone looks Lady Gaga like. :/

Cool effect!

ManoEri’s Seishun no Lullaby

I try to follow H!P as closely as possible. But there is one artist I always neglect, and the is Mano Erina. Most of the time it’s done unintentionally, because of my love hate relationship with ManoEri. But with her new single Seishun no Serenade, I kept putting off posting about it until here we are now. The PV has just been released and I have literally never heard the song before.

And even not even because her outfit looks like a more wholesome version of a race queen outfit, or I dislike the song. I actually do like the song. It’s not my favorite, but it is catchy. And it’s not even because I lack the interest in witting about her. I do a little, but I write about her anyway. But her video is so boring, uninteresting, and uneventful I have no idea what to write about it. I just reviews S/mileage’s boring Short Cut PV, but I did so for 2 reasons. 1. I love S/mileage and could always find things to say about them and 2. There was actually something to mention of why I disliked it. Like the random moon dance and hideous haircuts. But with Seishun no Serenade there’s basically 3 scenes repeated over and over.
Scene 1: dancing

And yet still the entire dance scene all I kept thinking was, “Oh, cool she got new backup dancers.”
Scene 2: Close up shot

Every PV has one.
Scene 3: Random walking

In which she just walks around. But check out the Love Machine poster behind her!
Scene 4: Close up shot part deux

Apparently everyone has 2. XD
Scene 5: The only exciting part

This is seriously the only cool part of her whole PV. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it looks awesome. Too bad it only lasts for 20 seconds.
And there you have it, that’s the whole PV. It seems like you watched the whole thing, right? I just saved you 4:40 minutes.
Now, I’m not making this post to diss ManoEri at all because it’s not her fault. And I’m not saying H!P releases such great PVs either. Because this is pretty much their wash, rinse, repeat PV formula. I just made this post out of frustration. I hate boring, simple, cheap, uneventful PVs. A PV is what you remember the song by, and if the PV sucks it takes the song down a notch. I also made this post to show why I don’t do a review of every single PV that gets released. A PV has to have a certain spark to make a review. Whether it’s a good or bad spark, doesn’t matter.

S/mileage gets the short end of the stick

Sorry to all my readers for being MIA from blogging recently. It’s only been 4 days but I know that’s ages in blog years. But I always think it’s ironic, when I really feel like blogging it’s a slow news day and nothing happens. But when I’m not in the mood to blog a million things happen. The universe just obviously loves to kick me when I’m down. So, basically I haven’t been in the mood to blog because lately my personal life has pretty much been in shambles. The whole situation can be explained as boy trouble. But have no fear, I’ve been listening to female idol music that has been capturing the very girly emotions I’m feeling. I swear they make a song about every emotion a girl could possibly feel.

But enough about my boring personal life, and more about S/mileage. Over a week ago S/mileage released the full PV for their 4th single, Short Cut, on their official youtube channel. Since I have proclaimed my love for this song as soon as the preview was out, I was super excited to finally see the PV.

The PV is a extremely boring. Since the song is so upbeat and catchy I was expecting something a lot cuter and more playful. But when the song is called Short Cut I guess you should just expect a salon themed PV. But the PV is basically just dance shots and close ups. There is actually hardly any hair cutting going on. I think they should have made a PV that showed girl’s with Short Cuts were cuter, more playful, and more appealing then girls with long hair. Maybe that wouldn’t have made sense with the song. But does dancing on the moon actually have anything to do with the lyrics? I’m just really dissapointed because S/mileage’s PVs are always the cutest and some of the best in H!P. Even when they have a low budget they’re great. They just really dropped the ball on this one.
What I also think is really funny is after Yuuka and Ayaka were sporting short haircuts all the fans said it was because their new single was called Short Cut. I remember thinking how stupid that was and they wouldn’t change their hair for one single. But look how has egg on their face now. XD

  I actually got sad when I saw this, because it became obvious what the PV was going to be like.

  One of the last times me see Yuuka’s gorgeous locks. I’m sorry but I don’t like her with short hair. Just like I don’t like it on my beloved Kanon.

  She looks like a little boy now. :/

  Super adorable outfits though.

  Aww, how cute.

  Reminds me of the times before they debuted.

  Oh, nostalgia.

  Wow, Saki looks super gorgeous.

  Ayaka does too. Too bad those dresses are hideous.

  I don’th think anyone really realized how serious these scenes are. They literally only have one chance to film these parts.

  Why exactly are they dancing on the moon?

  What is this, The Manpower? Yes, I realized they are dancing on the Earth here and not the moon. But it’s basically the same thing.

  I don’t even mind that the dance is simple. I think it’s refreshing and fits the song perfectly.

  I’m going to assume this says, “Never cut my hair again!”

  And this undoubtingly says, “My short hair looks the best!”

  This probably says, “I only came along because I was promised free food!”

  And this most likely says, “Hey, let’s all go dance on the moon!”

  I heard this is the real footage from the moon landing.

  I just can’t stop focusing on Saki.

  I’m pretty sure you can’t play volleyball with moon rocks.

Kisumai to sing opening for Misaki No.1

It was announced that Johnny’s Junior group Kis-My-Ft2 will be singing the opening theme to the drama Misaki No.1. The drama, that star’s Kis-My-Ft2 members Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu, will be using a modified version of their song FIRE BEAT called No.1 ~FIRE BEAT.

Now I can honestly say that I don’t follow Kisumai and know little to nothing about them. But the one thing I do know, is that it seems like Kisumai is just months away from finally officially debuting. A couple months ago I made a post that said with everything that Kisumai has been up to they have to debut soon. (Which if you care you can read it here.) Now add the way that they were treated as a legit Johnny’s group a little over a week ago at the Johnny’s New Year Countdown, and now this. It really seems like any day now they will make their debut.

But not only have they been pimping Kis-My-Ft2 a lot, they’ve been pimping this song in particular a lot. Well, not a lot but enough. We all know that this song was used for the dwango CM they starred in a few months back, as well as being avaliable through the dwango site. And now it’s being used as the opening for a drama. Which makes it seem like they really want people to hear this song. Possibly because it will be an upcoming single?

With all the commotion being made about Kisumai, recently and in general, I decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. So I decided to listen to their song FIRE BEAT. And all I can say is wow. The song is amazing. The music has this powerful and heavy rock beat, that’s reminiscent of something KAT-TUN used to sing/would sing. The rapping in the song is incredible. The rapping is pretty much on par with Tanaka Koki’s, which I wasn’t really expecting. The overall sound is catchy and infectious. I can see why they are so popular.
Here’s the Misaki No.1 commercial.

 And for anyone like me who hasn’t heard the song yet, here’s Kis-My-Ft2 performing FIRE Beat at Playzone 2009.

Help me make JM better!

Since the new year has finally set in, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to Janakya Mottainai. Of course changes for the better. Since this July is Janakya Mottainai’s 3rd anniversary, (Can you believe it?) I really want to make this blog 100 times better for the people reading it.

So, right now I would just love to see what some of my reader’s think about this blog. Basically I want you to tell me what you would like me to write about, something you wish I would write about, or something I need to fix/change. And I don’t want anyone to hold back! Be brutally honest if you have to! If you think I’m too opinionated, tell me. If my overall writing sucks, let me know. If there’s some stories you’d wish I write about, don’t be bashful. Make the critique about absolutely anything at all! My blog’s too bland, I don’t post enough, you want more overanalyzed predictions, or whatever.
Writing this blog means absolutely nothing if the people reading it don’t enjoy it.

Here are some things I’m thinking about blogging about. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading posts about them.

-Commercials: I am writing about idols after all, and idols get lots of endorsements. But I have only ever made 2 or 3 posts about commercials in this blog. Commercials fall under a news category and I know people like to know the absolute latest news about their favorite idol/idol group. And since my blog focuses a lot on news, I think I should be posting about ALL the news.

-Release announcements: The absolute first time I mention a single is when a preview comes out. And I never even mention new albums! I have seen a lot of blogs making entire posts when new singles are announced. I feel like a lot of people reading this would want to know the second their idols are releasing something new.

-Live performances: I know I cannot wait until my favorite idols perform their songs on TV shows. But I only every post about live performances if it’s the first preview of a song, the performance is special (such as a medley or MM OGs), I’m extremely into the song, or my favorite idol looks hot in the performance. I know, completely shallow. :/ I think a lot of fans would want a link to watch the most recent performance of a song.

In the past I’ve felt that all of these are too trivial to mention or readers wouldn’t actually care about them. But the more I think about them, the more important they seem.

Also there is one thing I probably won’t be blogging about, and that’s album reviews. Not because I don’t want to or I’m too lazy. It’s mainly because I don’t speak Japanese. And to form a decent opinion on a song you need to know what is being said. I think the album review’s quality would suffer by just basing it on overall sound alone. Thank god people seem to translate singles really quickly, a lot of them are translated shortly after the previews come out. But it takes people a lot longer to translate albums. So if my readers didn’t mind waiting 6 months for album reviews, I’d love to do them. But I’m always worried people won’t be interested if the post isn’t made the second the album comes out.

As you can see my reader’s thoughts, comments, opinions, advice, and critique matter a lot to me. I write this blog a lot for myself, but I also write it for my readers. Or anyone else who checks out my blog randomly for a minute. I just want to make my posts the absolute best I am capable of making them.

You knew it had to happen eventually, Ai-chan to graduate this fall

Talk about unexpected. Of all the things happening in the world of H!P the one thing I absolutely was sure wasn’t happening for about another year is happening right now. (Well not right now. But at least announced now.) Morning Musume’s longest running leader, and co longest Morning Musume member ever, Takahashi Ai will be graduating from Morning Musume. Ai-chan will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Projfect at Morning Musume’s 2011 fall concert.

I can honestly say I was completely thrown off guard by this shocking announcement. Yes, me. The girl that said in so many words, “Dear god when are Ai-chan and Risa leaving? I want some new blood. They’ve been members too long!” But even I cannot believe this. I completely 100% thought that 2011 would be the last year for Ai-chan. I thought she would let the 9th gen get settled in a bit. Have the 9nin Momusus release a single or two. Give Ai-chan a chance to really train the new members. Have a concert tour or two and then graduate. And that is exactly what Ai-chan is doing, because honestly that’s the logical thing to do. I said a few times that I wanted to see Ai-chan straight up pull a Yossie. And she completely is! In a way I should be happy. I made a nearly exact prediction and Ai-chan’s long overdue graduation is finally happening. I should be ecstatic, except I’m not. I am, of course, happy to see her graduate, but at the same time I am incredibly sad. Not sad for Ai-chan, but sad for Morning Musume.
 With Takahashi Ai graduating here’s what Morning Musume will look like: Niigaki Risa- leader, Michishige Sayumi-sub leader, Tanaka Reina, Mitsui Aika, and the 9th gen. (Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Fukumura Mizuki, just in case you forgot.) With the recent triple graduation Morning Musume has had a significant blow. They lost a main singer with Eri, and a potential main singer with LinLin. Now Morning Musume is going to lose, in my opinion, the best singer they have ever had. Losing Eri and Ai-chan means practically half the lines in songs are up for grabs. I’m going to guess that Eri’s lines will go to Sayumi just for seniority and nothing else. Which is horrible. Sayumi desperately wanted to take over Miki’s lines in Shanimuni Paraidise. Danced to it on a show proclaiming that! And they were obviously given to Eri. And why’s that? Because everyone knows she can’t sing. But now she’ll most likely take over her lines. Michishige “I literally beg for more lines in singles” Sayumi will now butcher Eri’s lines. And I’m going to guess Ai-chan’s lines will be taken over by Aika + 9th gen. (I really want to see Aika sing Eri’s lines though. :/) That or Ai-chan and Eri’s lines will be divided evenly between Sayumi, Aika, and the 9th gen. But who are we kidding? In Japan seniority rules, so Sayumi rules. Even more so because she’ll be the sub leader.

But Ai-chan’s lines aren’t the biggest problem/fear I have. Takahashi Ai is an extremely popular member. And we all know Eri was also an extremely popular member. I don’t know how Morning Musume is going to survive after losing 2 widely popular members practically one after another. I am certain this will be a gigantic blow for Morning Musume’s popularity. And we already know it’s dwindling. I am really not looking forward to seeing the sales for Morning Musume’s first Ai-chanless single. And you thought Mikan sold bad. Morning Musume really seems pretty hopeless right now. They really need to rise from the ashes, and soon!

But the absolute biggest worry I have from this is, Ai-chan is not only graduating from Morning Musume but also Hello!Project. I was so sure that when Ai-chan graduated she would obviously just float over to being one of their soloists. But her leaving H!P too makes me really concerned. It makes me think she’s going to pull a Goto Maki and sign with Avex. Which wouldn’t be a huge problem. I mean she’s getting older, has the voice for it, and would at least still be making music. But I just cannot imagine Ai-chan not being an idol anymore. She has this totally bubbly, cute idol aura about her. Even is she doesn’t have the personality to back it.
But not only that, this also means that Risa is not too far behind in graduating. Risa right now is like a ticking bomb. I give her about a year-a year and a half at most before her time too is up. I am SO not looking forward to an eventual Sayumi lead Morning Musume. The sheer horror of even imagaining it now!

Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011

Personally for me 2 things have to happen for it to really feel like the New Year. 1. I have to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year in Time’s Square. And 2. I have to watch the Johnny’s Countdown.

The Johnny’s New Year Countdowns are probably my favorite JE concerts of all. Mostly because this is the only time when all the JE artists get together and perform. It’s pretty much the closest JE gets to H!P Winter and Summer Concerts. And Johnny’s Countdown is the best place to hear Johnny’s groups and songs I’ve never heard before and probably would never listen to on my own. If it wasn’t for the Countdown I probably would have never heard of Hey! Say! JUMP to begin with. (But that’s only because I was a new JE fan, but still the Countdown helped.) The only thing I hate about the Countdown is Nishikido Ryo joins Kanjani8 in Osaka for their Countdown concert. Which doesn’t even make sense he was in NEWS first. And because of that if I ever had the chance to go to the Johnny’s Countdown concert, I probably wouldn’t go. My absolute favorite JE idol isn’t even there, and I don’t like Kanjani8 nearly enough to go to their concert. But, I digress.

I never really pay attention to the older Johnny’s groups. Mostly because I don’t listen to them. But I was really surprised by how much I liked V6’s Music for the People.

I gotta admit Kanjani8’s concerts always look fun.

I hate that it had to be NYC and Hey! Say! JUMP, and they only got like 1:30. But whatever, I’ll be waiting for next Countdown when 9/10 of JUMP will be 18 and will actually be able to perform after midnight.

And I absolutely hate their outfits. I doubt there’s anyone out there that actually likes them. But this is JE we’re talking about, their outfits could be 100% worse. XD

Every group is singing their debut single, so why did NEWS sing NEWS Nippon? That was only a promo single and Kibou ~Yell~ was their actual debut. I don’t know stuff like that annoys me.

Look how great Koki looks. I was really afraid he would have stupid hair because he had ugly hair at Music Station Super Live.

Whoo Happy New Year! I’m such a loser even though it’s the New Year already I was still counting down along. XD

I can’t stand that Uchi is part of the Countdown yet again like nothing happened. Yet Kusano is sitting around doing nothing!

Having Kisumai members part of the Johnny’s Shuffle Medley makes it pretty obvious they are going to debut soon. No other Junior group is part of it.

Kame looks gorgeous here.

I think this might be the first time bird faced Uchi actually looks kinda hot. By the way, this is an amazing cover of Arashi’s Truth.

I actually don’t really mind that Arashi is at the Countdown via satellite. There seem to be a few people who do. But it’s no different that Kanjani8 and Tackey being there via satellite as well.

I think it’s impossible for Nino to get any cuter. And lolz at MatsuJun.

I had no idea Arashi performed on top of a building. There’s actually really awesome. XD

Whoa Massu’s hair is so red I actually, for a split second, thought he was Hongki from FT Island. O_O

I don’t know whether it’s annoying or cute that Koki messes with his hair every 5 seconds.

By the way he looks banging in that outfit.

Kei-chan looks so cute.

I’m not even sure what to say about Kanjani8 dressed as sushi. ._.

My initial reaction to this was, “why are they riding on giant boobs.” Of course I quickly realized it’s a giant rabbit. XD

Absolutely adorable!

Why is all of JUMP in the stands. BEST is old enough to participate. Unless Johnny thinks it’s unfair or something to not let them all in. If that’s the case it will be another 3 years before HSJ takes part in the Countdown, which would be extremely unfair.

I am so happy Tackey sang Ai Kakumei because I love this song!

God I just love NEWS.

I’m really surprised by how well Kanjani8’s Keep The Faith sounded. Especially since they kinda ruined Arashi’s One Love last year. XD

Adorable. But I don’t get why turning 24 is such a big deal. And I had no idea the guy from Kisumai was so old. Geez 23 and still haven’t debuted yet.

Part 1: (Which starts at 37 minutes in.)

Click here to watch

Part 2:

Click here to watch

Part 3:

Click here to watch

Kikkawa You performs original song and becomes a support project

Hot off of officially finishing her Egg training, Kikkawa Yuu, (or for some reason now Kikkawa You) has just performed as the opening act for the Hello!Project 2011 Winter Concert. She preformed a brand new song entitled Sayonara Namida. As of now, You is listed as being a support project. But it seems pretty likely, and nearly set in stone, that You will become a new H!P soloist. Because if she was joining a group she wouldn’t have performed an original song alone, and have her very own support site. By the way, you can visit her support site here.

And of course because wota are very dedicated there’s already a concert rip of her performance of Sayonara Namida. You’s voice has matured and developed into something truly amazing. She has this full richness to her voice. It is incredible and absolutely flawless. The song sounds like some of the slow songs Goto Maki used to release. I am extremely happy about the overall quality of the song. Kikka’s popularity already mixed with her incredible vocals, means she could become the most popular H!P solo artist in a while. I just really hope she mixes up the genre of her music. It seems like once a H!P solo artist starts making soft, sad, ballads they become less popular. I would hate that to happen to Kikka. I would also hate for ManEri to get all the happy, upbeat, and fun songs and give all the slow songs to You because she’d actually be able to sing them. It really seems like being passed up for the 8th generation of Morning Musume was the best thing that every happened to Kikka.

Anyway here’s the concert rip of Sayonara Namida. I’m actual surprised by how good the quality is. So listen to this and be prepared to be blown away.

Meet the new 9th generation!

The new that just about every Hello!Project fan, and non fan alike, have been waiting for has been announced. At the start of that H!P 2011 Winter concert, Morning Musume’s 9th gen was announced. The new 9th generation members are H!P 9th gen auditioners Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Hello!Project Egg member Fukumura Mizuki.

I am 100% thrilled with the results. The 9th gen is the 4 members in total like I was hoping for, and my top 3 9th gen finalists made it. And one of the Egg members I predicted could have joined here made it in. Even though I would have preferred my beloved Saho Akari I am extremely happy with Mizuki. Thank god Tsunku didn’t make yet another mistake. He grabbed Riho up before anyone else could!

So right now here’s how the 9th generation stands.

You have the exceptional dancing, singing, and beauty of Sayashi Riho and Fukumura Mizuki. Then you have the quirkyness, less than perfect singing, high energy, endearing members Suzuki Kanon and Ikuta Erina. Which I’m really ok with. All Morning Musume needed was about 1 or 2 more girls to be able to handle solo lines/take over solos. Mostly because the current 5 members are all pretty capable of solo lines.

I do feel really bad for Otsuka Aina because she was a good singer and dancer, I hope she gets added to the Eggs or something. As for Mogi Minami I’m not really upset about her. She was nowhere near ready to debut.
I am totally looking forward to the first single featuring the new members. I’m also looking forward to seeing them on TV, to see their personalities and how they interact with the other Morning Musume members. (I’m writing this sentence as I’m singing the verse about Eri from Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. XD)