Hey! Say! JUMP’s new calendar has plenty of eyecandy

Hey! Say! JUMP’s, and all Johnny’s, calendars were released recently. And I managed to come across the scans yesterday. And it’s pretty much the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not the hottest. But pretty close. And yet it makes uber sad.

When stuff like this comes out it reminds me how much I need a job. I have zero income to spend on things like this. So I rely on my mom to buy thing or me. But she barely wants to buy me magazines and calendars featuring the Jonas Brother, let alone Japanese boy. She dislikes buying me anything Japanese related. She so eloquently refers to it as “Amy’s Jap crap.” And there in lies my problem. But enough of my whining and more about HSJ.

What makes Hey! Say! JUMP’s calendar so incredibly amazing and so hot? I think it’s pretty obvious that the answer to that question is none other than Nakajima Yuto. It’s no surprise that I love Yuto. I’ve professed my love of Yuto on my blog before. But Yuto seriously looks amazing in this calendar. Every picture he’s in he’s either, incredibly sexy or insanely adorable. Maybe I’m just being biased. But most likely I’m not. ;] Might as well critique each picture to make sure.

This picture is obviously hot. But really more of subtly sexy. He’s also looking pretty innocent, which is hot. And I’m a sucker for plaid. So this picture is pretty much win.

This picture is super adorable. I’m not really sure what could be cuter than Yuto writing on a window. The last picture is the cutest and my favorite.

These pictures are pretty much half and half. Since he’s not really doing anything he’s his same cute self. But these pictures are hot because Yuto looks hot without even trying.

These are a little boring for my taste. Since he’s not really doing much. The cheers with Chinen is kinda cute though.

This picture is pretty much too hot for words.

Cheap effect to use a picture from a magazine spread. I prefer the magazine spread picture though.

This is probably my favorite picture of all. Even though he’s only wearing a suit jacket, that’s close enough.

This is another example of Yuto not doing anything and still looking hot.

Besides Yuto the whole rest of the calendar is pretty hot. Mostly because of the overall theme of it. The hottest things a guy can wear are suits and plaid. And this calendar has both. Even though this calendar is nice to look at only a few other HSJ boys really stuck out.

Hikaru’s pictures immediately jump out at me. Besides Yuto he looks the best. Especially in the ones where he’s wearing a suit. I also love the suit pictures because he has black hair. Most of the time Hikaru looked bad with black hair. His new hair really suits him. But for some reason he just looks amazing with black hair.

Inoo also looks really good. But most of his pictures are dorky and adorable. These are the only pictures were he looks out and out sexy.

I’m a little disappointed by Ryosuke in this. Usually he takes some pretty hot spreads for magazines. But in this he looks pretty much normal. I don’t know it felt like he was being lazy in this.

S/mileage’s doki doki and waku waku new PV

S/mileage’s PV fro their 4th indie single, Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii, was released today. And it is hands down the best PV H!P has made in a long time. Even though the video was filmed in front of a green screen, and mostly likely cost very little to made. That doesn’t stop it from being really creative and extremely adorable. I think every element of this video works. The overly energetic and in your face cuteness about it are what I miss from old H!P videos. S/mileage is pretty much becoming the modern W, because if W was still around they’d be making video and songs like S/mileage is. I think that’s a big reason I love S/mileage so much.

At first glance because of the white around them you can tell this video was made by the same person that made 321′ Breakin’ Out.

Which explains why the video is so well made. I thought 321 Breakin Out was an amazing video. One of my favorites Momusu has done.

I love that the video is layered. It’s a great way to keep the close up, dance shot, story format. But changing it up to make it completely unique.

It’s also a great way to give the girls maximum screen time.

I also love how absolutely gorgeous Kanon looks. She should always keep her hair curly. She’s never looked prettier.

The dance is a little too simple for my taste. But it is really cute, so it works.

I think the purikura frame scenes are really cute too. They’re a lot more fun then the regular close up scenes.

My favorite Kanon scene from the whole video.

The board in the back reminds me too much of Buono.

Gachink de Ikou PV.

This reminds me too much of Puffy AmiYumi.

Hataraku Otoko PV.

I don’t think Kanon could get any cuter.

Is it just me or does Saki look weird in this? Her chin looks pretty big. XD

Yuuka looking as adorable as ever. She looks the cutest with her hair half up and half down like this.

I barely noticed Ayaka in this. She doesn’t stand out at all.

Yuuka steals her scene completely.

But Kanon steals the whole video.

Doki doki!


Cartoon KAT-UN comes to an end

It seems the rumors are true and Cartoon KAT-TUN will be coming to an end. The show which ran for 3 years will have it’s final episode on March 24th. And will be replaced with a show called Jack 10 starting April 14th.

Now I’m not really a big Cartoon KAT-TUN fan. Mostly because I’m not that big of a KAT-TUN fan at all. But I know a lot of KAT-TUN fans out there are mourning. But they have no reason to do so. At least they had a show. NEWS has been around longer and they’ve never had a show. If you watched Cartoon KAT-TUN Ueda, Kame, and Jin were boring most of the time. Every so often they’d do or so something entertaining. Koki and Taguchi made that show enjoyable. They had the most fun personalities on the show. And If I didn’t watch the few episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN that I did, I probably wouldn’t like Koki as much as I do now.

But there have been some awesome moments on Cartoon KAT-TUN. Koki excessively fanboying over Ne-Yo, locking Kame in the freezer, Hyde having way too much fun on the show, when they wear mustaches for some reason, Koki playing the piano. And probably lots of other things. But I never got that far into Cartoon KAT-TUN. Most of the things I just described were from the first 20-30 episodes.

It is still sad to see Cartoon KAT-TUN go. No where near as sad as seeing Haromoni@ go, but still sad.

Idols win big at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

The 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards were held in Japan on the 24th. And a good chunk of the awards were given to idols.

KAT-TUN’s Rescue single won for the totally Johnny’s dominated category of 5 Best Singles. Even though this was KAT-TUN’s only win for the night, it’s still pretty exciting. I love Rescue but I had no idea it was popular enough to win for best single. Shows what I know.

AKB48 also won a special award. I’m not exactly sure what the special award pertains to, or even if AKB48 deserved it. But they won it regardless.

And the most undeserving award goes to Mano Erina. She won for 5 best new artists at this years award. This is exciting news for ManoEri to be really popular and being recognized in Japan. But I gotta say I don’t think she deserves this at all. Some of her songs are catchy and are growing on me, so I get the hype. But Erina isn’t exactly the best singer in the world. In fact she can barely sing at all. It’s cool that an H!P artist is getting this award, but it would be cooler if it was an H!P artist who deserved it. I know this awards are based on sales and she only won because she sells well. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

But the overall winners of these awards was Arashi. The won an astonishing 10 awards! Best new artist, Album of the year: All the best! 1999-2009, Single of the year: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Albums : All the Best! 1999-2009, 5 Best Singles: Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~, 5 Best Singles: Everything, 5 Best Singles: Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei, 5 Best Singles: My Girl, Best DVD: Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo, Best DVD: 5×10 All the Best! CLlips 1999-2009.
It is absolutely incredible that Arashi won 4/5 of the years best singles. Japan’s love for Arashi never ceases to amaze me. Believe and Crazy Moon were really great songs, totally deserving of being part of the best singles.

NEWS- Sakura Girl preview

The preview for NEWS’ new single, Sakura Girl, is finally out. Which I’m super excited about!

I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. As I said before, I was expecting this song to sound like Taiyou no Namida. The song is a little slower than their last single, but I really love the song so far. It’s got a really soft and pretty beat to accompany the sweet lyrics. And just like I expected the lyrics have a some what nostalgic feel to them. They also have a sad tone to them since they’re about unrequited love. Which is something different for news. They very rarely have soft and meaningful songs. Ai Nante and Dreams is the closest they got. But Sakura Girl is a little more upbeat then them. So in a sense it’s closer to Love Story.
The line distribution is pretty much how it always is. In this preview only Yamapi, Tegoshi, Ryo, and Massu got solo lines. But most likely in the second half Shige and Koyama will get their solos. It would be surprising if they didn’t, since the line distribution has been the same since they became a 6 member group.
The signing itself wasn’t really anything too special. Which is expected. Since it’s a soft song there’s not really room to hit high notes.

I’m really excited for the PV now. A school setting would be amazing. But if it was a school setting it would most likely follow 2 high schoolers. Which would be a nice change. NEWS doesn’t really have any PVs that follow a story.

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl

Even though I have said a couple of times before in previous posts on my blog that AKB48 fails to compare to Hello!Project, I finally give up. I have finally succumbed to the awesomeness that is AKB48. And I gotta say, I’m actually kind of excited. I’m filled with all these fresh in the fandom feelings. Where everything is shiny and new. Though it’s not all 100% new to me. As a H!P fan intrigued by AKB48 I dabbled in them a little. I know a few odd girl’s names and I’ve heard most of the singles. But that’s really about it.

Since I am relatively new to everything AKB48 related, I wonder which is the best way to go about learning about AKB48. When I first started to listen to Morning Musume I learned all their names first and then worried about the music after that. But when I first started listening to NEWS I made music my first priority. And shockingly I didn’t know all the NEWS members names until 3 or 4 months after discovering them. So I’m pretty torn. AKB48’s sheer size alone will make getting into the fandom a challenge. I’m going to have a super hard time remembering group line ups and names. Morning Musume generation 1-8 have only had 24 members. And in the beginning I thought I’d never remember them all. Let alone tell them apart. The only plus is AKB48 is fairly new, so learning all the songs will be easy.

I’m sure I’m unaware of a lot of things that seem to be common knowledge to most AKB48 fans. Like what’s the difference between AKB48 and SKE48? What is the format for AKBINGO? What does Team A 1st Stage even mean? I’m sure there are a lot more question that I just can’t think of now.

I’m most likely going to make this a series on my blog. To show how my AKB48 fandom is going. And so I can look back and remember all my AKB48 noobness on a later day. Just like how it was when I first listened to H!P and JE, there were a lot of things I was way off about. And even stupier things I used to actually believe. Such as Aibon and Nono were twins. Not to mention it took like a year before I knew why Uchi and Kusano left NEWS.
So everyone in blog land wish me luck. I won’t be satsified until I know as much about ABK48 that I do about H!P. This could take a while. XD

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hitomi no Katana

The PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’S 5th single, Hitomi no Screen was released a few days ago. And all I can say it’s about time. It’s been 4 weeks since the first PV preview was released. Which seems a little unnecessary. But when you’ve been waiting a year and a half, what’s another 4 weeks?

Hitomi no Screen is following the same theme of every HSJ PV, where the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song. But this PV doesn’t even really make much sense. Hey! Say! JUMP is sword fighting a masked man for an undisclosed reason. Even though it leaves much more to be desired, it does give the PV some good scenes. The fighting scenes in general are pretty hot. What’s better than a roughed up and dirty HSJ? When it comes to this PV nothing really. Especially since the close up shots are just boring white button down shirts. But at least they’re not wearing the outfits they usually perform Hitomi no Screen in.

The outfits that make them look like professional figure skaters rather than idols. Wearing them would have ruined the video completely.
I was actually surprised by how equal the camera time was. Even though Ryosuke dominates the song he doesn’t dominate the PV. He gets exactly the same amount of camera time as everyone else. Which is awesome. I love Ryosuke and all, but he’s gets way too much attention. It’s nice to see everyone else for a change. Though the screen time is great I’m a little sad that this video doesn’t have any dancing. I guess since their last 2 PVs were so focused on dancing they wanted to do something different this time around. But still, I miss it. Granted the dancing is boarder line silly, because right now it has just enough Johnny’s cheese. I’m just used to seeing HSJ dancing in every video.
Another thing that disappoints me is there’s a lot of bad hair going on in this video.

I’m not liking Ryosuke’s hair in the close up at all.

But during the fight scenes I love his hair. For some reason the weird ponytail hairstyle they gave him doesn’t work face on.

Inoo’s hair in the close up is equally gross. Which is sad because I love Inoo.

But again it looks fine in the fight scenes. I don’t know what’s going on. They must keep filming from bad angles.

I’m not a fan of Chinen at all, but his hair is seriously ugly.

He’s still looking ugly as ever, but his hair is making it worse.

For the most part everyone else looks great. Especially Keito. Which is really surprising. Keito usually looks too much like an Alien for my taste.

But in this video he looks really sexy.

And of course Yuto is looking really great.

However, I’m not a fan of the necklace he has to wear.

Makes him look pretty gay. :/

And Takaki’s pretty much looking as womanly as ever.

Another thing I love about this video is the amount of stupid faces everyone makes. Because they have to make intense “I’m fighting someone” faces

Hikaru usually makes similar faces regardless. So this isn’t much of a change.

This is exactly a flattering picture of Yabu.

That’s better. ;]

That’s not really menacing at all.

Daiki definitely wins for most loltastic fighting pose face. XD

Chinen fails.

But Ryosuke wins.

Well almost.


Ongaku Gatas – Ready! Kick Off! preview

After almost a year and half without a new single it seemed like Ongaku Gatas was just a dead group. Though they were added to M-Line and insisted they were still I group, I still thought they wouldn’t release anything for a while. But sure enough Ongaku Gatas are back with their 3rd single, Ready! Kick Off!

At first listen the song isn’t anything to get that excited over. The song is catchy and has a pretty decent chorus. I love the Hey joshi parts. But it’s just not strong enough to be an a-side. It should just be one of those b-side that are great and could almost be an a-side but it’s not quite good enough. Just like Come Togther’s b-side Aisaretai Aisaretai. That song is great. but it’s still not strong enough to be an a-side. But I’ll probably end up liking this song after about a month or two. When I first heard Come Together I wasn’t impressed with it. I actually hated it. But I heard it a few months ago and I’ve been addicted to it. So the same thing will probably happen with Ready! Kick Off! Since it’s pretty catchy anway.
But still with yet another disappointing song they will most likely follow Abe Natsumi’s release schedule and release a new single twice a year.
And of course the line distribution isn’t really fair. Yossie and Rika are leading the song, KonKon and Mai are minor singers, and then everyone else. But I think I actually heard Noto Arisa get a solo line. But it could have been someone else. I’m not 100% familiar with the other Ongaku voices.
Come together was divided almost exactly the same way, except the 4 main singer got an even amount of lines. Would it really kill them to make another song like Narihajimeta Koi no Bell? I haven’t heard the rest of the members since then. Not that I really care because I mostly listen to Ongaku Gatas for Konno. But still I’d be nice to hear the other girls. It seems like Buono and S/mileage are the only H!P groups with fair line distribution. And that’s only because they have 3-4 members.

New NEWS single, Sakura Girl

Johnny must be listening to my prayers, because NEWS is finally releasing a new single. It will be release March 24th, and will be entitled Sakura Girl.
March 24th makes it just 1 month and 5 shy of NEWS not releasing a single in an entire year. Which is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. My two favorite Johnny’s groups have the longest wait in between releases. Hey! Say! JUMP’s release drought is a mystery to me, but NEWS’s can be blamed on Yamapi. If Yamapi didn’t release a solo single and have solo concerts we would have had a new NEWS single a lot sooner. The Diamond Live DVD could also be a reason, but that was more of a release to hold fans over. Though even that was a year late.
I guess all JE single releases have long waiting periods in between. KAT-TUN almost had a year in between releases too. I guess I’m just used to H!P’s new single every 4 months release schedule.

The title itself makes me think it has to do with graduation or will have some sort of nostalgic feel. And will most likely have more of a Taiyou Namida feel. Which would make me pretty sad. I prefer NEWS’s happy and cute songs, rather than slow and meaningful. But it’s not like they have that many slow and meaningful songs anyway. Though I can’t judge a song based on the title alone, that’s just silly. I’ll just have to remain optimistic until the preview comes out.

KAT-TUN only loves themselves

The PV’s full version to KAT-TUN’s new single, Love yourself – Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki, has been released. After the short version has been floating around for a week.

I gotta say I’m really disappointed by the PV. There’s pretty much nothing going on in it. Which I’m surprised by. Usually KAT-TUN’s videos have a higher budget. I know they had to split the budget for two PVs, but they did the same thing for One Drop and Rescue. And they still had a higher budget. For pretty much the whole video KAT-TUN members are gathered around a mysterious heart shaped rock that sprouted out from the middle of the road. And it makes no sense at all. I know the song is called Love Yourself, but is it really necessary to have a giant heart? I mean One Drop was about crying, and not one tear was shed.
And for some reason each KAT-TUN member has a different colored aura when they walk passed the heart. Which also makes no sense. Perhaps its their group colors. Does KAT-TUN even have group colors? I know NEWS does, but I have no idea about KAT-TUN.
The worst parts of this entire PV are Jin’s parts. I love Jin, don’t get me wrong, but he just ruins everything completely. Ever chance he gets he does his wanna be gangster poses, which are hilarious on their own. But his “It’s love, your love” parts with his gigantic flashing arcoss the screen, are pretty much stupid. But I mostly hate them because you can see Jin close up and see how scruffy he looks. Who told Jin a ponytail and aviator sunglasses is a good look for him? Because it’s not, I really wish he would stop dressing like that. And worse then that it looks like he’s not shaving anymore. Jin with a mustache would be the ugliest thing ever.
The video isn’t all bad. Koki manages to make it watch able with his overall hotness. It’s just sad that Koki decided to get rid of his black hair for some brown mess.

Too bad Haiti didn’t get such a loving earthquake.

Kame looks ok. He’d look better if his long hair didn’t make him look so womanly. I love his jacket though.

I know Ueda is girly, but do they have to dress him in women’s clothes? My sister wears those sweater jackets.

Koki still manages to look good. Taguchi however, not so much.

Jin’s so cool, he’s the only one who doesn’t have to wear red

I love Maru’s pants. XD

Jin really needs to shave.

Am I the only who notices Jin has to do something with his tongue or mouth in every video?




a lot.

I don’t even like Taguchi and I have to admit this was kinda cute

It’s disappointing how Jin has never looked uglier

I don’t get it. I’ve never been so sad that I rubbed my face.

Kame-sama, Kami-sama. Close enough.

SCANDAL’s Sentimental Moment

Pop/rock band SCANDAL released their 5th major single, Shunkan Sentimental, on February 3rd. It’s being used as the new ending theme for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
This video has been floating around for a while now, but I just found out about it recently. I really need to follow SCANDAL a lot closer than I have been. I almost missed this single completely.

I think the song is absolutely amazing. It song sounds a lot heavier than the songs they usually made. They’re songs are usually upbeat rock. Even Shoujo S, which is heavier, is more anime sounding than rock. So this so is a nice change from that. This song does have some anime elements to it but they’re not so predominate in the song. The bass and guitar completely overshadow it, which is nice. The beat as a whole is pretty standard for a rock song. But that’s fine, the simple beat works well with the song. And Haruna’s voice makes this song great. She has to be one of my favorite vocalist in Jpop as a whole. I am a little sad that the rest of the girls have to share one solo line. I love Tomomi’s voice, so I’d like to hear her a little bit more.

The PV is pretty simple. There’s really nothing else going on except them playing in a dimly light warehouse. But it reminds me a little to much of Morning Musume’s Nanchatte Renai and Girugamesh’s Owari to Mirai PV. I actually think all 3 videos were filmed in the same place, so that’s probably why.

SCANDAL’s Shunkan Sentimental

Girugamesh’s Owari to Mirai

Morning Musume’s Nanchatte Renai

There also a few scene where they are inverted for some reason. It’s pretty cool looking, but still seems a little unnecessary. But the flame parts add a nice touch to it. Even though it reminds me of Nami Tamaki’s Brightdown PV. (I really need to stop comparing this video to other videos.) I also like their solo scenes in front of the white wall, because that’s the closest SCANDAL will get to actually dancing.

Haruna looks gorgeous

However Mami is wearing so much makeup she looks like a ghost

I don’t know why they don’t have official dances. There moves are about as good as Guardians 4.
The disappearing into fire scene is probably my favorite part.

Where’s my samurai, Ryo-Chan?

NEWS member Nishikido Ryo will star in a movie called Chonmage Purin, being released this summer. The movie is about a samurai from the olden age, time slipping to the present and working as a pâtissier.

Being the huge Ryo fan that I am, I’m pretty excited for Ryo getting his first leading role in a movie. However, I’m not looking forward to him having chonmage hair. But he is time slipping into the future so he probably won’t have that hair for long, assuming he has it at all. I am excited to see him be a pastry chef though. Ryo in a chef outfit would be beyond adorable. I’d also love if for some reason he’d cry again. Just because his crying scene in Last Friends just about killed me.
Besides Ryo being in it, it seems a little lame. He’ll probably act like Inuyasha essentially like a caveman at first. They’ll probably also be some attempt a humor that just isn’t funny. Since I don’t find Japanese humor funny at all. And if I know anything about movie cliches, he’ll fall in love with some random girl and leave everything behind for her.
I’m not too happy that this movie is way too similar to Miyavi’s movie Oresama. I know Oresama wasn’t the first movie to travel through time but still. Ryo’s traveling to the future, Miyavi traveled to the past. Ryo’s gonna be a pastry chef, Miyavi started a band. Perhaps Ryo’s character will take up soccer while he’s at it.
I expect a Ryo solo theme for this movie! Jin got one. And Yamapi gets them for drams. It’s only fair. I also demand Edo no Temari Uta II be played in the movie! It probably won’t though. But it seems pretty perfect. How many songs out there are really about the Edo period? I don’t listen to enka so they’re could be dozens.

I only like Tegoshi for his bad English

Tegoshi Yuya is going to be in a movie called Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita and for some reason I’m compelled to see it. And what is the reason I can’t wait until this move is released? An amazing story line? My love for Tegoshi? None of the above. I’m afraid my reason isn’t as legit as that. I’m not even a fan of “I’m too pretty to really be a man” Teogshi. The whole reason I want to see it is because Tegoshi speaks English in it. I guess I’m just a sucker for Japanese accents. Especially Tegoshi’s. There’s just something so enduringly cute about it.
The movie doesn’t look completely horrible. It just looks pretty girly and therefore will probably end up being stupid. But I’m obviously going to watch it anyway. I just wish all 3 of her boyfriends weren’t hideous. I’ve never been a fan of Charlie Bartlett or Kenichi Matsuyama, but Kenichi does look better in this movie then when he played L. He was probably only chosen for this movie because he can speak English. I’ve always liked Horikita Maki since Kurosagi though. She’ll probably make the movie bearable if it ends up sucking.
The trailer has been floating on the internet since December and because I could care less about Tegoshi I only saw it recently. So this whole post seems a little late because I fail at life. And a little pointless if I do say so myself.

Momusu almost works it in Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

The PV for Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga medatte naze ikenai, was released a few days ago. And like any other Momusu PV I was really jazzed to see how it would turn out. But of course I was uber disappointed by the overall mediocrity of it.

Obviously the first thing to jump out about the PV is their outfits, which I’ve never been a fan of. When the concert pictures with them wearing those dresses I hoped they wouldn’t be used in the actual video. But I obviously prayed in vain. They’re a little too poofy and elaborate to wear for a video. Much like the outfits from Onna ni Sachi are. I always though “bolder” outfits like these should only be worn at concerts.
Maybe I don’t like the video because the whole theme is very superficial. Let’s do our hair and makeup cause we’re so pretty. Also check out my fierce runway walk. I’m sure Reina and Sayumi loved filming this. It fits them perfectly. But aside from all the self centered scenes it’s basically the wash rinse repeat PV that H!P always makes. Because who needs to be creative when you can make the same video five thousand times? The dance scene are one step above Resonant Blue’s dance scene. Instead of a completely black room with no light, they are on a small black stage with concert lights. If they were gonna go for a concert looking dance theme why didn’t they go the Chokkan 2 Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo route and use actual concert footage? It would have made the video a little less somber and a little more energetic and fun.
But the girls do look exceptionally pretty in the PV. But of course they do, because anymore that’s basically their job. The girls who aren’t Reina, Ai, Eri, or Risa never get to sing anyway. (Sayumi gets to sing once in a blue moon. But I don’t count her Ahs solo lines in this song as singing parts) Their job is to sit there and look pretty.

I though this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Kuchibiru kara Romantica?

What’s up with everyone’s I’m better than you looks?

I don’t get it.

I thought this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Dakishimete Dakishimete?

So this is where they film Japan’s next top model.

Reina’s looks so smug here. I wish I could punch her.

At least LinLin looks pretty.