Momoiro Clover Koko Natsu preview

Momoiro Clover previewed their 2nd major single, Koko Natsu, on their live USTREAM broadcast a few days ago.

First off I am incredibly stupid. The song Koko Natsu is supposed to mean Coconuts, but my first reaction to the title was “why the hell is it called here summer?” I was obviously taking the title a little too literally. XD

I am completely in love with this song though. It now replaces Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo as my favorite Momoiro Clover song. The song is just so upbeat and happy that you can’t hate it. It’s a very tropical themed song, so I’m pretty interested in what the PV will look like. But for some reason I can’t imagine them in bikinis. I’m like 80% it will be beach themed, but bikini free.
I also think Ayaka and Kanako are leading the single. But I’m not 100% sure of that. Because the quality is a little bad and I don’t really recognize their voices by ear 100% yet. I can only recognize half of them.

The video from the USTREAM show is incredibly cute. They are so energetic you can tell that they love every minute of being part of Momoiro Clover. Which is incredibly sweet. I also wish my favorites, Akari and Momoka, were in the center more so I could see them better.

AKB48 is lingerie heavy

Just when I thought AKB48 wasn’t wota friendly enough, with their bikini themed PVs, they go and make something like Heavy Rotation. Even though they are scantily clad and fulfilling every man’s fantasy of pillow fighting in lingerie. I can’t seem to hate the PV or even find anything remotely wrong with it. They take even the most wota themed PV and make it absolutely adorable and not overly sexy at all. Just like Baby! Baby! Baby was still cute under all the bikniness of it. It’s mind boggling how AKB48 can keep that balance. They can roll around in lingerie and not look slutty at all! And I also don’t feel awkward watching it either. Unless someone saw me watching it of course. Then it would be pretty hard to explain that AKB48 looks cute and hot in this PV, but I’m not attracted to them at all. XD

So yeah onto the review. Because you’re only reading this post to get to the AKB48 screencap spam.

A Yuko peephole, I feel dirty already. ;]

I kinda wish Yuko didn’t get voted as the number 1 girl, I don’t really think she’s the prettiest AKB48 member. They should just make Mayu number 1 already. 😀

I absolutely love the outfits. Marching band on top, insanly colorful skirt on the bottom.
Pillow fight!
But it reminds me of this. Even thought they never pillow fight in S.O.W.
Dog pile on Tomomi and Yuko. At least I think. XD It was way too quick to be 100% sure which girls it was. But I think it’s Kasai Tomomi and Oshima Yuko under Mariko.
WTF is Achan doing? It’s so random. Someone should make a gif of her rubbing her rabbit. That sounds a little bit like a euphemism. XD
During this scene I am literally trying to figure out which girl has prettiest lingerie set, and which one I wish I owned. XD
I love the heart dance move.
Adorable screencap. And the 3 best lingerie sets. XD
I spot a Mayu!
But Yuko does look gorgeous in her close up shots.
But it reminds me of this. And also a peroformance of Shanimuni Paradise. But I’m too lazy to get a picture of that.
Wow, Achan looks super amazing.
Mayu! My god she looks breathtaking!
The head bopping makes them look like creepy dolls. XD
I always thought Yuki was ugly because of her obvious potato nose. But she actually looks pretty cute here.
Apparently they’re supposed to be laying on an oversized bed. But to me it looked like they’ve been laying on the floor.
I really wish Jurina would stay out of AKB48 PVs. SKE48 have their own Pvs!
Lolz. What a lame dance move.
My first reaction to this was, dude if they’re asleep they’ll be easier to rape. O_O
Walk like an Egyptian.
Ummm what? I’m trying to make sense of this, but I can’t.

So cute! But Mayu could sneeze and it would be cute.


I like this scene more than the lingerie scene.

I don’t think Achan can get anymore gorgeous.

Wow Yuko looks amazing.

Feed me!

Stole Mayu’s cooklie!

Kiss! I’m not really impressed with it though. XD

Ok this is hot.

Here’s the video. If you want to see it without downloading it, I suggest you do it fast. Youtube is taking down this video right and left already. :/

Risako going solo!

Berryz Koubou member Sugaya Risako will be making her solo debut. She will be releasing a single later this year as Ibu Himuro, her character in the Mecha Mote series. Much like how Kusumi Koharu releases her singles as Kirarin Revolution Staring: Tsukishima Kirari. Or something to that effect.

Now I’m not really the biggest Risako fan in the world, and I also don’t hate her. Risako is more floating somewhere in the middle for me. But I am super excited for solo single. Mostly because H!P anime tie in songs are some of the best H!P songs out there currently. Buono, Kirarin Revolution, Athena & Robikerottsu Shugo Chara Eggs/Guardians 4 are just pure win for me. Yeah that’s right I love Guardians 4. Gotta love the extra does of Mittsi.

I’m also really interested in what her solo single will sound like. Because if Risako sings at certain frequencies it has the tendency to make your ears hurt slightly. Don’t kill me for that comment. XD I also wonder if she will make her voice sounds overly cute like Koharu did for her solo singles. Even Aika makes her voice sound cuter in Going On. But Risako’s voice is usually the exact same. But still she might opt for something cuter since it’s solo single for anime.

But yeah, I am really happy for Risako. I mean she’ll finally be up in the front more. I can barely even find her in Berryz Koubou PVs! Seriously, give less popular girls singles please. I’m expecting this single to be utter win, so don’t disappoint. And let’s hope she doesn’t leave Berryz Koubou immediately after her solo singles end, like Koharu did. XD

Also in honor of her upcoming solo debut here’s a small video spam of my favorite Risako performances.

Real Love:

Chu Natsu Party:

Baka ni Shinaide:

Very Beauty:

Even more banners!

I swear I’m like super addicted to making banners for this blog. So of course I made to make even more banners. Bringing me up to 27 banners for this blog. I think I need a better hobby. XD Anyway here are the new banners I made. Please don’t laugh at my noobshopping lack of photoshop skills.

First the official group ones.
Momoiro Clover:

And I made some more wota friendly ones. 😀

Nishikido Ryo:
I had to do Ryo’s Boao shoot. It’s so hot! XD

Kusumi Koharu:
Koharu’s actually came out the best. Mostly because I found a great picture that had room for me to blend 3 other pictures on the left.

Konno Asami:
I had to make one for my beloved KonKon! Though this one came out the worst. Since I used different pictures, I had no idea what to do for a background. So I just made it her group color. XD
Of course I had to make a Yamapi one.
Suzuki Airi:
This picture didn’t even need blending effects.


I found this picture randomly one day when I was looking up AKB48 pictures, so I had to make a banner out of it. XD
Akanishi Jin:
I made this Jin banner long before it was ever announced he would be leaving KAT-TUN. I wonder if he still counts now? XD

So yeah 27 banners, you’d think that would be enough. But I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I want to eventually have. I still have to make one for Canary Club, Kanjani8, Idoling!!!, YuiKaori, and solo ones for each of my favorite idols. Which is a lot. XD

YuiKaori throws a vivid party

It’s finally out! The PV for YuiKaori’s second single, Vivivid Party, is finally out! I’ve been checking youtube everyday obsessively for a month waiting for the full PV to be released. I am completely excited to finally have the full version.

Also am I the only one bothered by the fact that their song has an extra vi? It should be Vivid Party. But I guess it was added for cuteness, just Kusumi Koharu’s Papancake single. Either that or someone really sucks at English.

I completely love their outfits.

Some parts of the dance are just a little bit awkward.

Yui is so adorable!

But Kaori is miles cuter.

Definitely awkward dance. XD

I officially need to become a dancer. Look at all the random foreign dancers in this PV.

I’m more impressed with this then I should be.

The cute screen caps of Yui could be endless.

Kaori looks gorgeous. The curly hair really suits her. She should seriously always have her hair like this.

Kaori bias. Though I’m not 199% sure what her hat is supposed to be.

Lolz at weird dance move.

Simple dance move, but it’s actually really cute.

Extreme leg close up.

Insert perverted comment here. XD

Reminds me of Dakishimete Dakishimete.




I love Kaori.


That’s kinda creepy. Someone lurking in the mirror.

I knew he wasn’t dead!


This part of the dance is really awesome.


Gosh Kaori is so cute.

Gotta end it big.

C-ute’s Dance de Bakoon! preview

The preview for C-ute’s 13th single, Dance de Bakoon!, is finally out. And when I say finally, I mean the radio rip is finally out. The concert rip has been out for a few days already, but I’ve been waiting for the radio rip. Mostly because I couldn’t really tell who was singing when in the concert rip.

After the utter disappointment of C-ute’s last single, Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~, any type of song would have been an improvement. But I am happy to say that the song is absolutely incredible. The line distribution is really fair, each member had at least 3 solo lines. Which is awesome. I didn’t want to have another Shock type single.
But the song is going through an identity crisis. At some parts the music sounds like a mix of 321 Breakin’ Out!, Madayade, and Waracchaou yo Boyfriend. But other than that I love every part of the song. For the first time in a long time I’m actually looking forward to the PV.

Yamapi is One in a Million

Yampi’s PV for his 3rd solo single, One in a Million, is released. Yamapi fans rejoice! Or complain it should be a NEWS single, it’s really up to you. Upcoming NEWS concerts don’t make me less NEWS deprived. Though a new Kanjani8 single, and new Yamapi single allows me to see something new from my favorites NEWS members.

Onto the review. I’m going to keep the formula for PV reviews the same from now on. That I make the review as I’m watching the PV. That way all my comments are my immediate honest reactions.

The first scene I can already tell the PV is going to be wicked Americanized kinda like MOLA.(Song wise on PV wise) So I’m either going to hate it or think it’s hilarious. XD

I love how every name on the list, other than Yamapi’s, is an American name. As if he’d ever get into an American club.

OMG I’m on the list! I don’t know if you can read that, but inside the pink box it says Amy Burg. My name! Sure my last name isn’t Burg, but that’s just because it’s the alias I use when I go meet Yamapi. XP

It’s serious now, Yamapi’s arrived.

WTF? A foreign chick again.

Am I the only one who think random guy out of focus in the background might be hot? XD

Come right this way, Prince will escort you in now. He totally looks like a Japanese version of Prince. I’m sure his Little Red Corvette is parked right out front. 😀 I crack myself up. XD

Now the party don’t get started till I walk in.

Foreign chick numero dos.

I love how she gives Pi the evil eye. Like, “nobody walks away from me and lives to see the day.” XD

This spiral background will probably hurt my eyes after a while.

DJ Yamapi laying it down.

Yamapi does not look good here. He also doesn’t sound good with autotuning.

MIND FUCK! This effect is so simple to do, yet I’m amazed by it every time I see it. XD

This background is just awesome!

For a second it looked like Prince was gonna kiss Yamapi.

Hot face!

Dude, this guy look like Eddy Gordo! If Eddy Gordo were real. XD

Oh WTF, now all of a sudden Prince is a pimp.

Eh, his “who is that” face isn’t really that hot.

Oh gross. His one in a million is list checker chick. Yamapi could do better than hair. That blonde haired girl from the beginning of the PV was way prettier.

Aww she only has eyes for Prince.

Or he’s her drug hook up.

Yamapi says “soon my pretty you will be mine.”

Guess it’s time to awkwardly follow her.

I wish I could get that close to Yamapi.

Or that close. *O*

Just kiss already! But they won’t, because fangirls would HATE it.

That’s it?! I feel ripped off.

Oh WTF, it was just a dream!

Or not?

I take blogging far too seriously

Please be warned the following post is somewhat long and somewhat emo. Though I felt I had to make this post to clear up some things about my blog. And I also needed to vent some of my feelings, which is what a blog is for anyway. A specifically themed blog or not.

Just sitting here on a raining day reading conspiracy sites and Jpop blogs has made me think of a few things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.
As the effect of trying to please everyone who happens across my blog too much, the quality of my blog has suffered greatly. In the 6 months of 2008 that I blogged I had 56 posts, and in 2009 I had 141 posts. That’s roughly 197 posts about H!P. In October 2009 I announced some changes to my blog, that I would officially be covering all idol groups not just H!P and occasional posts about JE. After the announcment you’d think I’d have about 5 times as much posts as I usually do, but the fact is I have even less then usual. Right now I have about 64 posts for 2010. Which is pitiful compared to what I should have. And what’s the reason behind that? I don’t want to be too biased toward one group. Back in 2008 and 2009 when I was blogging about H!P solely, I made posts about everything going on in H!P. I mean everything! Photobooks, CM, previews, sometimes even comments about pictures. But since I expanded beyond that I stopped reporting every single piece of news. Because if I focused too much on H!P it wouldn’t be fair to JE or other idol groups, my idol blog would be too one sided.

So that leaves me where I am now. Not wanting to post too much news or too much info about each agency. So I end up only posting half of what I’d like to. And since I focus too much about what I shouldn’t be posting, I completely forget about all the other idol groups. Not only that I think to blog about any other idol group/agency I have to be a 100% complete super fan that knows every small detail about the music, members, history, and background before I can even post about the artist at all. There’s been a few things about AKB48 that I’ve physically stopped myself from posting because I don’t know AKB48 by the back of my hand yet. So then I also worry that I’m not catering to AKB48 fans enough. And I become momentarily defeated.

But actually when I first started posting in 2008 I knew very little about C-ute and Berryz Koubou. I had literally just started listening to them a few months prior to creating my blog, because when I first got into H!P for the first 2 years I only listened to Morning Musume. When I first started blogging I didn’t even know each member of Berryz Koubou and C-ute’s names. That’s a fact. Yet I blogged about them anyway. Since I’ve gotten more comfortable with blogging I feel I absolutely have to know everything about each group to make a half way decent post. Which in turns puts an insane amount of unnecessary pressure on me. Turning something I do in my free time as a hobby, into something more serious than it is. And at the same time makes my blog suffer.

I also get extremely discouraged that my blog gets pretty much zero recognition. Of course back in 2008, when I was a silly 16 year old with no grasp on making a well thought out post, it didn’t bother me much. But from time to time it does take a big toll on me. Even though I make this blog 100% for myself alone not to be the biggest blog in the world, it still hurts when my well thought out posts get basically ignored. Or I see a post getting featured on a blog that is less then deserving. Especially when I have similar posts. And being completely modest and not arrogant, my posts are sometimes a lot better written. I’ve also considered to stop witting all together from time to time. Since my blog isn’t really all that popular anyway. And practically the only way to make it popular is to have my blog featured on other blogs. But after asking to be featured about 6 times, and not being featured for no reason at all. I stopped trying and chalked it up as not being important or worth my time to try anymore.
But to quit blogging for such a selfish reason would make me an immature child that can’t deal with inadequacy. But since I’m still a human I can’t help but have those feelings from time to time.

I guess I’m just in a very sombre, apathetic, almost self loathing mood. Or maybe I just take things way more seriously then I should. Or perhaps I give meaning to things I shouldn’t. Or I just make things a bigger part of my life then they should be. But as I move closer and closer to have been blogging for 2 years, if feels like I didn’t accomplish anything. And blogs that are 2 years old or younger seem to have way more views and exposure than my own.

I should just end this post here. Anymore and I sound like a crybaby. Or someone who is looking for people to feel sorry for her. But I assure you neither was my intention. I was merely getting things off my chest. And basically giving an explanation for blog posts about AKB48, Idoling!!!, and etc in the near future. Even though I’m not a super intense fan of them. I honestly don’t care about that anymore. Beside there are popular blogs out there that make posts saying such and such PV is out, post the video, and end their post. And still get featured on blogs. So what difference would it make if I’m not a mega fan, or might have limited or noobish knowledge of them?

Akanish Jin leaves KAT-TUN!

During KAT-TUN’s concert at the Tokyo Dome on Friday night, Johnny’s Entertainment president Johnny Kitagawa, attended the concert and spoke about Jin. Jin will perform in the US as a solo artist next year, so there is no plan for him to return to KAT-TUN for now. Kitagawa explained that right now, the focus is only on Jin becoming successful in the U.S. He said that it would be too soft on Jin to let him return to KAT-TUN as a fallback if he doesn’t succeed. Johnny said that the final decision will be made after Jin’s U.S. tour this fall, but at this point it appears to already be guaranteed. And fear not, KAT-TUN will remain a group. There’s no chance of them breaking up as Johnny also said that KAT-TUN doesn’t need to be a 6 member group. In the same way that NEWS doesn’t need to be an 8 member group.

That’s right Akanishi Jin will officially be leaving KAT-TUN. Or should I say KT-TUN now? Because Kame having the KA is just lame in my opinion. Yeah, he’s leaving and you heard it here first! Well kinda, but not really. XD But all I can say now really is: I knew it! I completely called this! I knew as soon as he had no plans with KAT-TUN after his US concerts in October, that he wouldn’t come back. Right now I’m in such a euphoric state because of the slight adrenaline rush of calling this right off the bat. I’m so weird/creepy. XD
As I said in pervious posts when this news first broke Jin’s US cocnerts didn’t set right with me. Though I did look at it from a completely skeptical side, I knew his potential for the US market was to good to pass up.

It’s obvious that Jin has an extremely large American feel to his music. But when you have a near carbon copy of Justine Timberlake’s music, why wouldn’t you? There no way all you biased Jin fans out there don’t hear that LoveJuice sounds like an amped up version of Justin Timberlake’s My Love. It’s so obvious! On an episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN he even proposed to Leah Dizon, in English, using the lyrics to My Love. So he’s obviously heard the song at least once. But that’s a whole different situation entirely.

Now that it’s official that Jin is trying to make it in the US, I am completely excited! For the past year all I’ve been hearing is Korean singers/actors trying to make it in the US. And I’m just completely sick of hearing about them. I do like Kpop, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I love Jpop about 2 thousand times more. And all this Korean guys you tried to make it here weren’t half as good looking as Jin. Bring CN BLUE over here! XD The chance to see Jin on TV in the US is just mind blowing. I nearly had a heart attack 4 years ago when I saw Dir en grey on US TV for the first time. And I literally fell off my couch when I saw Tokio Hotel on MTV. I sincerely hope that Jin doesn’t crash and burn. That American doesn’t eat him up and spit him out. Cause you know once you make it here you can make it anywhere.

And if Jin wants to be successful in the US he has to improve his English MASSIVLY. America is extremely racist when it comes to Asian voices, if they hear his less than perfect English they will immediately be turned off, no matter how good the song is. Dir en grey and Tokio Hotel became semi famous here because they already had a following in the US. But Tokio Hotel was way more commercially popular in the US then Diru. Mostly because of the fangirls. Of course I’m a total Bill fangirl. XD And the fact that Diru didn’t sing in English. And probably a little because they were German and not Japanese.

So KAT-TUN fans rejoice or cry, either way the decision is (mostly) done. So I guess this means Akme is officially dead. And it also means KAT-TUN fans will never stop crying over KAT-TUN being 6 forever, and bring Jin back. Much like NEWS fans cry over NEWS being 8. But I’m guilty of that myself. Well I’d be fine with NEWS being 7. 😀

And I’m sure Jin is beyond happy about this because he wishes he was American so bad. It’s a little sad. I don’t wish I was Japanese. I don’t even wish I lived in Japan. Of course there are times I do so it’s easier to get merch or see a concert. But I’m quite content with where I’m from.

Kanjani8’s not so Wonderful World

The PV for Kanjani8’s newish single Wonderful World has been released recently. That’s right Wonderful World can’t be called their new single anymore since they’re releasing yet another new single entitled LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ on August 25th. Which is being used as theme to Okura Tadayoshi’s drama. So I guess NEWS just gets totally screwed for a second year in a row. But whatever.

Since one of my lovely readers asked me personally to review this PV I had to. Which I most likely would have done anyway because Kanajani8 PVs are so random. But it wasn’t really a simple task to review this PV.
And let me just say I officially hate Johnny. After JE cried and said they don’t want any of their videos shared on streaming sites, you can’t find them on streaming sites at all! Well you can but in horrible quality. And since I like to have pictures of the PV, I had to download it. I absolutely hate downloading anything, since it takes entirely too long. I wasted 35 minutes on a video I deleted right after watching. But enough ranting and on to the actual PV review.

Tough break. You might want to take it to a legit mechanic though.

I didn’t think it was possible, You actually looks semi attractive.

Of course Ryo is looking as good as ever.

Everyone gather around the Mystery Machine! But seriously, why are they wearing psychedelic
print they use in Scooby Doo merchindise?

And yet this is not attractive at all.

Good to know that Shingo hasn’t fixed his teeth or face yet.

Just when Tadayoshi was looking consistently good throughout the PV he does this. But I gotta say the colorful background scenes are my favorite part.

Now I remember why I don’t follow Kanjani8 that closely.

WTF. Does he really have to keep constantly making supid faces?

Quick everyone pretend like you’ve never seen a girl before.

Of course they had to make her foreign. At least that gives Ryo something to do after the filming wraps up.


If these are your “I want you” faces we’ve got some serious problems.

Cheap effect!

Look how cute Ryo looks here. And how he looks like he’s too cool to be in Kanjani8.

This is probably the gayest part of the PV. ._.

Even Ryo isn’t immune from stupid faces.

Though he makes up for it with this face.

And completely ruins it with this face! But I love the brand new day font. XD

I’m really surprised this is the first stupid face Ryuhei makes.

Adorable! And lol at You in the background.

Good old Ryuhei I knew he had another stupid face in him.

I don’t exactly get who making out with her van will get in into her pants. But what do I know?

Tadayoshi sees you where ever you are. This is much more I’m gonna stalk you then I’m in love with you.


Invisible girlfriend.

Subaru actually looks kinda cute in this PV. I think I need my eyes checked. XD

Anytime Ryo plays guitar it’s hot.

Except here.

Ryo bias.

I can haz kiss now?

Or an overwhelming amount of presents.

Gross, I’d take Shingo over him. Though I don’t know. It would be horrible either way. XD


Aww looks how sad Ryo looks.

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Berryz Koubou’s stage play gives me the creeps

Berryz Koubou is staring in a new stage play called San Okuen Shoujo~Karei Naru Shichinin. Seems harmless enough. And yet this stage play completely creeps me out. Case and point the poster for the stage play. The poster is a composite photo of all the members’ faces. Here’s the photo.

The idea sounds really awesome and undoubtedly creative on the surface, but underneath of that it creeps the hell out of me. You might still be asking yourself why is this creepy? It’s simply really. It’s half creepy because all of their faces blended together. Which is weird enough on it’s own. And half creepy because the girl their faces is actually really normal looking, and even cute. Therefore, it’s creepy to think a person who doesn’t even exist is cute. If I was to see this picture without knowing what is was my first reaction would. “She’s cute, I wonder what group she’s from.” Which makes me feel a little weird. But come one look closely at the photo and try to tell me it doesn’t look like Suzuki Airi mixed with Ogawa Saki. Just try to, because there’s no way it doesn’t!

Perfume’s new CM previews new single VOICE

Perfume’s new single, VOICE, is being released on August 11th. The song is being used in a commercial for Nissan’s “Nissan no omisede! campain.” Since this information first surfaced a few days ago the Nissan commercial has already been released, and we get an extremely short preview of the new song.

Even though the preview is extremely short I can already tell the song is to soft and laid back for my taste. I prefer Perfume’s songs that have the heavy electronic background music that is so unique to Perfume. Which is a main reason I loved their last single Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite so much. And Perfume as a whole, since most of their songs sound essentially the same.
Since we only heard 15 seconds of the song I am hoping for it to pick up a little more. I’ll be kind of sad it this is as heavy as the music goes.

Anyway, you can watch the commercial below and bask in Perfume’s pink kangrooness.

It finally arrived!

At around 10 this morning I got the best news, of probably my whole week. And I was beyond excited. This also marks my first JE CD. Hooray! XD Since it’s like 5 days after the release date I was super paranoid that I was never going to get it. I’ve never ordered anything from YesAsia before, so I wasn’t really sure how long it usually takes to arrive. I also got paranoid that someone on my street was going to steal it. But it’s pretty safe to say that no one in my entire town would want this CD. XD
As soon as it came in my mom and sister were telling me, “Come on. Open it, open it!” Mostly because in the past week they’ve heard way more about Hey! Say! JUMP then they ever wanted to. Since my family likes to mock me about Japanese music/liking Japanese guys on a daily basis I was a little reluctant to show them the CD.

But before I get to their honest reactions to JUMP, here are some pictures I took of the CD.

The package. Which had so much tape on it like they never wanted you to open it!

The CD. I got the LE version. :] Even though I hate the sailor suits. :/

The back of the CD.

The CD itself.

Back of the booklet. XD

My obi strip that has a random number printed on it.

Back of the obi strip. Pointless picture I know. XD

My favorite pictures of the book. Yuto of course.

And also for some reason I love the beach picture. XD

Since I completely loved my family’s honest reaction to my Morning Musume CD, I asked them the same with my HSJ CD. But this time I asked in greater detail. Mostly because they’re guys and I wanted to see how ugly or attractive they though each member was. Now my mom was a little nicer with her comments, but my sister was brutally honest. Which made her comments 100 times more hilarious and 100 times more insulting. XD I also want to point out that my mom and sister do not find Asians attractive at all. So try not to take their comments to heart.
Anyway here are their reactions to each member. Since their reactions are based on the cover here’s the picture of the cover for reference. Of course they looked at the rest of the booklet, but I had them focus on the cover. Also my mom’s comments will be in green my sister’s in blue. XD

Yabu Kota: I actually forgot to have my mom say anything about him. XD
I like his hair, and he’s the most normal looking.

Inoo Kei: looks like a little girl and needs a hair stylist.
Looks Hispanic and looks like a girl.

Takaki Yuya: Doesn’t look attractive with hair on his nose.
Looks like he’s Yabu’s twin.

Yaotome Hikaru: Looks like a Mongoloid. (D: :O!)
Hideous! What’s wrong with his nose? Going through the booklet when my mom got to Hikaru she said, “Ooof! We won’t ever talk about him!” And then turned the page. My sister also said he looks like an Asian Jasper. (Or Jackson Rathbone for anyone who doesn’t watch Twillight. But honestly Jackson is miles hotter than Hikaru. XD)

Chinen Yuri: Needs a nose job.
Looks like a rabbit turtle.

Yamada Ryosuke: Looks like a chicken.
Looks like a pixie.

Arioka Daiki: Has a hook nose.
His nose is fucked up.

Morimoto Ryutaro: Looks like he has botox lips.
Looks like if Danny Noriega got hit in the face with a shovel and ugly stick. Also has a shocked face like he’s got a dick up his ass and likes it. (How eloquently put.)

Nakajima Yuto: Looks like Elmer Fudd.
Looks like a dyke woman. If Ellen Degeneres and an Asian had a love child. My sister immediately broke out laughing when I said he was my favorite. Saying I picked the ugliest one. When she saw his solo picture in the booklet she laughed so much she started tearing up. She also said I have something in my eye, I think it’s ugly. (I hate my family. TOT)

Okamoto Keito: Looks like he’s wearing a wig, but I could do something with his hair. AKA my mom thinks Keito is hot. I told her he’s the ripe age of 16 and she said Oh my god! Lol.
Fat and looks like he has down syndrome.

I then asked them if the had to pick one who is the hottest, who it would be. After my mom said how they’re all ugly, she said Yabu maybe, but I guess Daiki. For someone who said they were ugly she picked 3. XD
After my sister said I don’t want to pick, I don’t find Asians attractive, because of the shape of their face and their features. She ended up picking Ryosuke. Of course. I then laughed and said I knew you’d pick someone underage. Since she’s liked Nick Jonas since he was 16 and Taylor Lautner since he was 17, and she’s 22. I usually jokingly call her a pedophile because of it. XD

There you have it. Honest reactions by non JUMP fans. I hate that they had to rag on Yuto so much. I literally screamed when my sister started laughing at him. And I screamed at my mom what’s wrong with Hikaru! Though my family didn’t mock me nearly as much as i thought they would.