Eggs that I could see in the 9th gen of Momusu

Like most Hello!Project fans currently, I have been thinking a lot about Morning Musume’s 9th generation auditions. Taking in all the wonder, anticipation, and utter excitement for my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. What will the girls look like? What will they sound like? Will foreigners get in? Will Jang Dayun become a member? (She could have totally been studying Japanese this whole time! And that’s why she was hidden away.) And since the second phase of auditions is fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hello!Project Eggs that may have auditioned. Since we will never know which Eggs actually auditioned, all 20 could have auditioned or only 2. Just thinking of that has made me wonder which Eggs I could actually see becoming part of Morning Musume. My dream for the 9th gen auditions would be for Tsunku to accept 5 new girls. Every generation, except 3 and 7, has accepted at least 3 members. With the maxim being 4. And since Morning Musume will be at its smallest since it was formed I’d like to see Tsunku go all out and take 5 girls. And I’d honestly like half of them to be Eggs. Why? It’s simple, Eggs are trainees. And they simply do what they are, they train. Since they’ve been training for years already it’s an extremely easy transition to join Morning Musume.

So here are the Egg members I think actually stand a shot at becoming full fledge Momusu members. All but one of the members I have selected have made their CD debut as Egg members. And the one that didn’t was a backup dancer in one of ManoEri’s PV. Now some people reading this might have a problem with that. But the simple fact is their previous work will play a main factor in them being picked for Morning Musume. Not only does this exposure effect their popularity among wota, it shows that Tsunku/H!P has already seen something special about them. Which is a huge factor in all of this.
I’ve also included the ages of each girl so you can decide for yourself if you feel she’s too young or too old to join the group.

1. Fukumura Mizuki, age 13 turning 14 in October

AKA Maeda Yuuka’s replacement in Shugo Chara Egg. Now I have to honestly say after S/mileage was formed and they got new Shugo Chara Egg members I didn’t bother listening to any of the new Shugo Chara songs. I have never actually heard any of them until I started making this post. But after I heard Mizuki’s voice I was simply blown away. Her voice is actually strong, not Takahashi Ai strong, but it’s strong. Right now she’s at about an Aika level, but with more time to grow she could be at a Risa level. She has a nice tone in her voice. And she would blend exceptionally well with any member she could possibly be paired with, since her voice is very light and almost elegant sounding.

2. Saho Akari, age 15

AKA the girl who was shafted from S/milege. Or more commonly known as a Shugo Chara Egg member. I never paid much attention to Akari while she was in Shugo Chara Egg. I was too focused on the awesomeness of Yuuka and Kanon. Not only that but she was put in a group with voices that where extremely cutesy sounding, and Akari’s was much deeper in comparison. So she was easily overlooked in my opinion. But after Yume to Genjitsu I became an instant Akari fangirl. Her voice sounds absolutely incredible. And surprisingly really adorable sounding. It has that perfect mix of cuteness and power. The likes of Kamei Eri, Kago Ai, Suzuki Airi, and other possess. And I didn’t think it was possible but in the live performance of Yume to Genjitsu Akari actually sounds better than Airi. Besides her obvious vocal ability Akari is completely stunning.

3. Sekine Azusa, age 14

AKA the girl who was a backup dancer in the Onegai Dakara PV. I have never in my life heard of this girl before I started looking up the Egg members. And I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to find out about her. This girl has some serious pipes on her! No, really she does. During this duet with Kikkawa Yuu she was able to hold her own against her. Her voice is wonderfully unique, and something I’d love to see in Momusu. She can even hold out her notes beautifully. I am seriously upset that this is like the only performance of her I can find.

4. Miyamoto Karin, age 11 turning 12 in December

AKA the Shin Moni member. I don’t immediately think there’s anything great about Karin. Nor do I think her voice is all that great or special. But I do think she’s one of those idols who will get better with some years to grow. Karin also seems to be a pretty popular Egg. So at most I see her being added for her cute factor, and nothing really beyond that. And to anyone reading this who has any problem with her young age, may I remind you Koharu was only 12 years old when she joined. And look how amazing that turned out to be!

5. Kitahara Sayaka, age 16 turning 17 in November


AKA the girl from Milky Way. Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about Sayaka. Well nothing other than SAYAKA CANNOT SING. Dear god, her voice makes my ears bleed! To all Koharu haters out there, have you by chance heard Sayaka sing? Her voice is screechy, squeaky, and she can’t sing in tune. She’s just overall very unpleasant to listen to. But the sad part is she has a good chance of actually joining Morning Musume. Because since she was put in Milky Way she has become very popular. Therefore wota would be mega happy to see her in Momusu, and would boots the sales. Horrendous voice aside I personally think she’s too old to be put in Morning Musume. I know it’s 10-17, and she’s 16, but that honestly seems to old to me. But she will also be 17 very soon. Mitsui Aika is 17 and she’s already been in Morning Musume for 4 years. I know Sayaka could be in Morning Musume for like 8 years still but I don’t know, I just feel the members should be no older than 15.

NEWS new single Fighting Man + Concert preview

In NEWS’s forth album, Live, they included a piece of paper that said “coming soon a new single.” I don’t think fans anticipated a new single announcement this quickly! During their Tokyo Dome concert NEWS announced they will be releasing a new single on November 3rd entitled Fighting Man. Which just happens to be Nishikido Ryo’s birthday. I demand a special Ryo edition for such occasion! 😀

Now I never make entire posts about the announcement of new singles, since I find it completely pointless. I usually wait until radio rips to come out before I even mention a new single on my blog. But since NEWS announced it at a concert, they also performed it. So we have a extremely LQ concert rip. But hey at least it’s a preview!

I am extremely excited to see NEWS releasing more then one single again. Since last year they only released Koi no ABO and concert DVD. I became a NEWS fan in 2008, and I honestly think that was the best year for NEWS. They released 3 singles, an album, and a concert DVD. There was also the Kurosagi movie. I wish NEWS would have another year like that. Since NEWS is one of the least popular and underrated JE acts, and I honestly can’t figure out why.

But anyway more about Fighting Man, and less about pointless NEWS comments. The rip physically hurts my ears. So please do not ask me for any sort of actually opinion on the song itself. All I can actually hear is everyone got solos and the song sounds like it has a reggae. Though don’t quote me on the reggae because some parts sounds heavy rock, and others sound futuristic. XD I wish NEWS had wotas. Because Hello!Project concert rips are always close to perfect quality. This kinda sounds like someone recorded it in a tunnel. But I shouldn’t really complain, because whoever recorded this didn’t have to record it at all.
So here’s the rip. Don’t kill the messenger on this one.

SCANDAL-SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase preview

Back when I was blogging about Shunkan Sentimental I said I was going to stop neglecting SCANDAL, and was going to post more about them. Well, here we are 3 singles and an album later. With a new single and mini album being released in a matter of 2 months. And of course I feel completely awful about not blogging about them, because I really do love SCANDAL. And they have yet to release a single I don’t like.

On Octomber 6th SCANDAL will be releasing a new singled called SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase. The composer for the song said he’s going in a different direction with this song and is making sound like it’s from the 1970’s.

I absolutely love this new direction from SCANDAL! It definitely sounds like a 1970’s rock song. This is probably the heaviest single SCANDAL has released. Shunkan Sentimental was a little heavy, but this takes it to the next level. Which is a welcomed change. SCANDAL usually releases softer rock songs, which in the US would be considered pop punk. Don’t get me wrong I love their previous singles, but it’s nice to hear something new every now and then. I absolutely love everything about this song, I automatically fell in love with it the first time I heard it! The harmonies in this are also really amazing.

And am I hearing things or did I actually hear the other members sing? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking since they never sing. But I want to hear my beloved Rina sing, she has an adorable voice!

Tsuji Nozomi to release first album

On November 24th Tsuji Nozomi will be releasing her first album entitled Minna Happy! Mama no Uta. Which even with my limited Japanese I can translate it to Everyone Happy! Mama’s Song.

I am extremely happy that Nono will finally be making music again. I just complained recently on my blog that I would love to see Tsuji making music again. And of course as soon as I heard about this the first thing that came to mind was, what kind of music will Tsuji be making? Will she continue to release the W type music she used to or will she start releasing more mature music now that she is a mom? The title of her album kinda makes it seem like she’ll be making music geared towards children. Which I hope is not the case.

I also really wish Nono was still part of H!P. I can totally see her touring with S/mileage. Especially since she was just in their PV. Maybe they’ll at least perform together sometime.
I also wonder if she’ll be releasing a PV to promote the album. Japanese artists hardly ever release PVs for album tracks. And she doesn’t have any singles currently, so she’ll have to release something to promote the album. Since it’s being released in November perhaps she’ll release a single right before the album. But it seems to close for that, and she would have announced the single first. I really don’t know right now. This new is giving more questions than answers.

NYC-Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe preview

The preview for Johnny Entertainment’s sub group NYC’s 2nd single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, will be released on October 20th. Much like everything with such a short time to it’s release date we have the song preview.

First off, since I never made a legit post dedicated to this, does this mean NYC is like an official group? Having a main group and a subgroup is no big deal. Tegomass, NEWS, and Kanjani8 all do fine coexisting together. But I can’t help but feel extremely sad for B.I. SHADOW. I get it though. Johnny was testing the waters with Nakayama yuma w/ B.I. SHADOW. Which is why they never got their own release instead they shared one with NYC Boys. Once he saw that B.I. SHADOW was an utter failure, he cut the ties, and continued NYC Boys without the Boys. That’s gotta hurt to all the B.I. SHADOW memebers, who will probably never get another single or their own single.

And I gotta say I never really expected them to release another single. Yes, I thought Yuki 100% would be it. In retrospect I guess that’s kind of stupid. Since NYC has the potential to be extremely popular. They probably already are because of all the pimping at HSJ concerts and events. But I honestly don’t follow them that closely.

As for the song I do like it. Mostly because it sounds a lot like Yuki 100% and NYC. And I liked those songs a lot. I even really liked Akuma no Koi though. It’s half slow, half upbeat. It’s really nice to listen to. I’m also glad that they got their own song instead of another cover single. Which means the PV for this will most likely have a higher budget then Yuki 100% did. But much like the other NYC, NYC Boys, and most HSJ songs Chinen’s voice ruins it a bit. I just find his voice to be extremely irritating. And my general dislike for Chinen doesn’t help either.

Sugaya Risako-Elegant Girl preview

A commercial was released to promote Sugaya Risako’s first solo single, Elegant Girl, giving us a short preview of the PV. Which is completely unexpected because it’s also the first time we’re hearing the song.

I really wasn’t expecting this single to be so soft sounding. Though it’s called Elegant Girl, which should have given me my first clue. But I was actually expecting this to be pretty tough and loud, because isn’t Risako’s character supposed to be mean or the main character’s rival or something? The song itself sounds really pretty, but I’m not feeling it. In my honest opinion it’s a little forgettable. Let’s hope her second single is better. Or a Ogawa Mana duet!

The CM is far to short to get any substantial feel of the PV. All we’ve actually seen so far is the close up shots. But in that short time makes it look it’s going to be exactly like the Itoshiki Tomo he PV. Or the Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia PV. Both Morning Musume Tanjo 10nen Kinentai PVs were basically the same. Also I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like her evening gown hair. I honestly think it does nothing for her. I prefer Risako with her hair down.

AKB48’s Beginner preview

AKB48’s 18th single, Beginner, will be released on October 27th. With a little over a month until the release date we of course now have a preview of the song. But the quality is less than prefect. I’m not exactly sure where the rip came from, but it’s obviously not a radio rip.

After listening to the preview I am extremely surprised, and not in a good way. Compared to the singles AKB48 usually releases the music and song sounds completely bland. There’s not really anything about it that draws you in. To me it sounds like a song that Kitade Nana would release. And it is the tiniest bit reminiscent of Arashi’s Monster. It seems like AKB48 was trying to do a rock type song. But it turned out to be too dark and too serious. They should have mixed rock and cute, like Buono and Moon Kana do. Personally I would have liked the song better if they did. And I was completely thrown off by the random screams in the middle. AKB48 seems so out of place trying to do something more serious and aggressive. But I’m sure this single will still sell like 600,000 copies just because they are AKB48. But in all honesty if Morning Musume was doing a single like this I could see Morning Musume fans, and AKB48 fans that hate Morning Musume, complaining about it.

Top 10 Morning Musume singles

A few months back I made a post of my top ten least favorite Morning Musume singles, to illustrate people shouldn’t be so hard on Morning Musume’s recent bland singles. So for the fun of it I’ve decided to post about my top ten favorite singles. And much like my last post these songs are in no particular order, they are simply in the order I remembered them in.

10. Koi no Dance Site

There was a time where I wouldn’t even listen to Morning Musume’s singles before Love Machine. I thought they were just too old sounding. And I really regret that now cause pre Love Machine singles are really amazing! I’m not even sure why I love this song so much. All the uh has and ai yais in the song would make me too embarrassed to tell anyone that I actually like the song. But I can’t not love it, it’s beyond catchy. Even though the lyrics don’t always make 100% sense I love the song. Especially the chorus. I’m incapable of listening to the chorus without singing along.

9. Love Machine

AKA the single that put Momusu on the map. Over one million people liked it enough to buy it, and so do I! The song has incredibly catchy and easy to dance to music. As well as Morning Musume’s pretty much standard lyrics of being in love. It’s also got a splash of patriotism in the lyrics, which is probably a big factor why Japan liked it so much. Of course I love the chorus of the song, but my actual favorite part of the song is the bridge. Especially the shuushoku kibou da wa wow wow wow line. That’s when the song really hits it’s peak for me.

8. Shabondama

Hands done this is probably my favorite Morning Musume single, and one of my all time favorite Morning Musume songs. I just love how powerful the song is. Powerful lyrics, powerful music, and it’s even sung powerfully. It’s just the ultimate I don’t need you anymore song. The message is if you don’t want me than fine, I’ll find someone better. Since I’m a girl I really relate to the lyrics. Especially the of all the girl’s in the world what could my ranking possibly be part and the how many girls receive certification that they’re wonderful women part. I also love the whole love is just a soap bubble analogy, where love is over in an instant.

7. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

This is Morning Musume’s longest single to date clocking in at almost 6:30 minutes. I love how happy and fun loving the whole theme of the song is. I also love that it introduces all the girls and gives a brief peak at their personality. This is the kind of song I miss from Morning Musume overly cheerful and focuses on all the members. It’s probably the most fun single Momusu has ever released.

6. Renai Revolution 21

For the longest time I used to hate this song. Until one day I though, “I guess I’ll just give it another listen.” And of course I ended up absolutely loving it. I think it’s the disco music and awful PV outfits that turned me off for so long. XD The lyrics are far from being genius. Actually they are often pointless. “It’s all good with a paper cup.” “It’s all good on a bicycle.” XD But I think once it gets to the chorus the lyrics get a little meaningful. But what I love about the song is it’s silly, and it’s fun. It doesn’t try to be serious. It’s also one of my favorite songs to watch at concerts. Also Rika’s hoi is adorable!

5. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~

This is the very first Morning Musume song I ever heard. And that alone will always hold some significance and sentimental value. I also love the song because it is over the top happy, energetic, and upbeat. It’s the kind of song that is impossible to be sad while listening to. The song is pretty much idol standard. Falling in love and what not. But the lyrics aren’t a main factor of why I love the song. Just the shear energetic nature of the song makes it incredible and extremely fun to listen to.

4. Kanashimi Twillight

Kanashimi Twillight is another song I like because I can relate to the girlish feelings in the song. Just when you think you can finally trust a guy he gives you reasons not to. I mean what girl hasn’t been in that situation? Crying over a guy that leads them on. Other than the lyrics the music and dance is extremely powerful.

3. I Wish

Another song I love for the lyrics. But instead of being empowering or relatable, I find them to be very meaningful. Despite days that are sad or lonely, life is wonderful and you should be happy. And tough times will always get better. I also like that the song starts out very somber and then just jumps right into being very happy. I think the song is definitely uplifting.

2. Daite Hold On Me!

I love this song because I relate to it a lot. It’s not just about unrequited love, it’s about one sided love. And it’s basically about “You love me right? Why don’t you love me? I don’t want to end this. Please just hold me because I love you.” Having been in one sided love several times I really relate to it. You also have to love the beautiful harmony in the song.

1. Koko ni Iruzee!

I like this song because it is really silly. It’s also probably the most childish single Morning Musume has ever released. So of course I like it for that fun aspect. I also like it because it’s another song about enjoying life to it’s fullest. And I really love the “Song overcomes contry border. It advances to just about anywhere,” line.

Morning Musume’s preforms on Hey! Hey! Hey’s Idol SP

Morning Musume members and Morning Musume OG members performed on Hey! Hey! Hey!’s Idol special. They performed a 3 songs medley that included the songs Renai Revolution 21, Koi no Dance Site, and Love Machine.

Firs off, let me start by saying am I the only one who wants them to preform something else? I know since the OG are there they sing all the old songs, but I would actually prefer them to sing their newer songs. Or at least both old and new songs. It would be a nice change. I’d even settle for once. I just want to see how Nakazawa Yuko would sound singing Kimagure Princess. XD
Also can anyone tell me why there are missing OG members? I don’t know if you guys noticed but their are 4 OG members missing from this performance. Those members are Fujimoto Miki, Ogawa Makoto, Konno Asami, and Kusumi Koharu. They’re missing for absolutely no reason at all! That just completely irks me. Besides I miss my beloved KonKon and Koha!

I though the overall performance was enjoyable to watch. But it honestly wasn’t much different than all the other Morning Musume current and OG joint performances. Besides costumes and solo lines, you can barely distinguish between them. It also seems like Iida Kaori might have been sick. She didn’t rock her solo in Koi no Dance Site.

I also decided to make screencaps of this for fun. XD

Who is this random fat chick they keep focusing on like I’m supposed to know who she is. XD It’s pretty awesome that she dances along though. An obvious fan.

Pretty LinLin is pretty.

Stupid Sayumi always looking cute. XD

OMFG! I love Haruna Ai. XD

No one does Sexy Beam better than Mari.

I’ll never understand how they change clothes so quickly. It was just a jacket and it was still like half a second!

Yasuda’s ja na is just a tad too aggressive. XD

It’s amazing how good Yuko looks for her age.

Lolz at how overly excited she is. Who am I kidding, I’d act the same way. XD

Nono! I completely forgot that she wasn’t there either. Well she is pregnant. XD

I could not resist focusing on MatsuJun throughout the whole performance. Half because Jun is hot and half because his almost arrogant lack of interest.

WTF is MatsuJun doing? One could mistake his look for awe. But if you asked me he looks frightened. Maybe because of the number of girls, their obnoxious outfits, or maybe he’s just thinking how much better Arashi is. XD

Look how he’s smugly looking away!

Ok, he looks semi interested now.

Jun’s blank stare. O_O

The final reaction is a lie!

I wonder what Jun is saying to Morning Musume? All I can understand is Love Machine and Utaban. XD I think he also said Mari’s Sexy Beam made him happy. Lol.

Also you should hurry up and watch the clip if you want to see it. No doubt it will be deleted from youtube soon.

Morning Musume’s vauge new song Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo

During the first stop in Morning Musume’s fall concert tour they preformed a new song entitled Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo. Though what this new song is going to be used for is still up in the air, it’s obvious that it will be on their 44th single. We’ll just have to wait and see weather it’s the A-side or B-side.

That being said let me just say how much I absolutely love this song. The song sounds like it starts off with Aika. That alone is awesome enough. And I love everything about the song! The music is absolutely incredible. When the chorus kicks in I could die. The music of the song is already very powerful, but even more so in the chorus. I really hope that this turns out to be the A-side. Morning Musume has been wasting all their best and most powerful songs on B-sides and albums songs. The line distribution is also good. I hardly have any complaints over it. Every single girl gets a solo line. Though if they just did that will every single LinLin and JunJun wouldn’t be leaving the first place. I mean listen to the intensity in LinLin’s solo lines! Do you think Sayumi could ever come close to sounding like that? No way! Listen to her solo lines in this song. They’re basically mashing all of her previous solos together. Her solo starts with her robot voice from Ookii Hitomi, then her overly suggestive Ah from SONGS, and finally her whisper speak from Nanchatte Renai. All of which mask the fact that SHE STILL CAN’T SING!

This song is directly ripped from a concert, so the quality isn’t the best.

Arashi Dear Snow preview

A preview for Arashi’s 33rd single, Dear Snow, has been released. The song is being used as the theme for the film Ooku staring Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari.

I’ve said in this blog several times before that I don’t really like ballads too much. So I was a little bit sad that this single is so slow paced. Since Troublemaker, Monster, To Be Free, and Love Rainbow were amazing I was hoping for another instantly catchy song. But after the third listen, I’m actually starting to like it. Despite the lack of singing ability in some Arashi members, Arashi does haramonize beautifully. So the chorus is definitely my favorite part of the song. It’s a pretty present song to listen to. And much like most of Arashi’s songs it has sickingly sweet lyrics you can’t help but not like.

Dear Snow will be released on October 6th. Here’s the preview.

Billboard Japan Music Awards nominees

The nominees for the Billboard Music Japan awards were announced. And of course idol groups were no strangers to the list. In total 11 idol groups were selected (Well actually more. But I only count the groups I actually care about. XD) Of course a majority of them are Johnny’s. But the 11 are as follows: Arashi, AKB48, NYC, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, SMAP, Team Dragon from AKB48, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Yamashita Tomohisa, and LANDS.

But don’t hold your breath for the results anytime soon. The awards don’t even take place until February 6, 2011.

Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama PV preview

On Up-Front Work’s official youtube channel they posted a commercial for S/mileage’s newest single Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama. The 30 second commercial gives us a nice preview of the PV.

What they show of the PV is really adorable. I’m excited for it to be released now. It’s the first time I’m seeing the pink outfits in the PV. They’re cute, but I definitely prefer the blue. And I think I’m officially used to Kanon’s short hair. I’ve gone from waiting for it to grow back to actually starting to like it. It looked bad for most of the Yume Miru 15sai PV. It did look cute with the black outfits though.

But in this PV she actually looks really pretty with the short hair.

AKB48 dating sim game: creepy or the greatest thing ever?

AKB48 announced that they will be releasing their first ever video game. But this is not just any old video game. It’s not even anything like Morning Musume’s first video game Space Venus. No, instead AKB48 continues to cater to their wota, and turns the fanservice meter to 11. And that’s because AKB48 will be releasing their very own dating sim game. It will be called AKB 1/48 Idol to Ai Shitara or in English AKB 1/48 If I Were to Love an Idol… “ultimate dating fantasy game.”
I’m pretty sure this is the first time a dating sim game has ever used real people as opposed to animated ones. And because of that and AKB48’s overall popularity, this is probably going to be the biggest dating sim game in Japan ever. I think this also means Sal9000 might end up having an affair.

I gotta say this is probably one of the coolest most unique piece of merchandise an idol group has ever released. I mean, I’m not into girls, have zero interest in dating sim games, and even I want it! And why is that so then? To answer it simply, I want it for what it is. This game comes in 4 versions: normal version, time limited edition, first press limited edition, and premier special pack.

The premier special pack included the following: the game, the UMD, a 2 disc 240 minute making-of DVD, 10 pictures, set of kiss mark stickers (48), selectable jackets for the game’s case (48 variations), a special box, a special PSP-3000 unit, and a set of 48 kiss mark battery covers.

I want this game simply for collection purposes. And I’m obviously not the only one. The things you get in the premier special pack are amazing. They are so cool that I kind of hate that I don’t have $300 to spend on this. And I would proudly walk around using a PSP with Mayu’s name and lips on the battery cover.

Now, on the completely opposite spectrum of this news a lot of people seem to be reacting negatively to this. No doubt 95% of them aren’t actual AKB48 fans. There’s a lot of talk that this game is creepy, and is basically promoting stalking. Which isn’t really true at all. Idol fans in general are aggressive and overly obsessed with their idols. They’re called wota, and are perfectly harmless. They were overly into AKB48 long before this game and will be overly into AKB48 long after the game. Even if people do stalk AKB48 after the game gets released it will have nothing to do with the game. Because their are always crazy fans out there. I mean some random chick killed herself because she loved Paula Abdul. Some random guy tried to kill Ronald Regan to impress Jodie Foster!
As for the creepy aspect I don’t find it that creepy. It’s no more creepy than a regular dating sim game. And besides that AKB48 already has videos of the confessing their love to fans, so why don’t put it in a dating sim gam and make even more money?

By the way, I actually have no idea where this video, the happy birthday one, etc are even from or even for. So if anyone could clear this up that would be great. XD

Okashiimono de Ikou

Mano Erina’s 8th single, Genkimono de Ikou, was released today. So naturally the PV has been out for a while. But you can chalk this review up to things I have missed while I was away. I’m still caching up here. ._. When I heard the song title it immediately reminded me of Buono’s Gachinko de Ikou. And honestly who didn’t think of that? While the song isn’t really up to the incredible standard we’ve come to love about Buono, the song is really good by ManoEri standard. I should really stop ragging on Erina so much especially since I actually really do like a majority of her music. I’m even starting to like her indie singles. Well Lucky Aura anyway. Wow, if some one told me when Mano Piano was released I’d grow to like ManoEri I would have laughed at them. XD

Since I always find similarities in idol PVs, no exception with this one. I thought I’d point out all the things I find similar first.

Her outfit is pretty similar to things Buono have worn before.

See, the styling of Momoko’s outfit is nearly the same.

The dance scenes remind me of AKB48.

The way that a lot of people are dancing on a stage reminds me of Oogoe Diamond.

And also 10nin Matsuri’s Dancing Natus Matsuri because of the festival lanterns and the red and white background.

The red suited guy reminds me of Masuda Takahisa.

Note the black suited kid in Massuperman.

Onto the PV itself.

ManoEri looks super cute.

I don’t understand what this whole business meeting scene is about. XD

For some reason this guy reminds me of Nakamaru Yuichi. WTF! o_O

Lolz unflattering ManoEri shot.

Try ManoEri’s new Genkimono brand iced tea.

And they love him why?

I do really love Erina’s ring master outfit.


*insert something witty about whips here*

Akari! I wish I could get a better cap of her. :/

Whoa, wait. Is that Kikkawa Yuu? I don’t remember her back up dacning for ManoEri before.

Why do they keep slapping people?

Ok, now everyone fall in love with your bipolar boss.

Ok, there is officially too much written Japanese in this PV. And way to pimp the ipad. XD

She just wore a Chinese themed outfit in the Onegai Dakara PV. They must be trying too keep any Chinese fans they’ll lose with LinJun going.


NMB48 auditions and their effect on Morning Musume

Akimoto Yasushi has been holding auditions for AKB48’s lastest sister unit NMB48. I’m sure most idol fans out there have known about this for a while. And rightly so, because AKB48 first announced the new group at one of their concerts in July. But I am literally just hearing about this today.
As I’ve said several times before I don’t follow AKB48, SKE48, and SDN48 as closely as I’d like to. Mostly because I’m super new to the fandom and there is a lot of girls, music, history, and general information to sift through. So much at times it feels like my head is going to explode. Right now I still can’t remember all the girls names. From memory I still only know about half the AKB48 girls’ names, no SKE48 girls (besides Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena), and no SDN48 girls. Every time I start to really remember the girls something happens in H!P and JE that I focus all my attention on. It’s a vicious cycle. But I’m ok with my AKB48 fandom for now. You can’t imagine how hard it is to try and focus on every single Japanese idol group out there. But this is getting completely off subject now.

Since the auditions have been going on for a while now they are already on their secondary auditions. They narrowed 430 girls down to 106. And on September 20th they will be holding the third audition. Now I haven’t watched any of the NMB48 audition videos. Mostly because I can’t be bothered to search for streaming videos that could take hours to find. I’ll only do that for Morning Musume’s 9th generation auditions. But what I did watch is a video of the top 106 girls. Here’s the video.

I gotta say a vast majority of the girls are pretty unattractive. Don’t get me wrong there are a few cute girls. There are girls who reminded me of Kitagawa Keiko, Kusumi Koharu, and Ogawa Makoto. But most of them resemble horses. And I know that might sound harsh, but we’re talking about idols here. Who are based on looks over talent, being added to an agency that lip sinks nearly every performance. Do you think wotas watching this are thinking “hmm she’s ugly, but she might actually be a good singer,” or “WTF? Keep this horse face out of my group,”?

Now because I overanalyze everything and am extremely H!P biased, my immediate reactions to these auditions are, “how is this going to effect Morning Musume’s 9th gen auditions?”

I know Morning Musume, NMB48 seemingly unrelated. Except, not really. You have to factor in that these are the same girls that will most likely be auditioning for Morning Musume. The rejects of this audition will most likely audition for Morning Musume as well because the auditions are in close proximity of each other.
If a girl really wants to be an idol she’ll pretty much settle for any group. Let’s not forget AKB48 and SKE48 members have auditioned for Morning Musume before their respected groups. AKB48’s Satou Sumire, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Umeda Ayaka as well as SKE48’s Furukawa Airi and Momona Kitou.
I know some of you might not realize, or don’t want to admit, but these auditions will have a big effect on Morning Musume’s auditions. Wether the effect is a positive or a negative is up in the air.

There are two possible effects this could have on the Morning Musume auditions. Let’s start with the positive. This could definitely boost the turn out for Morning Musume’s auditions. I’m sure a lot of the heartbroken girls whose dreams have been crushed will most likely try their luck with the 9th gen Momusu auditions. Like I said before, an idol group is an idol group. If they really wanted to be an idol they wouldn’t care what group they were in.

And now for the negative possibility. And the one I personally find more plausible. Some girls might brush off the rejection and wait for another AKB48 or sister unit audition, rather than audition for Morning Musume. AKB48 and it’s sister units are extremely popular, a lot more popular than Morning Musume. They are pretty much the top idol groups in Japan right now. 7,256 girls auditioned for NMB48. I’m going to say that Morning Musume will be lucky if they get half of that.
I’d figure a lot of girls would want to be in an extremely popular group over a not so popular group. And would probably hold out for that. It seems like AKB48 takes new members frequently. AKB48 is on their 10th generation of Research Students. That’s pretty mind blowing. Considering Morning Musume is only on 8th gen currently, and H!P doesn’t take that many Eggs.

I don’t know, I try to look at Morning Musume’s future in an optimistic way. But honestly anymore it seems kinda dim.


For the promotion of their 4th album live NEWS made 3 different commercials. Well, they’re not so much different as just being different versions of the same commercial. But different nonetheless. The three versions are dubbed the Yamapi version, the Massu version, and the Kei-chan version. Which is a kind of unfair to the other members if you ask me. But i guess it’s fair when you take into account that Tegoshi and Ryo have recently starred in their own solo commercials. As for Shige, I don’t know. I guess everyone just hates him. XD

Since I only know minimal Japanese let’s focus on what’s really important during these commercials, their overall looks.
Yamapi: I am completely ecstatic that his “what was he thinking” perm is all but a distant ugly memory. And he’s back to having sex hot hair. It’s pretty similar to my favorite Yamapi hairstyle, his Kurosagi hair, yet it’s a little different. I guess it’s a little more mature.
Massu: I don’t find Massu to be all that attractive to begin with but he’s even more so with blonde hair. I don’t understand why he went back to his Tanabata Matsuri hair as if that was a good look for him.
Tegoshi: Pretty much the same as usual.
Shige: Shige’s hair is an abomination! It looks like his Sakura Girl hair but worse. He looks completely hideous, which makes me uber sad.
Ryo: Looking the same but still adorable.
Kei: Kei looks incredible. His short cut and dark hair is probably my favorite Kei hairstyle. Whenever he has his hair like this he look incredible. I absolutely hate his constant blonde hair. With his dark brown hair he moves for a pitiful 3/10 to a solid 7/10.

Overall I think the CMs are pretty much standard new album CMs. Nothing extremely amazing going on. Except for Ryo of course. Maybe it’s because of my obvious Ryo bias but I was paying the most attention to Ryo throughout the commercials.

From when he’s the only one slyly smiling in Yamapi’s CM.

To when he’s the only one not laughing in Massu’s.

Or when he’s the first one to laugh at Kei. I’m always drawn to Ryo.

Anyway, here’s a mash up of all 3 commercials.

NEWS Live album preview

My favorite JE group ever NEWS is releasing their 4th album on September 15th. Which is 2 days from now! You might remember I made about a month ago about my dilemma about deciding between NEWS’s and Miyavi’s CDs. Well, in the end I ultimately chose NEWS. However, because of my mom’s stroke I was unable to have her buy it for me. Which I’m pretty sad over. But my mom assured me that I will get it when she is gets a little better and we actually have the money for it. XD

Details about this album have been coming out periodically over the last couple weeks. But due to my infection I couldn’t blog about it. And I am extremely upset over that. I missed the whole moment of glee when the tracklist was released, and gushing over the covers. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I mean the song previews are even out! And have been for over a week! But whatever, I’m a HUGE NEWS fangirl and I intend to blog about their album to it’s full extent. Starting with the tracklist. The track list to Live is as follows:

1: Koi no ABO0
3: Umare shi kimi e
4: Supernatural
5: Aki no Sora
6: 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki
7: Dancin’in the Secret
8: Wonderland
9: Sakura Girl
11: D.T.F
12: Naiyou no nai Tegami
13: Endless Summer
14: Share
15: Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

And here’s the preview for each song.

The first songs that sticks out to me are Share and Forever. Obviously because they were both sang at NEWS’s Winter Diamond Party concerts. But they stick out for different reasons. Share sticks out to me because Share should not even be on the album. Share was released as a b-side track on their Koi no ABO single. Yes I do like the song Share. And yes I wanted a live version of it as soon as I heard it. But releasing it on the album seems lazy to me. Like they needed one more song on the album and just threw it in there.
And Forever sticks out because as soon as I heard it on the Live Diamond DVD I wanted it to be released on an album. It was like Snow Express all over again.
Overall I am completely in love with what I hear. They’re the standard happy sort of good feeling songs like I love about NEWS so much. And of course I love NEWS’s super upbeat songs over their softer ones. So 2hito/130000000 no Kiseki, Wonderland, Dancin in the Secret, and Be Funky being my immediate favorites. And Aki no Sora, D.T.F, and Live becoming my secondary favorites. As always NEWS delivers more than I expect. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever my favorite artists announces a new album at first I am extremely happy, but after that I’m in a state of utter panic. I am always worried what if the album turns out to be utter garbage. And I do that will all my music. From Idol music to Jrock to American music. I hope I’m not alone in that. XD

I also have a random thought about the album. Is it supposed to be live, as in to live, or live, as in they’re performing live. I have no idea what I’m supposed to even call the album! XD

New Hey!Say!7 Lotte Fruitio CM

While I was feeling under the weather Hey! Say! 7 released another Lotte Fruitio commercial. Now I’m always super excited for a new Hey! Say! JUMP commercial, especially one starring my beloved Yuto. However, I’m a little bit sad Hey Say 7 gets far more pimping than best does. Even though I like 7’s music more, Best has more of my favorite members. I’d kill for a new Best themed commercial or song. But apparently that’s a pipe dream.

But I digress. This new commercial is pretty much identical to the last commercial in every way possible. They dance to Kagayaki Days again, they are wearing near identical outfits from the last CM, and the boys are in the exact same positions. The only main difference is this commercial is lemon/yellow themed rather than grape/purple. And yet I find this CM to be completely adorable. I love how they stop mid dance because, the lemon is either too sour or too bitter. Which was of course unexpected. And you have to laugh at Yuto’s over acted, nonrealistic reaction.

But probably my favorite part of the commercial was Ryosuke.

Him saying paradise was the hottest thing ever. How he says it in a breathy almost whisper. No wonder he has so many fangirls.

Afternoon Musume Georgia coffee CM

Several OG Morning Musume members have formed a new unit called Afternoon Musume to promote Georgia coffee drinks. The units consists of Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Fujimoto Miki, and Ogawa Makoto. In the commercials they sing an original song entiled Gohoubi no Afternoon Coffee. AKA an enka version of Morning Coffee. It is still unconfirmed if this will be released as a single.

I gotta say this CM and song aren’t exactly my cup of coffee tea. I absolutely hate the overly Japanese theme of it. Mainly because I don’t find enka music to be all that appealing. However I find the geisha outfits to be adorable. I also am incredibly sad that KonKon isn’t a part of this at all. But I’m super excited for OG being pimped again. Even though I’m not an OG fan at all. It’s nice to know every once in a blue moon UFA lets them do something other than gather dust.

Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi preview

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Irony. And do you know why that is so? I hate irony because I am it’s latest victim. Pretty much right after I came back from my much needed hiatus I got hit with an upper respiratory infection. Which left me bed ridden for 2 weeks straight. And I can’t tell you it was not fun at all. I thought I’d just let my readers know where I’ve disappeared to again. I gotta say this has just not been my month. There has got to me some one out there who doesn’t want me to blog with a voodoo of me disrupting my life. ._.
Just like before, be prepared for some old news. Anyway, now that that is out of the way onto the purpose of this post.

This post is all about Muten Musume. (You can’t imagine how many times I almost accidentally wrote mutant instead of mutan XD) Which is prehistoric news now, but cut me some slack please. XD Morning Musume have formed a new unit called Muten Musume to promote a sushi chain in the Kansai region of Japan. Except not really because it’s the current line up with a different name and new nicknames for the girls. Which are basically their names doubled. AiAi, RisaRisa, ReiRie, etc.
And I honestly think the whole concept is completely stupid. Why go through all the trouble of making a new Momusu unit if every single current Morning Musume member is taking part in it? Why can’t they just release it under Morning Musume? It’s seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

Muten Musume’s first, and most likely only, single Appare Kaiten Zushi is being released October 27th. And since it’s September of course the radio rip is out.
Now I may not agree with, or even understand the point in forming this unit but I absolutely adore the song. It literally sounds like Momusu’s Pepper Keibu, Berryz’s Warera! Berryz Kamen, and Buono’s My Boy rolled up into one and Appare Kaiten Zushi got all the good pieces.
This is the kind of sill, fun, energetic, completely unserious song I’ve been wanting Morning Musume to release again since Resonant Blue! The song is about sushi and I still like it more than Seishun Collection. And my god LinLin and JunJun actually have solo lines! Though it’s sad to see they were only thrown a bone because they’re graduating soon.
All I can really say about this song is I want a PV right now!