Perfume-Nee PV preview

With two weeks until the release of Perfume’s new single Nee a PV preview has been released.

I was a little bit upset that the PV is just basically the commercial mixed with a dance scene and close ups. It’s a little bit unoriginal. But Perfume seems to do that when their songs are used for commercials. There is honestly nothing really going on in the PV, so I’m sorry I have nothing witty to say about it. Honestly the best part of the whole PV is how cute A-chan and Nocchi look. And that’s honestly it.
Though I am pretty excited to finally here more of the song then just Nee. The song is actually really great. I love the distorted music sequences throughout the song. And of course the Nee parts are absolutely adorable.

C-ute-Aitai Lonely Christmas preview

The radio preview for C-ute’s new single, Aitai Lonely Christmas was just released a few hours ago.

When I first heard the title of C-ute’s new single I was honestly expecting something along the lines of Shiroi Tokyo or Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru. I was also thinking it was going to be a slow wintry ballad. So I was a bit surprised how this song barely sounds like a Christmas song at all. And yet the song is completely what I was expecting it to be. A sound about being sad that you’re all alone on Christmas. And since I can understand the smallest fraction of this song seems to be about wanting to see someone but they don’t show up. At least I think it might be. My Japanese is pretty limited so don’t quote me on that.

Overall I’m actually surprised by how much I really like the song. The music is really good and the lyrics seem to be heartbreaking yet at the same time cute. This is also seems to be the most evenly distributed C-ute song ever. Of course Airi has the most lines, but she only has like 3 more lines. And every other girls has basically the same amount of lines. And what’s really surprising I actually really love Saki’s voice in this song. Her voice usually annoys me so much it is a little annoying at parts of this song but it’s not so over barring. And believe it or not I think Mai sounds the best in this song. Her voice just blends perfectly with the music.

NEWS are Fighting Men

Words cannot describe how excited I have been for NEWS’s new PV to be released. And now that it has I feel like I can die happy. Mostly because the PV is amazing. I saw the first 10 seconds and I was in love already. Yeah that might have been a little premature, but after watching the whole PV the early reaction was justified. Just like I said a few days ago, this looks like NEWS’s most expensive PV ever. There is just so much going on in the PV. Two different group dances sequences, each members solo dance, their story line, their singing close ups, the walking part in the beginning. I mean this video is just far from boring. And it’s probably hands down my favorite, and the best, NEWS PV pretty much ever. I can’t even express into words how much I love this PV. It’s just fantastic. It’s PVs like this that makes fangirling NEWS easier.
By the way, I am a RABID NEWS fan so be prepeared for an overdose of screencaps. 😀

I hate the blur scenes. They’re such a tease.

Intense! No, seriously. After this flew by I was ready to kick things into high gear. Maybe I’m just a little too excited. XD

This PV has just gotten significantly sexier.

Sometimes Kei-chan is super adorable.

Is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot? Let me rephrase that, is there ever a time Yamapi doesn’t look hot when his hair isn’t ugly? XD

Shige always has to thrown in some weirdness.

My god Ryo looks bangin’.

Scenes like this will never not C-ute’s Forever Love PV. I know this has been done a million times before Forever Love and will be done a million times after it. But it will just always remind me of Forever Love.

Yamapi looks hot and slightly girly at the same time. Nice all seeing eye logo on the flyers  in the background. XD

Woah unflattering extreme close up.

Wow, is every member really going to watch themselves on some sort of device?

No, seriously every member. Here’s the Yamapi cap I didn’t bother taking before.

Come on this makes 4!

Stupid dance move is stupid.

Lolz they’re all singing along to themselves dancing. Of course I had to use Ryo for the cap. At least that’s a completely unique way to do the close up singing parts.

For some reason Massu actually looks hot in this PV. O_O

Massu kinda looks like Naruto when he does that. But look at Shige next to him all sexy. XD

Awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting the megaphone. And Shige looks way too happy to be using it. His eyes are like bulging  out.

I guess I should have at least one picture of Tegoshi.

I hate how cute this was.

Rip off! He has the same phone as Massu.

Or maybe he doesn’t. XD


I love how Ryo has to be the last one to leave.

How cute.

KAT-TUN-Change UR World preview

KAT-TUN will be releasing their first single in their new Jinless era on November 17th. The song is entitled Change UR World and is being used as the theme for Kame’s news show Going! Sports and News. In my opinion this release seems pretty rushed. The single was announced only one month before the release. Usually JE releases are announced at least 2 months in advance. But 1 month, 2 months, I guess it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s less time we have to wait for a PV.

I find it completely hilarious and ironic that their very first official Jinless release sounds completely like the songs Jin shines in. Jin always sings in this breathy sort of sexy manner. And that’s exactly how this song sounds. I actually mistook Kame and Maru for Jin. And tell me Kame’s Change UR World screaming at the end doesn’t remind you of Jin’s backup/screams from Real Face. Literally after hearing the first 30 seconds my actual reaction was, “wow Jin sounds great in this.” Then I of course immediately realized that Jin isn’t even in KAT-TUN anymore.

But beyond the whole Jin-ness of the song, I think the song is absolutely amazing. This song blows Going and No More Pain out of the water. There isn’t even a competition this song just automatically wins. The music is pretty intense for most of the song but when the chorus ends the music is absolutely incredible. It’s like Keep The Faith mixed with Real Face but times a thousand. I’m sorry V6 and NEWS, but I think KAT-TUN has just made the best song about changing a world.
The line distribution seems pretty fair. It seems like every member gets a solo. And Koki’s is absolutely hot. But Koki’s rap is actually pretty weird sounding and it kinda throws the song off track for a bit. Which I’m sad about because Koki’s raps are usually the best part of KAT-TUN songs. And not even because I’m a biased Koki fan. Koki’s raps are usually just full of win. But in this song it sounds like Koki has the hiccups while rapping. It’s kinda funny.

YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomaranai PV preview

Apparently a few days after YuiKaori previewd their new single, Heartbeat ga Tomaranai, on their web radio show they also released an actual PV preview a couple of days later. But this just completely fell under my radar. I actually completely forgot they hadn’t released the PV preview yet until today.

Since this is YuiKaori’s most toned downed single it only makes sense it’s their simplest PV. But it still turns out to be a completely adorable PV. The PV storyline follows a lovesick YuiKaori throughout the town being followed by a giant heart. They also keep checking their cell phone a lot, so I bet there’s something about phones in the lyrics. I could have sworn I heard keitai in there somewhere.

And of course the main focus of this PV, and every other YuiKaori PV, is the dance scene. The dance scenes are my absolute favorite because YuiKaori are wearing gigantic white bows. Which remind me of Tsuji Nozomi and Suzuki Airi. XD

NEWS-Fighting Man PV preview

With less than 2 weeks until NEWS’s new single,Fighting Man, is released we finally have a preview for the PV. Since this preview was on some morning news shows its a very decent 1:30 preview.

I am absolutely impressed with how the PV looks. I mean this looks like it was the most expensive NEWS PV ever filmed. From some reason NEWS always gets extremely cheap PVs. And the best always go to KAT-TUN and some times Arashi. Actually everything from Weeeek on isn’t really cheap looking. But it’s not expensive looking either. This PV isn’t expensive looking but it does seem like it cost more to make.

Even though a majority of the PV is just dancing I still think it’s pretty awesome looking. The dance scenes look really energetic and fun to watch. The dance in the PV looks like it uses more punch moves than in the Music Station performance, which is weird. But whatever. It’s also really awesome that every NEWS member gets 3 different outfit. And then each member has their little close up/story like they did in Sakura Girl.
And of course Ryo looks the best in the PV.

Play well with NYC

When I first saw previews for NYC’s Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV I didn’t expect to really like it at all. Since it looked like a majority of it was filmed at ShopRite some random grocery store. But after watching the PV I really do like it. I love the whole tourists running around New York City theme it has. It reminds me a lot of Puffy AmiYumi’s Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi PV. The whole thing ends up being super adorable. My personal favorite part of the PV is all the NYC signs the show throughout the PV. Though every time the signs are shown it kinda seems like they are saying look how many times we are personally mentioned in NYC. I think I’m probably the only one that thinks that way. XD

And of course you know I have to do an actual review of the PV.

Oh man Coney Island! Too bad they don’t actually go inside. But I don’t blame them it is freezing outside. Unless it was filmed those days a few weeks back when it was randomly 80 degrees again over here. O_O

They didn’t really have to track the trip this closely. XD

Every New York filmed PV needs a random shot of the Statue of Liberty.

It’s so weird for NYC to stand with those kids for a couple reasons. They don’t know them and those kids have no idea what’s going on. But the main reason is those kids are way younger then NYC is and you can barely tell. LOL.

I love how this doorman looks like a Buckingham Palace guard.

Or maybe they do go inside Coney Island. XD

Perhaps Chinen will grow taller now. Get it? Because in the movie Big Tom Hanks wishes to become big in a fortune telling machine, then it happens. And Chinen is always whining about being short. XD

Chinen looks so disgusting it’s hiliarious.

Ryosuke looks adorable.

Umm… what?


WTF is Zap Daisy City?

Why does Ryosuke always make stupid faces in every PV he’s in?

Oh man American Idiot.

Adorable hat and glasses combo.

I hate that just about everyone from Japan that goes to NYC always makes sure they get a hotdog. They’re not even that great.

Natural History Musuem! XD


Ryosuke is so cute.

Arashi-Hatenai Sora preview

Arashi is releasing yet another new single entitled Hatenai Sora on November 10th. So with less than a month to the release we finally have a song preview. And it’s pretty safe to say this will finally be Arashi’s last single for the year. And I bet 2011 will have maybe 2 Arashi singles.

Can I just say I am instantly in love! As soon as it picked up and the chorus kicked in I was sold. See this is the kind of relatively simple Arashi songs that I like. Where it’s sung slowly, but it picks up, and the music is still upbeat. And it’s kind of weird that the only person to get a solo line is Nino, and he only has one. But I’m not complaining being a Nino fan. It just adds to the fact that this single reminds me a lot of Beautiful Days. Since the music, the way it’s sung, the lyrics, and even that the only solo line goes to Nino.
And because Arashi fans are super dedicated there’s already translated lyrics for the song. And I gotta say the song is just super positive and uplifting. I really like the whole message of the song. It’s really similar to Beautiful Days, which is one of my favorite Arashi singles. To be honest this song seems like Beautiful Days part 2.

Lilpri-Idolulu PV preview

A 30 second commercial for Lilpri’s second single, Idolulu, was released. Which is a good thing because it looks like we’ll actually get a PV for this single. I’ve seen the alleged PV for the first single, and to me it didn’t look like an actual PV at all. Mostly because I could never find it in anything less than extremely low quality.

Not only is this the first time I’m seeing a preview of the PV, well it’s the first time for everyone. It’s also the first time I’m hearing the song. Mostly because the I didn’t care for the first single. It was far too childish for me. And it honestly feels like this song is also way too childish. I understand the anime is for children, but aside from Tan Tan Taan and Hana wo Pu~n, none of the Kirarin Revolution songs were overly childish. The same goes for Shugo Chara and even Robby & Kerobby. Well Robby & Kerobby songs were a little, but I still like them and can listen to them without feeling like I’m too old for it. However, Idolulu does sound a little more mature than Little Princess. But that’s probably because I knew what the English translated lyrics for Little Princess were as soon as the song came out. With Idolulu I have no idea what the song is about. It sounds a little catchy, but I’m not sure I should even like it.
It seems like ever H!P anime tie in group needs at least one music video that’s CG. I mean I can’t think of one group, aside from Guardians 4 for some reason, that didn’t have a complete or partial CG PV. There’s not really much going on in the PV itself. All we actually see is them dancing against a CG background. It reminds me a lot of the Minna no Tamago PV. But it seems like either that’s what they were going for, or both PVs were made by the same person.

NEWS’s Fighting Man on Music Station

NEWS preformed their news single, Fighting Man, on today’s episode of Music Station. Since I am beyond in love with the song I had to make a post about their appearance. It honestly feels like an utter tease to watch them perform it live and not have a PV yet. But I’ll live, since it will probably only be another week or two before the PV comes out.

Well I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea this song had English in it. Obviously Fighting Man was in English, but I mean beyond that. And it’s funny because my favorite chorus parts are the English lines. Even though they aren’t pronouncing the words 100% correct, collectively it actually sounds really good. And after watching the live it seems the megaphone line really was Shige after all. I have no idea why I thought it was Tegoshi. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment Shige will ever get on his singing. XD

Now on to the best parts of the performance.

Ryo looks pretty fine. I love how his hair is. I was afraid because in recent magazine scans Ryo had some pretty ugly hair. XD


Lolz random poses in the background.
And Ryo has the best oufit.

I’m not feeling Yamapi’s hair. It’s the same style that Kame had. I cannot remember when he had it though!

WTF is up with Tegoshi’s hair? He looks even more womanly than usual. Unless he’s going to go jam with Montley Crue later. XD

I’m sure this line just means don’t be a wet blanket. o_o

I’m sorry but the slow motion punch move is lame.

Massu looks so bad.




Adorable. And Ryo’s shocked do no want face is priceless.

As always, if you want to watch this performance you’d better do so fast. You know before Johnny’s streaming nazis have it taken down.

Mitsui Aika to make her acting debut

Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika will be making her acting debut starring in a straight to DVD horror movie, called Real Kakurenbo Final, set to be released on January 7, 2011. This is definitely exciting news for Aika fans, such as myself. Maybe this means my beloved Mittsi is finally gaining some real popularity, because they could have easily given this role to Sayumi or Reina. Straight to DVD release or not, she’s in a movie before more popular and established members. I take this whole situation as being extremely positive for Aika’s career. And maybe this means in 2011 she’ll finally get that illusive photobook she, and many fans, have been waiting for.However, Mitsui Aika or not I will most likely not watch the movie. I don’t know, I guess I’m a bad H!P fan but I haven’t really cared about any of H!P’s acting jobs. I could care less about Ai-chan’s random crime drama. (Q.E.D.) Or Yaguchi Mari’s and Meada Yuuka’s mermaid movie. (Hoshisuna no Shima no Chiisana Tenshi ~Mermaid Smile~) I didn’t care about Niigaki Risa’s and Nakajima Saki’s movie who’s trailer I didn’t even watch. ( Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 3D ) Or even Yajima Maimi’s and Fukuda Kanon’s horror movie. (Fuyu no Kaidan/Winter Ghost Story) Well actually I do care about Winter Ghost Story because Kanon’s in it, but it’s not like I’ve watched it yet. Well let’s not also forget JunJun’s web drama (Dreaming Places Makes Us Dream) and ManoEri’s web drama and movie (Mano Spy/Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki) that I also haven’t cared about. XD

The lot of the dramas/movies either look really boring or are starring members I don’t really care about. I guess I’m just the kind of person who doesn’t watch something just because of who’s in it. Granted I have done that with JE dramas and movies before. But only because they are were remotely interesting. I’ll never watch Code Blue or something stupid like that. I even do that sometimes with American movies. (I sat through both horribly immature Camp Rock movies just for the Jonas Brothers XD) But I mostly watch them because I have something pretty to stare at for a couple of hours. H!P members are pretty yet not in the same sense. I think this whole paragraph might be a contradiction. XD

While I am on the subject of H!P acting, I think it’s completely awesome that H!P members have started acting. I’ve wanted them to act for the longest time since JE groups/artists always act. And what will boost your popularity/your groups popularity more then a highly successful drama? Aside from an amazing single, close to nothing.

YuiKaori-Heartbeat ga Tomarani preview

On a recent episode of YuiKaori’s web radio show, YuiKaori no Mi, YuiKaori danced to a short version of their upcoming single Heartbeat ga Tomaranai. Which is completely exciting news since this is the first time we’re hearing the new single.

This single is significantly toned down from their first 2 singles. But that doesn’t make the song any less great. The song still has a very upbeat and cute musical track. But after the heavy anime music of Our Steady Boy, and the huge dance beat of Vivivid Party, anything released after it would just seem slow by default. But I am happy to say that YuiKaori has yet to disappoint me. They really are turning out the be the greatest duo since W. (Because NO ONE will ever replace W. I think I’ve mentione dthat before. XD) The song is keeping with YuiKaori’s adorable theme. The song actually sounds pretty refreshing and unique. After listening to this short preview I have a perfect image of what the PV should be. For some reason this just makes me think of YuiKaori riding bikes in their school uniform, and maybe on top of a cliff by an ocean. (ZONE’s True Blue anyone?) But in general I want an outside PV. As for the song, there’s not really much else I can say about it. It’s incredibly adorable and I am instantly in love with it. I just find YuiKaori’s whole aura entrancing.

Arashi’s Dear Snooze

I’ve been debating over wether or not to make a post about the Dear Snow PV since it was first releases. I usually only make posts about PVs that are either so incredible I can’t contain myself from witting about the, PVs that are so disappointing I feel the need to rant about them. Which is why I don’t make posts about every single PV that comes out. And more recently why I didn’t make reviews of SCANDAL’S SCANDL Nanka Buttobase or Momoiro Clover’s Pinky Jones PVs. (I’m actually really waiting for the awesomeness that will be the Koko Natsu PV. It’s a lot better then MomoClo running around in random Native American outfits. XD) And actually that’s where most PVs sit, smack dab in the middle.

But Dear Snow is far beyond even average, or disappointing, it’s just plain boring. There is absolutely nothing to comment about. Not bad costumes, a bad set, or anything because nothing happens.

All you basically have to do is look at this picture, and it feels like you’ve watched the entire PV.

Oh wait, you might want to see it from a different angle. There, now you’ve seen the entire PV.

Because that’s all their is to it. This takes PV simplicity to a whole new level. The entire PV consists of them just standing there and close ups of them singing. And that’s it. H!P fans, myself included, cry when the PV is dance and close up. Yet I bet the legions of Japanese and international Arashi fans don’t even care, because the video is simple and elegant. The song is so beautiful that the PV doesn’t need to be flashy. And to that I completely disagree. I’m all for simplicity and elegance, when necessary, but I know the difference between simple and boring. But again that’s just my personal opinion. Honestly it feels like a waste, because the song is actually really pretty.

I guess I’m mostly so unimpressed by this PV because it’s the 3rd Arashi PV that’s done nothing for me. Don’t get me wrong I think Love Rainbow and To Be Free were great songs, but they were boring uninspiring PVs. But that’s what happens when you release 5 singles in one year, with 6 on the way. Arashi has been completely stretched too thin this year. They comes out with 2 of the best songs and PVs Arashi has released in a long time, Troublemaker and Monster. Then the next singles quality suffers greatly because of it. There’s no doubt JE didn’t expect to release all these singles, because if he did he would have spread the budget a little more. And by the way Troublemaker looked like it was pretty cheap to make, and look how it turned out.

Who’s the best artist of 2010? You decide!

With 2010 coming to a close, Nippon Television Network Corporation, or NTV, has set up a website for people to vote for the best artist of 2010. You can do so by clicking here.The voting is set up like most Japanese online voting. They ask for your name, age range, and sex. After that they ask you for 5 artists, then 5 songs, breakout artist of the year, and finally what special planning do you want to see? For example special medley or performance of which artists. Translation from here.

I know stuff like this isn’t really important and has no actually meaning since it’s not voting for an award. Or perhaps your time would be more well spent voting for Billboard Japan Music Awards when the voting for that opens in November.

But I like voting for things like this. I’ve also been casting my vote for CDTV’s most wanted lover for years. I also vote for the MTV movie awards. XD Besides that it will be nice to see which songs and artists actual fans pick.

In case you are curious here is my entry form.

And if you can’t understand what it says I picked the following:

Artist: Hey! Say! JUMP, S/mileage, NEWS, Morning Musume, and Berryz Koubou.
Song: Hitomi no Screen (I actually wanted to put Shinku, my mistake. XD) Yume Miru 15sai, Wonderland, Namidacchi, and Maji Bomber.
Breakout artsit: Arashi. Because come on they are.
Special planning: I just put medley, since I can’t actually write in or speak Japanese.

Morning Musume-Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game concert rip

A concert rip for Morning Musume’s 44th single, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game has come out. And the song is in pretty low quality. Of course not low enough not to listen to. But I will leave all actual opinions about the song until the radio rip comes out. I’m just posting this for anyone who wants to hear it. What I will say about it is it sounds pretty awesome. It actually sounds like a way toned down version of Versailles’s Ascended Master. A type of song Momusu has never released before.

Berryz Koubou-Shining Power preview

The new opening and ending themes for the anime Inazuma Eleven are out. Which means we now have a preview of Berryz Koubou’s 24th single Shining Power.

After first hearing the song I automatically though it sounds like Ryuusei Boy mixed with Dance de Bakoon. And I still think that. I also think the song is pretty tame and forgettable. I’m actually really disappointed. Maji Bomber was one of my favorite Berryz singles, and it was obviously a hard song to follow. But after Maji Bomber being so amazing I was expecting this song to be equally amazing. The song for me is sitting right in the middle. It’s not great but it’s not terrible.

As for line distribution it seems to be back to how it always is. Risako, Miyabi, Momoko, and Yurina lead. (I know Yurina doesn’t always lead but she has been for the last 6 singles.) And it’s pretty sad because I don’t hear the other members at all. And it took me of guard because Berryz Koubou has been pretty fair lately. Maybe we’ll hear the other girls in the second half.

New Perfume CM + Nee preview

Perfume’s song has once again been selected as the theme from a commercial. This time their upcoming new single, Nee, is being used for the fashion brand Natural Basic Beauty. The commercial comes in 4 different versions. A Perfume version, then a solo version for each member.

As you know a new CM means a preview of the song. But the commercial is exactly 20 seconds long. Now that’s short of any song preview, but even more so for this song. The commercial is just the chorus, but the chorus is pretty much 20 seconds of them saying nothing but Nee. So there isn’t really anything to judge about the song as of yet.
So here are the commercials.

Perfume version:

Nocchi version:

A-chan version:

Kashiyuka version:

I’m incredibly skeptic that Jin is debuting in the US at all!

I originally wanted to make this post part of my pervious post about Jin’s debut single. But this became so long on it’s own I simply couldn’t do that.
I want to now talk about the other important aspect of Jin’s new Japanese single. The first thing I thought of after hearing about this news was, “Why is the new single being released in Japan, and not the US? Wasn’t the whole point of leaving KAT-TUN to focus on the US?” And then it hit me. This was the plan all along, and it’s so perfect I can’t believe it took me this long to piece together.

There’s no doubt in my mind the whole Jin debuting in the US was just an excuse for him to leave KAT-TUN. Yes, I think Jin wanted to have concerts in the US. And maybe he really does want to make it in the US. But I don’t think that’s likely. I think what he waned most of all was out of KAT-TUN. Any KAT-TUN fan saw that. Or anyone who happens upon a KAT-TUN show/interview of KAT-TUN when Jin was still a member will see that. He seemed cold, distant, and uninterested. How about during his solo interviews or interviews for Bandage? He seemed lively, happy, and he even joked around. It was apparent he wasn’t happy in KAT-TUN. I mean come on, he didn’t even try to hide it.

Here’s what I think happened though. Jin tells Johnny he wants out of KAT-TUN, Johnny has a mini heart attack, then Johnny thinks of a win-win solution. He uses  Jin’s obvious love for the US as a perfect cover. Have him debut in the US, a market so brutal that it would surely chew him up and spit him out. Then have Johnny make an emphasis that he CANNOT return to KAT-TUN if he fails. And then when he returns to Japan defeated after the preplanned failure, and unable to rejoin KAT-TUN, you have him go solo. And of course no one will ever question that he doesn’t want to rejoin. Then the whole blame for the fans beloved Jin staying out of KAT-TUN is now the US’s fault. The US, who wasn’t ready for or didn’t want Jin.

Think that seems too farfetched or I’m over thinking things? Looking at it from a business perspective it’s the smart thing to do. Instead of making an insane amount of money from 1 thing, JE will now make it from 2. KAT-TUN will still make a lot of money because of long time KAT-TUN fans sticking by the group, not to mention the fangirls of the other 5 members. Jin will of course make bookoo bucks. Him being the most popular member of KAT-TUN and having a legion of fangirls. It’s the exact same reason NEWS is still together. JE makes money from 4/6 of the members outside of NEWS, so NEWS really doesn’t even need to exist anymore. But they stay together just to squeeze even more money out of people. Sad, but true. It’s also the reason why JE subgroups exist, and why Ryo was put in Kanjani8, and Chinen and Ryosuke became a part of NYC. Popular members in subgroups equals double support, which ultimately equals double the money. Sorry to say it but Idol companies don’t care about you personally, they only care about your money. Just like all large companies. Idol music is a business, and a very lucrative one.

To anyone still skeptical about this not being planned from the begining, that brings me to my next point. If Jin is really debuting in the US, where are his preparations? Yes, Jin recently announced a new tour in the US in November. But don’t confuse concerts with actual preparations. In the US an artist or band spends anywhere from 3 months, to 6 months, and sometimes an entire year recording an album alone. Western music markets aren’t anything like Eastern ones. Especially Idol music markets. Idol groups in Japan usually take about 3 months to record or less. Case and point, Hey! Say! JUMP. They announced their debut album in May and it was released in July. Only 2 months to record. Artists in the US don’t even announce or talk about their new albums unless it’s halfway until their release dates.

So let’s say Jin needs 6 months to record. Let’s now talk about his other preparations such as song picking songs/writing. To be successful in the US Jin needs to start penning more songs and better songs. Also making all the music for such songs. Then he needs people to produce it and to promote it. Heck he doesn’t even have a record contract in the US! Do people not even realize that? He’s with JE and JStorm in JAPAN, there’s no JE USA. Which means he needs to land a record deal. I’m sure Johnny flashing some money of course would have some influence. But not much. JE doesn’t have any real music connections in the US. Jin’s solo concerts in the US don’t prove that they do. PLENTY of Japanese artists have small club tours, like Jin’s, with zero American connections. Also, Jin needs to continue to practice dancing, singing, and English. So adding all of that, that adds let’s say another 4-6 months. Which is roughly 10-12 months Jin needs to spend in the US doing nothing but working on his album.

And what is Jin doing to prepare for such a US debut? He’s continuing to tour the US. But more importantly he’s now going to tour Japan, and release a single in Japan. Which means he needs to be in Japan to record the single, do the tour, and also promote the single on TV. Which makes nearly the first 6 months of 2011 a loss for anything to do with the US. Not really a smart move.

Now there’s also the argument that Jin could be recording now, or he could record in Japan, or even on the rode. Which is an absolute possibility. American band Cobra Starship wrote their 2nd album, Viva La Cobra, entirely during their tour. From backstage footage from Patrick Stump he said he was working on mixing the album while on tour. Which means Cobra Starship recorded songs, or at least music, during their joint tour. Which means yes, it can be done. But Jin is recording an album in English, for the American market. The most brutal unforgiving market on the planet. Where his songs and English need to be top notch. And he REALLY needs to take 6 months- a year to work on the album, if he wants any kind of success in the US. I know Cobra Starship would never record a Japanese album on tour. XD

So there you have it. Now can you see why I’m so skeptical? Jin either doesn’t truly realize just how hard it is to break into the US market, or he’s just not trying to. He could also just be arrogant and thinks he’s Akanishi Jin, who wouldn’t love him. And honestly it could be any of those 3.

Akanishi Jin’s first solo single Eternal

Akanishi Jin announced at his The U.S tour fan club send-off party that he will be starting a Japanese tour and will release a new single entitled Eternal. Jin said he couldn’t say the exct release date, but it will be in the beginning of 2011.

Now to anyone that keeps up to date with all things Jin, you will automatically recognize that this isn’t a new song. Jin performed this song at his You&Jin concerts. He also performed it with Yamapi during Yamapi’s Short But Sweet solo concerts.
Now, this is actually my first time hearing this song. Since I’m not really a big KAT-TUN fan, so by default I’m not really a big Jin fan. I mostly follow him for aesthetic purposes. Yeah, that might sound shallow, but at least I’m being honest.
The song is honestly to slow for my taste. And it just doesn’t seem like a type of song Jin would since. I know he wrote it so it’s obviously a Jin song. But I like his songs with strong background music. Like LoveJuice and Wonder.

The only thing I do like about this song is the lyrics. They are actually quite sweet and meaningful. Which is surprising.

Here’s the song, in concert rip quality.

Sugaya Risako-Elegant Girl preview

The radio rip for Sugaya Risako’s first solo single, Elegant Girl, has just been released. I was kind of expecting the PV to come out, since the Oshare My Dream PV is already out. But I’m gonna guess the PV will be about in ago 3-5 days.
Now, I know when the CM for the song came out I said it was forgettable. But after hearing the song in it’s entirety and listening to is several times in a row, I actually really like it. What I like most about the song is every single part sounds different. What I mean by that is each section of the song is drastically different from the next. Even more so than average songs. An average song will usually be verse and then chorus, 2 differences. Or verse, bridge, and chorus. Which is three differences. But this song is first half of verse, second half of verse, bridge, and then chorus. Which is 4 differently sung sections. And that makes the song incredibly fun to listen to. Especially since each section comes together beautifully. I also love how Risako used her full range without singing above her ability. Which is what she does very often, and it leaves her sounding almost screechy. I think the song is so simple it’s pretty, yet still pretty captivating to listen to. And they actually did make it sounds pretty elegant. Even the music is pretty. It’s slightly upbeat, yet has undertones of classical music.

NYC-Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe PV preview

A CM for NYC’s new single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, was released. But it only gives up a tiny preview of the PV. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. The commercial itself roughly 10 seconds. Which is hardly anything.

In that short amount of time I only have a few reactions. Random store setting. But I completely forgot this was filmed in New York City! While I watched this I initially thought, “Wow Japanese supermarkets look just like American ones.” Not really a bright moment on my part. XD But after watching the preview on a loop my reaction now is “OMFG it looks like they filmed this at ShopRite!” Dear god I shop at ShopRite! *cries* To anyone who thinks that it could be any random grocery store, it could be. But look up ShopRite, it looks exactly like this! They are mostly around NYC suburbs! But this is actually not important. I should stop making this a post about grocery stores. XD

Anyway, my reactions are: Random shopping setting is random. LOLZ at Chinen’s disgusting hair. Ryosuke looks super fine. Super sad that Yuma looks bad. Ryosuke looks adorable in glasses. OMG Strawberry Fields in Central Park! 
I really need to find out when JE artists are filming in NYC. So I can hop a train and stalk them bump into them. 😀

NEWS-Fighting Man radio rip

With a little over a month until the release of NEWS’s new single, Fighting Man, we finally have a radio rip of the song. Which is of course a HUGE step up from the concert rip that sounded like it was recorded in a wind tunnel. And after listening to the preview, it obviously sounds nothing like Reggae. XD

The whole overall feel I get from this song is breezy. Just breezy. I know that sounds like a completely random word to describe it, and it is. The song just sounds light and airy. The sort of carefree vibe that a majority of NEWS songs have. The song sounds like it could be used for a CM or be the a song filler in a drama. I’m sure a lot of Non-NEWS would pass this song by because it’s pretty simple. But the simplicity is what I like about the song. I like that with just the first listen I can automatically tell it’s a NEWS song.

I absolutely love how the chorus is sung. It just gives the song a very fun feel. I also love the group parts where they sing fast. I also absolutely love how much you can hear Massu’s voice throughout the song. I’m obviously a Ryo fan, but Massu’s voice just fit so well with this song. So I love how you could hear his vocals the most during the chorus. Much like in the song Weeeek you mainly hear Ryo’s voice in the chorus. I also love Tegoshi’s (it also oddly sounds like it could be Shige o_O) solo line where it sounds like he was singing through a megaphone. I love that effect. It automatically reminded me of Otsuka Ai’s Happy Days.

I really love everything about this single. I like the song 100% more than Sakura Girl. Sakura Girls is probably my least favorite NEWS A-side. So I’m glad NEWS released another overly upbeat single, instead of another more serious one.

Avex Idol group SUPER GIRLS to make debut

Avex’s new idol group, SUPER GIRLS, announced at a recent concert that they will be making their CD debut on December 22nd. They will be releasing a full album entitled Chouzetsu Shoujo.

I have to admit I haven’t really been keeping up with this group. Mostly because there hasn’t really been anything to keep up with. Aside from their formation, auditions, and live performances, they haven’t really been doing much of anything. But since they are finally making their debut I am pretty interested. And the group is singed to Avex, so it will most likely be really popular. So I decided to check them out.

First things first, the girls.

For the most part the girls look really cute. Especially the girl dead center with the pigtails. My god she looks like a mix between Watanabe Mayu and Michishige Sayumi. I’m pretty sure it’s 12 year old Ami Takuya. I also really like their overall look. Though it’s pretty standard for idols.

And next the music. Since they haven’t released a single or PV, I have to go by live performances. Which by the way, are pretty hard to find. But luckily I found their performance at the 2010 Tokyo Idol Festival.

The songs are really cute. But there’s not really anything that stands out about them. They pretty much sounds like every other idol group out there. Actually their music sounds a lot like Idoling!!! But I ended up liking each song more than the last.

The solos are also a little bit rough. And no one in the group is an overly amazing singer. But they are idols after all. Bad singing is basically in their job description.

I will most likely be keeping an eye on them from now on. Let’s see if their debut album and possible PV are any good.

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 1:

SUPER GIRLS at Tokyo Idol Festival part 2:

Ogamana My Dream!

Now I haven’t been following Canary Club, nor Ogawa Mana like I’ve been meaning to. I only know about her recent single since it’s a joint single with Sugaya Risako. But who cares about tha? None of that is remotely important! But, do you wanna know what is important? How incredibly amazing Kitagami Mimi with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu’s new single Oshare My Dream is!

I heard a few days ago that the PV was released, so I decided on a whim why not just check it out. And I am incredibly happy that I did. The song is everything I was upset that Elegant Girl isn’t. The song is happy, upbeat, cute, and so sugary sweet it’s almost unimaginable. It also makes me like Elegant Girl more. The intentionally contrasts actually work nicely together.

The PV itself is pretty simple. It literally only has 3 scenes it repeats over and over. Ogamana standing by the school bus, Ogamana inside the school bus, and washing the school bus. But that doesn’t really bother me. I also can’t seem to hate this PV at all. I am far too enthralled with Ogawa Mana!


This outfit is absolutely adorable

Cuteness overdose!
My god, Mana is simply gorgeous.
The inside of the bus does remind me a lot of AKB48’s 10nen Zakura, and Berryz Koubou’s Piriri to Yukou.
I am officially in love with Ogawa Mana.
So sweet.

Arashi-Dear Snow PV preview

A commercial and minute length PV preview for Arashi’s newest single Dear Snow, has been released recently. And talk about news that creeps up on you. These have been out for over a week, but I just completely missed them until now. Mostly due to the fact that this whole single completely slipped my mind. After Arashi announced that they would be releasing yet another single, Hatenai Sora, it completely slipped my mind that the PV for Dear Snow hadn’t even been released yet. XD

Since the song it’s pretty slow paced the PV of course is extremely simple. With hardly anything really going on. But that’s to be expected from Arashi. A majority of their PVs are super simple. And I was kind of expecting the PV to be winter themed since it’s called Dear Snow. But I guess that would seem out of place since Fall just started.

The only thing to really report about this PV so far is that MatsuJun and Nino are looking really good in it. Especially Nino, he looks super adorable.

Here’s the minute preview:

Here’s the CM:

Arashi also performed this song on Music Station. I thought the performance was really great. Even though most likely everything was lip synched except for solo lines. It was a great performance nonetheless. As always, you should watch the video quickly before Japan’s youtube czars deletes the video. XD

AKB48-Beginner PV preview

A 30 second commercial for AKB48’s 18th single beginner was just released. Giving us a nice preview of the PV. But this isn’t really the first preview for the PV we’re getting. About a week or more ago extremely low quality PV previews were floating around the net. But I decided to wait until more high quality previews to come out before making this post.

After watching the commercial I gotta say I am less then impressed. Which makes me sad for 2 reasons. 1. After reading the translated lyrics to the song I just started to really like the song. 2. After losing the jankan tournament this is the last AKB48 PV that Mayu will be in. Of course until the next senbatsu election or jankan election. And of course she’ll be in the Under Girls PV, but I never pay attention to them. Which is a bad habit I should eventually get out of.

I’m not into the overall plugged in video game/futuristic/matrix theme going on. Mixed with the random killing shots. The PV reminds me of Michael and Janet Jacksons’ Scream video, and Koda Kumi and Misonos’ It’s All Love PV. I also really hate the amount of latex they are wearing.
I don’t know as of yet, I’m really not feeling the overall PV. But as always I’ll have a more in dept review of the PV once it’s released.